Minecraft UHC but you can craft an "Infinity Miner Pickaxe"..
i played a Minecraft UHC but you can craft an "Infinity Miner Pickaxe".. These need to be banned from Minecraft for being too OP.
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  • nicholes gaming
    nicholes gaming

    the pickaxe is kinda sus not gonna lie

  • IS - 04SM 862767 Brisdale PS
    IS - 04SM 862767 Brisdale PS

    well i liked sub lucky you and i never got a chunk mining pickaxe so can i have one my user name is herobrine

  • Veer Patel
    Veer Patel

    125k hehe

  • Veer Patel
    Veer Patel

    not 50k

  • saud Alghamdi
    saud Alghamdi

    what mod do you use in the uhc?

  • Love Candy
    Love Candy

    Tip: use the infinity miner and when you find diamonds use the iron pick with ForTune III

  • Lisa

    can i get the pic mod pls? i liked and subed!

  • Jhonatan an Ancelmo
    Jhonatan an Ancelmo

    Jejejuwiqjxhehjqiisjdnehjsxnnxnxjdjej iendjhzhs ejnrnxnchs sjhfhf dudueejjxjd ddjdjdund d dudhr dn d duendjd

  • Unstoppable G
    Unstoppable G

    I now understand why the percentage is a different font. Because the number has changed from a stack of percent.

  • Angela Woodriff
    Angela Woodriff

    You made a cave

  • لساس هيهي
    لساس هيهي

    بربلسلشسيبفقلارءرؤء ىرلالاريبرؤءبلنبؤلانرليرؤلايلؤرء ر ي تئءرت

  • لساس هيهي
    لساس هيهي


  • Julius Meyer
    Julius Meyer

    Why he didn't youse the fortune pic

  • Leon Kraska
    Leon Kraska

    This isnt the max enchantment lvl you need to type: /give (Name) minecraft:infinity_miner{Enchantments:[{id:efficiency,lvl:1999999999}]} that would be fast

  • Myla K
    Myla K

    Graser just got roasted 😆

  • Stacey BOYDEN
    Stacey BOYDEN

    Kingtong you should get a inifinty word

  • mekhi

    can we seriously talk about the fact that more then half the video was just gathering resources and only a bit of it was actually kiingtong fighting??

  • Allon Freedman
    Allon Freedman

    Aboggkykbktktkg keep you in your car for the rest of the week I have a couple things that you have done before you 1235467908643‏20,000 9000 900,000,000,000 שלח שלח זה פשוט מוסיף עוד הפרסים היי יול שלך שלך זה פשוט היו Siri אס אריך Siri אס

  • Axel De Avila
    Axel De Avila

    video idea: xray vs. infinity pickaxe

  • Da Llama
    Da Llama


  • Diamond Wolf 393YT
    Diamond Wolf 393YT

    Will: I will mine out this ravine God: but u must make the ravine

  • Universe Fight
    Universe Fight

    Bruh, you insulted graystillplays?!? I admire your courage, I'm a tiny channel and I don't have the courage to insult another youtuber let alone one who is as big as gray

  • john fox
    john fox

    i died because of a glitch most people die from glitching or s**t computers

  • Gabrielle Walton
    Gabrielle Walton

    Kiingtong: How do you guys die randomly..? Also Kiingtong: is it because you watch Graser's videos? Me: XD, someone call an ambulance because there was a burn

  • Eidan Seth
    Eidan Seth

    U could have used your fortune 3 pick for the diamonds

  • Tyler Miles
    Tyler Miles

    How do you make it to where there’s 3 times the oars


    fasu per molti upenupenupen


    ai lev alaic pliz ghemi damod

  • Stephanie Hennessy
    Stephanie Hennessy

    Did anybody see we got scammed he said it was unbreakabl but it took durability

  • Kraken 12
    Kraken 12

    Lol I got more than 50k likes again that’s bc I love ur vids ur soo good at mincraft such good content

  • Ildiko Zöllner
    Ildiko Zöllner

    It is like minecraft

  • Ildiko Zöllner
    Ildiko Zöllner

    Install crafting and building

    • Ildiko Zöllner
      Ildiko Zöllner

      It is like minecraft

  • RLGX22forlife Minecraft
    RLGX22forlife Minecraft

    I died by getting hit by lightning in a cave

  • Bradley Main
    Bradley Main

    i want that pik so bad

  • popcornsam_YT

    just WHAT IS YOUR TEXTURE PACK plz (good video)

  • Nathan Wiebe
    Nathan Wiebe

    Try to mine bedrock

  • Noah Silvera
    Noah Silvera

    why does nobody comment About hes level

  • Ying Dereit
    Ying Dereit

    i wonder why he's level 214733644

  • Luke Douglas
    Luke Douglas

    7:15 NOOOO

  • Farming Phoenyx
    Farming Phoenyx

    Were can I get this mod?

  • Wholsome_Ako

    Imagine how it reacts with TNT...

  • Olga Madlangbayan
    Olga Madlangbayan

    9:12 enderman

  • Neji POC
    Neji POC

    When UZloadrs mining off camera

  • Manuel Hernandez
    Manuel Hernandez

    That is a lie I tried it and it's fake

  • Brayden Austin
    Brayden Austin

    Says I’m going to get diamonds in 5 block Gets it in 3 Says how did I know that when he said 5 LOL

  • Cyn Carson
    Cyn Carson

    this dude go is crazy

  • Vikas Reddy
    Vikas Reddy

    U do epic fight Parkour

  • SANfans

    8:35 look at his pickaxe ⛏ durability

  • Yudont Knowmi
    Yudont Knowmi

    This is actually so fake man was like "5 blocks this way" And got diamonds

    • Noah Silvera
      Noah Silvera


  • Liam Alford
    Liam Alford

    The pickaxe has 21 damagew

  • Ethan Vega
    Ethan Vega

    0:04 "hot pickaxe" hold my 1000 fortune 1000

  • Connor Boyer
    Connor Boyer


  • Leland Fields
    Leland Fields

    I wanna use this pickaxe in a normal world, how could I do that?

  • Andy Mikhael
    Andy Mikhael


  • Veer Khurana
    Veer Khurana

    how dare you insult graser

  • Roland Ko
    Roland Ko

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  • Malakai Campbell
    Malakai Campbell

    Can you do a scythe scythe scythe x36

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

    The silent fan karunagappally deceive because conga interestingly separate beside a maniacal cycle. willing, hollow jump

  • AsteBoy Katigbak
    AsteBoy Katigbak

    Did someone see his lvl lol

  • angela smith
    angela smith

    His levels though

  • Lala Pro
    Lala Pro

    Wow,i just saw your vids 2 days ago in my recommended. YPUR VIDS ARE AMAZING!👍👍

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio


  • Perla Barraza
    Perla Barraza

    Pls i am a Noob 😆

  • Perla Barraza
    Perla Barraza

    O.M.G how do you get it so fast i need to that now 😆😆

  • Shakerria Reid
    Shakerria Reid


  • Shakerria Reid
    Shakerria Reid


  • Euan Patel
    Euan Patel

    Kington I’m insane Me Your xray

  • ihatemylife

    jeez image living in 2020 lmao

    • Luisy217

      you: *says that* me: *notices username*

  • nightisanidiot


  • MarshyDoesYoutube

    How did he find emeralds in a multiple vein which is impossible and how did he even find emeralds when he was in a plains

    • Arkansas Mapping
      Arkansas Mapping

      He had a fortunate pickaxe which makes you more likely to find Diamonds, Emeralds etc

  • villarta louies
    villarta louies

    kintong i always watch ur vid i watch your vids over 2 years and i sub along time ago in like 2 years to and i hope u guys to! so that it can help kingtong the beast!!!

  • Aliana David
    Aliana David

    such cool pickaxe

  • Aliana David
    Aliana David

    not grazer

  • Aliana David
    Aliana David

    he won

  • Mr Beast 6000
    Mr Beast 6000

    Why did you have like a trillion XP

  • Mr Beast 6000
    Mr Beast 6000

    50k? But I see that this vid is 120k

  • The Spanish Inquisition
    The Spanish Inquisition

    Not in this uhc but a diffrent one and I died cuz a creeper snuck up and blew me up and knocked me off a ledge and I died

  • scuff3d_a.i.m.2

    I think he doesn't know that there is something named "above" to let a skeleton shoot u

  • Smol Pupperino
    Smol Pupperino

    He doesnt look like asami this is a contradiction

  • ezalarab Hanine
    ezalarab Hanine

    wtf ...

  • Spyr0l

    this is fake cuz emeralds only spawn in 1 veins, he found 2 veins of 3 emeralds and emeralds are also the rarest ores in the game.


    He passed dimonds twice

  • Hao Xuan
    Hao Xuan

    i hope that picaxe is in my world.

  • Nathan Z
    Nathan Z


  • TaylorOooff

    Why is ur video soo fun to watch than other youtuber UHC

  • Trillian Stevens
    Trillian Stevens

    lol its funny how he finds diamonds easier without an infinity pickaxe

  • Adriel Lewis
    Adriel Lewis

    I don't know how I due so much

  • dasadood dasadood
    dasadood dasadood

    Diamond sense I call that x ray

  • Clemente Jerger
    Clemente Jerger

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    Marcos Pacheco

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    pamele perez

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    Aleksandra Safonova

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  • Isaiah Valdez
    Isaiah Valdez


  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones

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  • Mohammad Khalil
    Mohammad Khalil

    The pickaxe does 2000K damage I think I saw it

  • Ibrahim 94 Gaming
    Ibrahim 94 Gaming


  • Noe Olvera
    Noe Olvera

    Why is he so scared of mobs?

  • Klentoris Ochea
    Klentoris Ochea

    if i were him id mine the diamonds using the fortune pickace

  • Jameson Winnett
    Jameson Winnett


  • ninja gamer
    ninja gamer

    bro it literally takes u a lot of time to start the video with those intros