When Anime Characters yell out their Attacks...
Anime Characters are really good at calling out.
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  • B K
    B K

    This guy should be a cop, they always get tornado kick mixed up with headshot deadshot.

    • Pop Soda
      Pop Soda

      omg lmao

    • Brxxzly

      Hold up

    • DevRex


    • Epic Dud
      Epic Dud


    • Profootball Sad
      Profootball Sad

      @Leethunder09 factz

  • Albert Lee
    Albert Lee


  • Spin Gameplay
    Spin Gameplay

    Where's Jing Jing btw

  • Dark Templer
    Dark Templer

    This is Naruto when he yells out I’m gonna do a resengan RASENGAN!!!!!!!

  • Sam Sorsa
    Sam Sorsa

    Giiing gong is so good

  • Ken Shadow
    Ken Shadow

    AOT Ost in the background.

  • B.kop

    Correct definition of brainless, even thou i ignore the facts

  • Locustwastaken

    Caleb city be like

  • Subarashi _san
    Subarashi _san

    The tornado kick is too over powered

  • Ayden Simms
    Ayden Simms


  • The Apologetic Noob
    The Apologetic Noob

    My god I'm laughing so hard

  • Legolad

    So he watches aot

  • Stupid


  • Kitty

    Bring GING GING back

  • Juice wrld 999
    Juice wrld 999

    What happened to ginng ging

  • StandingShaunng

    I wonder how giiiing ging is doing right now

  • Ibrahim Silalahi
    Ibrahim Silalahi

    You are comedy cool

  • Ibrahim Silalahi
    Ibrahim Silalahi


  • Ibrahim Silalahi
    Ibrahim Silalahi

    So coool

  • LAveNdeR lAviA
    LAveNdeR lAviA

    This is amazing My friend likes Anime so I’m going to send this to her

  • Jacob Piedad
    Jacob Piedad

    Weeb God Be Like:

  • Nasrin Nori
    Nasrin Nori

    Where is ging ging you ***** ?

  • Fishyy

    "Right punch!- with my right arm!" Well I mean,my man didn't lie. 🧍🏻

  • Sahil Chetri
    Sahil Chetri

    Bruh this happens so many times in anime

  • Nelson Ho
    Nelson Ho

    cmonnn more vids there so funny pleaseee :((((

  • Talal Abuzaid
    Talal Abuzaid

    I want ging ging back

  • Captain Om
    Captain Om

    Giiing ging

  • Not Me łøł
    Not Me łøł



    for some reason i laughed when he said run to the kitchen grab a knife and then stab him in the heart

  • Supreme

    "LIKE THIS VIDEO!" oops u read my attack

  • Khôi Nguyễn
    Khôi Nguyễn

    we want ging ging back

  • Zahara ALJOFFERY
    Zahara ALJOFFERY

    Me fighting with my siblings be like

  • Zero DragoN
    Zero DragoN

    Nathan please bring back ging ging

  • 7H3 0LD 0N3
    7H3 0LD 0N3

    The "HEADSHOT DEAD-SHOT" had me crying!

  • Myat Htet Ko
    Myat Htet Ko

    Collab with Steven he and uncle roger pls

  • Moisty Paper
    Moisty Paper

    Man i miss ging ging.

  • Gavyn Boettcher
    Gavyn Boettcher

    lol anmie ppl have no skill like in JOJO

  • HyperLize

    guy who beat sensei: How HOW Y-Y-YOUR CHEATING?!!? Other guy: Whos that guy who beat sensei: *looks* Other guy: TORNATO KICK

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari


  • Ryan Lester Miranda
    Ryan Lester Miranda

    what's the outro name?

  • Sonic9939

    Where’s ding ding or is it ping ping I forgot joking know it’s Giiiiiiiiiiiing Ging

  • mrkcdn

    Who is recording the vid?

  • Vice President Truganina Thunder FC
    Vice President Truganina Thunder FC

    Where is ging ging he is not in the videos

  • tony vargas
    tony vargas

    I miss GIING GING your videos were better with him

  • bruhmomentsonly1

    0:21 sharingan duhhhhhh

  • Gam3R 57
    Gam3R 57

    He has a good gaming chair

  • lostsxuls

    Audio: "ARM BLAST!" Subtitles: *"oh I’m blessed"*

  • Dylan Tlacuapa
    Dylan Tlacuapa

    I want to see going ging

  • KīñgØfThëDēåd

    bring ging ging back

  • Desirae Leggett
    Desirae Leggett

    There just stupid sometimes

  • Oscar Flores
    Oscar Flores

    Did he come back from the war yet bring back bling ding

    • Oscar Flores
      Oscar Flores

      Ging ging

  • hi

    Do a collab with steven he or yor a FaIlUrE

  • Geeky Coder
    Geeky Coder


  • Reece Young
    Reece Young

    Where is ging ging

  • HyperFresh98


  • nexaJ

    Watch out, he might aim for you in a single direction while screaming what way he is going

  • Monica Solis
    Monica Solis

    Where is the bring back ging ging gang

  • Gold Diamond
    Gold Diamond

    Without yelling your attacks or actions It is breaking anime rules lol (Some are Free from it since they are the main characters)

  • DankMemester

    I miss ging ging:(

  • Softer_k

    Funniest asian UZloadr

  • Ivan Muro
    Ivan Muro

    HE SHOULD POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey - Intro Templates
    Joey - Intro Templates

    Hi Nathan Doan. I am Joey. Big fan. I'm obviously not the main channel, but can you tell me your outro music name?

  • Eren Jeager [the all titan titan shifter]
    Eren Jeager [the all titan titan shifter]

    Mheehhh *turns into blade titan*

  • Noah Burnham
    Noah Burnham

    I want more dezzz

  • Praruj Dhopte
    Praruj Dhopte

    Can somebody name the outro?

  • Agent_cat Tank squad
    Agent_cat Tank squad

    I think I saw u before in h and m or old navy

  • Pls bring gin gin back plssssss I’m begging you pls 🥺🥺

  • Albino zoozopꟻɐןqıuo
    Albino zoozopꟻɐןqıuo


  • Matias Valverde Ramirez
    Matias Valverde Ramirez

    ging ging must return

  • Fawkes Inc.
    Fawkes Inc.

    This is like Pokémon.

  • kevin Stopko
    kevin Stopko

    Nathan" how do you know how to grab a knife" because you said it out loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • semetjehg

    Bring back Giiing Ging :(

  • Rose Castor
    Rose Castor

    Bring back ging ging

  • Anhad Singh Mitter
    Anhad Singh Mitter

    He is reading all my moves

  • Davion Wilson
    Davion Wilson

    Jing Jing who do you think is the hottest in you family


    yo 2 mil we need this man in 2 mil

  • Katie Bren
    Katie Bren

    Where's squing squing?

  • wa - ta - mel - oo
    wa - ta - mel - oo

    Can you bring back tong tong

  • Rfx_Slay Hi
    Rfx_Slay Hi

    It is only on PS4 and PS5

  • Rfx_Slay Hi
    Rfx_Slay Hi

    Nathan please do a series on jump force it has all your favorite anime characters and every character you see does not need to be unlocked you can just pick you can pick like son goku and it only cost 59$ I would love if you would do a series and not quite it as soon as you get to chapter 2. Go through all the chapters please please do a series

  • Quan Vu Anh
    Quan Vu Anh

    I want back GING GING

  • Rubex Cube99gaming
    Rubex Cube99gaming

    Get more Fing Fing

  • Ahmed Aloraibi
    Ahmed Aloraibi


  • Infinite Squirt
    Infinite Squirt

    Lachlan hi

  • kk Mode
    kk Mode

    Ginger Ging

  • Andoryu

    When we need him the most he vanished(ging ging)

  • why me
    why me

    Hey you should do more of the 1 minute rap thing again i think it was good

  • Unknown_PlayR

    I was here before the thumbnail was changed 😎

  • NO BRO
    NO BRO

    ging ging

  • NO BRO
    NO BRO

    ging ging

  • NO BRO
    NO BRO

    ging ging

  • NO BRO
    NO BRO

    ging ging

  • NO BRO
    NO BRO

    ging ging

  • NO BRO
    NO BRO

    ging ging ging ging ging ging

  • Navjyoth Redkar
    Navjyoth Redkar

    Jojo reference?

  • Phuocyy

    but where is ging ging

  • baby Sans Xxx
    baby Sans Xxx

    When Jing-Jing comes back

  • F.B.I


  • Ghost Face.TV.
    Ghost Face.TV.

    I got a anime ad this is so funny

  • tim dailey
    tim dailey

    ding ding