RC CAR CUSTOM DRIFT TIRES | Backyard Drifting Challenge!
We took 4 completely different RC Cars and Trucks and created custom working Drift Tires! Then we put them to the test on our custom backyard drifting wet track race track to see which RC Car Tires are Best!
💥 This is so much fun 👉 uzload.info/fun/bX-ComTclKSomZs/video

  • Cara Byrne
    Cara Byrne


  • Rc_ Kingz_
    Rc_ Kingz_

    Go to sky rc they have a track that zippy would do awesome at

  • Tamona Pierce
    Tamona Pierce

    Oh I like I like ginger and looks and I love Carla to

  • Tamona Pierce
    Tamona Pierce

    So you don’t know how much I love you I love the lord I bless all you all the earth you are in love

  • dogman2000

    Gauges never works! 😂

  • Luka & Leeloo HP
    Luka & Leeloo HP

    Zyppi is my favorite

  • Emmanuel Serrano
    Emmanuel Serrano

    That's not even a drift it's just a drift that it's not complete


    great video though

  • Nick Macias
    Nick Macias

    Gauge has the most coolest and most creative but some how never works 😂

  • Cj Lou Ramos. Alisbo
    Cj Lou Ramos. Alisbo

    I wondered how you trained you chicken?😅

  • Irma Fuentes
    Irma Fuentes


  • Niklause Magan
    Niklause Magan

    Dude perfect did it

  • Niklause Magan
    Niklause Magan

    I have a remote control car

  • Niklause Magan
    Niklause Magan

    Make a flying car

  • Sowmya Satish
    Sowmya Satish


  • Nathaly Reyes
    Nathaly Reyes


  • Martin Cerna
    Martin Cerna

    I think I drift arc car

  • Hanz Badian Hervias
    Hanz Badian Hervias

    that was so cool when kyle was about to finish he went backwards so fast that was a nice drift though.

  • BadgerBawls

    why is this so wierd

  • David Z
    David Z

    Hey! Drifting David is a really good name Because my name is David And I like Drift

  • Alicia N Charlie Stayton
    Alicia N Charlie Stayton

    It's so cool how he gets all that stuff

  • Adnan Freij
    Adnan Freij

    Today is an awesome day let's make an awesome one

  • Denny Berghahn Jr
    Denny Berghahn Jr


  • Linda Kulemeka
    Linda Kulemeka


  • Laura Griffiths
    Laura Griffiths

    I would not change mine it go crazy drifting

  • Sebastian Tiburao-Paulino
    Sebastian Tiburao-Paulino


  • Delbert Southgate
    Delbert Southgate

    That was awesome

  • queen Elena
    queen Elena

    That cool

  • Cole Wells
    Cole Wells

    Omg its been about 2 to 3 years since I've watched yall

  • Logan DM
    Logan DM

    Hey Carl and Jinger if you don't remember me which you probably don't but I saw you in Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial about 3 years ago. And you can look at my profile picture that I took in Washington to see if you remember me. I also took a picture with you guys when I was there. Keep making the great videos that everyone loves and including me. Bye and have a great rest of your day.


    Kyle sucks

  • Shoot_em_up 625
    Shoot_em_up 625

    The boys got so big since like three years ago

    • Dustin Johnston
      Dustin Johnston


  • Mekaylah Hawkins
    Mekaylah Hawkins


  • Fil-Am Tee Maddox Shu
    Fil-Am Tee Maddox Shu

    When it was Carl’s turn he did like a billion spins

  • Laurie Russett
    Laurie Russett

    5. Out. 5. I. Like. Any Rc. Car. Gage


    Gage grew so much!

  • Tanna Fullenkamp
    Tanna Fullenkamp


  • Anna Cooper
    Anna Cooper


  • Tinyx Pulyx
    Tinyx Pulyx

    👍Cool video whatcing from🇭🇷cr8atia


    i havent seen you guys in years

  • Destiny Gaming
    Destiny Gaming

    we clearly know who the favorite is

    • KyleRB Playz
      KyleRB Playz


  • RIP Kobe 150
    RIP Kobe 150

    I said can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you can you Ki

  • Unfierce

    Say that ur front wheels ar going at 200rpm ur back wheels need to go at 400rpm it is all traction controll

  • B.O Shot It
    B.O Shot It


  • Marc Gledefer Caberte
    Marc Gledefer Caberte

    ow ya afew inches negative from the tire

  • Marc Gledefer Caberte
    Marc Gledefer Caberte

    when you want to drift you need to have more grip in front and no grip at all at the back andyou need to have alot of power

  • pee pee poo poo check
    pee pee poo poo check

    You guys know nothing about the rc hobby

  • Jamie Fehr
    Jamie Fehr

    It’s too bad they each only have half a brain, these are 4x4 trucks, so all 4 tires need to be drift tires for it to work properly

  • Jace Parks
    Jace Parks

    Every car was incredibly awesome

    • Jace Parks
      Jace Parks

      And great video

  • Artistic Intelligence 108
    Artistic Intelligence 108

    very cool

  • saravansabareesh karumuri
    saravansabareesh karumuri

    Wow I am amazed d

  • Creative Troll
    Creative Troll

    Hello im back after 2 years

  • Coldin Kellogg
    Coldin Kellogg

    Zippie was the best I really like him

  • Breydon Terrell
    Breydon Terrell

    Ive known you since you had 20 thousend subscribers and im still watching you i love you all😀

  • Connor Wheatley
    Connor Wheatley

    carl won

  • lory maleengam
    lory maleengam

    I got a RC car for chistmas

  • Brandon Salazar
    Brandon Salazar

    Like And Subscribe

  • Coldin Kellogg
    Coldin Kellogg

    Can I have zippy

  • Coldin Kellogg
    Coldin Kellogg

    Can I have the p

  • Odessa Downes
    Odessa Downes

    my traxxas is desstroy

  • Kaiden Collymore
    Kaiden Collymore

    Does anyone realize that they’re not drifting they’re just spinning

    • Vectriix

      Whatever let them have fun

  • Jānis Šalms
    Jānis Šalms

    Carl and jinger you now papa jake

  • Nadeem Ahmed
    Nadeem Ahmed


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    SaylinexJames Joseph


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  • Aryan Ajmera
    Aryan Ajmera

    Carl's fav is Xmax

  • Fun with Ayaan
    Fun with Ayaan


  • Felipe King
    Felipe King

    Hi I’m new to the channel and I loved this vid and can you heart and reply?

    • Ryan Garcia
      Ryan Garcia


  • zoey mull
    zoey mull

    Rolling robby

  • zoey mull
    zoey mull

    Drifting david tro

  • Interesting Clips
    Interesting Clips

    i have been a fan when giant lego pixel art

  • Diogenesis ONE
    Diogenesis ONE

    I miss when you did those thought chains

  • Rhea Messitt-greene
    Rhea Messitt-greene

    You are so creative and fun you have the most amazing video's and hi other fans I hope you had a amazing Christmas and I hope you got every thing you wanted bye

  • Jacob Neff
    Jacob Neff

    Cool video post Carl and jinger

  • The Savage gamer
    The Savage gamer

    Make it a drag race.

  • Vicly Elisee
    Vicly Elisee

    Zippy I got to say he looks awesome with that upgrade

  • Zayn's World
    Zayn's World

    I love ur vids

  • Hayden Sorensen
    Hayden Sorensen

    you guys are the best

  • Colby Martin
    Colby Martin

    That was so cool 😎

  • hammad hassan
    hammad hassan

    I'm voting for Kyle

  • The Rhoads Show
    The Rhoads Show

    👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻 You need to watch us eat a Mr. beast burger 🍔🍔🍔

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    You have to subscribe

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    We need more dads like this. And moms..

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    You should reading comments

  • carly leighton
    carly leighton

    Where do you get your rc cars from

  • Wyatt Warren
    Wyatt Warren

    The best was Zippie

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      Maliboy Fannis


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      Michael Woods

      Zippie is the best

  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan Calvillo

    So sick

  • Offroad god
    Offroad god

    Yall just keep spinning out and that's not drifting

  • Dc kid Noob
    Dc kid Noob

    Where is luke.....

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      Colby Martin

      Luke is in the red. Can’t you see.

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    Megan Davis

    zipie I love you

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    Justin Hopson

    Kyle's have been for you and your family

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    Thanks for making my day

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    Wow wow

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    when your the first to watch and you cant see the coments

  • fun stuff
    fun stuff

    Carl and Jinger your awesome. Can you do a nerf battle?

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  • Aleah Queens
    Aleah Queens

    Who else lives next to Carl and jinjer

    • Daniel Chacon
      Daniel Chacon

      @Aleah Queens i love them to! :)

    • Aleah Queens
      Aleah Queens

      Daniel Chacon yea lol I love them so much

    • Daniel Chacon
      Daniel Chacon

      @Aleah Queens you still are very lucky

    • Aleah Queens
      Aleah Queens

      Daniel Chacon I do actually I’m the house with a black roof and white it looks creepy through the outside but the inside is so cool I nearly moved in like 2 months ago

    • Daniel Chacon
      Daniel Chacon

      if you do then you are super lucky