Snowmobile Water Skips Entire Lake!!
Water Skipping my new snowmobile across the whole lake
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
In todays video, we pick up a water cross snowmobile off of Facebook Market place for $1,900. We take it out to a shallower spot in the lake to practice with it and it ends up sinking twice! After getting all the water out of the motor (Twice, it was hydrolocked both times) CJ hops on it and water skips it around the whole lake! Later Ben rips his Ford Raptor in a near by sandpit and we take our Pit bike out and ride around too.

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    800K!!!! Thank you boys so much 🤘🏻

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      Romance World

      3 months later, 1.2M

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      Spoiled Ketchup18

      Now mil

    • justin mackedanz
      justin mackedanz

      I live within a 1/2 hr of you Guys let me if you want to come out and ride sleds on the water some time .... there are 8 of us who do this on the weekends all out on the water at the same time .

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      now the road to 1 mil!!!

  • Jayde Nicole
    Jayde Nicole

    Today is my first day of watching and ur chanel is sick like its da best of the best chanels

  • Matthew Pederson
    Matthew Pederson

    Haha long rope and a pop bottle boys, save you needing to call a diving team lol they do this every Canada Day in my home down. Drown them some times and drag them to shore, drain the cylinders and hit it again!!!!

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    Little Ripley

    Can I have a shout out

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    MrBalls FTW

    Fucking amazing

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    Bryan jack from Alaska Is better doing 8 evan

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  • Fireshots !!!
    Fireshots !!!


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    Oompa Loompa

    You always get the best vehicles at a random gas station

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    Aiden Toms

    That’s a nice jet ski you got there 😂

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    thats so badd@ss snowjettin

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    It’s all fun and games until he runs out of gas half across the lake lol

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    (Nobody) (Me) *waiting for it to run out of gas*

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    We all just want to come hangout. This is the shit we do with friends, but you guys laugh more. Lol.

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    Kk good


    Why tf didn't your channel pop up in my shit earlier lol. New sub here love your content I do all the same things

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    I’m gonna lie I’ll miss the widdle waptor

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    Yadagiri Narasimha

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    Nice watermobile...

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  • sukhvinder s
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    Yadagiri Narasimha

    Kk nice

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    polluting the lake for a dumb video

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    Freind Youtuber


  • Freind Youtuber
    Freind Youtuber


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  • ThisKidCanRide

    Please notice how the Durham pulls the raptor out it’s not the other way around!

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    Kusum Lata

    Nice one

  • Yadagiri Narasimha
    Yadagiri Narasimha


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    13:23 what’s the song called?

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    Frickin hooligans 🤣🤣

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    Knitting Pasta

    So, Jesus snowmobile?

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    When she says her parents aren't home but shes across the lake and you only have a snowmobile

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    Charlie Brown

    That was bad ass

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    C McSpedon

    How much would u sell a shifter cart for?

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    How is there not more likes on this vid? This was insaneeee!!!

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    What did you search on to buy that snowmobile?

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    imagine it rans out of gas

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    The wide seaplane metrically dam because cyclone ultrasonographically crush out a coherent driving. ragged, adamant work

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    i like the pit bike riding

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    You guys stole that thing for $1,900 lol

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    ashley vandaele

    Makes me want to build a water cross sled now...😁

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    Ashley Wunschel

    I will be so happy if y’all will pick me for a giveaway

  • Tech Reviews
    Tech Reviews

    How tf did he have the balls to do that????

  • Sean Chuma
    Sean Chuma

    You guys going to try to waterski behind that sled? duhhh! It needs to be done.

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    Max Langes

    This was awesome dudes

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    Drew Eckert

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    s w

    Why wouldn’t they get a running start to eliminate bouncing around

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    Hunter Reed

    This video is so lit..

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    can2curb is awesome

    just waiting for the title we rolled the raptor

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    The guiltless garlic quickly chase because jason elderly dry for a slimy engine. mundane, acceptable flesh

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    Fucked Gplus

    that is tamed compared to what ppl do in competition in quebec ..... they just dont go straight.... they turn in circle ......

  • Phil Boothman
    Phil Boothman

    Shorten up your front limit strap, it should let the front come down so your skis are on the water. Way more fun and better stability for lower speeds and more control. You can ride comfortably all day on water with the right set up.

    • Phil Boothman
      Phil Boothman

      Sure looks like you guys had fun I love doing that stuff too

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    What is that music I love it I need to know lol

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    Liam Joyce

    that was friggin dopeeeee

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    He must of felt so cool in the moment lol anybody would and what kind of motor is in that I need one

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    Kole Messersmith

    Does anyone know the song at 7:00?!?

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    gus mcgowan

    I want a snowmobile now

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    love u guys congrats on 800k subs


    Micah is my favourite cause that’s my name!!

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    Romance World

    that’s a 2500$ in CAD bud, wtf

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    Rudy Parks

    You guys should do athother video with this snowmobile

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    Lucas Hamalainen

    Good thing it was an artic cat if it sank because artic cat is shit

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    Cheese Eater #134

    That’s bad ass she pretty smooth on water That’s living for u send it 💯💪🏿

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    Tommy Rose

    Finally bought a good sled

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    My boy cj could get any girl he wants doing that holy

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    You guys scared away all of the fish for the evening fishermen! :(

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    Aaron Mayernik

    As Greystillplays would say: "Maximum Yeet." This man has showed us the powa behind a full powered yeet.

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    You know I figured the cboys weren’t really political people but Ben had a I voted sticker on. And I know they didn’t vote for Biden. Respect📈📈📈

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    What is the song at 13:24

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    CJ sends it

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    Brian Kelly

    please answer me this what kind of camera chin mount do you fitted to that 509 helmet ive been looking for one for mine

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    color me impressed thats a long time at wide open at a lot of load and it didn't melt down thats fucking impressive for a artic cat

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    Bigg Baller44

    Spoiled rich shits

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    bash bro1

    How the f is he so casual riding it across a lake


    Yo you’re welcome for the snowmobile hit me up if you need anything else buddy

  • Alexander Pettersen
    Alexander Pettersen

    Bro its so funny that det caption says it skips the whole lake, and than det fakin, shit says dose it sink, lol

  • Tyson Seabrook
    Tyson Seabrook

    He’s got more weight than the other guys that’s why it worked so good. I own a water sled. It’s throttle control and proper weight distribution


    I did not see cj being the best water skipper

  • Duane Ross
    Duane Ross

    It's good to see young folks having a good time.