Desperate Rappers Try to Get on XXL Magazine
These desperate rappers seemed to genuinely think they were gonna get on the XXL Freshman cover.
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GAME: Tower Unite

  • Joshua scott
    Joshua scott

    POV 2021:ColieRay made it

  • Toe Cutter
    Toe Cutter

    Have you noticed most rappers and followers of rappers are some of the most dumbest people. No I.Q's what so ever their songs well its not really music but they have at least 7 words through out the whole song or what ever you call it but its not rap its absolute shit its actually worse then shit. Look how dumb these people are an absolute embarrassment. Burger Flippers! and they can't even do that right. Anyways love your channel keep up the shit talking and thank you for bringing these idiots into the light.

  • Osiris Jimenez
    Osiris Jimenez

    Skinny has to have been the first person to ever post a fake youngboy quote

  • YouTube Alias_ yeah
    YouTube Alias_ yeah

    That Mario jumping thing was on point! Had me geeked 😂🤣😭

  • Christopher Rivera
    Christopher Rivera

    Coi made it THATS the crazy thing🤣

  • Jason Ochoa
    Jason Ochoa

    What game is that .....

  • Yasu Takeuchi
    Yasu Takeuchi

    He said "Imma leave a legacy"*

  • Bill Metz
    Bill Metz

    Omp peezy slap

  • Tyler Miles
    Tyler Miles

    It’s funny cuz all this guys UZload channel is him hating on other people who just tryna make a way for themselves😂 hatin ass mfks

  • Isui maroo
    Isui maroo

    Coi lorai no more parties hit ong

  • Ethan Schumlick
    Ethan Schumlick

    Kid buu is 32

  • Wayne Soze
    Wayne Soze

    Funny how coi leray actually blowing up now , never quit‼️

  • Jayskii

    I could lowkey see coi on it this yr if she keep these features up 🤣


    They made good decisions to not use none of these people💯👌

  • michael dakota
    michael dakota

    Ugly ass dudes in your thumbnail made me click

  • Ty Key
    Ty Key

    Hahaha yessss


    Now colieray has the top tik toksong

  • Hollw00d_ty

    Coi leray going stupid now

  • Kingsley

    Coi laroi overbite😹

  • canadain kid2001
    canadain kid2001

    That girl says she has drip but she looks like a nurse

  • Carmine Cuzzo
    Carmine Cuzzo

    This dudes net worth hasn’t been born yet! Can you say generic?

  • Beano A.m
    Beano A.m

    Coi leray is going off now

  • Casey Bykovny
    Casey Bykovny

    Omb peezy is fire tho🤷

  • jade greene
    jade greene

    racist shit ... funny how only latino rappers are being made a fool ... i wont say anything further

  • Yagirlmay 999
    Yagirlmay 999

    I don’t even know who these people are

  • mclarens joseph
    mclarens joseph

    Coi doing her thing now

  • crackheadtings cracked
    crackheadtings cracked

    Icy narco lowkey fire

  • Real Stakzz
    Real Stakzz

    10 years strong and yall still aint found me...

    • Real Stakzz
      Real Stakzz

      @sub4cookies _ tf u think?

    • sub4cookies _
      sub4cookies _

      @Real Stakzz wdym by saying yall didnt found me

    • Real Stakzz
      Real Stakzz

      @sub4cookies _ tf u talkin bout?

    • sub4cookies _
      sub4cookies _

      Tf is you talking about

  • Ozzy Ortega
    Ozzy Ortega

    You sound dumb dissin omb peezy slap his music before you speak bruh go stupid in the bay wit it


    I just realized Coi Leray is Benzino's daughter... Her father's mortal enemy fucked his career up, what are the chances she blows up? I mean, if she does, more power to her, but what are the chances?

  • Sunty Phachomphon
    Sunty Phachomphon

    Blue hair guy is uncultured

  • Aid man Don’t get aids
    Aid man Don’t get aids

    Where are you

  • Stretch- Topic
    Stretch- Topic

    Put some respect on OMB Peezy

  • leekjaymusic

    Coil Leary might make it this year 👀😂💪🏽

  • Taintly Bile
    Taintly Bile

    thank you leafy clone 4

  • Lil Baby
    Lil Baby

    Bro you claim you don’t care abt this but made a whole video abt this dudes like jus admit you care

  • keyboard warrior
    keyboard warrior

    6:45 this looks like one of those dumbass highschool girls who like try to act like they’re better than everyone else, are short, really loud, and so much more

  • Rapboy Jones
    Rapboy Jones

    Could Leary just dropped a fire song no more parties it’s hard asl

  • Miles Skoodi
    Miles Skoodi

    But I fux with cori

  • monique broussard
    monique broussard

    OMB Peezy shoulda been on XXL lowkey

  • Discky fummy
    Discky fummy

    7:24 I like how he says “y’all already know who it is” Then continues to introduce his self

  • Philbo baggins
    Philbo baggins

    Get on the circus clowns !

  • Nathaniel Bronson
    Nathaniel Bronson

    This foo a hater bruh

  • # HighSobriety
    # HighSobriety

    Omb peezy 🤘

  • Gonzalo Barrantes
    Gonzalo Barrantes

    Icy narco looks what you get from wish after purchasing xxtentacion

  • T-Raw BadAzz
    T-Raw BadAzz

    Christ was never put on the cross the scriptures tell you he was hung from a tree stop this fake blasphemy

  • Goof Ball
    Goof Ball

    don’t ever disrespect peezy like that his music actually fye:(

  • IN-DEO

    I don’t even fuck with XXL cuz like he said the artist are already known.

  • Yungdrab

    Coi leray is pretty good though ands shes working hard

  • Hjjnjk Hgunbvh
    Hjjnjk Hgunbvh

    Coi lerray mouth makes me uncomfortable and her dad is benzino 😐

  • Srirachan Moroccan
    Srirachan Moroccan

    Kid buu looks like a discount August alsina

    • Fuck Off
      Fuck Off


  • Wicks

    Muggy, you think Ohgeesy should have been on this year or nah?

  • SpiderMan 2.0
    SpiderMan 2.0

    Omb peezy should have made it

  • Yugeindrah Ravi
    Yugeindrah Ravi

    Everything except Muggy narrating his topic was cringey...STRAIGHT TO HELL !!

  • Yugeindrah Ravi
    Yugeindrah Ravi

    Leray just showin off man...lmaaooo

  • Lazycatdog

    1:55 I know this mans didn’t just say lil uzi is a "goofy looking SoundCloud rapper" smh🤦🏽‍♂️

    • The Passing Static
      The Passing Static

      We can knock off the Soundcloud Rapper part. The 1st 2 parts are kinda accurate tho.

  • Za’ir Sanford
    Za’ir Sanford

    Bitch OMB Peezy is raw af and signed wit “sick wid it”

  • Jaywoozy

    OMB isn’t bad fr but he hasn’t made and great songs since 2018-2019

  • MaJin PRINCE
    MaJin PRINCE

    Peezy needs to be on XXL best out of Alabama


    Pezzy hard

  • Kanye Furgess
    Kanye Furgess

    Coi Leary got one of the hardest songs out rn crazyyy

    • prod. kly
      prod. kly


  • Joshosrs

    Omb peezy the hardest one

  • Alexis Greer
    Alexis Greer

    Ew all of them look like clones 🤢

  • Kenneth Callaway
    Kenneth Callaway

    Why they all look like the same person with different hairstyle in the thumbnail though 😂😂💀. You can’t unsee it once you see it lmao

  • Playboy Groc
    Playboy Groc

    Year Later Coi Leray On Top Doing Her Thing 🔥🔥


    skinnyfromthe9 sound like 6ix9ine wit his fake NY accent ass, im from New York and shi, and this is not how we talk lmfao


    kid abuuse

  • Alfredo

    omb peezy actually hard tho all these other rappers just garbage 🗑

  • Matt Nasty
    Matt Nasty

    Peezy go hard . Fuck all that woofin like you bout that shit better stop that shit I got something to make you ..

  • C Claytor
    C Claytor

    Omb peezy actually a good artist and he does well rn and is in that whole nba yb and quando rondo and friends group w like him, shooter gang kony, sada baby, no cap etc.

  • Dash Pratt
    Dash Pratt


  • NLU Turk
    NLU Turk

    “Basic calculus” Fse I fw peezy tho

  • Dantress Hopkins
    Dantress Hopkins

    Yall got coi Leray and omb pezzy fucked up

  • iFeedYouLead

    Coi might be making it on 2121

  • Sleezy R6
    Sleezy R6

    Skinnyfromthe9 is actually from my current town, Sommerville, New Jersey, and he actually got sent to jail for allegedly kidnapping someone when he didn't, and after he got out I saw him on the street and he was trying to act so big and everyone was just staring LMAO

  • amp vaile
    amp vaile

    Is this a cringe vid?

  • V8 Avatar
    V8 Avatar

    Why you hatin thou bitch

  • james flaco
    james flaco

    Omb Peezy doing millions rn r u fuxking dumb

  • Retep Griffin
    Retep Griffin

    The first guy's actions represent a mixture of dyslexia and opposites day

  • Ansel X
    Ansel X

    Man the game is so satisfying to watch

  • iiku xoxo
    iiku xoxo

    niggas hate but icy narco was legit

  • Javier M.C
    Javier M.C

    6:29 - 6:37 Coi Leary really sound like Reilly from the boondocks

  • Vladimir Voskanyan
    Vladimir Voskanyan

    This guy says that people who talk about drama a lot tend to cause it,and he goes on to show it as something bad.Yet guess what,his whole channel is dedicated to drama.Say something about him i think🤔

    • Griefaholic

      It’s for entertainment purposes .

  • david morales
    david morales

    Kid buu is a joke lmfao🤣

  • somtochukwu udolisa
    somtochukwu udolisa

    Who here after no more parties 2021 coi lerays year

  • Dread head Bam
    Dread head Bam

    They still ain’t fuckin wit my guy omb peezy😈

  • MrCrzyjoker

    At the end of the day, we are all lil Wayne 😂😂😂

  • YHB Money
    YHB Money

    Coi is the only one who deserves XXL

  • mira ways
    mira ways

    Omb peezy actually fire

  • mira ways
    mira ways

    How you look at somebody and feel like they not gone make it that sound stupid the dude doing the voice over for the video sound like he listen to 69 he mad weird

  • Esgardo Burrola
    Esgardo Burrola

    That Mario gameplay fucked me up tho 😂😂😂

  • Kpesodripp Run it up
    Kpesodripp Run it up

    Crazy now In 2021 everyone listening to Coi larray 🤣🤣🤣 her song go hard tho ngl

  • Bilal Ali
    Bilal Ali

    Omb peezy got got sum nice songs but he tweaked during this😂😂

  • Vaquines :]
    Vaquines :]

    Come back 😔

  • Levi Kleinwort
    Levi Kleinwort

    OMB Peezy looks like a methhead King Von

  • X Zes_te
    X Zes_te

    Okay but icy narco is good tho

  • JorgeAvianne

    1:54 uzi wack bro?

    • T.j. Alford
      T.j. Alford

      I think he was talking about the way he looked

  • Lil Bill
    Lil Bill

    That leray chicc seem like she from the westside of Columbus sullivant and Hague to be exact.

  • Logos

    Peezy is actually 🔥 😂😂 Got a couple bangers w a lot of big names

  • Da Wav Lab
    Da Wav Lab

    I hope everybody w a music dream makes it , good luck - NuWav Records #onelove