I Threw A SECRET PARTY! my parents had NO idea!
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  • Phoebe Lovelady
    Phoebe Lovelady


  • Phoebe Lovelady
    Phoebe Lovelady


  • Phoebe Lovelady
    Phoebe Lovelady

    Crazy video

  • Beth Thompson
    Beth Thompson

    Sneak in to the chicken choo0p

  • Brandi Holcomb
    Brandi Holcomb

    I like their sneaking out.

  • Brandi Holcomb
    Brandi Holcomb

    Hi Klai

    • Brandi Holcomb
      Brandi Holcomb


  • Jazzy Allen
    Jazzy Allen

    Klai omg I keep thinking that someone is watching me clay your dad's watching you duh you need to look closer

  • Sheikha A
    Sheikha A

    Why does it feel like acting

  • Minksee Davis
    Minksee Davis

    I like your video klai so much I love when you go out at night 😁😁

  • Eliana Pezoa
    Eliana Pezoa

    New subscriber yay

  • Evie Camacho
    Evie Camacho

    Single life New Year's Eve would sound interesting could you maybe do that for next New Year's Eve or the coming up New Year's Eve

  • MaiaZoomerfelt

    Since you can drive

  • MaiaZoomerfelt

    How old are you?

  • Violet Star
    Violet Star


  • Jaqueline Sanchez
    Jaqueline Sanchez

    Say jackie if ur from August 21 or in a 2020

  • jon master
    jon master

    This s so fake

  • NTKHulk NTKRainbow6
    NTKHulk NTKRainbow6

    You should definitely get them back for what they did to you

  • Anatiah Garcia
    Anatiah Garcia

    Lol I love u

  • Corlette DIY
    Corlette DIY

    Everytime she says "shhhhh shhhh shhh shhhhh"🤣

  • Lizzie Haines
    Lizzie Haines

    you got cot

  • noa gelbendorf
    noa gelbendorf

    I love you 💞

  • Patricia Gallegos
    Patricia Gallegos


  • Alarice Jegels
    Alarice Jegels

    Bad hair day girl

  • Shundere Akemi
    Shundere Akemi

    1:46 women in the background looking weird at her

  • A A
    A A

    i don't know why enjoy watching her doing sneakie stuff

  • simplyabi

    Lol she is saying I don’t wanna get fought but she is speaking so loud a+ there is people thereeee

  • iggie eggsalad
    iggie eggsalad

    fake smh

  • audrey pires
    audrey pires

    Oh my god 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so fake 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aniyahlise Shean
    Aniyahlise Shean


  • Aniyahlise Shean
    Aniyahlise Shean

    Wait Orange ice cream? I never heard or that

  • Isabella Korzeniowski
    Isabella Korzeniowski

    i love klia !

  • Althea Stansbery
    Althea Stansbery

    You really need to spice up your acting skills I can completly tell your acting this out. But is still entertaining.

  • Alex Tiger
    Alex Tiger

    Parents carry vlog camera to dinner Have 15 people coming over and all of them show up at the same time just when mom and dad we at dinner and some how spotted them !?

  • digna big poke fan iris
    digna big poke fan iris

    They were at the stores behind you

  • digna big poke fan iris
    digna big poke fan iris

    They found out


    Klailea: got to start 2020 off great .. a couple moths later caronavirus ..hahahahahahh



  • hanasdrify

    I love your videos

  • Hey_itz _tarandeep
    Hey_itz _tarandeep

    I am really surprised that you guys like Indian food I am Indian

  • District Scooters Are Good
    District Scooters Are Good

    Parents had no idea. Hmm.