Testing VIRAL TikTok Experiments! **unbelievable results**
We tested some crazy TikTok experiments and you wouldn't believe how some of them work!
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      The science is that bc their is a higher volume of energy is going to go to the balloon it reduces

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  • Axella Andrade
    Axella Andrade

    Can’t wait for you to hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS 🎉🎉🥰🥰🎉🥰 faze rug i follow ur whole family but if u see this please please help me out with that Nissan it will be a blessing and it would really help me out but 😢 ik you will NEVER SEE THIS LOVE YA 😍😍Stay Positive

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    the red food coloring experiment looked like the virus corona

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    Can’t wait for you to hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS 🎉🎉🥰🥰🎉🥰 faze rug i follow ur whole family but if u see this please please help me out with that Nissan it will be a blessing and it would really help me out but 😢 ik you will NEVER SEE THIS LOVE YA 😍😍Stay Positive

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    The only reason the water wasn't leaking very much is because of the air pressure is greater than the water pressure

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    The lava lamp one I done in school the other week :)

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    5:52 its called surface tension

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    This I don’t think is Science but it’s cool and fun so put corn starch in a container the add water it’s a solid but also a liquid and it’s pretty cool I’m playing with it now if you add too much corn starch then add a little more water and then just play with it please try this

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    Can even do it on the plate when you draw on the plane in the market and then you put a little bit of water and starts

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  • Michael Sousi
    Michael Sousi

    The science behind the nails and the balloons is because there is one nail all the pressure of the balloon goes on it but if u put multiple the pressure is spread on all the nails it actually works on people too like sleep on a bed of nails lol

  • Redface aan
    Redface aan

    The first one is literally logic you can't pour out something if there's no hole I know you guys are gonna say "well just make triangle then" I just know

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    Faze rug doesn't understand the physics behind pressure

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    Science: one needle has less surface area that means it can penetrate the ballon but many of them create bigger surface area witch helps it rest on top like on a flat table

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    In experiment 4 the baloon doesn't pop because with 1 pin the weight of the baloon gets concentrated into a single point, but with more pins it gets distributed so it doesn't pop

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    When someone builds a house they use bricks and wood but also metal and so that’s why the charger cube sticks up on the wall

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    I think it's because there is a point with one and when multipeble there is a flat serfucr and that causes it to not pop

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    The water bag with stabbing pencils is because plastic has molecule that stick to the molecule of the pencils

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    The brick charger one works with pencils too


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    for the steel wool you unfold it and it works better

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    the first one i learned it in like 1st grade

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    Fun fact, you don't need to rub the bottle first

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    The science behind hack #4 is the pins are evenly spread across the balloon so the rubber cannot focus on one space to pop *no cap * Extra #8 The tape holds the balloon together sooooooooo... uhhh... ez ?

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    6:07 cuz of pressure look up the defination u will know

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    the second "experiment", also works just by hitting a carbonated drink with hands, it works even better, they spin that glass cup to make it look it's actually a lil complex and that no one did that experiment. All these tiktokers are dummos.

  • Prinak Ghosh
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    since pressure=force/area , so more the area less is the pressure exerted by the needles , therefore the balloon does not pop. its simple science

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    When I was in 4th grade, some scientist came to my school and showed us the one with the balloon not popping, and I got to sit on a bunch of spikes and it didn’t even hurt my butt.

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    In one needle their is no surface but when we put bunch of needle it will make a surface that's why the balloon not burst


    Bill nye the Russian spy

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