Please Watch This Video...
Pay it forward.
So much negativity in this world, can we be the change to make a positive impact and spread positivity? Let's do it!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug


    • Lexy Schacht
      Lexy Schacht

      Mannnn your great

    • Kutay Keten
      Kutay Keten

      Shut up

    • Brecken Barnes
      Brecken Barnes

      Hey I love you and you are my favorite

    • Jason John Cruz
      Jason John Cruz

      Keep This Going Spread positivity the word need's it🌎💗

    • Catarina Magallanes
      Catarina Magallanes


  • lourd asprec
    lourd asprec

    God bless

  • Mustapha Drammeh
    Mustapha Drammeh

    Keep it up faze rug thank you for spreading love

  • NBA to yong
    NBA to yong

    Caniget1k I'm poor


    U are a very very good person bro 😁

  • PRO Gamer WASSAY 2.O
    PRO Gamer WASSAY 2.O

    You are the best

  • Dresden Rocks
    Dresden Rocks

    This video warms my heart so much

  • Brantley Spreier
    Brantley Spreier

    This is my favorite video I have ever watched and since I don’t have social media I will do as much good deeds as I can

  • Penny McIntyre #HTD4LIFE
    Penny McIntyre #HTD4LIFE

    The people who disliked the video are mean and they also are ungrateful

  • Pat Buzit
    Pat Buzit

    Omg I love you ❤💙💚💛💛💜💓💕

  • Than Tran
    Than Tran

    You don’t know what someone’s actually going through, you don’t know what someone’s life going throughout this pandemic

  • Than Tran
    Than Tran

    The people that right hated comments, I think because they were unhappy with their own life’s and if they watch this video they will learn not to be mean

  • We are Smart
    We are Smart

    You are the most amazing guy bro

  • Someone Special
    Someone Special

    This video almost made me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Salaar and Subhan
    Salaar and Subhan

    Loser rug I can put you in my room rug rug rug rug rug 👎👎👎👎😏

  • Salaar and Subhan
    Salaar and Subhan

    Ya watever

  • Daniele Dall Oglio
    Daniele Dall Oglio


  • Kylee Majors-Dixon
    Kylee Majors-Dixon

    I love you and I stared crying

  • Layla bug
    Layla bug

    I'm so sorry for hammy

  • Tristan Reeves
    Tristan Reeves

    i wish to meet you

  • Salaar and Subhan
    Salaar and Subhan

    You just want million subscribers to get money 😏👎

  • Salaar and Subhan
    Salaar and Subhan

    You are dumb no fun

  • Salaar and Subhan
    Salaar and Subhan

    Stupid loser

  • Rojas Family
    Rojas Family

    Your amazing I feel so bad for you

  • Lucy Bass
    Lucy Bass

    All ways stay strong and positive

  • Khara Kharoo
    Khara Kharoo

    You are the best ruggy

  • Anyissa Molina
    Anyissa Molina

    Help someone in need who is struggling and also be your self and don't listen to anyone do what u want to do and don't let someone stop you for being you

  • Tim Mcbride
    Tim Mcbride

    Faze rug the goat stay positive

  • Tim Mcbride
    Tim Mcbride

    F the haters

  • Luis Saldarriaga
    Luis Saldarriaga

    Good job

  • Makilan Kaliecharan
    Makilan Kaliecharan

    The people who dislike this is very cold hearted and I am from Trinidad and people like Spanish and stuff came here and my dad saw 4 Spanish people walking in the road looking for somewhere to go for only a night and my dad pick them up and told them they could stay in our garage until they want

  • Ehn Orsua
    Ehn Orsua

    why does his videos have so many thumbs down than thumbs up i really support him so much

  • Elijah Anderson
    Elijah Anderson

    Good rug

  • Gamerboi Sans
    Gamerboi Sans

    U R the best

  • Zahrah Unicorn
    Zahrah Unicorn

    We love you faze

  • subhan’s gaming
    subhan’s gaming

    FaZe rug is doing a nice thing for other people so DONT HATE ON HIM

  • Andrea Maratovic
    Andrea Maratovic


  • Maddox Agtarap
    Maddox Agtarap

    You do what you want and feel happy with it I love yo vids

  • Michael koenig
    Michael koenig

    Please keep this up dude

  • henna dhokia
    henna dhokia

    I love this this is so amazing The only way we can change the world is if we all work together pls do more of these vidoes i love seeing the smile on ppls face it makes my day!!!! :)

  • Jon Grapci
    Jon Grapci

    Im not your boy

  • Des The twins
    Des The twins

    Thanks for the positive activity some people don’t have anything but u probably u changed peoples lives 🥺❤️💕

  • Deep Kerketta
    Deep Kerketta

    Man you are one of the nicest person i have ever seen ☺️ Keep doing this good things every negative things will get positive☮️☮️

  • Bernie Hoyer
    Bernie Hoyer

    I wish I could do this


    Bro good job! Keep it up and I felt happy too when I saw there reactions I just feel so happy now😀😀🙃🙃

  • Mubid Muksid
    Mubid Muksid

    Big fan....rugggg

  • Mira EL-SAMAD
    Mira EL-SAMAD

    I love this video it reminds me it’s my dream to sell stuff I don’t need the money I get I wanted to give it to poor people

  • Cameron Alexander
    Cameron Alexander

    A little bit ago I stopped watching your vids for no reason and whatching you again feels great

  • Sehaj Singh
    Sehaj Singh

    I like you faze rug and I Love you

  • ballinlikemason

    Brooo my name Mason

  • abram mahmood
    abram mahmood

    Ruggy u you have a good heart 💓

  • Josylnn Tehe
    Josylnn Tehe

    Can we just appreciate that Brian will try to do anything just to make people smile.

  • rehan jailani
    rehan jailani

    not my mom giving a 100php when it was newyear

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    Can you make more vids of this is good helping homeless and people

  • V K
    V K


  • Jessica Noyes
    Jessica Noyes

    I guess

  • pearline richards
    pearline richards

    I love what your doing man you are a good man I help people before I pay for there thing keep it up

  • purKe smoKe08
    purKe smoKe08

    I love faze rug he’s soo nice and positive

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson

    You're Awesome Faze Rug May God Bless Y'all. This What The World Needs.

  • AceYourWay

    I am confused on what Rug said at the end was this video clickbait

  • Reece Markey
    Reece Markey

    Rug you are the best

  • Drift

    Sorry didn't watch all the video i saw the intro to make it up i liked and subbed

  • craigparaglide

    A lot of people that are homeless I feel bad so I gave all 100$

  • Jacob Boven
    Jacob Boven

    Ya Change the world

  • space_knight_gamer city
    space_knight_gamer city

    Sun to FaZe RuG A.K.A the kindest other everrrrr

  • space_knight_gamer city
    space_knight_gamer city

    Aww so nice =)

  • Emma Gono
    Emma Gono

    Faze rug ....infinite has recording he's a youtuber then you remember that stranger he said can I join faze clan?

  • Logan Chiolè
    Logan Chiolè

    Dont spread positivity if it is covid

  • Aamir Nawaz
    Aamir Nawaz

    I love you so much your a really nice man god bless you ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Riley Markl
    Riley Markl

    Rug I love you you inspire me to de like you and I wish I can meat you in real Life

  • Rik speelt Fortnite
    Rik speelt Fortnite

    I love u

  • alamelia_BG

    I love u rug

  • 0_BlackShadows

    good biy ruggy

  • sybrownkid

    I clicked this video because you told me to

  • PGGalienman

    Love you too rug

  • Carbon County Mammoths
    Carbon County Mammoths

    God bless you all

  • TheGamingShark

    Let’s go rug!!

  • Alistar onetrick
    Alistar onetrick

    When i See some is happy im happy to why im happy for them or some times when im happy for them i cry 😢🙂

  • Sammy Bear
    Sammy Bear


  • Art And Craft With Divyanshi Rathod
    Art And Craft With Divyanshi Rathod

    You are doing such a nice work i also want to do this i am also doing what i can luv your work❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩 i really appreciate it👌👌

  • fun with malak
    fun with malak

    you are such a nice peorson likeomgggggggggg but thiss v is amazing

  • Keebler Giant
    Keebler Giant

    His bless you

  • Cedar Shaw
    Cedar Shaw

    Don't worry about the comments

  • Cedar Shaw
    Cedar Shaw

    You a good guy 👦

  • Lwande Lesoma
    Lwande Lesoma

    Me wondering if rug will still say its your boy rug at 50 years

  • Joanne Huerta
    Joanne Huerta

    I love you to faze rug i now that i never see you in real live one day i wish that you vist me one time is all for mine brithday to come i wish

  • kelly weitzel
    kelly weitzel

    No matter if you do good deeds or stuff. You still do that with your yt and are entertaining us during quarantine.

  • Monika Manya
    Monika Manya


    • Monika Manya
      Monika Manya

      True faze rug i love your vidioes

  • Gopy Tara
    Gopy Tara

    This video make me happy easily😊😆

  • Fortnite Fortnite
    Fortnite Fortnite

    Faze up

  • Kumar Maya
    Kumar Maya

    he made my day

  • Precious Gift
    Precious Gift

    Oh your so kind hearted 🙂🙂🙂

  • Matthew Espinosa
    Matthew Espinosa

    I'm a new subscriber

  • Toca Star
    Toca Star

    THIS warms my heart so much!!!!!💕💕

  • Clement Caleb G.
    Clement Caleb G.

    Watching this in the morning, u just made my day❤❤❤

  • Quincy Brown
    Quincy Brown

    see faze rug we need more people like u

  • Chance Carter
    Chance Carter

    Rug doin bits

  • Joshua Green
    Joshua Green

    OMG you’re going to make me cry this video is so nice thank you 🥰🥰🥰

  • Go Go
    Go Go

    Do more of this

  • Estela Lopez
    Estela Lopez

    I never watch this vídeo bit im going to watch it..