Mac Miller: How A White Kid From Pittsburgh Earned Acceptance in Hip Hop
A lot of people assumed Mac Miller would be just another white boy frat rapper that faded out with time, but Mac evolved and grew up over the years. He was a true artist and never used his whiteness as a gimmick. He showed that quality rap is quality rap, regardless of what it looks like and if you respect the culture, then hip-hop will be accepting of you.
Shot using: Audio Technica AT2020 USB Mic, Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone, 4K Video Downloader, and QuickTime Screen Recording
0:00 Tiny Desk Block
0:48 Introduction
3:24 Childhood
5:47 Early Mixtapes
7:01 K.I.D.S.
9:09 Best Day Ever
9:55 Blue Slide Park
11:25 Macadelic
12:40 Most Dope Family
13:40 Watching Movies with the Sound Off
15:09 Faces
16:48 His relationship with drugs
18:42 GO:OD AM
19:51 Ariana Grande
21:03 The Divine Feminine
22:10 Addiction and split
23:32 Swimming
26:18 His death
29:43 Circles announcement
30:47 Good News
31:35 Easter eggs
32:09 Circles
34:18 His musical abilities
36:30 Reflections
37:27 Closing
38:10 Problems can be blessings
38:34 Social Links
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  • Thomas Reeve
    Thomas Reeve

    Just wanted to say, I've been a huge fan of Mac since late 2011. You said "you often come back to videos to hang with Mac"- this is the video I come back to to hang with Mac. Honestly man, thankyou so much for making THE perfect Mac documentary. I show this to people who either would like to be informed about my love for Mac and his music, or need to be convinced, I can't stress enough how much you nailed this. I'm from Australia, is there a way to donate to your patreom from here?

  • Dylan Potts
    Dylan Potts

    Perfectly done

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    Darlene Goodwin

    This blew my mind. I was never a fan but this blew my mind!

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    damn, I'm not that into his music but this was intense. The part about his death gave me chills.

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    Sineade Williams

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    Zane Train

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  • Sean Couch
    Sean Couch

    There will never be another Mac Miller, he will be remember as the Picasso of Hip Hop

  • Pam Martin
    Pam Martin

    I had bought two tickets to see him , so excited, later that night , I turned on Utube. and across the bottom of screen, he was found dead. Talk about shock and sadness. He was so special too me. I loved this. God bless him. Amen ❤️

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin

    Great film. Great artist. Thank you for this.

  • Scott Snyder
    Scott Snyder

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    I’m 30 y/o and always loved hip hop but this dude first time an artist died and it hurt my soul. Miss you big dawg, I hope you knew the Lord Jesus cause we all gotta give account one day when we get called to leave this world. Thanks for the pieces of yourself you left. Never be another cool cat like Mac

  • Barbara Heed
    Barbara Heed

    This video was done so well and with heart. Thank you for making it as I now understand why my adult sons like him so much. I feel as if I know him abit better now. He had so much talent. So sad he had to go so so young.

  • dwayne franks
    dwayne franks

    This is Frances I love you I miss you so much!! Please get ahold of me

  • S J
    S J

    Yet people still taking drugs and mixing it. They see what drugs did to other people yet they still over doing. 😑

  • Cadman Frederick iv
    Cadman Frederick iv

    if he ever drops the last album it will be one of his best

  • జ్ఞ‌ా

    i’m pretty sure the third album in the sequence was supposed to be called “til’ infinity” so the whole concept was swimming in circles til’ infinity

    • Lina H.
      Lina H.

      i love this thought.

  • Marc Proudfoot
    Marc Proudfoot

    I discovered this Artist too late. Thanks for the loving, informative doc. I will check you on Spotify.

  • Ryan Busch
    Ryan Busch

    Absolutely phenomenal job my guy. Mac will forever live in my heart

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    Zach Reddish

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  • Jose Escamilla
    Jose Escamilla

    I never understood addiction, and I say this from a place of experiencing lots of drugs/drinking and partying but when I got bored of it I just stopped. I’m not trying to shit on people just always wondered what makes me people continue to use it knowing the consequences

    • Raztrix

      I was always against drugs, squeaky clean. I went to college, did my A-levels, then ended up in Uni on a Nursing programme. Everything went wrong, I won't go into details, but my personal life took an absolute dive. I was horribly anxious, grieving, and became suicidal. When my brother offered me brown, I thought, what have I got to lose? I'm probably not going to be around for much longer anyway? I'd never touched anything before. All of a sudden I could do things whilst high, I wasn't anxious, I could talk to people, became less depressed. It was a comfort blanket and my only go to. Even knowing the consequences, I couldn't stop. Whether I'd just lost all my self worth and this was all I lived for, I don't know, maybe it's different for others. I'm trying to deal with it now and get clean. I'm trying to cut down. Addiction is really hard to explain to somebody who's never experienced it. It can literally happen to anybody. I think it has a lot to do with what's happening externally, and where your head is at the time. I was at a low point and let my guard down. Stay safe and stay sober ✌️

  • LyteNight

    i still get flash backs of seeing his video of him spitting bars in high school on youtube not knowing he would take off like a rocket years later that video is legendary , there was no way i would forget that face and everyone vibing to him spitting those bars with a passion

  • Noah McFettes
    Noah McFettes

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  • Stoney Case
    Stoney Case

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  • Chase Null
    Chase Null

    Mac was the homie, he defined my highschool vibe.

  • Clayton Clifford
    Clayton Clifford

    Still just can’t comprehend Mac’s gone. #ForeverALegend #RestInParadise #MostDope #MacMillerForever

  • DoughBoyRunna

    I cried for every other part to this documentary, this was beautiful and really portrayed him perfectly through all of his eras and time of evolving into a different artist for every album and EP I love this so much, I’m always finding myself going back to Mac’s Instagram and K.I.D.S my brother always played it around me even tho I was 6, it’s stuck with me since and all of his albums and EP’s have been amazing to me, I truly love and miss Mac, felt like he was my friend and wasn’t just a fan of his

  • *E A*
    *E A*

    Here I am today. It just doesn't seem like 3 yrs since his passing. Feels like yesterday. I remember when I first heard his music. My Nephew introduced me to it, about 10yrs ago. When I heard he passed away, it was like losing a big part of myself. He played a big role in a part of my family memories. I'm thankful to have heard of such a beautiful soul, his masterpiece sure resonates for a lifetime. You have finally found the inner peace you were longing for, but I wish you found it here on earth & shared more of you! RIP & in love Mac 🌹❤️

  • Flowmotiiion

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    TFL Gino

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    Raina Barnett

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    Dominic Manson

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  • Dominic Manson
    Dominic Manson

    this is an amazing documentary easily one of the best representations of mac, much love, mostdopetilldeath!

  • nah

    Ik many will read this and not take anything real from this which is ok. I want to point out something that is controversial and maybe even unnecessary but it is something that i have unresolve of and bothers me deeply. I care about this music and where it goes and how these artists are remembered and i would hope those things are enough to justify where i am taking this. This is a relatively new channel with great simple production and documentary. But i have to point out that i have been following mac for a bit now and there have always been very strange and illusive symbolisms pertaining to concepts imposed by of course drugs but also things that are deeply connected to the esoteric. You my friend have a great channel and i love to see this work on someone so profound because its needed. Being said, you should be made aware, for the sake of this channel and your viewers knowledge of mac, of the fact that your main channel logo, for what ever reason is a blatant symbols that has been utilized by many who distribute and partake in the acts of "cp". The kid like spiral being surrounded by a saturn ring is a very prominent symbol amongst these degenerates and would be alarming to anyone who is aware of these symbols that have been confirmed with official fbi public documentation and collaborative police groups. I say this with thoughts of macs legacy and the future i would rather see music in. Too much music illudes to these strange areas of the internet and only fuel fire to conspiracies which is exactly why i want this at your attention. I would not want others who are rational like me to see this channel as anything that follows those unacceptable traditions in places like Hollywood or to assume that this video is alluring to something it is not. How mac miller relates to this is because he has used esoteric symbolism in his work in the past, and by a number of people and fans, has been subjected to these conspiracies true or not. If this alarms you in any way or you want to know more, please dm and i will follow up with no nonsense. This music means a lot to people and someone who has the outlet you do for this coverage, it is important that these things are made aware so that our generation can see the real truth and power of macs expressions.

  • Topher Kavook
    Topher Kavook


  • Shane Henderson
    Shane Henderson

    I also listened to Best day ever a lot my sophomore year when I learned to drive.It brings a lot of memories you are correct about that

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    StevenyGabby Perez

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    Trevonte Langaigne

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    • MastersWholistica

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    Adrian Martinez

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  • anthony morales
    anthony morales

    this was incredible. felt emotional watching this, ill always regret not giving his music a chance before he passed.

  • michel pardon
    michel pardon

    Mac was special with all his music. It genuinely broke my heart when I heard about his passing. Long live The Mac!!!!

  • Nick Platoff
    Nick Platoff

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  • Lesley O’Hagan
    Lesley O’Hagan

    as a grandma age 63, i' loved Macs music and his amazing personality. He is greatly missed

  • nicholas kraus
    nicholas kraus

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  • My Name
    My Name

    another white boy rapper, most of the best rappers in the game are white

  • Pauley

    Sadly I only got into him after his death and watched the Jack Zeeman Documentary. Always thought I should listen to more of his stuff since I only knew Donald Trump, Self-care and Best Day. I listened to all of his albums over the span of a week and when Circles came out I fucking cried my heart out.

  • Erin Warner
    Erin Warner

    hey bro this is awesome keep it up lmk if you ever wanna collab I am nothing special just really fucking cool

  • LoaFi

    Earn acceptance in hip hop by being yourself. plain and simple. white kids trying to be in or trying to act what they think black is will ALWAYS be sniffed out and exposed. period.

  • Charles Victoria
    Charles Victoria

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    _LUCKY _

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  • Steve Griendling
    Steve Griendling

    i got into Mac in 2010 when the Flyers had Knock Knock as their Stanley Cup song. but i didn't really get into him until a few years later. one thing i find remarkable about him is his ability to rap about nothing and have it mean so much. at least, on the surface it seems like nothing. if you told a record producer you wanted to make an album about a random ass day, kool-aid, pizza, and nike's, they'd probably think it's a joke. Mac took the small things in life that we take for granted and really highlighted them, which in turn made rap a little more accessible for those who find it to be otherwise. the guy had a brightness to him that you couldn't ignore, and it's sad to see someone like that not shining today. but the beautiful thing about music, is that it's forever. so if you ever think you're missing those little moments of nostalgia, joy, and fun, we can let out a deep breath knowing that Mac's still around to remind us where to find them.

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    Lauren Day

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    Patrick Siegeman

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    Kevin Stridsberg

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  • Zoe Dalton
    Zoe Dalton

    I don't know how many times he has saved me with his music i miss him

  • CJ Smith
    CJ Smith

    I like to think Mac looks down from above onto all of us. I like to think he's the silent impetus in our ear that pushes us to be better and keep going.

  • Shannon Lott
    Shannon Lott

    Heard about Mac Miller's death, but I had honestly never taken the time to read about him or check him out. I am a 45 year old man, and he had never crossed my radar. I was playing some music videos, and one of his songs played that I had heard before, but I didn't know it was him. In the lineup, this video came on, and I found myself watching the whole thing. I must say, that even though I was not abreast of his life story nor knew that I had been listening to his music, this video made me feel connected to him, and I submit that he was a phenomenal person and had great music. I want to personally thank you for putting together such an insightful video. It is one of the best that I have seen and very informative. Mac would be proud of the way that you displayed his legacy!

  • ashley ronsen
    ashley ronsen

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    Barclay Barclay-White

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    Matthew Bermudez

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    Kenneth Booker

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  • Gabrielle Whitt
    Gabrielle Whitt

    Thank you so. So so much for this. As a friend and fan of his it means a lot to hear someone who truely loved him as a person and an artist. I can feel the emotion and love flowing through

  • Leonardo Marconi
    Leonardo Marconi

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    Baptiste Picart

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    Ashlee Cox

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    Thanks you sir, very well explained. I honestly just found Mac only a few months ago, but honestly when listing to his shit I felt it from the start. Expecially kids and faces. I'm 36 now. If I would have heard that shit in the 2000's well wow..because that's the time of my life. But I didn't and it don't matter. Legons never die. He was way more intelligent that what's considered to be intelligence. I'll put him on the level of Maynard from tool and that says alot. One ❤️

  • moni talks
    moni talks

    thank you for making this doc 🥺 grew up on him. nothing more nostalgic to me. it was hard to listen to the new music but you said it perfectly, it was as if he sent it from heaven where he found peace. the third album of the swimming & circle set that will never come haunts me. may Mac be in eternal peace 🖤 edit: honestly he carried me through. through everything including my own unintentional fentanyl addiction. and by the grace of God out of it. always wonder why i survived ODing while he didn’t when he was an overwhelmingly positive force in this world. i never felt this way with another “celebrity” even saying it ljke that makes me cringe but like also mentioned how you find yourself watching his videos to hang out with him hit home. you are so loved & missed Mac 🕊

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  • we live in a society
    we live in a society

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