[Over 2PM(오버 2PM)] 와일드 식스 Ep. 02 : 스포츠 게임에 진심인 짐승돌이 있다? (EN/JP/TH)
[Over 2PM(오버 2PM)] 와일드 식스 Ep. 02 : 스포츠 게임에 진심인 짐승돌이 있다? (EN/JP/TH)
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  • riqa gusti
    riqa gusti

    Aku berharap lee junho oppa diajak bermain itu. Pasti menyenangkan.

  • Yura Kim
    Yura Kim

    Woo young so funny 🤣

  • Angeline Bisa
    Angeline Bisa

    🤣🤣🤣 they roast the director. Ahahhahahhaahhahaaa

  • Tripple A+
    Tripple A+

    I love 2PM doing show like this. They’re so much fun.

  • SJ

    9:20 I would just like to say I come back here every few days solely for this moment 🤣

  • Nur Syahirah Tasnim
    Nur Syahirah Tasnim

    I'm preparing myself for their comeback by watching their old shows. Can't wait to see the 6 of them again.

  • Kyra Basto
    Kyra Basto

    How is Nichkhun still the hottest good looking, guy in kpop after all these years. I'm so happy to see 2PM back can't wait for their comeback 🥺 please stay forever

  • 이나경

    저기 오디에요 넘가보고싶다

  • Laura Carvalho
    Laura Carvalho

    Where is junho?

  • rukawa11killua

    Aww this made me miss my 2PM oppas!!! I used to fangirl sooo much about them! I still do today haha and they’ll always be my FAVE idol group ❤️

  • Mei Ancheta
    Mei Ancheta

    why is wooyoung so funny hahahaha

  • mia rina
    mia rina

    I didn't expect that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ke Ke
    Ke Ke

    This is the Busted S3 place. Yass! 2pm 👍🏻

  • Syifa Anggita
    Syifa Anggita

    This so funny ❤️❤️

  • O'Neill Kubwayo
    O'Neill Kubwayo

    This place was also where I wanted to go, I saw it on Park-Jang's LOL, it looks fun

  • yanaaa

    Who is Junho? 😂

  • via via
    via via

    Knp wooyoung lucu bgt woooi 😂😂

  • YoursTrulyB

    I hope we will get JYP Nation online concert

  • zhieonne edwin
    zhieonne edwin

    Wooyoung is so cute😍😍oh😘my heart!!!..😍😍

  • Amalia Yulandi
    Amalia Yulandi


  • Amalia Yulandi
    Amalia Yulandi

    Nichkhun woyy ganteng banget

  • Amalia Yulandi
    Amalia Yulandi

    Wooyoung gemes bangettt

  • Amalia Yulandi
    Amalia Yulandi

    ahhh kangen 2pm

  • belannie carpio
    belannie carpio

    Guys I love 2pm but can I ask a question Where is taechyeon?

    • jona torno
      jona torno

      Taecyeon is filming Vincenzo

  • Trang Nguyễn
    Trang Nguyễn

    Khun should give Wooyoung a pair of shoes with his birthday printed on it :))) loll

  • Untari Sabdiana
    Untari Sabdiana

    ((destroyed cheese stick)) is my fav caption hahaha

  • Whatever Y
    Whatever Y

    16:05 Chansung kek anak bawang XD

  • Audrey Jasmine
    Audrey Jasmine

    wooyoungi oppa so cuteeee. he always seem careless but actually doing his best hahaha. and always makes other laugh unintentionally hahaha

  • tk5gum

    I'm not crying Jun K still treating Changsung like the maknae he is. I missed this so much I'm so thankful we get little crumbs like this

  • Djuwita Rivai
    Djuwita Rivai

    Chansung laugh simply contagious, hessuch an eye candy and earpleasurre, yeahChansungbaby

  • Izz FM
    Izz FM

    26:07 sh*t wooyoung said😂

  • Dipa dip
    Dipa dip

    did taecyeon out from 2pm?

    • Sleepy Guy
      Sleepy Guy

      @Dipa dip wc🤗

    • Dipa dip
      Dipa dip

      @Sleepy Guy i see.. thank you for ur answer🥺💖

    • Sleepy Guy
      Sleepy Guy

      No. Taecyeon was busy promoting his new drama, that's why he's not here

  • romaisssa Assyad
    romaisssa Assyad

    i want them all together

  • โคมาวอ ขอบคุณ
    โคมาวอ ขอบคุณ

    ขอบคุณค่ะ มีภาษาไทยด้วย

  • 1 liumn
    1 liumn


  • 민트초코렛

    후 컴백 대기탄다!!!벌써 두근거림

  • Tibby Day
    Tibby Day

    I said it before, i say it again, its sooo nice to see familiar faces again, feel like meeting my old friends

  • 망고

    아니.. 김민준 맨투맨 찾아봤는데 루즈핏이라던데... 왜 오빠가 입으면 스탠다드핏이야...?... 진짜 덩치 무슨 일

  • Joita Das
    Joita Das

    Wanna see nichkhun on running man. Hope he gets to guest soon!!

  • Park Shin Hye
    Park Shin Hye

    2PM 🖤

  • Elisha Asuncion
    Elisha Asuncion

    My variety kings 🥰

  • Spoil tobe
    Spoil tobe

    nichkhun !!!

  • Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell

    I miss Taec No, I miss 2PM complete attendance.

  • Af

    Why junho and taecyeon weren’t joined them ?

    • mina fathi
      mina fathi

      Teac was busy for his new drama & junho is still in military.


    17:40 awwww he like a kids 🥰🥰🥰

  • June Makeup
    June Makeup


  • Fifin Fifin
    Fifin Fifin

    Where's the next ep?

  • Bianca

    They're so CUUUUUUTE! I've missed my 2pm, can't wait for Nuneo to join in on their antics. We'll have a full house again! 2PM SHOW season 2 please! 23:53 "Is it because his legs are long?" Um Chan you're taller than him lol. Oh I forgot, he does have a longer torso. Maybe Khun's legs are longer than his🤔 I don't remember them ever measuring their legs.

  • thu pham
    thu pham


  • nhwj nhwj
    nhwj nhwj

    Nichkhun bringing back lets go dream team days 😭❤

  • Aditi Chaudhary
    Aditi Chaudhary

    OMG! 곧 다 같이 있을때가 되네엥~~ 와~~~~~ 생각해도 신난당~~!!!

  • 샤이니에게 미쳐있는 연주
    샤이니에게 미쳐있는 연주

    아 뭐야 진짜 알람 일 안 해?! 어?! 하 진짜 왜 알람이 안 울렸냐고..오빠들 너무 잘생겼어 귀엽고 잘생기고 목소리 좋고..심장 폭파(?)❤️❤️

  • 바다겨울

    정말 궁금한데요,,, 택연님은 왜 소속사가 다른가요? 그럼 활동 못하는거 아닌가요.....ㅠㅠ

  • Puspita Damaranti
    Puspita Damaranti


  • Dane Kimberly
    Dane Kimberly

    Seeing this kind of 2PM is sssoooo refreshinggg! WE MISSED YOU SO MUCHHHH. can't wait for the complete members episode

  • L J
    L J

    I think it's better to have punishment if anyone who is lose and the winner win something precious like they can use in their daily life. Just like 2PM show the way the PD handle...

  • cecilia

    That was really fun😂❤

  • 플래너

    헐 미친 저기 제가 다녀왔던 데 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 감격 그 자체다... 사랑해 오빠들...

  • 그래그


  • Zero Estefania
    Zero Estefania

    Nickhun and Chansung uncomfortable with each other? it's fun to watch! I love 2pm!

  • zephyraslan

    Will taec still be a part of 2pm music??? 🥺😕

    • Sleepy Guy
      Sleepy Guy

      Yes,he still in 2pm

  • Syira Wahed
    Syira Wahed

    Is Taec still part of 2PM?

    • Sleepy Guy
      Sleepy Guy


  • Jeong Goeun
    Jeong Goeun

    귀여워 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 뇽

    이번꺼는 미공개 영상이 없나바옆...

  • margu8

    I'm stuck @8:35 , wooyoung is the funniest member of 2PM. I can't handle his innocence and cuteness. I love 2PM!

  • Always next to Junho
    Always next to Junho



    Can't wait for the next episode! 😍

  • Sxga_Jxmnツ

    Ohh yeahhh 2PM!!!😁💙

  • EXO-L 1485
    EXO-L 1485

    Im happy that jun.k mention nickhun from lets go dream team T.T good old days

  • EXO-L 1485
    EXO-L 1485

    My handsome Nickhuuun aaa why you still look the same? T.T i miss watching you.

  • nrsabrina rahim
    nrsabrina rahim

    It will be so chaos and so complete if Taec oppa and Junho oppa were there! Ahahaha 😂 "Who is Junho?", Wooyoung oppa! 🤣

  • Gardenia Seungmina
    Gardenia Seungmina

    2PM 저 초딩때 남신이었던.. 남자지만 2PM 사랑해요 화이팅입니다

  • Putut adhi komara kertadikara official
    Putut adhi komara kertadikara official

    When come back again 2pm

  • south north
    south north

    Join Idol Champ and Mubeat to support them😊

  • 신영욱

    아 우울해서 염소꽃보다가 여기까지 흘러들어왔네 큰그림 준케이 당신은...

  • Josepha Adriana
    Josepha Adriana

    Chansung lost a lot weight again.. I think they prepare to comeback soon.. Taecyon still shooting Vicenzo drama

  • Kartika Saras
    Kartika Saras

    2pm ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 세비니han

    우영이 머리 좀 자르자...

  • 杜玉順


  • 김수정

    찬성님.귀여워요. ^^

  • Nana8

    I can't wait for 2PM comeback

  • Goun Lee
    Goun Lee

    아 근데 진짜 웃곀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Thea Kong
    Thea Kong

    Ahh....I miss my boys!! Cannot wait for all 6 to unite again! Us Hottests waited a long time!

  • 로휀동 Laurel Fan Company
    로휀동 Laurel Fan Company

    왜 오빠들은 안늙어요...?

  • 디얀

    They're still the manliest idol group!

  • Huyen Nguyen
    Huyen Nguyen

    Trời đất mẹ ơi Hwang Chansung đáng yêu như vậy là không muốn em sống nữa ư ư ư ư

  • aika Kyo
    aika Kyo

    This is remind me of 2pm show+wild bunny+idol army hhhaha as always they're so hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂👍 I want to see them as six soon My 2pm FIGHTING!!!❤️luv you

  • Nadeige

    Junho jokes never gets old. 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • cika ciku
    cika ciku

    I miss them

  • Naiya W.
    Naiya W.

    OMG Thai sub!!!! you guys are amazing thank you very much!

  • Ummi Syahidah
    Ummi Syahidah

    Thank you so much for all off staff wild six. Thank you for everyone hard working thank you for take care all of oppadeul. GOD BLESS STAFF WILD SIX ALWAYS STAY SAFE AND HEALTH Y

  • Astrid Kizy
    Astrid Kizy

    this is so fun..i wanna play like that

  • Astrid Kizy
    Astrid Kizy

    the same place with boy strory had shoot

  • Astrid Kizy
    Astrid Kizy

    aaah i cant wait for their comeback, junho nichkhun chansung drama/movie project, jun.k and wooyoung solo album, etc

  • Astrid Kizy
    Astrid Kizy

    can we have 2PM SHOW again?

  • Cotton

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 닉쿤이 군대 다녀온 거 아니냐구요ㅠ

  • 문경혜

    우영찡ㅋㅋㅋ 랫서팬더 같아가지고 잠깐만!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Nik Amalia Nadirah
    Nik Amalia Nadirah

    This episode reminds me of busted 😁

  • ً ً
    ً ً


  • Federica

    2PM fans, can someone help me in trying to find new videos to see? I'm a new fan, I watched the over 2PM and also wild six, what can I watch now?

    • Cute and Dorky 2pm
      Cute and Dorky 2pm

      @Federica 🥰🥰🥰 yep^^

    • Federica

      @Cute and Dorky 2pm ohh we have the same taste 💪🏼🌸

    • Cute and Dorky 2pm
      Cute and Dorky 2pm

      @Federica nichkhun is my ult bias in all kpop❤ jun.k is my second fav in 2PM🥰🥰🥰

    • Federica

      @Cute and Dorky 2pm Well that for sure is hard to answer ahah I started with Nichkhun but then I have a super soft spot for Minjun but also wooyoung, it’s tiring ahahah and you?

    • Cute and Dorky 2pm
      Cute and Dorky 2pm

      @Federica hehe I totally agree! Do you have a bias yet? Or do you think that's inpossible😂😂😂