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  • The Dre Way
    The Dre Way

    Get Up & Go Get It Don’t Let Nobody Tell You What You Can’t Do Or Stop You 💯 Go Get The Lifestyle You Want 🔥

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      RT Kev


    • Aiden Allen
      Aiden Allen

      Do not get a medmlrdet because it well blo yore car up

    • Vclxtchk -
      Vclxtchk -

      Bro dre take off that pink thing on yo splitter it gon mess up yo paint then its gon cost a lot off money to repair

    • Be Your own boss inc.
      Be Your own boss inc.

      @ItsNow OrNever nobody cares

    • ItsNow OrNever
      ItsNow OrNever

      Birthday 🎂 is my today

  • Josh Hayes
    Josh Hayes

    I describe a hit that like button and I like your hair OK that’s it so don’t don’t boys

  • XJordanX XX
    XJordanX XX

    Cory ain’t pushin 1000 hp, I’ll smoke that dude in my hellcat

    • XJordanX XX
      XJordanX XX

      Let’s meet up Cory and face???

  • Timedian UNCUT
    Timedian UNCUT

    Diffuser needed ASAP

  • Timedian UNCUT
    Timedian UNCUT

    The editing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Fatty3232

    Y'all two funny as he'll

  • Fatty3232

    His neighbors ain't used to that many black ppl in the hood 🤣🤣

  • Keep it Smooth
    Keep it Smooth

    Dre why you look scared 😅

  • Alex B
    Alex B

    U need get them 22s like ytob don’t get them 24s :(

  • Chante Simmons
    Chante Simmons

    LEAVE IT, LEAVE IT!!!! Shit soooooooooound so good

  • Morglo Beats
    Morglo Beats

    Vlog everything! It makes the videos more interesting!

  • Precious Brown
    Precious Brown

    How much was that type of car because that is my dream car and one day i hope to be like ya'll

  • Life With Jay
    Life With Jay

    @thedreway do red black and grey forgiatos and put the same type of stripe you had on your scat pack but instead of orange do it grey that would be dope to

  • PsychoTom

    Video was complete shit

    • Tyriq Stewart
      Tyriq Stewart

      Stop being racist he need to block you from his channel

  • Trill Yung Wavy
    Trill Yung Wavy

    uh oh dre got the camera guy

  • Brian E
    Brian E

    My man please... Take the dam pink shipping guard off the front bumper and I will subscribe to your channel and like all your videos! Please come on man take the shit off of there..!! The SRT designer's made them PINK now to persuade the dealerships and the new owners to take the shit off of there like they intended but some people still keep them on there.. I think ya all do it just to drive me nuts lol! You cant honesty think it looks good on there..??

  • Carl

    It’s rob that said he ride in custom mode I think

  • Rich Kíd
    Rich Kíd

    Making Texus Roads dirty 😂 nice car

  • Man Of faith
    Man Of faith

    Boy really let niggas know exactly where he lives 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jay & Ty Tv
    Jay & Ty Tv

    Different always good spoiling your female 👏🏽👏🏽 that made me subscribe keep Grinding and staying humble 🆙🌟

  • Freshh Prince
    Freshh Prince

    Muffler delete

  • Demetrius King
    Demetrius King

    Man is it me or is Corey Hating 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🏋🏾‍♀️😏😏😏😏😏bro I like yo car it just new so it’s running hard an u do not need no front in alignment tf smfh

  • Chanty Pratt
    Chanty Pratt

    Loving the new intro! I'm feeling the camera man's work. Ok ok.....Way to step it up Dre!!!

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams

    I’m proud of you fr fr💯💯💯

  • King H
    King H

    Dre, Corey, Robert, Mr_Organik, and tallguy are real niggas for taking care of their women


    Dre why Yu ain’t get your change lol

  • S4G888 Tv
    S4G888 Tv

    9:38 Lol y it look like he parked so far in the mid of the street but that red eye fye🔥

  • Fat Fish
    Fat Fish

    Who's the camera guy? Purrrrfect shots 💯 Corey wanted to do burnouts before Dre_Way! 🤔😂

  • Kopano Ramokgopa
    Kopano Ramokgopa

    Delete the muffler

  • shawn pollack
    shawn pollack

    i cant wait to see what your going to do with that car keep shining on those haters

  • The real Jordan
    The real Jordan

    Keep it

  • O vjroc o ,
    O vjroc o ,

    I just realized they by my high school from last year 😂

  • Gilberto Torres
    Gilberto Torres

    Leave it like that

  • Jigga Next Up
    Jigga Next Up

    Vlone forgiotos

  • Betty Thupe
    Betty Thupe

    Get a corsa exhaust

  • SullyMan VLOGS
    SullyMan VLOGS


  • Jayvion Harper
    Jayvion Harper

    no forgis they make hellcat ugly

  • Labanta Butler
    Labanta Butler

    You got to select it as credit so it won’t say see cashier..

  • Cedric McCloud
    Cedric McCloud

    From watching CJ on 32s video of him driving his redeye he says its fully broken in at the 500 miles marker.... But Congrats bro that thang is pressure DreWay 💯💯🤟🏾🤟🏾 Respect and Blessings 🙏🏽🙏🏽


    Did u remember to put the whip in valet mode before u gave the valet the keys ?

  • Junebug Really
    Junebug Really

    corey forgot it was his car😂 turnt traction off in stuff😂😂😂

  • Tyrone Faison
    Tyrone Faison

    I like all yaw vedieo yaw look good to gather don't yaw never late nobody break yaw up stick together

  • Mk6J

    Lol so you gon keep the pink lip?🤦🏼‍♂️

  • DEZZ

    I like the wine

  • THaLifeoFRaeRaE

    Dre you made a good choice . U happy as hell huh ? Lol

  • Francisco Delgado
    Francisco Delgado

    That red with some stupid dope chrome rims 🔥🔥🔥

  • B Harper
    B Harper

    I cant wait to see the custom widebody scat next to the big brother Red Eye.

  • Dantez Wojtylko
    Dantez Wojtylko

    23:11 “wyd bruh??” 23:17 “😳” 😂🤣

  • Adrien Clark
    Adrien Clark

    Aye Man U was saying imma ride the car with stock exaust then u heard corys. U was like oh dang that bit to sound good doo

  • Sheyton Tucker
    Sheyton Tucker

    Congratulations!! Enjoy the come up!!

  • Jaheem Rhoden
    Jaheem Rhoden

    Make the wine stay

  • Jayden Robinson
    Jayden Robinson

    get the resonator delete

  • cashflowj72


  • 870 O.D.
    870 O.D.

    Whad up Dre,Man nuthin like dat Whine under da hood n thank u for feeling up da DreEye...Corey da hell outta dat DreEye n its not broke in yet🚗💨💨..

  • Jean Starling
    Jean Starling

    Get that muffer delete

  • Jean Starling
    Jean Starling

    Big ups big dog shit fuck night hateing

    • Jean Starling
      Jean Starling

      A nigga my bad

  • Jean Starling
    Jean Starling

    That bitch hard bro

  • GT Meek
    GT Meek


  • Martez Jefferson
    Martez Jefferson

    Ayy They lit fasho 😂😂 they needa link up more I was weak the whole time

  • Lix Yt
    Lix Yt

    i swear bro u rob correy and you are the best trio bro i watch all 3 of yall everyday

  • Lix Yt
    Lix Yt

    nice a car its my dream car

  • Chrishad Bethel
    Chrishad Bethel

    Tune et mug

  • Brenden Palmer
    Brenden Palmer

    1:36, all the above

  • smooov nyc
    smooov nyc

    christian whatt ?

  • Lyf3 of Bryan
    Lyf3 of Bryan

    Left him

  • Fats Strength & Conditioning
    Fats Strength & Conditioning

    Y'all the Hellcat boys!

  • Fats Strength & Conditioning
    Fats Strength & Conditioning

    Shit hard mane keep shining!

  • Ramell Durant
    Ramell Durant

    so are you going to keep the blue car or are you selling it

  • Ladarius Moore
    Ladarius Moore

    Forgis White lip ,red face, white Forgi F

  • Oscar Borjon
    Oscar Borjon

    I think you a wanna be rich guy which you ain’t. What’s erchel doing with you I hadn’t seen him in a longtime. Y’all need to be y’all self and stop being who you ain’t Be real. ✌🏼.

    • Daphne Thomas
      Daphne Thomas

      Why are u pocket watching another man money u mad because u not rich. Stay in your lane

    • darealclaire

      you sound very pressed lmao .

    • The Dre Way
      The Dre Way


    • Fw Jordxn
      Fw Jordxn


  • theboiizulu

    Take your car to sheepy race, trust

  • DemonKeKs X
    DemonKeKs X

    Keep it where u can here da whine mo

  • ArabFilmz

    I was waiting on some memes to some of them face expressions in this video .

  • Izaha Sadeque
    Izaha Sadeque

    You ain’t made he rolled yo window down? You jus got the tints done

  • Mobassa Seifullah
    Mobassa Seifullah

    You niggas fuckin around keep doin y'all thang I love this type of shit 💯

  • Raphael Chamberlain
    Raphael Chamberlain

    I gotta AD for every bump on ya face B

  • Judah Matthews
    Judah Matthews

    Muffler delete

  • YK Dennis
    YK Dennis

    That redeye sound crazy🔥✊🏾

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P

    Damn all these that red eye must broke the bank 😭

  • Cody Nash
    Cody Nash

    Aye Dre u got to get some tints

  • Marques Harris
    Marques Harris

    Tha Bih 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • la 3x
    la 3x

    get the muffler delete ASAP!!



  • s0uthbank 2tw0
    s0uthbank 2tw0

    Content got way better!

  • Kyle Landry
    Kyle Landry

    Brother if you take the whine out it’s no longer a hellcat, u might as well call it a 392........let dat kitty 🐱 Puuuuuur KING ✊🏾

  • Fox Boy
    Fox Boy

    Ayo I don’t think it’s okay to do burnout/ full throttle when the car doesn’t have a lot of miles. It could harm the engine. Be gentle with it homie

  • Spumatic Carz
    Spumatic Carz

    Yessir that Red Eye nasty already

  • daily driven H2
    daily driven H2

    nice video as always is that galleria where you at ???

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    The ads omg 🤣

  • Luucid

    ge that muffler deleted fam

  • s0uthbank 2tw0
    s0uthbank 2tw0

    Facts for sure! When I see that “please see cashier” I leave no cap 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nizah La'Terreneiy
    Nizah La'Terreneiy

    Did he get his left over cash from the cashier after getting gas?

  • Braylon Wiltz
    Braylon Wiltz

    OMG i fucks with tha red onna redeye, but yhu need to get that tint asap.

  • Jr’s Charger
    Jr’s Charger

    Corsa exhaust

  • Sageta

    Ngl you should just keep the color, lower it, and put some rims on it. Don't go to crazy on it. (get that muffler deleted)

  • Simon Taylor
    Simon Taylor

    Big Dre way muffler delete it

  • Wanda Howard
    Wanda Howard

    The Dre Way y'all having to much fun lol

  • bagchasin_t

    Dang my boy hittin us with hella ads 😭 I understand though imma watch them

  • Low Bottom Legacy Kennels
    Low Bottom Legacy Kennels

    Cool 👍


    I see u 👀 # one love