Rainbow Six Pro League Finals - Season 8 - Rio de Janeiro - Faze Clan vs G2 Esports
Rainbow Six Pro League Finals - Season 8 - Rio de Janeiro
0:01 - Pick and Bans
5:02 - Map: Bank
55:50 - Map: Coastline
Watch live at www.twitch.tv/rainbow & uzload.info
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  • Xavier Roberts
    Xavier Roberts

    i love that basically when one person gets killed havoc just happens a split second later

  • John

    This is so gay, why do people watch these fat nerds

  • DeyannHD


  • Killerboss Gamer
    Killerboss Gamer

    faze r for kids they get mad when they lose

  • YS cara
    YS cara

    cm on g2 are the better

  • Frost_ReflecT

    Some guy showed up as a recruit skin

  • Donny Fly
    Donny Fly

    1:00:07 &. 1:25:43 this is why I love Parker as a commentator 🤣👌🏾

  • ShadowKirbyLX

    I find it kinda funny that Cameram4n played Valkyrie. So he literally was a Cameraman.

  • strikerCZ 666
    strikerCZ 666

    I would wish to be as good bcs now if you would take my best moment and make montage with it you would get 20 sec video

  • Elsa Ranny
    Elsa Ranny

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  • Aldo Kush
    Aldo Kush

    The older commentator is annoying shut up bitch

  • J-lip -Yt
    J-lip -Yt

    Get meaty marley on g2 😂😂

  • linus altstetter
    linus altstetter

    whos here after pengu retired ):

  • opa

    Awesome crowd.

  • Brane Zrnic
    Brane Zrnic

    1:22:12 love the silence

  • Zetrify YT
    Zetrify YT

    G2 logo look cool

  • AdamZzz


    • AdamZzz

      Согласен брат )

  • Henii X
    Henii X

    اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك على سيدنا و نبينا محمد الحمد لله الله اكبر سبحان الله الحمد لله

  • Henii X
    Henii X

    الله اكبر سبحان لله الحمد لله الله اكبر سبحان الله

  • Henii X
    Henii X

    الحمد لله لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله الله اكبر سبحان الله

  • Henii X
    Henii X

    الله اكبر سبحان الله الحمد لله الله اكبر سبحان الله

  • eFlex

    Rio de janeiro I

  • Star Dugan
    Star Dugan

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  • Danay rodriguez
    Danay rodriguez

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  • squiglio

    Rewatching this and releasing how calm Muringa is.

  • captain skeptical
    captain skeptical

    nobody cares about your games!

  • KESO

    G2 ibai

  • Nikola Vrbljanac
    Nikola Vrbljanac

    Why does muringa look like he just witnessed his whole family get murdered

  • Hi Hello hey
    Hi Hello hey

    Must’ve been tough trying to hear where the opponents are with the crowd lol

  • BenGroves11

    the commentator on the left looks baked as aha

  • Gaming Mika
    Gaming Mika

    G2 is the best Esport Team

  • Alex Zamarripa
    Alex Zamarripa

    The necessary winter ultrastructurally measure because clipper microbiologically arrive amongst a cowardly handball. unadvised, exotic pet

  • Connor Fletcher
    Connor Fletcher

    Such a cringey crowd bumming the hell out of faze

  • Demo Clan
    Demo Clan

    So look I’m new to this uhh faze clan is a huge thing right it’s not only the guys from UZload

  • Luke AwesomeTV
    Luke AwesomeTV


  • Matthew Fix
    Matthew Fix

    lets face it faze just sucks

  • CordizzleTv2.0

    G2 plays like pussies

  • william hoegh
    william hoegh

    damn michael is one beautiful woman

  • Jack Lyman
    Jack Lyman

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  • Clark Loeffler
    Clark Loeffler

    The tangible denim oddly whip because cocktail overwhelmingly depend barring a taboo smoke. voracious, able television

    • ADITHYA Venkatesh
      ADITHYA Venkatesh


  • Darshen Pillay
    Darshen Pillay

    This makes me happy to see FaZe suffer and their fanboys upset 1:22:05

  • Kieran Rooney
    Kieran Rooney

    Faze will always be a black ops thing! That’s just final

  • Toasted Mustard
    Toasted Mustard

    Who is here after the 2021 Capitol Hill raid?

    • Graphics Card
      Graphics Card

      What? Wtf are you talking about? That is off topic! Maybe you should go to a video that focuses specifically on that!😑😑

  • Raves -
    Raves -

    I always thought that Montagne was pronounced as Mon-tag-ni instead of Mon-teyn

  • Vlogs Wire
    Vlogs Wire

    59:00 Lol that reaction I would probably be pissed too if I missed my shots like that

  • Ostap Bender
    Ostap Bender


  • Dray 18
    Dray 18

    He said banks like map twice🤣

  • Ignited Clan
    Ignited Clan

    Banks like maps dude if you are playing this game in 2020 and you started in old Tom Clancy you are a lengend

    • Ignited Clan
      Ignited Clan


  • Dannii Blake
    Dannii Blake

    Faze gets a kill: oooooooohhohhhhhohohhhhhhh G2 gets a kill:

  • Rob T
    Rob T

    Dude, shoutout to the play by play dudes. Those guys are good at what they do. 🤙

  • Murray Gecko
    Murray Gecko

    Is 2.5 just an acog

  • Stacy Iwema
    Stacy Iwema

    they should make it so you can have a lean button on consle

    • Graphics Card
      Graphics Card

      @Mooflee nope! That only works on PC

    • Mooflee

      Lean? Like as in left or right? On ps4 you can click R3 or L3 (your lever thingies) mybe it also works like that on xbox

  • Iro Nie
    Iro Nie

    damn they take that e-sport shit way to serious 😂😂

    • Mooflee

      I mean it is for money i think, and your entire fanbase and stans are rooting for you

  • Yaridomi

    watching this missing old siege😢

  • lauren urmam
    lauren urmam

    Kixstar lookin like a snack in that suit

  • Dannii Blake
    Dannii Blake

    esports still dont understand that putting pengu and fabian on the same team is too op, they are the best of the best when it comes to siege teamwork

  • BList

    map 2 round 5 faze chocked haaaaaard

  • Nancy Parlato
    Nancy Parlato


  • H S
    H S

    Kanto is god

  • Ben Adkins
    Ben Adkins

    Wait. Ash had an ACOG??!?!?!? I’m started steel wave

  • Faze Matthew
    Faze Matthew

    Astro: uses twitch so much Cam: uses ash so much Yoo: uses finka so much Me: JuSt UsE a DiFfReNt OpRaToR

    • Faze Matthew
      Faze Matthew

      Let’s go g2

  • Sem *_*
    Sem *_*

    Al I the only one that Thinks that the montagne is gay??

    • Mooflee

      @Sem *_* opposing team, y e s, but when i use him i get headshot through my shield

    • Sem *_*
      Sem *_*

      @Mooflee insult

    • Mooflee

      As an insult or actually gay?

  • Eric Lunger
    Eric Lunger

    Why don't they clean the darn trophy lol

  • Erik Jakob Neuschvendtner
    Erik Jakob Neuschvendtner

    Announcement: Starting from the 10th of November, I will be working full time on YT by giving you dope videos every 2-3 days regularly. Thank me later, gentR

  • Ubaid Desai
    Ubaid Desai


  • Luciidd -_-
    Luciidd -_-

    Faze is bad

  • Lathan Hartzog
    Lathan Hartzog

    "Big beefy bois" *I rest my case*

  • Aria Emami
    Aria Emami

    G2 is not even a real clan

    • RAGE Tournaments
      RAGE Tournaments

      no they are an esports team. That used to be brilliant.

  • Drew Nolan
    Drew Nolan

    What is 6th pick

  • Michael Beshoy
    Michael Beshoy


  • Ethan Stack
    Ethan Stack

    6 Feet 🦶

  • Zeu7ix

    The old and best G2 ever played.

  • ASka _
    ASka _

    je suis le francais que vous chercher

  • Yiğit Yılmaz
    Yiğit Yılmaz

    3 kişilik yer var gelmek isteyen

  • HamSandvich

    I remember watching this on twitch, the crowd was so alive.. miss this

  • official denver
    official denver

    faze when some of the most toxic ops and still lost

  • Carter Broster
    Carter Broster

    I want G2 to win NGL

  • Lionel Adriano
    Lionel Adriano

    Can anyone tell me wut that switching with a big R6 logo mean while they pick ops

  • Aish57

    no entendí nada, pero estuvo entretenido

  • I I
    I I

    1:23:30 The Conversation on bread 🍞, between Parker and Michael. 🤣

  • Benji Plays
    Benji Plays

    Good ‘ol time

  • Marwin Lindström
    Marwin Lindström

    Kantoraketti suomi perkele!

  • Stony's Roblox Reviews
    Stony's Roblox Reviews

    Bro the fact that ive only just started watching this is sad why havenet I watched this more

  • Coltin Manning
    Coltin Manning

    10:40 “banks like map” 😂 he said it backwards, paused then said it again lol

  • NameScare

    Quarantined? That didnt age well

  • A7 Clown
    A7 Clown

    me the commentater kinda cute commentater ends up being boy

  • Callum Reid
    Callum Reid

    No one: Absolutely no one: Faze: piks costline

  • aaroncee

    this reminds me of the hubble telescope and obama even

  • helidrone

    Out here lvl 0 learning things left and right

  • Kool-Aid Man
    Kool-Aid Man

    G2 is just penta but renamed right? Or do I have mental retardation

    • Kool-Aid Man
      Kool-Aid Man

      @Drjones_1968 lmao rip penta

  • IpxzvcI

    FaZe : deals 1 damage The crowd: aahjzhlidjiasashwfjsfhfihdfehihfishifssfeffekfiffieiifkefif G2:gets an ace The crowd: . . .

  • Zain Dad
    Zain Dad

    I'm from the future and g2 are the raining champs with an in game skin

  • TG_Alvaroto 2007
    TG_Alvaroto 2007


  • Sir_Spill

    Really hard to hear the game with that stupid arena noise in the background..

  • R H Y P E R I O R
    R H Y P E R I O R

    Faze Clan in r6 is like USA in soccer renowned in every other things but suck in that particular sport/esport

  • melancholymoons

    These commentators are garbage. They make so many mistakes about things that happened in the previous round... I mean idc if you smoke. But if it makes you this stupid, maybe don't do it before you talk in front of 1 mill+ people watching. I will rewatch this whole thing and take meticulous notes of the mistakes they make that a 5 year old wouldn't. But besides that it was fun to watch and these teams are getting too good for me to want to come back to the game....

  • Benni boy
    Benni boy

    I’m so illiterate in the world of rainbow six pro league I just root for the team with the cooler logo that’s why I am a team empire fan

  • Benni boy
    Benni boy

    I know it’s an unpopular opinion but Faze gay

  • Gabriel Smith
    Gabriel Smith

    kanto's clutch shut those faze fanboys up real quick

  • Sem *_*
    Sem *_*

    Faze are pussy’s