The Evolution of All Nuketown Easter Eggs (In Every Call of Duty)
Today we look at the evolution of Call of Duty. In this video we look at the The Evolution of Nuketown in every Call of Duty Game. This is the Nuke town Easter eggs on Nuketown, Nuketown 2025 and Nuk3town, Nuketown BO4 and Nuketown 84. Hope you Enjoy!


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  • Inkslasher

    For this video we did not look at Nuketown in Zombies, COD Mobile or Blackout. Just the main MP maps and Easter Eggs. If you would like to see other modes in future videos let me know :)

    • SL3DG3

      Dude, you missed one of the nuketown variations, you missed the nuketown zombies map from bo2

    • ItsCheetoBoy

      You forgot bo2 nuketown if you throw a tomahawk in the blue house chimney the fire inside changes color to I think purple

    • Cultist_Gaming

      But why not

    • pls dont see this in light mode
      pls dont see this in light mode



      I left a dislike because of false information in the title if you say all call of duty's Nuketown it should have been all. Honestly don't think I'm watching ya again.

  • Poontang Delta
    Poontang Delta

    The gods of call of duty, woods and captin price

  • Dan Wiles
    Dan Wiles

    Black ops 1

  • Oliver

    Bo3 nuketown is god tier

  • Kshama Dikshit
    Kshama Dikshit

    What about codm

  • Vadim Bragg
    Vadim Bragg

    Treyarch and Activision:Hm lets have the easter egg colors for nuke town as blue and green blue color blind players:aw mann green color blind players:Wait where's the easter egg?

  • Danny Canjura
    Danny Canjura

    U forgot “nukehouse” on psvita cod or whatever its called🤣

  • Your Death
    Your Death

    Cod mobile: am i a joke to u?!

  • Load Out
    Load Out

    Oh the nostalgia

  • Pablo Gonzalez 115
    Pablo Gonzalez 115

    Nuketown 😆😆😆💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Andrew Shimp
    Andrew Shimp



    We could all agree call of duty 3 was the best.

  • jobobian

    The BOCW one is kinda boring

  • d3m0nw1ngzz

    evolution of zombies maps

  • damen stuart
    damen stuart

    You've disrespected black ops one by putting that on its picture, whilst black ops two was great. Never disrespect black ops one.

  • Denise Salsman
    Denise Salsman

    3 was the best

  • Laura mccaffery
    Laura mccaffery

    Can u do an explanation about Weaver

  • DeXTRex 97
    DeXTRex 97

    In’s COD 1 they should have made it so in the RCXD track you could find a fridge as a secret Easter egg.

  • Grimi Smith
    Grimi Smith

    In a Warzone Rebirth island Gulag is a Nuketown replica

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    We gonna just skip BO2 Zombies version? Damm ok

  • HenryTheHoover


  • Diogo Barros
    Diogo Barros

    Anyone else scared of the bo3 mannequins now or just me🥲

  • ThatBoyAmazin'

    I tried the black ops 2 one and it doesn't seem to work

  • Nathan Rubio
    Nathan Rubio

    Bo3 nuke town was the worse

  • Dibby

    I just remember always shooting the mannequins head and boobs.

  • Ikaika Koa plus
    Ikaika Koa plus

    There is a new NukeTown inside of Call of Duty Mobile

  • ItzDemonicTrix

    This is actually a cool video idea good job



  • Logan Eichen
    Logan Eichen

    So its SCP 173 ok

  • Exoticzz

    My favorite nuke town map is bo2 Bc I was my first cod game

  • lee cauchi
    lee cauchi

    What about the b02 zombies nuketown

  • DC Universe
    DC Universe

    You dont have to shoot the heads for the weeping angels Easter egg in BO3. You can just shoot the arms.

  • The Eejit
    The Eejit

    There was another one on bo3 where the mannequins chased you when you looked at them but stopped when you looked away

  • Tevin Montague
    Tevin Montague

    Do. World. War

  • DinnoclanS

    How is it that I’ve never noticed the mailboxes and I’ve been playing cod for 9 years!

  • Slavic Union
    Slavic Union

    They should have called cold war, just Black Ops 5 it wouldve made more sense

  • black ops 3 boy boi
    black ops 3 boy boi

    I'm getting bo3 for my birthday in 9 days I'm turning 9 😃

  • Byonic Snipz
    Byonic Snipz

    If you notice in some of the Call of duty mobile some of the ads once the ad is over you can play a mini game this mini game is kaboom one of the early mini games of the on the arcade machine once you shut off all of the manikins heads in under two minutes

  • That guy
    That guy

    i tried the arcade one but it did not work, maybe becuse its not a puplic match ? bo2


    You gonna make a vid on BO2 Nuketown 2025 when its 2025

  • Coochie Man
    Coochie Man

    Black ops 3 nuketown is my favorite two

  • Me and the Boys TV
    Me and the Boys TV

    Bo1 and cold war

  • poision leader
    poision leader

    Modern warfare rust

  • DroidGEO

    Sorry, 15 seconds?!?!

  • kinglemon gaming
    kinglemon gaming

    wait bro, please, what happens if you do the green or blue vison easter egg then look at the crater does it change??

  • Nichole Miodragovich
    Nichole Miodragovich

    But i shot off all the heads

  • Yrn Ken
    Yrn Ken

    They need to bring the 3D movement back I miss it

  • Failed Abortion
    Failed Abortion

    Petition to have a irl nuke town community

  • Noor

    Nuketown 84 has loads EG, you just didn't notice them.

  • JustChilling

    In the cold war nuketown, the site A isn’t groomlake, Aka area 51?

  • Deku midoriya
    Deku midoriya

    I live in Nevada

  • Austin Trumble
    Austin Trumble

    BOIII was best

  • Mikblues_14

    But what about Zombies NukeTown in BO2?

  • jack spooner
    jack spooner

    IN COLD WAR its after the nuke

  • Kash Is fire
    Kash Is fire

    Comment your fav black ops Mine is 2

  • Dom

    Bo4 has my favorite nuketown aesthetic wise. Bo2 had my favorite easter egg.

  • Siah Leslie
    Siah Leslie

    Nuktown 3 is best

  • Jkloss gaming
    Jkloss gaming

    The cans of pop on nuketown cold war are mountain dew

  • Zeph

    Hear me out guys, black ops 3 remastered...

    • Dom

      We still need the first two remastered!

  • Kyle Henry
    Kyle Henry

    My favorite is nuke town 3 the colors and I love the wall drift to it. Best one🙂

  • Aydan Samlal
    Aydan Samlal

    2025 was the best purrr.

  • Josh Thao
    Josh Thao

    what about BLACK OUT Nuke town island ???

  • Felix Romo
    Felix Romo

    Remember when bo1 guns had no recoil 😢

  • OceanZea

    love it

  • Clasic boy •7 years ago
    Clasic boy •7 years ago

    Name of the song?

  • laneb 228
    laneb 228

    You forgot cod cw nuketown holiday

  • William Her
    William Her

    dose any of theses easter eggs work in cod mobile

  • Red Bull
    Red Bull

    In America, you nuke Nuketown. In Soviet Russia, Nuketown nukes you!

    • ThatBoyAmazin'

      That is hilarious

    • pls dont see this in light mode
      pls dont see this in light mode

      nuketown russia cutscene be like

  • Abdrahman Ha609
    Abdrahman Ha609


  • Cole Barrs
    Cole Barrs

    You forgot the nuke town in blackout

  • Benjamin Copeland
    Benjamin Copeland

    You forgot mobile

  • Michael Brayman
    Michael Brayman

    Evolution of woods

  • Khristoffer Smith
    Khristoffer Smith

    We just gonna ignore the prop easter eggs in BO2? Such as the mini sign? Or the picture? Etc.

  • Ethan Scott
    Ethan Scott

    go to site B in bo1

  • Astr Clan
    Astr Clan

    On black ops 3 nuke town the mailboxes say Corvus and hendricks

  • Sahid Becdach
    Sahid Becdach

    I pronounced it goomd, not WMD.

  • Scout Tf2
    Scout Tf2

    Codm nuketown has least easter eggs i think

  • Jade Hutchison
    Jade Hutchison

    The needless harbor ectrodactyly cross because good-bye nouzilly fear versus a brave beam. typical, panoramic step-father

  • leafsnaish1634

    i agee with you buddy. bo3 was the best !!!

  • GriffinPanta

    U forgot the cold war easter egg when u shoot the nuke with a sniper

  • Dark Reaper
    Dark Reaper

    I love nuketown

  • Levi Low
    Levi Low

    I like all the maps

  • Victor 2442
    Victor 2442

    My favorite newctown is the future one from black ops 3 because I played it a lot

  • ButterB22

    I think you missed the one on cod mobile

  • Cloe Helvetica
    Cloe Helvetica

    I fucking hate nuketown.

  • Robert Parks
    Robert Parks

    My favorites is the original and 2025

  • Destiny Colomb
    Destiny Colomb

    inkslasher ur gay


    You missed nuke house from call of duty declassified

  • zigmanana

    5:00 that's Pitfall II not Pitfall

  • Gaming Bots
    Gaming Bots

    the weeping angles Easter egg is from a show called doctor who were the angles were statues and if they hit you, you would go back in time and get stuck there

    • DESUXXX 院プ蒸
      DESUXXX 院プ蒸

      Yup very good series

  • Ea Victoriano Bernal
    Ea Victoriano Bernal

    Black ops look so good i wish i had one imon mobile so thats no go

  • Ea Victoriano Bernal
    Ea Victoriano Bernal

    I play on mobile

  • Ea Victoriano Bernal
    Ea Victoriano Bernal

    It was nuketown russia

  • Ea Victoriano Bernal
    Ea Victoriano Bernal

    It was nuketown russia

  • Ea Victoriano Bernal
    Ea Victoriano Bernal

    Now it has snow and russian

  • Domas Domas
    Domas Domas

    all of them

  • Oxidius

    That weeping angels thats an awesome doctor who Easter egg

  • All In One - AIO Siblings{TAMIL}
    All In One - AIO Siblings{TAMIL}

    Call of duty Mobile 😭


    Bro the Cold War is fucking god awful, you can’t see if a person is laying down camping on their side or not because of the the color and graphics

  • Slut Rebecca
    Slut Rebecca

    Bo2 was my favorite nuke town map