Pete Davidson & Machine Gun Kelly Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair
Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) take a lie detector test. Does Colson think Pete can rap? Has he ever fake laughed at Pete's jokes? Does Colson think Pete has more BDE than George Clooney? Is Pete a better person now that he's rich? Does Pete think his tattoos are better than Machine Gun Kelly's?
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Pete Davidson & Machine Gun Kelly Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

  • Corey Mullins
    Corey Mullins

    How awesome it would be to have a best friend and y'all both young and rich AF... Gotta be like the best life

  • Garrett Wilson
    Garrett Wilson

    You and slim friends, Well that aged well

  • Patrick Fluty
    Patrick Fluty

    Machine gun Pete

  • Kandera Lockwood
    Kandera Lockwood

    Did anyone else catch that MGK threw shade at Eminem?

  • Jennifer Leticia
    Jennifer Leticia

    Yeaaa.. thats oNe HunDrED. Best duo

  • Mindy Alyce
    Mindy Alyce

    Why is this so amazing? They seemed so raw and real here loved this! 🤣

  • fairyfanatic12

    pete's shirt said "trans rights !"

  • Audrey S
    Audrey S

    "then i had to book two more gigs in ohio" hahahah

  • Ryan fagan
    Ryan fagan

    They were on shrooms for this video

  • daliya muala
    daliya muala

    What's B.E.D?

  • Jern Rff
    Jern Rff

    This was just 13 mins of these 2 hyping eachother up

  • Olive Rose
    Olive Rose


  • Tim Count
    Tim Count

    The opposite meeting classically cough because pigeon connoly care aboard a cut mall. dead, discreet scarf

  • know body
    know body

    MGK admitted on impaulsive that he and Pete were tripping mushrooms during this

  • Rocketeer09

    They were high out of there minds

  • Satake

    Fun fact there on shrooms

  • Samiya Richardson
    Samiya Richardson

    “And that’s💯”

  • jared muros
    jared muros

    fun fact theyre on shrooms LMAOO

  • Sacred Datura
    Sacred Datura

    Weren’t they both on mushrooms during this lmao

  • Oren Osterkamp
    Oren Osterkamp


  • Ana Ono
    Ana Ono

    I love man love

  • Tim Drake Fan Club
    Tim Drake Fan Club

    This was strangely wholesome

  • Feadds

    First 3questions, nd Not even a min into the video they already dying laughing 🤣

  • chris dawson
    chris dawson

    And then i had to book 2 more shows in Chicago. Lol so broke

  • Julian Diaz
    Julian Diaz

    BDE= Big D...k energy search it up

  • Tyson Maki
    Tyson Maki

    these guys tripping on shrooms

  • Chris Moon
    Chris Moon

    This is awesome!

  • braxton gardner
    braxton gardner

    It takes a stoner to know a stoner. and Pete davifson Is baked rn

  • everything is blue
    everything is blue

    very strong masculinity vibes????

  • James King
    James King

    Imma see this in a couple of yeats

  • Karan

    One thing for sure we're not getting Kelly and post song ever.

  • Denise G
    Denise G

    Kelly got demons lmao



  • Alec Morgan
    Alec Morgan

    Em is still killing it, so not really overstaying his welcome


    Mgk looked real sus

  • Corpse_ Wife
    Corpse_ Wife

    6:09 RIP reply button he looks so cute here

  • cXspXr

    pete at 5:45 is pete at his peak

  • Vicky Hill
    Vicky Hill

    Pete is over confident, it's not funny sometimes it's over the top.

    • j

      Pete has said in the past that he feels like the least funniest person on SNL. When he was being steamrolled on that show, he didn't even have the confidence to complain to their faces. He ended up complaining to Charlagmane in an interview. I have also heard him call himself ugly before and in an article call himself a word that begins with a p and ends with a y. I am puzzled how you came to the conclusion that he is over confident.

  • James massone
    James massone

    Dude Keenan is not funny !!!!!

  • Binoy Perera
    Binoy Perera

    Some guys over staying their welcome 😂

  • Aria

    What movie did that act in

    • j

      @Aria Your Welcome.

    • Aria

      @j thx

    • j

      They were both in The Dirt. MGK had a bigger role in that one. In Big Time Adolescence Pete was one of the stars and MGK only had a small part. They were also both in The King of Staten Island, but that was filmed after this interview. TKOSI was an imagining of what Pete's life might have been like if he had not started doing stand up at 16 and become famous. MGK had a small part as a tattoo artist in that one.

  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith

    Pete is just not funny

  • Jmoney8562 Money
    Jmoney8562 Money

    Cough cough Eminem

  • Rayyan Al-Riyami
    Rayyan Al-Riyami

    Pete is so harsh on himself and it’s honestly so sad

  • Ray Williams
    Ray Williams

    Is Pete on Big Mouth...?

  • neutral nadia
    neutral nadia

    the lie detector dude looks desensitized LMAOO

  • jacob Latham
    jacob Latham

    Colsons got his lady now so I'm not sure how loose goosey he is but godam I'd love to kick back with this pair for a day, no clout just vibe please 🙌

  • Neckashi 69
    Neckashi 69

    This is the best thing i could’ve ever accidentally watched

  • Anna Gleason
    Anna Gleason

    Sooo we just not gonna talk about MGK throwing shade to Eminem at 6:47 🧐

  • Hannah Bray
    Hannah Bray

    “We don’t wanna be like SOME guys, overstaying our welcome” Okay but I feel like this was a hit to Slim😂😂

  • Maggie

    Is John the only polygraph examiner in the entire world ?!

  • Jessica Ibarra
    Jessica Ibarra

    Are they still close

  • Kate_Kosmo

    *How can you not love these two!* 🥰

  • Kate_Kosmo

    Is there anyone else that does lie detector tests in the USA or it is literally just this 1 man! He does literally does EVERYONE'S! 😅🤣

  • Siara Talks
    Siara Talks

    Every minute “That’s 100”

  • yi chen
    yi chen

    Plz no kfc chicks 🐣?!

  • yi chen
    yi chen

    Why do I think 🤔 u r cutest?!

  • yi chen
    yi chen

    U r way toooo muchhhhhh goood loooking🥂

  • yi chen
    yi chen

    I still like u coool

  • yi chen
    yi chen

    I’m not a gold diggger?????

  • Alex Sacha
    Alex Sacha

    Pete is beyond terrible at acting. My first comment on youtube ever...

    • j

      What movies have you seen him in? I saw The King of Staten Island and he was pretty good. He was able to pull off several dramatic scenes. I heard he was good in Big Time Adolescence too. He hasn't been to acting school, and up until recently he didn't get to do much on SNL. It is a competitive environment, and he would get steamrolled by the older cast members. I think he has potential. This season he has been doing good, and they have been letting him do more characters.

  • The broke Mtb rider
    The broke Mtb rider

    MGK dissing eminem and nobody noticing💀💀💀

  • Adi koopa
    Adi koopa

    Was the 100

  • Mini Messi
    Mini Messi

    This is obviously rigged, it’s the same lie detector guy for everyone’s video.

  • andy schaffner
    andy schaffner

    I don’t want to overstay my welcome like SOME PEOPLE and we all know who he’s talking about

  • papii chanell.
    papii chanell.

    and that’s one hundred.

  • Berry Nelson
    Berry Nelson

    I love them

  • Sara Fox
    Sara Fox

    I think pet as the joker would be amazing

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    hey look its pete and eminem's son

  • Florida cracker
    Florida cracker

    Kenans good but don't think he's funnier then u..

  • C Sanchez
    C Sanchez

    Kanye sucks dang

  • Terry M
    Terry M

    There's like almost two feet of peen between the two of them 😋😝

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside

    I wanna smoke w mgk

  • Zowie willette
    Zowie willette

    staying around too long... emenem

  • Luke Tipton
    Luke Tipton

    That’s 💯

  • Acairiio

    Pete: is this man funnier than me? colson: ....who is that? Pete: larry the cable guy Me: stop. get. some. help

  • Nyawiir Andria
    Nyawiir Andria

    This friendship is goals

  • Britt Aaron
    Britt Aaron

    I love these guys 😂

  • maya

    best video ever.

  • Justin Johnston
    Justin Johnston

    imagine a pete davidson joker

  • Achilles

    Bruh pete Davidson's needs an entire episode with Rick and Morty

  • Watch you dc
    Watch you dc

    Mama said we don’t wanna over state our welcome and rap at 40 he talking about Eminem 😭😂

  • multifandom edits
    multifandom edits

    so i came back to this video and what is that sound at 6:08 💀 is someone laughing?

  • Q

    Omg they are my two types 🙌🔥🙌🔥🤤


    mgk is so fuckin hot

  • Carlena Cole
    Carlena Cole

    Weed business

  • Carlena Cole
    Carlena Cole

    Nacho bell grande

  • YoImScott

    "we dont wanna be like some guys, overstaying our welcome" cough cough *eminem* cough

  • Shane O'Connell
    Shane O'Connell

    Such a stoney interview haha

  • Abby Anderson
    Abby Anderson


  • Alice Billia
    Alice Billia

    i think im scared of pete davidson

  • Piggieplays 600
    Piggieplays 600

    They my favorite people and they give such adhd high kids

  • Magmatic Games
    Magmatic Games

    When the Directors start breaking down you know shit's getting real

  • The Burning Skull Official
    The Burning Skull Official

    The only problem i have With MGK is the Thing he said about hailie

  • Rebellium Ae
    Rebellium Ae

    Apparently they were both on shrooms in this video

  • Mazelex

    “Thats 100” *fist bumps*

  • vanna your dad
    vanna your dad

    12:50 has me dying

  • Adam Momin
    Adam Momin

    Thye both off the shrooms

  • Civerestia _yt
    Civerestia _yt

    The ‘Simply Guitar’ Add before the actual video had me laughing for HOURS!!! The dad with the southern accent and his desperate son XD

  • alicia

    12:25 i loved this