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Originally on Lockdown 23&1
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  • End Of Sentence
    End Of Sentence

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    • triple 7
      triple 7

      Fuck 12 but shout out to the CO that grabbed dude and saved him by his ankle

    • Anthea 87
      Anthea 87

      A guy swallowed 8 razor blades he put inside march mallows in 1 of the ward's my Dad worked in 💙💜🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Mike H
      Mike H

      Yo, get that humble caucasian opinion shirts made ASAP!!! Easy money waiting for the taking. Might as well be you homie. Its a overnight cash cow bro


      This boy a fuckin weakling. Fuck this brokeback work out. Amateur shit.

    • Ruff Adams, The Great.
      Ruff Adams, The Great.


  • Rowdy Raww
    Rowdy Raww

    Jake let's do a Rikers Island episode

  • Nah Nah
    Nah Nah

    Was gudd G

  • The O.G King Fyre
    The O.G King Fyre

    I legit made a shrink think about the point of living 😅 deadass

  • The O.G King Fyre
    The O.G King Fyre

    I am normal everyone else is krazy

  • Always Apply Pressure247
    Always Apply Pressure247

    Man WASSUP EVERYBODY 💯🦾💪🙏🗣💯💯💯💯

  • Always Apply Pressure247
    Always Apply Pressure247


  • T SLAox80
    T SLAox80

    My guys head looks like a flat football


    Damn you pulled a j cat move every body from California knows what I mean JCAT

  • jmami jr
    jmami jr

    Bruh a razor bladee

  • Benjamin Breeg
    Benjamin Breeg

    The shit on the wall spreaders that smash the toilets and things should just be left in there until they die from infections an shit.

  • Jacob O'Sullivan
    Jacob O'Sullivan

    It's like he tried to take a vacation and everything was booked up in Vegas so he had to go to like Reno

  • puffinstein

    Had to write again on this one. As I got towards the end of the video it's just so serious. Most of the times I watch your videos with the most serious face on sometimes even my jaw drops. Cuz I've seen a lot of shit but some of the stuff you talk about it's still just the jaw dropping. When you talked about homie swallowing the razor I mean it just leaves you speechless. Then when you say you got to focus on yourself to the point where you have no sympathy and you almost look at him like he's weak and it's because you got to make it through and focusing on homie not being able to make it mentally ain't going to help you. it is just sad and crazy bro. It makes me think about the three years my brother did. And how I'm so lucky to have escaped the long arm of the law my whole life as far as doing stretches. Anyway God bless you bro, keep staying positive

  • Nelson Guerrero
    Nelson Guerrero

    What does DI stands for lol?? He mentions it in almost every video but I have no clue what that is (no I’m not a criminal)

  • puffinstein

    Some of the things you say are so on point. Like you when you said homie rocking in the corner that thinks he's normal, that's the guy who's crazy. Going to check out bemba's workout video. I play basketball but tore my Meniscus 20 years ago so when go hard my left leg feels like jello. I think your boys home workout video could help me get busy in the crib without putting too much strain on my knee. I put on pounds cuz of the pandemic and I'm trying to get them off right now especially since it got hot finally in NYC. You already know 1090, stay up




    Man dudes eating shit. Makes me sick 🤮

  • ltbsis

    I'm from Canada. I lived in Sanford neer Orlando, for a short time when I was a teenager. Being from Canada I had no idea about usa and Florida. I'm lucky I didn't end up in jitt camp

  • Joseph Angel
    Joseph Angel

    The only youtuber that I don't mind the ads i hope they pay you good

  • Kenneth Warner
    Kenneth Warner

    10 th floor I seen people hang themselves to go to 8th floor for cigarettes

  • clown world pa
    clown world pa

    I was there... Dope sick 👌 I used my shoelaces.. my lccf greens (ripped in strips). Tied my ankles to the top of bunk..(far left side) Tied my neck up to the other side (far right side). Made it so I would drop in-between the middle of top and bottom bunk so I couldn't try and save myself. Rolled off top bunk, and the mother fucker didn't tighten up enough! Then I got caught when the inmates came back from yard.. Yep, naked on 24hr suicide watch (not sure how many days)?

  • HeartBreak Bonez
    HeartBreak Bonez

    This nigga had a psyche buddy 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fortworth817 James
    Fortworth817 James

    Texas the same way

  • Jodie Smith
    Jodie Smith

    Thank you for your videos



  • Akol Athian
    Akol Athian

    “You can fake it all you want”😂 I used to want to fake act crazy in case I went to jail

  • Slinky_189 Brennan-Monza
    Slinky_189 Brennan-Monza

    Heyyy wats good J ✌️


    That shit happens all the time these psychologists will send someone that really needs help back to mainline but dudes faking it they will keep them there

  • Ash Sutton
    Ash Sutton

    Yo shout from Cape Town South Africa.

  • Leo Anderson
    Leo Anderson

    There's a trick to swallowing a razor when they swallow it they put tape around it normally from like a come like a shampoo bottle the back of the shampoo bottle the clear part that's on the back that says the ingredients you take that or you take some tape and you wrap it up and or you file it down all the way you know I'm saying so does ways to do it without hurting yourself actually so nine times out of 10 either filed it down or taped it up one of the two but I know for a fact cuz I know people that's done that before I was in TDCJ

  • Marta Behr
    Marta Behr

    JESUS scared the shit out of me..

  • TheDoeboy82


  • AFriendly Boar
    AFriendly Boar

    “9 times outta 9”🤣🤣

  • Patrick Pellerin
    Patrick Pellerin

    That clap scared the shit outta me lol

  • 1 Coco Moscato
    1 Coco Moscato

    Um there's a ton of male nurses nowadays so after you pretend to go psych in order to have some female interaction, how do you know your nurse will be female 🤔 Oops 😬 🤭..........

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Jay I just gotta know. You burn right?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    That clap serious as fuck bro

  • lil nuuuke
    lil nuuuke

    prison hacks

  • Bluecast

    Who is bro on the thumbnail 😂 look like he fell on his head

  • Eugene Weeks
    Eugene Weeks

    You forgot the dips with the intro.

  • Gary 0 brien
    Gary 0 brien

    Sometimes it doesn't mean your fucked it's just against the system yes your right the women make it that but easier I myself Irish spent alot of time in prison juvenile from 13 to 35 in the system I'm 46 I spent 5 and half years that was 2009 and I have stop wasting my life in jail well good lot I did I spent a year in confinement I have been in strip cells .pads attacking officer

  • Banana Bee Tv
    Banana Bee Tv

    Omg I’m a fan now I just Subscribe to your channel now I’m locked in

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man

    My nickname was skitzo

  • DotGang D-ski
    DotGang D-ski

    No cap stop the damn clapping at the beginning lol although I get it wanna make sure folks awake lol


    How can you do this. If it was me I would be paranoid of looking weak let alone actually cutting myself and actually being lightheaded

  • Trippie Chris
    Trippie Chris

    I literally just took the first bite of my food when he started talking about shit

  • j grilla
    j grilla

    Who cleans the shit the inmate or other inmates or is there co's that handle that

  • Gabriel McKelvey
    Gabriel McKelvey

    What Up 1090 Jay? I love how you're always keeping it real. 🔥👹🔥

  • poltergiest _ot247
    poltergiest _ot247

    What’s your GTA TAG

  • Anesh Ramsaroop
    Anesh Ramsaroop


  • Desert ZO6
    Desert ZO6

    “You not crazy if you think you’re crazy. You only crazy if you think your normal” real shit

    • Ellis Jackson
      Ellis Jackson

      Nice Z06

    • Patricia Kjellander
      Patricia Kjellander

      There's many variations of crazy. Apparently im one of them for the exception of my bro n law who tells everyone off. Lol I love how Jake explains this shit. Nah I'm not rocking back n forth anymore tho. I used too!

  • JayPaula Dunne
    JayPaula Dunne

    In the padded cell were most cunts cant hack it

  • Tony Brown
    Tony Brown

    I work at one of the biggest mental hospital in Washington state, so I understand what you are talking. Mental health is pretty serious.

  • Игорь Батон
    Игорь Батон

    Звук записан заебись. От хлопка аж уши заложило. Давай бро вещай. Respect.

  • IHaveAwoken HaveYou?
    IHaveAwoken HaveYou?


  • Mattie N.D.E
    Mattie N.D.E

    thumb nail Dude only needs half an aspirin for a headache


    UZload Mryoungbanks Mryoungbanks 🔥 subscribe 🔥 😀✨♥ subscribe 🔥 😀✨♥ subscribe 🔥 subscribe 🔥 subscribe 🔥 subscribe 🔥

  • plumboss

    Whenever I meet someone who sguy. 5+ years in prison I automatically consider them to be gay.

  • plumboss

    Being around females made it an easy reason to not be a tuff guy. Being a tuff guy could make you gay. I learned that from an og home from college. And everyone inside are loosers.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    What's with the clickbait photo?


    You obviously never lifted a weight while doing your time, eh chunks?

  • Mich jesto
    Mich jesto

    Happy new year my brother... your a real one, been listening to your platform since early in year, your a woke one.., just stay positive..keep letting these ppl know what's goin on out here...keep up good wrk my G

  • your homies rot
    your homies rot

    Damn I wish I thought of that brownie lick I tweaked

  • Fernando Reyes-Guzman
    Fernando Reyes-Guzman

    I use to tell all those that came in to the infirmary that played the crazy card,that if they weren’t crazy when they arrived they will be before they left.

  • John Kowall
    John Kowall


  • CoreyDawg02

    that clap scared the sh!t outta me .-.


    I don't think you're really rocking with me like I'm rocking with you, because for some reason you blocked me on Instagram? lol

  • Robert La Vogue
    Robert La Vogue

    Watching this brought me to tears dude, this mental health shit is no joke!! Reform needs to come now!!!

  • Yessie Gonzalez
    Yessie Gonzalez

    Hi Jake, please let me know who does not get any support from their family. I would like to help them out. Thank you

  • Joshua Wood
    Joshua Wood

    Going psych...sounds like not being able to do the time. Kinda like wiping out

  • Yvngxbull813 G
    Yvngxbull813 G

    Imagine this nigga pulling up to the barbershop and asking for a little off the top. 💀

  • Kaleah Collins
    Kaleah Collins

    Dude this was click bait . WHERE'S THE STORY ABOUT DUDE WITH HALF A 💀😭😭😭😭😭🤦🏾

  • lynn's journey
    lynn's journey

    Nurturing vibe

  • Matthew Gabbard
    Matthew Gabbard

    It's because all men are basically boys when it gets right down to it. Just the way it is

  • Frank Parish
    Frank Parish

    I heard they tote swords in LakeCity CI

  • Darrell Houston
    Darrell Houston

    My man said he teaching all the prison work outs lol bout to be straight top heavy with the swoleness no leg day...prison build is the only build....Idk how you popped off on my UZload.....but it's about goddamn time they throw me some flames!!!! Preciate you teaching real life lessons to these youngins bruh they need to understand its better to fade it out or put the gloves on man they don't need to be locked up waiting time.

  • neffik 69
    neffik 69

    these nurses in those prisons must be tough as nails talking und trying to help so many damaged people

  • mike flynn
    mike flynn

    “Rocking back and forth thinking he’s normal” 😂😂😂

    • Patricia Kjellander
      Patricia Kjellander

      Yeah that was me once upon sum yrs ago

  • Dino Slav
    Dino Slav

    that one with spreading shit and eating a browney...thats entertainment

  • Garbeaux Æ
    Garbeaux Æ

    Swallowed a razor blade? My god. I gasped.

  • #SALFORDLAD craige deane
    #SALFORDLAD craige deane


  • Jean Cunliffe
    Jean Cunliffe

    How many times he say phyc


    I was locked up with buddy in the thumbnail his name carlos

  • Angel Valentin
    Angel Valentin

    Bridgewater state, MA.. Best stop in Mass.. Good food, rec and meds.. Love hearing that you have been in some of the same situations.

    • james wessling
      james wessling

      I was in Taunton State back in 2000. Courts put me on the forensic unit. Good food, seconds and thirds. Majority vote for cigarettes on the caged basketball court. Staff would bring in movies. Occasionally we'd get a pedophile through there but they never lasted long. Most dudes were there getting psych evals for standing trial. Hardcore dudes but pretty good guys.

  • The Nightmare Before you
    The Nightmare Before you

    When u said that about the brownie I spit power ade from my nose.

  • Alberto Roque
    Alberto Roque

    I’m from Miami, I remember seeing this dude walking around and talking to us one day while I was out in recess like in kindergarten. Will never forget that day because seeing this dude blew my fucking mind 😂😂

    • Alberto Roque
      Alberto Roque

      This was like 2002

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown

    Some inmates go psych. Because they owe money/canteen on the compound from gambling or borrowing . Owing money for drugs too. Some so they stop getting extorted by gangs like the Bloods


    Betty we have johnny up here eating his saved brownie again. Enough said!


    Bro I wanted to know about the dude on the thumbnail

  • JenniferJ

    That thumbnail 🤣😂 You kill me!

  • Ely Velez
    Ely Velez

    Yo no cap you’re vids are real as fuk but at the same time have me dieing

  • TriGGa MoRTiS
    TriGGa MoRTiS

    I was in a Psych Hospital once in Sanford Florida when I got Baker Acted and it was insane in there.

  • Ashley Maples
    Ashley Maples

    I love brownies I’m not sure I’ll ever eat one again! 🙃🤪

    • crucial

      @Young Potato ong😂😂

    • Young Potato
      Young Potato

      @Walter Stanford it’s not that deep bro

    • Walter Stanford
      Walter Stanford

      @Its me again! NOT COOL DUDE show some fucking respect when it comes to females THATS not a way too get a woman take what happy gilmore says (Just Tap It In) get too know her bro damn.

    • Its me again!
      Its me again!

      Ill eat you out 🙄

  • J C
    J C

    The dude in the thumbnail with half a head is from Miami....I've seen him around.

  • Jordan Spencer
    Jordan Spencer

    I was padded up with a younger girl than me some years ago now when I was younger before I got my life straight. She was a real cool celle n funny asf. Just the right person to pass ya time with, she got out before me and stayed in touch.The next time I was in prison I was a cleaner on detox ,someone said ya old pad mates on lower level ,she bin here seven days n hasn't been out her room only for her med. I went to her door asked her was up n why was she behind her door.She wasn't like that ya know.Anyway tried getting her out but I was on a different wing so there was only so much I could do.She came over to the residential wing eventually. She got brought over late after we were locked down on our wing n I spoke with her through my windows. She said I'll tell ya watts up wen I see ya in morning. Next morning they were late asf unlocking us people were trying to find out why.when they did unlock us they made us all go straight to chapel where they told us all that my friend, my old cell mate had hung herself in the dorms the night before. I was absolutely shook,couldn't believe it.I asked how did she manage to do that with six other girls in the room and nobody noticed or heard anything. I was absolutely mortified. To say she it's the last person I thought would do that shit is an understatement. Smh.When the screws cleaned out her room she had left letters for a few people and I was one of them. All I'm gonna say is that the reason she said she did it is horrifying, she left three beautiful children behind as well. The point of telling my story is be alert to people around you ,especially you're friends coz you may think they faking that shit but one time might come when they are for real.My friend didn't say a word to anyone about what she was gonna do not a word.I only knew something was up coz I was her cell mate for going on two years ,in close quarters like that you get to know and read a person pretty well and we were cool with each other. So I knew she wasn't herself when I was told she hadn't been out her room for seven days but hell no did I think she would do that.When I spoke to her through window n she said I'll see ya in morning I thought I'd be able to help her with whatever was going on with her.Smh,I still can't wrap my head round it.i know why but I just wish she would have given me a chance to help her I'm pretty sure I could have got her to see things were not that bad that that was her only option.Anyway just be aware like he said its the ones that aren't screaming I'm crazy or I'm gonna kill myself that ya gotta watch.R.I.P.KELLIE YOU ARE FOREVER IN MY HEART BABY GIRL.BE AT PEACE MY FRIEND 😢💔💟💗💖💜💝💞💕LOVE YA BABY GIRL ,ILL SEE YOU AGAIN.


      Come on now, you can't just tell a incomplete story like that. I want to know why she did it

  • Sun7Music (Recording & Production)
    Sun7Music (Recording & Production)

    real talk my dude

  • Carter Steinbrecher
    Carter Steinbrecher

    Bro I was in confinement at clay county jail and a high ranking gang member was in there and fucked with me for trading my cookie for his orange (lmao) and he got the guards to leave my flap open where you get yo tray so I could talk to him and see what's goin on.. I once saw a dude slit his wrists on the medal tables we had in the cells and the guards tazed and beat his fuckin ass for tryna kill himself.. they don't give a fuck bout you in confinement it's crazy..he said he was just tryna get put in the hospital so he could see his girl... Crazy what you gotta go thru to get anywhere in jail or prison bruh

  • jason downing
    jason downing

    all ur stories r tight af...you need to write a book u got a way to tell shit 💯

  • Ryan Chase
    Ryan Chase

    Hey bro had to ask you read a lot of crazy stuff. I watched this one guy I wanted to know what you thought is savag3 family a real guy that did real time or a fraud?

  • Alisa Vann Walls
    Alisa Vann Walls