EVERY WAY WARZONE WILL CHANGE IN COLD WAR [That We Know] Official News & Leaks For Call of Duty
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WARZONE ACADEMY is now adding on to its incredibly in-depth guides by adding additional gameplay where we apply the tactics and strategies we've discussed in our guides!
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  • IceManIsaac

    What changes do you want to see come to Cold War Warzone? [Get your Warzone news FIRST: Twitter.com/IceManIsaac_ ]

    • Tyler Koltz
      Tyler Koltz

      The whole map

    • The-Johnnyquestt

      So if I bought the Texas chainsaw skin will that carry over? Will I be able to use it in Cold War?

    • Laura

      Can you please tell me what the setup of the first gun is? It pulls up so fast 😳

    • Jack Black
      Jack Black

      @C hris I was joking..

    • C hris
      C hris

      @Jack Black Crossplay for consoles only, no PC. Better anticheat system. Remove Ghost as a perk, and make it a streak that lasts as long as a UAV does. Or make Ghost work the way it did in BO3. Make the Heartbeat Monitor give you a limited amount of uses that you need to refill. Bring back how the thermal used to be, so there would be a reason for some people to run Coldblooded, instead of every last person running EOD or Double time. Make the MP5 take 1 additional bullet to kill at all ranges, leaving it viable, but making the rest of the SMGs viable as well. I could go on for days if you would like.

  • Thomas Morton
    Thomas Morton

    If u only have mw can u still play warzone?

  • Kenny Powers Gaming
    Kenny Powers Gaming

    so does it play like cold war multiplayer now, seems to in my op,

  • JD_KING_11

    there is no fov slider are they going g to release it later or something

  • Ghost- 141
    Ghost- 141

    I mean I hope movement changes because mw sprinting and movement is extremely slow even with the perk that makes you faster maybe get cold war movement would be better

  • Alberto Zurita
    Alberto Zurita

    When is it going ti be available anyone ?.?

  • Kristen Hopson
    Kristen Hopson

    Will are operators carry over and cod points also gun Levels

  • Ray Vinagro
    Ray Vinagro

    When will they integrate so I don’t have to get modern warfare. Mine says can’t find game or app on ps5 cold war

  • Lito Suave
    Lito Suave

    I hope you can choose between verdansk and the new map

  • Yeller's Games
    Yeller's Games

    I'd love to see how they integrate the perks and wildcards into WZ. With the new wildcards you can get both of your weapons from one loadout without giving up a necessary perk or having to grab a secondary loadout, while in MW you would have to give up a perk or get 2 loadouts to get both of the Primary weapons you would want to run, as well as how the ninja perk works essentially the same as dead silence with no time limit

  • Samsoum

    So am I gonna be able to play warzone in clod war? or do I have to switch game?

  • Baby1da

    wow i thought the whole time it was going to be a whole new map and be able to play on the cold war app. mad lame

  • Garrett

    The MP5 is in Cold War too...just sayin'

  • ZXUltrviolet

    cold war is trash and i dont want it in warzone

  • House Wise
    House Wise

    Full support bro

  • watermug52

    4:04 i see 3 hands lol

  • Paul Lemieux
    Paul Lemieux

    I just hope I get to keep my ram 7

  • mojo

    we can tell u are cheating man FUCKEN STOP !!!!!!!!!👀

  • Frøst

    I hope they somehow keep the modern warfare warzone because knowing tayarch then finna mess something up somehow

  • Reperzs

    So do I get my money back that I spent on packs and stuff then since I don’t get to use. Cuz that sounds like theft to me

  • Gamfluent

    Wait do you have to download warzone or will it come with cold war

  • the cool
    the cool


  • Omar Little
    Omar Little

    ouuu Omar in cold war

  • HighLife Rinaldi
    HighLife Rinaldi

    I bought Cold War but I barley play it , war zones so much better

  • Charles Anderson
    Charles Anderson

    Have they added packs too buy yet in cold war ? I won't be getting it until more content gets added as they have no operator's or guns/blueprints really it just felt like it was a scam to make big money fast as they made a game then hyped it up and gave us nothing with the game as far as ingame content.. is that how modern warfare started out with little to no content ? Because I just got cod mw little over half way through season 6 about a month ago and its my 1st cod game so Im just wondering if its gonna be like how cod mw is now

  • Hurricane2525

    Great Vid!

  • Chris Wincek
    Chris Wincek

    They need to change the fucking map or it wont make it as long as they hope.

  • GunnSmith

    It kinda sucks if the movement isn't like blackops. Idk about you but I'm a blackops guy. And I like the faster movement.

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan

    Way to milk a fucking video, jesus christ

  • T3RM1N8R

    MW and BO Warzones should be separate. They shouldn't get rid of MW Warzone for Cold War. Cold War should be just like Modern Warfare, where Warzone and multiplayer are separate in Cold War application. Same with how Modern Warfare multiplayer and warzone are in modern warfare app. They need to be separate because of the fact that bot everyome wants Warzone to change...

  • Jonno Cotton
    Jonno Cotton

    1:29 seconds in and we finally hear something

  • FunkyFreak

    Treyarch just sucks i stopped playing the beta after one match and it felt terrible the animations are so bad.



  • pokemon6789998212

    I wish they would do their own BR. Warzone has some good shit but overall I don’t think it’s as good as blackout was

    • South

      Thats a first

  • Sakura

    2:19 is where you came for

  • My Hero
    My Hero

    Do I need to own moder warfare in order to play warzone on cold war?

    • Jack Tapper
      Jack Tapper

      @My Hero good to know thanks

    • My Hero
      My Hero

      @Jack Tapper the answer is no. It automatically comes with warzone.

    • Jack Tapper
      Jack Tapper

      That’s what I’m wondering

  • Jacob

    What AR were you running there? Looked really good!

    • Hashirama838

      Pretty sure thats an AMAX

  • Ivan L.L.
    Ivan L.L.

    How weapons from the 80's are gonna be in someway better than modern weapons?? I think everybody is gonna use mw weapons

  • Robert Chop
    Robert Chop

    I was truly hoping for a blackout 2.0 experience :/ might just go back to blops 4 if its too much alike to MW warzone

  • cojo06 plays
    cojo06 plays

    what about perks are they going to keep the perks from modern warfare??

  • EiVaR

    So how is a future gun going to put gun an old gun?

  • Xaiyth Gaming
    Xaiyth Gaming


  • Primo Supreme
    Primo Supreme

    Everytime I go to play warzone in Cold War on ps4 it tells me to insert the mw disk..why is that.and is it nothing in the store for purchase

    • Kawa Sv
      Kawa Sv

      Let me know if u find an answer

    • Kawa Sv
      Kawa Sv

      Same problem

  • cool_mat 99
    cool_mat 99

    Bloody hell i haven't played a games since the ps2 this looks so shit

  • Brad VanGorder
    Brad VanGorder

    Hey I know you said that its awesome to see the gun integration but take this into consideration if you're playing a new game with a new set of weapons wouldn't it just make more sense for the map the skins and guns to remain consistent? If I'm a developer I could see this step cancelling out reasons to buy the new games or any content at all if the previous content is still relevant. What is the point of getting the new game if you a dedicated warzone player but also enjoys playing MP every now and again?

  • Kaan H
    Kaan H

    They will port cold war weapons. But my man some weapons are the game with different attachments like mp5 how would that work

  • Joel Salazar
    Joel Salazar

    All the talk, is you summing up other articles. But the basics is when new warzone starts, we will see how they integrate cold war and modern warefare content. Main thing youve done is show how the amax is the shit.

  • Twitchy Paladin
    Twitchy Paladin

    Cold war still feels looks and plays like shit. I hope they don't fuck up warzone and cw weapons coming to mw warzone seems like a stupid idea its just gonna ruin the balance.


    Warzone is boring. Battle royal is so played out. Playing the same map over and over is terrible.

    • leshtricity


  • Nicole Pershing
    Nicole Pershing

    Need a new God dam map for warzone especially that they didn't drop a warzone for Coldwar. Pfft. What the f they been doin for a year? Really pissed that they dont have one for coldwar!!

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady

    They jerking us around for a month because they realize nobody wants to play the crappy multiplayer anymore. They can make money first

  • yes sir
    yes sir

    People today I enter on Twitch and page of this person(I was follow him) and I saw him play new beta and I said exactly this words(“horrible,warzone forever”) and he delete my comment,was toxic he said.When they call pussy boys to others players,dumb ass on the chat,etc etc etc.wowwww little boy frustrated,can’t accept one opinion about one game mode,not about him,chat or anyone.Stop follow this person selfish,egocentric just do bully with team friends

  • Joseph Bidėn
    Joseph Bidėn

    You have to buy the game to use the guns😂😂 so if you got a m60 lazering kids who can’t even touch the gun🤣🤣

  • Curtis Harris
    Curtis Harris

    Why even mix the two. Cold War looks shit

  • Mk6 Joshy
    Mk6 Joshy

    I’ve never been so confused

  • Andy Westwell
    Andy Westwell

    Same map or not?

  • 5drip

    Will Modern Warfare and blackops be able to play together

  • RussianVapor

    Will the leader boards reset when ColdWar Warzone launches

  • Sawyer Strange
    Sawyer Strange

    Its crazy, I just started playing warzone. I won my 9th solo too. It was only 7 kills but it felt good haha

  • FGV Gravity
    FGV Gravity

    is this guy colorblind? why does the video look so weird

  • Sean Michael
    Sean Michael

    Unless they add a WZ map with all the same movements, gun behavior, HP and damage profiles as BO:CW its going to cause BO:CW to flop hard...ppl who are mainly here for WZ wont see the point in getting the whole game if it's a total different feel than WZ...I'm tired of the bums mounting and using drop shots to seem decent

  • Tumor Foot
    Tumor Foot

    Yo im just curious about recoil control like whats going on with guns like the mp5 that are in both games. Or like the Krig 6, wich has no recoil on the CW engine, will the recoil be different in warzone

    • Tumor Foot
      Tumor Foot

      @Levi facts

    • Levi

      Yea this whole Cold War coming into warzone just really dosent make any sense considering they’re on 2 different engines

  • Mr. Gamer
    Mr. Gamer

    Will my cod points transfer over

  • Axlets

    so say im banned on mw will I still be able to play if I bought it

  • Diablo0w

    Bro idk if it’s going to be free

  • John Gilbert
    John Gilbert

    Good content

  • Mirac

    Are we going to use same guns or cold wars guns?

  • Alex L
    Alex L

    So, is Warzone permanently moving over to cold war, or is there going to be a meld of sorts where cold war and MW players can play on the same Warzone? If the latter is true, can I use cold war weapons if I played the cold war alpha? In addition, would I have to play cold war more to unlock the others?

  • Drew Callahan
    Drew Callahan

    Thank you for admitting PC is an advantage over console ! We need that FOV in Warzone rn as an option ! Also. That next title, is definitely the sequel to MW2019 fersure. Soap, Gen. Shepherd. And the next Warzone map.

  • EvolutionZhyp3r

    How did he have a LMG in gulag

  • K H
    K H

    Having tried the Cold War beta I just hope Treyarch aren’t allowed anywhere near the warzone code.....

  • LeDon James
    LeDon James

    So your telling me that we’re gonna have 2 mp5s two uzis two AK-47s in one game mode, sounds like a great idea...... smh

    • Hugh McElroy
      Hugh McElroy

      maybe instead of having two of each they just won't add a cold war one. but then I don't know how the weapon ranking and attachments would work.

  • Mike Cutlip
    Mike Cutlip

    I wish they would cut out PC players the frames per second a PC can run makes it completely unfair against any console

    • Mike Cutlip
      Mike Cutlip

      @just Andrei appreciated I knew you could do that but wasn’t sure if it cut out everyone or not

    • just Andrei
      just Andrei

      @Mike Cutlip yes just pc so that u can play only with the ps4 and xbox one hommies

    • Mike Cutlip
      Mike Cutlip

      @just Andrei but does it cut out PlayStation too or just PC I don’t mind playing with other console gamers that’s fair. It when someone built a $10k custom PC that runs 300+ frames per second and they see you before you even see em come around a corner

    • just Andrei
      just Andrei

      u know u can dissable cross platform play that stops u from playing with guys from pc if ur on console

  • David Ramsay
    David Ramsay

    I don't want anything cold war related in modern warfare. two totally different times so you can have 2. Mp5s 2 ak 47s 2 1911s an a few other of the same gun? who came up with the idea? Just buy a separate game instead of making unrealistically massive for other wise junk

  • Rob C
    Rob C

    The only way it’s really changing is it’s going to be lagging with latency issues buildings not forming fast enough and full of pc hackers and ruined inside a few months and of course the developers won’t do anything about it. Complete waist of money

  • Šamûrai

    when is cold war warzone coming

  • Broku 596
    Broku 596

    I'm more interested in the class he's using

  • Bosmer1369

    So operators we buy will stay in warzone?

  • Rodrigo Hernandez
    Rodrigo Hernandez

    Will free to play warzone be able to transferr skins operators to cold war

  • Isaac Cortes
    Isaac Cortes

    What up Icemanisaac my name is Isaac too haha been watching your videos for about 3 months now dude they always give me great tips , just got my first solo 10 kills the other day !

  • Frankthetank

    How about this ......we end crossplay on warzone for pc and just keep it between Xbox and PlayStation and we end most cheating overnight and before you be getting angry at me remember console players are the majority in lobby’s so we don’t need pc players when the majority of you are cheating get angry with your cheaters not me

  • George Hachtel III
    George Hachtel III

    What is your ar build that shit smacks.

    • George Hachtel III
      George Hachtel III

      And smg build if your willing to tell me.

  • Astral'o Pithecus
    Astral'o Pithecus

    Captions godammit!

  • CloakedBigMan

    i think it would be interesting to watch you with an eye tracker on

  • Antony D'Andrea
    Antony D'Andrea

    They are 2 different games i don't see why they can't coexost

  • AloeMami

    Glad I’m not the only one who didn’t realize he had another job 😳

  • •__•

    if cold war guns will be remade to match warzone will they also be in modern warfare and will we be able to have dark matter and Damascus in the same class?

  • Steve

    Warzone has always been garbage it's only the kids 13 and younger that play it

  • Gnarzky

    You think they will ever drop custom lobbies for WarZone

  • EZProphet

    You banned me from your chat on twitch today for just sharing my opinion. You attacked me, called me a child, and tried to make a joke out of me. I want you to know that i have spent a lot of time watching your videos, have recommended and shared them to all of my friends, and have looked out for you and your channel trying to help you grow. Not only am i hurt, as i really respected you and your content, I’m also extremely disappointed you would rather censor me than hear an opinion you don’t like. If you ask me, that’s the childish reaction. You lost a fan that really put a lot a lot of energy into you and was here to help you grow. I still wish you the best of luck, but i am saddened by the way you treated me. You’re clearly not as genuine as you try to appear, which is a big letdown. I have very little doubt that you will succeed in the future and that i don’t matter to you, but i can’t support a creator that has exhibited hypocrisy and bullied me for a laugh. I just hoped the face you put on in your content was the true you. Good luck, Isaac, keep grinding and you’ll succeed

    • EZProphet

      @MrKhaoss you seem to think so

    • MrKhaoss

      @EZProphet oh so your opinion was wrong.

    • EZProphet

      @Tyler Barboza i said that symfunny was a hacker and he flipped out on me and my original comment explains what happened

    • Tyler Barboza
      Tyler Barboza

      What happen exactly?

    • EZProphet

      @DaCrzyBrazilian haha

  • Paperchaser Leon
    Paperchaser Leon

    Is the game going to run better? More FPS ingame

  • bri4n

    I want treyarch running how WZ plays. this IW botfest needs to end

  • wrbk

    Isaac/Zac and Huskerrs/JoeWo my 4 favorite content creators! Let's get it!

  • smokey5225

    I like the fact they value peoples money enough to not make everything people paid for in MW unavailable

  • mohamed tohotmos
    mohamed tohotmos

    I have a question about warzone, i just got my first gift card and I'm thinking about buying the battle pass so I wanted to ask when the battle royal in cold war comes out will I still have all my operators from mw? If anyone has an answer to this question can you answer me in the comments

    • mohamed tohotmos
      mohamed tohotmos

      @Nestor Sarria oh ok thanks

    • Nestor Sarria
      Nestor Sarria

      Yes everything will be in the cold war ( outfits and everything)

  • Logan Price
    Logan Price

    I cannot unhear you say "camplain"


    Sorry, Cross Platform should be an option. Forcing us console players to play with PC users is ridiculous!


      Absolutely not, if Playstion has it optional, xbox should have it as well. PC players should not be playing with Consoles Period.

    • apple mcdonald
      apple mcdonald

      bro chillax

  • Joel Young
    Joel Young

    So basically black ops is so crap they need mw to make it playable.

  • Matt Vitale
    Matt Vitale

    Anyone in the comments not planning on getting Black Ops or am i the only one not convinced?

    • Screw A Screen Name
      Screw A Screen Name

      I’m not planning on getting it. If I can grab it for cheap on Black Friday I might think about it. But the game isn’t worth more then $30 if that

  • Matt Vitale
    Matt Vitale

    Hey Isaac what if you don't feel that the black Ops Beta did a good job at convincing you to buy the game because I am not completely sold on it and I love modern warfare that I don't think I should have to get black ops.. do you think people will be losing out on anything by not buying black ops?

  • He Golden
    He Golden

    So we’re going to be able to use our operators form modern warfare on Cold War?

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