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Originally on Lockdown 23&1
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Part 2
Part 3

  • Brendan Conlon
    Brendan Conlon

    Wow you make sense! Thank for teaching people with some simple advice.

  • cresco smoker
    cresco smoker

    Ofc he not fazed he inside had them boys banging on the door sliding across the floor goddam😂

  • JR88

    Jake, you're the coolest white guy I've ever seen. I love your work! Keep it up!

  • Nick Miranda
    Nick Miranda

    You owe you owe there some cats I would like to run into 20+ later Trying me ,by pressing me way later wtf?

  • J.T. Leyva
    J.T. Leyva

    Should have took him a TSF shirt and said where it at lol

  • DeLundon Spearman
    DeLundon Spearman

    He might have gave a hint lmao

  • The Viking
    The Viking

    Hay I always say snitching is a street thing! But if your going to live that life then your held accountable

  • The Viking
    The Viking

    Damb bro I don’t even recognize hip hop anymore! Long gone are the days of nasty Nas, B.I.G , all the shit I grew wit

  • The Viking
    The Viking

    That jewelry sure put a target on you! And I never got the jewelry thing!

  • Jacob Campbell
    Jacob Campbell

    20k is not a start over for your life, that's a drop in the bucket and a life in prison!!

  • Eric Burton
    Eric Burton

    They tried to merk me for a piece of beef jerky🤦🏿‍♂️🤣💯


    Sauce walka is the greatest rapper out of Houston Since bun b. He is also super fucking Obnoxious.

  • Szabi B
    Szabi B

    Sauce walka is hilarious, I hope he keeps safe, because the other dude blicka is getting pissed.

  • Kingston Wasson
    Kingston Wasson

    1090 Jake "Thing are getting out of hand in my humble caucasian opinion" best thing I heard in a minute!

  • telepathy90

    Sauce said “ damn they shootin?, shit ...” as he stood in the doorway unphased holding the door for the others to run in 🤣

  • clown world pa
    clown world pa

    Got him naked and robbed him... Was it... Cardi B ? Bafnhahahaha

  • Wrath

    Aw hell nawww 😭😂😂💀 "As if killing is the UNO Reverse card for snitching"

  • emergingleader111

    "shits gettin outta hand... In my humble caucasian opinion"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣MAN Yhu keep uppin these quotes best one yet now

  • S M
    S M

    Its fuckin 3.5+ billion women on this planet...what kinda man would kill or die over a woman ROFL. omfg these beta wannabes crack me up

  • ghost crazy
    ghost crazy

    Glad you be back home in Houston Texas. Texas pride it can cost you.

  • Barely Awake
    Barely Awake

    Blicka: *hops on the internet* "I am going to commit murder or better yet I am putting a bounty on his head" Law enforcement: "hmmm interesting"

  • Victor Garcia
    Victor Garcia

    Sauce Walka KING of Texas

  • Cement Shoes
    Cement Shoes

    You can get shot anytime, anywhere, regardless of clout & riches or lack there of...ask John Lennon.

  • Eric stubing
    Eric stubing

    People dying over words. Stop caring about this shit and enjoy life. Enjoy your money! Leave the hood in the rear view.

  • The Legend
    The Legend

    most his videos are about rappers i got into new rap a few years ago never new they die like people making tacos ..didnt know half the stuff they were saying ......but this last 3 months and finding out how crazy they live and die so fast finding this channel just makes me sad this is the gen and how life is nothing no matter the fame or $........ they still just dont care about life ...God help us all...but this channel is great and J is like a rap version of the twilight zone and the ending of a 80s show where the end with a postive type of advice and a way to make u think about shite...but this is the world we live in now where life and death is just a few words said about some who will have some one else killed and im just in shock every day...

  • Joshua Alexander
    Joshua Alexander

    omg sauce walka is a master troll... whole different level with that

  • Lewis Conway, Jr.
    Lewis Conway, Jr.

    7:10 "In my humble Caucasian opinion..."🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jahaitian94

    Big U said out his own mouth that shitty didnt snitch tho


    Mayne i dont know why these foos beefing Sauce do be doing to much

  • Mitten Socks
    Mitten Socks

    That background is fire its dark n a lil bit of neon lights that bada**... Keep going 1090 u doing hella good u set a good example for others in that lifestyle n make em wanna do better in life...

  • Ki Ki
    Ki Ki

    “Tell the truth, when you was getting felatio from a felati- ho”.. lmfao 5:43- 5:46

  • Fresh Out The Box
    Fresh Out The Box



    I woulda brought him the realest lookin fake ever

  • Jim Dur
    Jim Dur


  • Jonathan Anaya
    Jonathan Anaya

    Bro it doesn’t matter when they step to you. If you owe money, you owe money. They can come for it anytime they want. What you need to worry about us paying up.

  • Peter Coffin
    Peter Coffin

    I love squeezing the Friday clip in lol

  • Anne

    I'd say just let it go ffs!! Life's too short for all this shit!!

  • TopOff Ent
    TopOff Ent

    Born and raised Houston Texas Southeast 45 my highway edgebrookmy exit. SO BELIEVE ME when I tell you that sauce twins and tsf going to make that dude Blinky sorry and then MAKE him buy some work and that's on sauce. 💯🩸🩸🩸

  • Jay Wills
    Jay Wills

    I hadn’t heard of sauce before all this shit but yo is funny af. I haven’t heard his music but bro got a slick mouth. One of those dudes that would be fun to be locked up with or as fun as it could be being locked up. He would have the whole block rollin laughin I bet

  • Cambo Rambo
    Cambo Rambo

    These “ Rappers “ have LOST ALL CREDIBILITY because They are still making songs with 69

  • Calvin Johnson
    Calvin Johnson

    Fake as fiberglass, nuff Said ✅

  • VanityDivined

    I’m square af & I laughed 😂 😂

  • Google_ KwayJaye
    Google_ KwayJaye

    Not the humble Caucasian opinion 😂


    Bro i watch this shit all day should be bigger than it is

  • Patrick McKenna
    Patrick McKenna

    Lol wet box closed casket

  • Justin F
    Justin F

    Bruh maybe it’s cuz I’m in my 30s now but I like chillin @ home 😂 fuck the extra shit

  • J.F.K. jr
    J.F.K. jr

    There is no paperwork on dude that clipped Nip

  • Philip Belli
    Philip Belli

    Is it a fad in today's rap to continuously DRY SNITCH on yourself and your homie's💀💀💀💯

  • DT Ryan
    DT Ryan

    😂😂this shit funny. Don’t want ppl gettin killed but this shit funny af😂

  • TrApUniverse

    This man said is the attention worth it but reposting the shii to get attention dummy

  • Sherchan clan
    Sherchan clan

    How u can be 1 deep

  • dylansteadyblazin420

    "In my humble caucasian opinion "🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joshua H
    Joshua H

    He didn't tell he might of her hinted lol

  • Naya Z
    Naya Z

    Lmfao you got felatio from a felatyhoe by the drayo .that took me out 😂!! Offica offica !! He rhymes while he speaks

  • SunnshineStatee

    😂🤣😂😂😂 nigga say Sauce act like Uncle Elroy

  • Sterling Knight
    Sterling Knight

    My humble caucasian opinion 🤣🤣🤣🤣 jake got bars af, he should try his hand at standup, i could see this man in a friday typa flick 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 i really want this cat to get all his roses 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • steelmag14

    lesson is stay humble, and stay in your lane. We can all respect one another.

  • jon sno
    jon sno

    Sauce walka definitely was on that good dope face all sunk in and alll damn man whats money good fkr if yiu aint even gone do it right

  • Ryan Lopez
    Ryan Lopez

    Nobody immune but sauce walka at least impervious

  • Tatted Dre
    Tatted Dre

    I fucks wit you 1090 jake💪🏾

  • YungBeast

    Jake if the OG C was still alive it woulda been squashed. RIP Pimp C 🙌💯

  • YungBeast

    His music won't last the test of time anyway. RIP Walka 😂💀😎💯

  • YungBeast

    Walka music is straight up 💩 water 😂😂💀💯

  • Tinkie Ie
    Tinkie Ie

    somebody gunna die


    Blika need to take a 3rd grade spelling class..

  • L Bo
    L Bo

    I'm confused.. I understand snitching but someone robs you of tens of thousands worth of materials and you're not allowed to report it? Also please explain the robbing stuff.. why is that something yall brag about? That tells me you're worthless, you're lazy and you posses zero skills to be able to create your own income and purchase your own jewelry or sneakers. You have to literally steal another grown man's possessions and that makes you cool? Nah.. that makes you broke and stupid.

  • Jimmy Go Dumb TV
    Jimmy Go Dumb TV

    It looks like a 3rd grader wrote that statement. 😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Go Dumb TV
    Jimmy Go Dumb TV

    That's the 3rd chain Walka got taking.. 😭😭😭

  • Chris Landry
    Chris Landry

    I love your videos, I can tell you put in a lot of hard work. Keep up the hard work!

  • king jaybruh
    king jaybruh

    if the girls get clapped i'm smiling from cheek to cheek

  • Jamison Strilchuk
    Jamison Strilchuk

    It sucks most these guys aren't shit without a gun...

  • 732RECCS

    EOS You play a dangerous game: You being a Blood/connected to street💩 is gonna have a DIFFERENT look from those of Whom are STILL in the streets by You NOT saying,"coming from a FORMER BLOOD GANG MEMBER"... = You are CLEARLY sympathizing. *I like Your content. But, come at situations from a Reporter's point of view. 'Cause the NOT so smart Gang-bangers are gonna take the (Crash-test, Dummy route). ✌🏾💙💚❤

  • Gregory Zella
    Gregory Zella

    Yo wat size Cuban u got 8’mm?

  • Raheem Brown
    Raheem Brown

    Uno reverse card🤣

  • Mike Simmerman
    Mike Simmerman

    These people are killing each other for nothing

  • Just Watching
    Just Watching

    You got a new fan. I didnt know you fucked with the Izm!!

  • Just Watching
    Just Watching

    Blicka trick azz got finezzed.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    In my humble Caucasian opinion 😝😂😂😂😂🤧 bruh 😂

  • Slapp YA Self Beats
    Slapp YA Self Beats

    you dont know this nigga could have had insurance on his shit an we all know the report is required

  • Jon Charles
    Jon Charles

    mafukaz act like Houston aint clear over 400 homicides last year shit aint never been soft or sweet in that bitch.. whole sect fulla killaz on godd..

  • Ernest Stewart
    Ernest Stewart

    Why don't they just get in the boxing ring and handle their business like men

  • CarolinaChris 26
    CarolinaChris 26

    Wait these dudes is putting hits out on camera man🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ these are different times we living in I remember when there wasn’t no social media

  • Robert Price
    Robert Price

    I'm disrespecting you by giving you too much time to pay me fuck that

  • Robert Price
    Robert Price

    Too broke to pay for s*** so you turn on the tough guy attitude. That doesn't count with me

  • somedude onyoutube
    somedude onyoutube

    Whoever this dude is. Fake AF, couldn't finish this video holy shit

  • un a5xp
    un a5xp

    Cornish LOL 😂

  • Lana Boo
    Lana Boo

    Im rockin with ya 😉

  • Justice 4 Juicy
    Justice 4 Juicy

    Dude in the denim diving like a grenade went off😂

  • AK_Fly

    “In my humble Caucasian opinion”💀

  • Blaze team
    Blaze team

    This shit old bra😅

  • Mykneegrow

    All that fast talking went out the window quick when them shots went off 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Shaw
    Michael Shaw

    There will be bloods fo sho just hope no kids get caught in killzone

  • Shan B.
    Shan B.

    And they wonder why they all go to jail

  • Sik Skillz
    Sik Skillz

    that don’t even constitute snitching, you can only snitch if your a part of the action, and to save your self or other reasons, tell on the other individuals involved in the action with you. this mental of not reporting crimes, get a lot of people young and old killed. it’s not snitching to defend yourself, it’s snitching to be involved in perpetrating the action and then tell on everyone involved in the planning and executing of the action, but even then theirs good reason to do it. you don’t own loyalty to people doing wrong against, so it’s not even considered snitching in 6x9 circumstance, they was not doing right by him, and when it came down to him or them, he got no loyalty to them. Think for yourselves, don’t let people talking shit, manipulate you. it’s common sense, most the people talking that don’t snitching is snitching, would snitch, even on people that loyal, is snitching, and has snitched. they isn’t a lot of real people out their and even if their was, they would be stupid to let people get await with wrongs against them, because of a stupid word. besides that, you got two routes. let the cops handle or go break their arms and legs and drench em in gasoline and light them on fire and do the same to their families and friends. it’s all depends on what option is available, but i know what i’m about.

  • Phillip M.
    Phillip M.

    Personally. Id feel pretty pissed to get robbed by a female using only pepper spray. Then again bro was spittin facts. You tried to get fellatio from a felatihoe. So kinda brought it on himself in a way.

  • Angel Pongrakthai
    Angel Pongrakthai

    Jesus the hostility how does someone walk around so angry all the time. I’m Exhausted watching him yell.

  • Gustavo Junior
    Gustavo Junior

    Sauce walka funny lingo talk

  • 43 Glizzy
    43 Glizzy

    Walka : no snitches here gets interrupted what y’all doing Them : not shii the just shooting 🌊🐬

  • 43 Glizzy
    43 Glizzy


  • Peezzy87 Glowe
    Peezzy87 Glowe