my insane 1700 IQ SPEEDRUN as detective...
Watch Disguised Toast use his deduction skills to find the impostors at an incredible world record pace.
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Edited by:

  • Mauri Sombowadile
    Mauri Sombowadile

    "You guys need to stop believing the voice, and believe the evidence." -- Pokimane

  • TheBlackCrafter


  • Unlikable AI
    Unlikable AI

    Poland go back to skeppy events

  • UNKNOWN 2020
    UNKNOWN 2020

    Imagine if toast was a girl man he would cheat on someone and he won’t leave them any clue lmao 😂😂😂😂

  • Muhammad Owais Rafiq Al-Hasani
    Muhammad Owais Rafiq Al-Hasani


  • Muhammad Owais Rafiq Al-Hasani
    Muhammad Owais Rafiq Al-Hasani


  • We Are Football Talkies
    We Are Football Talkies

    Every among us video after the game ends Mic goes brrrrrrr

  • Ethan Barel
    Ethan Barel

    I don’t like ur play style u don’t even do tasks all u do is watch other people

  • Sarah Jane Smith
    Sarah Jane Smith

    So many tasks and 20s cooldown! How do crewmates win with these settings lolololol

  • Sarah Jane Smith
    Sarah Jane Smith

    Simp or die ™️

  • Udders 18
    Udders 18

    If toast does tasks, he's imposter.

  • Adrienne Brown
    Adrienne Brown

    man Toast is so funny!😁

  • Mikasa Kuriyama
    Mikasa Kuriyama

    rae screaming is just... uhhh

  • Hamburger Hamburger
    Hamburger Hamburger

    At 4:16 did anyone see that the tv had the moving dvd

  • peter ten dam
    peter ten dam

    Why does he keep saying colors???

  • Dizeliun

    11:45 there is no upload in electrical.

  • VønZeL

    Imagine Toast playing with the SR group that would be great

  • Rafael Borges
    Rafael Borges

    I just can't stop watching this videos

  • Matthew Andrews
    Matthew Andrews

    We all talk about the sykunno and toast ship but let’s start respecting Poki and Rae ship

  • TheNukedNacho

    “You guys need to stop believing the voice and believe the evidence!” *laughs in Corpse “Deep Daddy” Husbando*

  • epicbig

    quick question, why does toast say the colors of everyone at the start? it really confuses me..

    • Jasmine Yang
      Jasmine Yang

      It’s to remember who is doing a certain task that has 2 parts. Like if you do garbage, Toast rememberers who did it at the start, then follows them sometimes to see if they do the 2nd part of trash. And if they don’t, then they’re imposters

  • blah

    It kinda drives me crazy that toast did no tasks

  • JT Plays
    JT Plays

    The susometer

  • Sophia Antony
    Sophia Antony

    Did anyone come from dantdm?

  • Enrique Torres
    Enrique Torres

    idk if his intro is saying disguised toast or this guy is toast

  • Justin Klinekole
    Justin Klinekole

    I’m sick of these unskippable nationwide Peyton Manning ads!!!

  • Yohann Morcoso
    Yohann Morcoso

    To complete offline tv

  • Yohann Morcoso
    Yohann Morcoso

    Invite fed for the next play

    • Obama Prism
      Obama Prism

      @Jasmine Yang what did he do?

    • Jasmine Yang
      Jasmine Yang

      Nahhh they’ll never play with him after what he did to the girls in the group

  • J PF
    J PF

    Why don’t you do tasks?

  • Skittle Gaming
    Skittle Gaming

    4:15 : did anyone else see the DVD hit the corner???

  • BoomerBTW

    Toast=when he’s imposter makes everybody think he’s not but one person knows it’s him but everyone believes toast

  • BenkySan!

    Has enough evidence to prove noah- Noah sus 5 sec later... SYKUNNO LOVES TO VENT KILL :)))

  • Carbon K
    Carbon K

    4:18 DVD logo just hit the corner...!

  • Amith Deraniyagala
    Amith Deraniyagala

    if i ever commit a crime i need to get toast to be my lawyer

    • green crewmate
      green crewmate




  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales

    You can tell Pokimane has PTSD She's immediately sus of Toast every fuckin time

  • tcvps

    toast didnt finish any task 😂

  • Ulrich

    pooki bigger simp then syk

  • Gabriel Marvez Díaz
    Gabriel Marvez Díaz

    toast would be the greatest internet scammer lol

  • Thomas Clarke
    Thomas Clarke

    Its because he offered you the table Rae and you took it, falling right into the toaster, by freely and so calmly offering you the table, even the tone in his voice was like "do you want me to tell them, or do you wanna own up Rae"... haha great plays haha

  • samir acharya
    samir acharya

    Greatest among us player ever as an imposter "Should I be killing people?" 2:28 😆😆😆

  • Katsudon Kun
    Katsudon Kun

    “It’s sykkuno. Sykkuno is my simp. He never questions me. But he “why jack”” Same sykkuno Same

    • XDrispyX Fn
      XDrispyX Fn

      This comment made no sense

  • simplelife

    hate how toast never does his tasks

  • MComaniac Gaming
    MComaniac Gaming

    “Sykkuno is my biggest simp” -Toast 2020

  • Adonis

    6:30 lol

  • pop_user2

    I got imposters right 3 matches In a row and he said I hate you then banned me lol, and I wasn't even hacking I was using big brain strat

  • The Hazardous One
    The Hazardous One

    Does toast literally never do tasks?

  • OhhNo

    the more toast plays, the smarter he get, the smarter he gets, the faster the games get. in the end he will call a meeting and know everything

  • Harry Williams
    Harry Williams

    Bruh Bruh

  • Lynx

    why dont you do tasks just asking

    • Jasmine Yang
      Jasmine Yang

      Task wins are boring to him & doesn’t make the game fun

  • Nikola Stojanović
    Nikola Stojanović

    Cant believe this all started with him playing a yugioh ripoff

  • Ariel Wijaya
    Ariel Wijaya

    Normally sykkuno always simps for me 😂😂😂

  • Karin Maka
    Karin Maka

    Rae's screams are golden

  • Tim

    „Lets vote Jack of“ hehe

  • pete mat
    pete mat

    At 10:30 when he says Rae is sus I thought he faked asteroids or something but he could just be doing it normally lol

  • 004 Abhijith P Suresh
    004 Abhijith P Suresh

    4:17 the dvd symbol hit the corner🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    Cloakzy at the end there calling out toast for running around tables in cafeteria was a dead giveaway since lights were off. And then not voting his teammate low IQ plays

  • YellowHat

    is it ha this guys toast or ha disguised toast

    • Jasmine Yang
      Jasmine Yang


  • Abigail Despina
    Abigail Despina

    I don't get why the killers don't just kill toast first every time lol

  • Abigail Despina
    Abigail Despina

    I almost enjoy him figuring out who it is more than him being imposter. It's so fun to watch what little things he notices ppl do and then yell "kill 'em!"

  • Kaguya Shinomiya
    Kaguya Shinomiya

    Imagine memorising all those colours and tasks and getting killed first.

  • Sitoo Bros
    Sitoo Bros

    I wanna die. And im 12. Soon its gonna happen.

  • Kirisuna

    Toast: "Green black red blue orange" Me also: "Green black red blue orange"

  • Irrelevant Mystery
    Irrelevant Mystery

    Omg dantdm i miss him

  • 1k subs no vids?
    1k subs no vids?

    the first half of the game toast is just saying colors

  • Redgey

    5:39 how tf did rae not see that lol

  • 1k subs no vids?
    1k subs no vids?

    DVD hit corner 4:10

  • Meow Pro
    Meow Pro

    Someone: **dies** Pokimane: Sykunno likes vent kill

  • Aleksandar Petkov
    Aleksandar Petkov

    PLS stop playing with this valky so I can start watching ur videos again

  • gggthebestofcrees !
    gggthebestofcrees !

    I paused the video on 2:22 when the video is 22:22

  • wilmer jafet bautista
    wilmer jafet bautista

    wtf basically is in this ?!?@?@?

  • kyzel TSN
    kyzel TSN

    Toasts getting about he's playing with all the childhood favriouts like jacksepticeye and DanTDM

  • ❤︎𝑩𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂❤︎

    the talk and the brain is all you need

  • ❤︎𝑩𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂❤︎

    biggest simp indeed

  • I love marvel 1
    I love marvel 1

    Yeah I also noticed sykkuno wasn’t simping for toast

  • Daniar Zhylangozov
    Daniar Zhylangozov

    4:16 “DVD” hits the corner on the screen

  • Anirudh Navin
    Anirudh Navin

    His way of playing is kinda annoying tho Not doing tasks and the colour chanting was pointless

    • Anirudh Navin
      Anirudh Navin

      @Jasmine Yang true true that I can agree with

    • Jasmine Yang
      Jasmine Yang

      Task wins are boring & remembering the colors will help him determine the killer

  • _.WasteYourTime._


  • Noah de Meyer
    Noah de Meyer

    So weird to see him as yellow

  • Minhaj K
    Minhaj K

    *Toast provides logical reason as to why this peraon is a killer and gets voted of because he might be big braining them* Whereas: *Toast says Sykunno didn't simp for me and everyone votes Sykunno out😂😂* New Game Style right there that he should go with... 😂... Logic less Toast😂 is pretty entertaining.

  • Astronomer Josh Carter
    Astronomer Josh Carter

    19:38 Cloakzy just voted toast... Isn't that ironic? He should've voted his partner to blend in.

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla

    22:10 how did he know its cloaky

    • Jasmine Yang
      Jasmine Yang

      Gut feelings. Cloaky voted for Toast at the end. And the other crewmates also said they were sus of cloaky & was a bit sure it was him bc of his movements I think

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla

    2:22 woah how.did toast know its skyuno

  • 6 Graphs
    6 Graphs

    Toast is sick and all but I hate how he doesn’t do task it bothers me so much lol

  • BodaciousDoggo

    0:23 hopefully the poki simps don’t take this outta context

  • Rapture Music
    Rapture Music

    Hey, I composed the background music :) It is called "The Sewer" in case you wanna listen to it :) Cheers, Rapture

    • Rapture Music
      Rapture Music

      @Self Improvement Journey Thanks for the tip! I've sent him an email now and asked him if he can credit me properly. It's not nice to "steal" other people's work and just use it without even mentioning it. Thanks for your comment and have a nice day! :)

    • Self Improvement Journey
      Self Improvement Journey

      I recommend emailing him directly or sending him a direct message on social media. Its hard for him to monitor comments.

  • grandmacat

    This is cool.

  • Brian Lin
    Brian Lin

    Toast not doing a single task last round hurts my soul...

  • Dejonn

    DanTDM's voice is so nostalgic

  • Pspersonal909 909
    Pspersonal909 909

    2:30 "Should I be killing people?". I wonder that all the time.

  • Logan Johnston
    Logan Johnston

    Toast should do a collab with alpharad

  • Jordan Cummings
    Jordan Cummings

    It's so frustrating to watch toast do absolutely zero tasks when a task win is within reach.

  • Outside The Box
    Outside The Box

    The only way for people to get normal games, you need to kill toast on the first meeting no matter what.... lol

  • Blake Rolfe
    Blake Rolfe

    This is how toast is gonna become a millionaire the newest popular game and he's the best at it

  • Shikhar Kumar
    Shikhar Kumar

    Your deducting skills somehow remind me of Ryan higa's (lemonade,Illuminati) type of videos.

  • IzzyIsBusy

    Can we talk about how he does not do tasks cuz he is 2000 IQ detective XD

  • NMM

    The thumbnail looks like they are doing the middle finger lol

  • Lanksey

    That simp joke is closet gay lol

  • Katelyn Cruden
    Katelyn Cruden

    Raes screaming makes me wanna kms

  • Cheap Tactics
    Cheap Tactics

    This is the problem with detective types. They can fucking kill someone in front of everyone and they still believe them contrary to the pile of evidence against them, just because they're the detective.