All Cinematic Cutscenes (SEASON 1-6) - Call Of Duty Modern Warfare
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All Cinematic Cutscenes (SEASON 1-6) - Call Of Duty Modern Warfare
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  • ScereBro PSNU
    ScereBro PSNU

    What's your favorite season so far? Don't forget to drop a like. Let's reach 7000 likes! :)

    • MT gaming rodriguez
      MT gaming rodriguez


    • :0land


    • The Expert
      The Expert

      I fav was season 4

    • MrZ

      Ghost season

    • H7N

      To be honest 1 and 6 and 3

  • ThunderKatz

    Could you imagine if they had battlefield operators from bf4

  • Piyush ROCKZZ
    Piyush ROCKZZ

    COD warzone besssssssssssssssst i have nothing to say Why did you tap on read more

  • Denver Kelly
    Denver Kelly

    They should make a night version of rust. That would be so awesome!

  • Eizlan Iskandar
    Eizlan Iskandar

    I like how Al-Asad is now a proper villain rather than just pawn by Imran Zakhaev

  • Finley Weeks
    Finley Weeks

    Ghost is a real ghost but not ever dead

  • [OP] Tybi514
    [OP] Tybi514

    cs 1.6

  • The L3rNa3aN
    The L3rNa3aN

    I had the most fun in Season 1 and 5. Season 6 turned out to be a grind for getting the Farah and Nikolai skins. But okay.

  • The Rat Master 420 2.0
    The Rat Master 420 2.0

    the first thing that comes to mind when i think about each season season 1: crash season 2: ghost season 3: rust season 4: captain price season 5: shadow company season 6: Nikolai

  • Yepes Multimedia
    Yepes Multimedia

    the call of duty mobile story line is pretty similar to this, they actually try to make it a lot like modern warfare, same operators and equipment.

  • Keyson Caitano
    Keyson Caitano


  • Дмитрий Зверев
    Дмитрий Зверев

    Poor mil-sim operators

  • Khamdhani Dani
    Khamdhani Dani

    IM mason david

  • Neel Shinde
    Neel Shinde

    Still Alex uses Hadir rifle

  • Neel Shinde
    Neel Shinde

    Shepherd that bastard is back

  • Arif Eren
    Arif Eren

    1:50 Thank god Al-Asad nodded towards the city because if he didn't the soldiers would have went to Burger King

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin

    When that russian guy was begging for him not to be killed it was so sad.

  • Jerremiah Wall
    Jerremiah Wall

    Actual game: getting blown up by RPGs, run over, sniped, dropshots, jumpshots, shooting down paratroopers, campers, 12 year olds, rage, a gas mask magically breaking to gas etc.

  • LCB&JJQproud auction
    LCB&JJQproud auction

    So they turned my country in to some kind of Arabic place.

  • LastiJerb

    Season 3 was the BEST

    • Nyle Hidalgo
      Nyle Hidalgo


  • Spookyboibtw

    Mil-sim lives matter

  • Egemen Yıldırım
    Egemen Yıldırım

    ı thought alex will became ghost but nevermind

  • Emran

    I Miss these days cold war came and ruin everythings 💔💔

  • Michael Troupe Jr
    Michael Troupe Jr

    This is COD Modern Warfare movie✅

  • Mahdi Tvak
    Mahdi Tvak


  • Rufus

    6:20 why does price look so botched


    If your reading this. Which season did you did you start?

    • JUCY P3NIZ
      JUCY P3NIZ

      @Joshua S Grosswiler nice

    • Joshua S Grosswiler
      Joshua S Grosswiler

      Season 1

  • Kurrupted Gaming
    Kurrupted Gaming

    Did Price call Ghost “Soap” at 3:32 ? Update: found out Price’s accent is just thicker than a bowl of grits and he’s saying “Simon”

    • BlackThunder540

      @Kurrupted Gaming No Problem :)

    • Kurrupted Gaming
      Kurrupted Gaming

      @BlackThunder540 lol I fixed the comment a week before you replied but thanks

    • BlackThunder540

      He Said "Simon" Lol Not "Soap" Use Headphone 😂

  • Ak_1215


  • Luke Grantham
    Luke Grantham

    This would be such a good movie

  • G ScoRe
    G ScoRe

    Better than movies

  • Patrik#U228

    missing season 1

  • umutcan öktem
    umutcan öktem

    This map also in CoD mobile

  • Angelo Rossi
    Angelo Rossi

    What a shit, Farah ruined all of this... And just for a political correct things

  • Honey Boi.
    Honey Boi.

    3:09 I like how Ghost said send me a team of trustable people Because last time he got betrayed he lost roach so now hes very caution

    • HowlingWolf

      This is a reboot..

  • Basehoney Yt
    Basehoney Yt

    Rip mil-sim 😭

  • Kodak

    Nikto has such a sexy accent.


    Any one cod mobile then fight with me

  • David Lauresta
    David Lauresta


  • Ralph Paolo Yumul
    Ralph Paolo Yumul

    SAS Team

  • Jojo Cheems
    Jojo Cheems

    I bet that the majority of us are season 2 and season 3 OG's

  • Surendra Singh
    Surendra Singh

    Call of duty

  • Aadnan WaNi
    Aadnan WaNi

    Ghost: Send fighters I can trust Price: Send Shepherd

  • GATUK1773R

    poeque la chica de la temporada 6 hace vida normal? y no como zendra que sigue en el personaje a la otra ni le importa ni hace nada

  • Saitama

    Whoa this can be a movie 🍿

  • Muh Ahksan
    Muh Ahksan

    666 Comment Now IM ruined it

  • Eggo


  • Eggo

    ITS almost 666 comments

  • Salah Bayari
    Salah Bayari

    Why always the terrorists are the one who speaks in arabic language .

  • Charles Koushik
    Charles Koushik

    Where is soap 😭

  • Predator that hunts the thots for sport
    Predator that hunts the thots for sport

    Why the heck was that ghille dude wearing a snow one in this type of place? :/

  • Jayden Dicritan
    Jayden Dicritan

    guys did you still renembered this guy captain price on back 5:22 if you know like and comment I I I V

  • Tiger Olson
    Tiger Olson

    Personally I was hyped that alex lived also Ghost was cool I'm probably gonna buy MW but problem is most of the characters that dropped are gone so it kinda sucks

  • ITZYリュジン、


  • Vijay Vo
    Vijay Vo

    “Bravo six... were going dark!” The most epic time of MW

  • Ghost_Hat_Beats

    Bro season 6 was my SHIT. And Nikolai...HOT DAMN that voice is sexy af.

  • Nolan Heintz
    Nolan Heintz

    I want a season of MW post Shepherd. Where the co-op missions start with TF-141 being betrayed by shepherd and having to fight his army.

    • ExtremeYTGaming

      @HowlingWolf I agree, It’d be cool to see Shepherd be good in this timeline. And I reckon they’ll make Kate Laswell the Shepherd of this universe and betray everyone

    • HowlingWolf

      @ExtremeYTGaming I hope they go with an entirely different direction with his character

    • ExtremeYTGaming

      Shepherd probably won’t betray them in this timeline

  • Josh Ammari
    Josh Ammari

    3:30 Price just said soap?? Ghost is soap confirmed

    • 《Remedy 》
      《Remedy 》

      I can't hear different now...

    • Chriss

      He said “Simon”


    they messed up on the season 4 cutscene it shows zakhaev old in 1982 but 1982 is the year cold war takes place and young zhakaev is in cold war


    Even tho I started in season 1 my favorite is 3 because 3 is when I started playing mw all the time

  • Eric John
    Eric John

    Thumbnail is clickbait. That nikito skin didn't come out to season 4. Make sure to dislike and unsubscribe

  • Annah Rose
    Annah Rose

    Maya had him playing call of duty warzone yet dad I like season 6

  • Bryles 10
    Bryles 10

    The map in the season 1 trailer is from cod mobile

    • Heartthrobber

      Looks like you started playing COD last year or this year. It was from COD4: MW.

  • Google User
    Google User

    Now i know why the stadion looks like destroyed

  • Troopersnpc34444

    I have the theory that ghost dint died but he change his mask cus the old one was burned

    • ExtremeYTGaming

      Different timelines.

  • Philbert Thurnov
    Philbert Thurnov

    3:04 He is my favorite ghost jawbone character and is already on the call of duty mobile waoww 😍

    • Jeda Tazura
      Jeda Tazura

      @Cringy Stingy it's mobile game, so yeah

    • Cringy Stingy
      Cringy Stingy

      Awful game. Codm is like a honda civic driver at a sports car meetup

  • Adolfo Muñoz
    Adolfo Muñoz

    Acá esperando la season 7

  • jhon rednie guerrero
    jhon rednie guerrero

    Wow i wish codm have this

    • Moxuis

      They get cod warzone it's free you stupid kid

    • Manz [만스]
      Manz [만스]

      they can do it but it may lead to use a lot of budget since codm is free to play game unlike other cod which is game u need to pay to play it..

  • Javanshir Beshirov
    Javanshir Beshirov

    Затем вы говорите, что русские создают оружие, которое уничтожит мир, но американцы берут русских как террористов. Если бы я был президентом России, я бы уничтожил весь мир.

  • Mohammadali Mirzaee
    Mohammadali Mirzaee


  • Epic mc gamer
    Epic mc gamer

    The first cut scene map is crash, haha I know it, I've played codm and cod mw and cod bo so I know haha

  • Bakoca

    Nikolai is the og

  • KTLyons2712

    Why does the guy at the end of the season 1 cutscene sound like hadir 😳

    • Mallory Dean
      Mallory Dean

      'cause he probably is Hadir. I've been thinking about that for a while, and it does make sense. He worked with The Wolf, so when he and The Butcher died, he would probably be the next best to lead AQ.

  • JellySlopefall 57
    JellySlopefall 57

    These cutscenes look and run like the ones in Destiny

  • Nice teddy bear Chandler
    Nice teddy bear Chandler

    Sorry guys, i don't play MW (because im poor and don't even have a good PC) but What's the difference between coalition and allegiance, are coalitions the good guys (since there are ghost, price, etc.)? What's the armistice? Thanks

    • KTLyons2712

      @Nice teddy bear Chandler no prob mate

    • Nice teddy bear Chandler
      Nice teddy bear Chandler

      @KTLyons2712 for a moment there i thought they were Mercs trying to disband the armistice (because of the hacking of the armistice ad) anyways thanks so much

    • KTLyons2712

      @Nice teddy bear Chandler I'm not too sure, but I know that they're mercenaries hired to kill Zakhaev.

    • Nice teddy bear Chandler
      Nice teddy bear Chandler

      @KTLyons2712 oh ok thanks, also what about shadow company?

    • KTLyons2712

      Coalition consists of military forces from USA, Germany, canada, UK, etc. Whereas Allegiance consists of military forces from Russia, Ukraine, Middle East and some USA forces. Armistice was an alliance between the two sides to fight the Al Qatala, who are a large group of terrorists who are trying to use deadly chemicals to kill the armistice alliance and take over Verdansk. So, Armistice was sent down to fight the Al Qatala and get rid of the chemicals. However, they were too late. The Al Qatala had released the chemicals which caused a "survival of the fittest" type situation. This also led to a lot of distrust between the Armistice, which caused the alliance to slowly fall as operators killed each other. PS, not all coalition forces fight allegiance forces, for example some of them are allies and actually work together.

  • 丂ㄖ几••ᎶㄖҜㄩR o
    丂ㄖ几••ᎶㄖҜㄩR o

    Is there any movie or something?...I'm so addicted 😍

  • Miss Gamealot
    Miss Gamealot

    All of em!!

  • Martino

    Season 3 cutscene is the best one so far

  • Michael Petrovich
    Michael Petrovich

    Russian soldiers don´t beg.

  • Sonia Knight
    Sonia Knight

    Mackey_toolz on Instagram... just helped me recovered my activation account..

  • PTE Flow
    PTE Flow

    Wait alex wasnt dead how what im new to the series but still like how when and why people saying he was ghost like tf can someone explain please

    • HowlingWolf

      @ExtremeYTGaming They wre wrong from the beginning

    • ExtremeYTGaming

      People were theorising that Alex was Ghost, they were wrong.

  • Farah Ahmed Karim
    Farah Ahmed Karim

    4:23 wait Alex isn't dead?! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Farah Ahmed Karim
    Farah Ahmed Karim

    Can someone put an F in the chat for all these poor fucking MilSims? 9:33 1:47 9:06

  • Farah Ahmed Karim
    Farah Ahmed Karim

    9:50 Nice work. Same to you, give the Captain my regards. us go after Zhakaev. I'd rather kill him. Good. You'll need this *gives AS VAL* Back in the fight. Actual, I'm with Nikolai. We're on. Roger that. Bravo Six to Griggs. Standby to move. Copy, say the word, Captain.

    • Ja.Capalot

      The Briggs bundle makes more sense now

  • Buruchar

    Очень плохо, что её опять не будет в Steam 😐 Значит не буду покупать 🤷🏼‍♂️ Купил бы, если бы была в Steam. Меня в играх интересует больше сюжетка чем сетевуха.

  • Naufal Fajri
    Naufal Fajri

    Nikolai and Farah should have their own DLC story

    • Farah Ahmed Karim
      Farah Ahmed Karim


  • David Reyes
    David Reyes

    Real world tactics

  • geforce acc
    geforce acc

    what is infinity ward thinking making price say"going dark" in a broad daylight.

    • Joshua Initorio
      Joshua Initorio

      Going Dark means to turn off comms

    • Felipe Santos
      Felipe Santos

      Its time to kill

  • Cyclonus VeilSide
    Cyclonus VeilSide

    I hate it when they say rog’

  • Ramza

    One if them had audio from rainbow 6... "chemical weapons in the wild"

    • Ramza

      @Zero One ahhh, same voice actress. and she said something very similar in the article 5 cutscenes

    • Zero One
      Zero One 90% that was from the campaign.

  • lol 31
    lol 31

    All american lol

  • Khanzada Ahmed Khan
    Khanzada Ahmed Khan

    felt bad for the mil-slim

  • Simon Ghost Riley
    Simon Ghost Riley

    Kamarov makarov nikto sounds like makarov cuould he be...

  • J D
    J D

    These seasons are stupid af tbh.

  • God of War
    God of War

    dude u suck they arent even in order

  • Rushel Minong
    Rushel Minong

    I fell bad for the Russian soldier that got killed

  • ScowlingSet5 YT
    ScowlingSet5 YT

    Ghost:send fighters I can trust Me:Gets general Shepard flashbacks

  • Muhammad Ibrahim Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim Ibrahim

    You know what this game is booooom fucking game story is doooom

  • Honor J
    Honor J

    Be pretty cool if they added soap into the game

  • Ahmad Herman
    Ahmad Herman

    5:22 seems like the most left by the price is like a first character that usually used in cod mobile.