What really happens when your foot falls asleep
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  • Dollface163 Dollface
    Dollface163 Dollface

    This happens every day it feels like so many needles are injecteing me

  • GoatedAssassin_

    Yooo I noticed the Stranger Things poster back there omg you watch it too!?!

  • XXXTENTACION rest in peace patterson
    XXXTENTACION rest in peace patterson


  • Boss Animz
    Boss Animz

    I mean I wouldn’t mine watching his movie if he planned to make a Cells at Work Live Action movie or smth

  • Alfies New Channel Of Stuff
    Alfies New Channel Of Stuff

    The skits are actually really good.

  • Sara

    This “feels” accurate.

  • Woe_bigE E
    Woe_bigE E

    You fool......I was the Steve the whole time!

  • Blue among us
    Blue among us

    Ture lol

  • Kekistani Insurgent
    Kekistani Insurgent

    Literally the first short comedy sketch I’ve actually found funny

  • Kekistani Insurgent
    Kekistani Insurgent

    How is this so accurate

  • Fox'sAndDragons_BOSs_

    Science but fun

  • Alicia Wuchen
    Alicia Wuchen

    Nothing more like your spirit friend that is invisible

  • Saregis Smith
    Saregis Smith

    Are you a bio student?

  • Holigians 90
    Holigians 90

    Those static noises though, we all know that feeling

  • • J A N A •
    • J A N A •

    If your body parts really were just little people that look like you it will be extremely funny and cute ☺️

  • Tahzi Bizimungu
    Tahzi Bizimungu

    A digital TV with static?😂

  • Kara Williams
    Kara Williams

    My foot fell asleep watching this lol

  • Deathbrone

    My guy really be lookin like Will Smith

  • Sam Tilden
    Sam Tilden

    This is actually a great tik tok, I’m actually impressed

  • EGB Goyard
    EGB Goyard

    Lmao Kirby is low tier

  • vainslostt

    I know ots so anoyong when that happens

  • Wxrp

    Plot twist: He didn’t open the door right.

  • Solomon Reid
    Solomon Reid

    This guy looks like Will Smith almost

  • Tab Willis
    Tab Willis

    My foot actually fell asleep while watching this 🤣

  • llxn co
    llxn co

    When you’ve sat at the toilet for too long

  • Assassin 162
    Assassin 162

    Wait... THERE'S TV'S IN OUR LEGS?!?!

  • Frederick Stuart
    Frederick Stuart

    The tv static is accurate 😂

  • Zenexer


  • Sherrod Woods
    Sherrod Woods

    Bro this is so true🤣🤣

  • Jasmine Brown
    Jasmine Brown

    When they turned on that fuzzy channel That's the fuzzy burning feeling you feel your feet when your foot falls asleep

  • Christopher Waller
    Christopher Waller


  • nross95

    the fastest way to fix that. Is tilting your head back and forth to open up your blood vessels in your neck. So your brain can get efficient oxygenated blood.

  • LT Fled Angulo
    LT Fled Angulo

    Brian is in the brain department so he is playing super smash that means the human is thinking of super smash

  • Granite

    "why's this Kirby so Op?" I played super smash bros long time ago and damn my man Kirby do be slaying does opponents

  • Keith Taylor
    Keith Taylor



    Everyone's gangsta till the person starts hearing voices on his foot

  • No Body
    No Body


  • Lasse Lauwerys
    Lasse Lauwerys

    It sure does feel like tv static

  • Mikolaj

    Wtf why this guy looks like T.I.

  • UmiGawd _
    UmiGawd _

    everyone Gucci till they start *feeling* the TV static.

  • Livid Again
    Livid Again


  • Servilo

    And after that, they forgot to turn it off

  • Raja Ahmad Kamal Raja Mohamed
    Raja Ahmad Kamal Raja Mohamed

    That static at the leg is pretty accurate as I have felt it over 10 times

  • Suncopper

    My legs fell asleep while watching this-

  • Steve O
    Steve O

    The last thing i’m doing is stomping when my leg falls asleep

  • Lucas Andre Ramirez
    Lucas Andre Ramirez

    Im honestly learning more from this than the books at school

  • Pirateboy 422
    Pirateboy 422

    This guy has tought me more in under a minute than 6 years of school has taught me

  • Kjuan OwnIt
    Kjuan OwnIt

    Took me half a minute to get the white noise reference, then suddenly became the funniest video I’ve seen so far tonight lol this was a good one!!!

  • Jalissa Parham
    Jalissa Parham

    Lol. This was brilliant 😂😂

  • XTIAN309

    Anyone just swiped to this while their hand is asleep or is it just me

  • 5K ᔆubscribers With No Videos
    5K ᔆubscribers With No Videos

    This is what my blood cells have to go through while im in the bathroom

  • joaopedrodossantos araújo
    joaopedrodossantos araújo


  • 777 And 767
    777 And 767

    Best vids

  • Vai

    This guy needs to be a science teacher

  • TheGrlWhoNeverExisted

    Ok wait i just realised that those sound thingies are all over for some reason-

  • DeepHerSoul

    Your videos are brilliant

  • Rashawnermani456

    This deadass educational and funny

  • Purple Panda
    Purple Panda

    I thought it was the compression of nerves and not the slowing down / stopping of blood flow

  • Kriptonite Flame
    Kriptonite Flame


  • Kingninoe No
    Kingninoe No

    Omg yes this it’s so true

  • Hugger_ Bmgo
    Hugger_ Bmgo

    Can u d9 a behind the sence please

  • Spiritofgames

    Invisible ants crawling

  • John Carl Garcia
    John Carl Garcia

    this what happens to me but its in my hands and sometimes foot


    Fr tho it does feel like static

  • Dayne Haworth
    Dayne Haworth

    Good concept. But a dead leg is actually from the compression of a nerve in the leg most of the time... www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/conditionsandtreatments/pins-and-needles

  • Sabrina Barreau
    Sabrina Barreau

    Wow that was Ana maxing explanation. U should be a tutor. New Subbie!

  • Angelina Albano
    Angelina Albano

    Hahaha holy shit dude, this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

  • faye faye
    faye faye

    I could just watching the wall......

  • Just your ordinary duckie
    Just your ordinary duckie

    Me: watches this My feet a minute later: 😴

  • Dominic Brown
    Dominic Brown

    Bro my foot fell asleep as soon as I started watching this video

  • gatcha,bunny,love

    Am I the only one while I was watching this realize that my foot is numb

  • EEDmijop 19
    EEDmijop 19

    Lol my foot fell asleep and then I saw this

  • Aaron Faulkner
    Aaron Faulkner

    This dude is a trip.

  • Rodney Rodeo
    Rodney Rodeo

    Who delivers oxygen to the leg

  • Bill Flk
    Bill Flk

    I have to agree it's actually pretty cool thanks keep it up lol

  • o Yudie
    o Yudie

    Actually it's your main nerv getting cut off trying to turn back on

  • random roblox player
    random roblox player

    Red blood cell:how long has it been? Steve: *9 seconds*

  • Jota Pedro
    Jota Pedro

    Hataraku Saibou?

  • QuintenFN

    As this is going on my finger id asleep

  • Joe O'neal
    Joe O'neal

    So cool

  • Dominic King
    Dominic King

    This is my favorite series from u

  • bastard granny
    bastard granny

    Sad part is kids todays probably wont even know what tv static is

  • Gam'min

    Red blood cell:calls brain department Brain:man Kobe so op

  • Xavier Minner
    Xavier Minner

    Swear 😭😭

  • Remzzy boi
    Remzzy boi

    If delivery was UPS we'd be long extinct

  • SeekingJesusChristWholeHeartedMinistries

    To everyone! You are beautiful just the way you look! You are important! You do have worth and meaning! I love you! You are important! You do not need to be skinny or have abs to be Beautiful! You are beautiful just the way you look! Never forget that! Always be loving and kind to everyone! Jesus loves you! Never forget that you are so beautiful and you do have meaning and worth! Everyone is beautiful!

  • Rena Romero
    Rena Romero

    I think your tik toks are so awsome. You should do these for sxhools and get paid .

  • Leon Kuwata
    Leon Kuwata

    They make Kirby so OP like in smash he was my main

  • Blck Reign
    Blck Reign

    Bro your contents amazing

  • renchidesu

    “They made kirby so op” yes.. yes they did.. *turns around and looks at my friends who banned me from using kirby*

  • Logan

    Cells at Work

  • Great Doge Leviathan
    Great Doge Leviathan


  • Golden-face My me
    Golden-face My me


  • Neat vu
    Neat vu


  • CatClover65

    It’s so true though

  • Dina Fritz
    Dina Fritz

    _Somebody_ was watching “Cells at work” 😏

  • Zachary Tweltridge
    Zachary Tweltridge

    Dude got Hardstop Lucas merch

  • Quartez Norrz
    Quartez Norrz



    Actually blood is blue inside your body cuz it has oxygen and out I doesn't so it's red on the out blue in the in

  • water foker
    water foker