Mod Sun on Getting Sober, Dating Bella Thorne & Tana at the same time & more
Modsun gets super real about his turmoils and misadventures with addiction. Describes rock bottom and how he's now in AA and happy to be alive.
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  • No Jumper
    No Jumper

    0:14 - Adam22 almost teared up watching Modsun's UZload video about his drug abuse 2:30 - Maintaining an image on social media 3:34 - Getting addicted to coke after the first time trying it 5:00 - Every artist feels like they need to be tortured 8:10 - Hitting rock bottom 9:50 - Not being a preacher for sobriety 14:34 - Treating a music career as a job 16:20 - Leaving room for miracles and no trying to control everything 22:11 - Walking up and down sunset strip for hours with Sunset Jesus 23:00 - The moment Modsun decided to become sober 27:41 - Dying young being romanticized 29:00 - Symptoms of sobriety after years of abuse 31:32 - Being introduced to lean 34:34 - Modsuns relationship with Bella Thorne 37:27 - Becoming a "famewhore" 38:58 - Dating Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau at the same time 40:14 - Beginning of the feud with Bella Thorne 41:38 - Modsun not liking Tana at first 46:35 - Modsun falling in love with Tana Mongeau 47:55 - Tana Tana Mongeau not wanting to sign any music contracts 54:04 - Modsun on changing his lifestyle 57:06 - The first No Jumper Modsun interview 1:00:10 - The support of people looking forward to Modsun's sobriety 1:05:32 - Is Modsun still dating a Clermont twin 1:06:46 - Do not shoot porno with a phone 1:10:00 - Adam and Modsun on reading all comments

    • Manny Yannam
      Manny Yannam


    • Rachel Eidelbach
      Rachel Eidelbach

      You da best

    • Macie Whitcher
      Macie Whitcher

      I’m just watching this and this made me feel so good... I love mod, Tana & no jumper ❤️

    • Bruce Ree
      Bruce Ree

      No Jumper ... this is twisted.

    • Hailey Parker
      Hailey Parker

      No Jumper we need an update!

  • Liana Theghost
    Liana Theghost

    How did he manage to afford a coke habit in LA when he wasn't yet successful for all those years ? (Let alone pay rent and outings...) I'd be curious to know how he had a steady income over the 10 years before recently. I'd picture him doing random jobs like sweeping streets or busboy for some reason. I feel like he's not from money (like most of us!!!!) and would be chill just doing those jobs. Like a carpenter or I dont know, casino card dealer. What do ya'll think?

  • James Carlin
    James Carlin

    Cali west coast weirdos dogg..... not all yall.... but dude yall gotta admit like wtf is going on out yall way dog

  • L

    I remember at soundset 2017 it was uzi's set to perform but he couldn't make it and mod sun got bumped up to uzi's set, everyone was asking for uzi but I think mod was cool for jumping into the crowd and passing a joint.

  • Kasha Stasiak
    Kasha Stasiak

    This is so amazing and so many true moments!!! I 10000000% agree clean house!! It changes you !! And is hard and beautiful all at the same time!

  • Samantha Speaks
    Samantha Speaks

    Super glad he quit doing all that and now is with avril

  • Cheyenne Vaughn
    Cheyenne Vaughn

    That’s probably the best motivational/understanding interview ever for people living similar lives. Great job Adam/mod I really enjoyed that one.

  • Samizzle Frizz
    Samizzle Frizz

    47:10 the funniest moment of the podcast lol

  • Michelle m
    Michelle m

    I love mod. This was a great interview. Mod would be a great to hang with. Love listening to him he is def deep thinker

  • Zyanya Casanova
    Zyanya Casanova

    Who the hell is Tana?? 😂 Someone tell me pleaseeee

    • Moisés Morales
      Moisés Morales

      Tana Mongeau the youtuber who was or is with Jake Paul and dated Bella Thorne.

  • Meg_Maverick

    I'm 32 days sober and this is exactly what I need right now. I drank for 14 years, my dad and grandpa and aunts are all alcoholics and I still thought "that's not gonna be me." My mind told me lies that I couldn't even see. I'm taking things one day at a time too and it's really hard sometimes. And trying not to let my addiction transfer to some other high. I'm proud of you Mod Sun. And I'm proud of myself.

  • michael E
    michael E

    Dying to get sober but this dope / fentanyl shit hurts so bad to get off

  • Into It
    Into It

    Loved this

    • Into It
      Into It

      @modsun are you still sober? (2021)

  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson

    Cant believe he put tana and talent in the same sentence 😂 come on

  • Dylan Brett
    Dylan Brett

    Thank you for sharing all of this. Really appreciate and respect the honesty

  • Tanea Bree
    Tanea Bree

    SHANNON AND MODSUN wowowowow

  • Jennifer Kitchen
    Jennifer Kitchen

    I couldn't imagine being in this industry being an addict myself (recovering addict) being around all these yes men and having the money!! So for these people/entertainers to get help and just stop and stay sober and get to the other side without dying is always inspiring. Keep keeping it 100 mod!

  • April H
    April H

    At this point in my life, I really needed this video. This was the eye opener that I needed. Thanks, guys. The future is looking brighter already.

  • 406 Elementor
    406 Elementor

    Absolutely couldn’t stand this dude just because of his association with Bella and Tana. They’re beyond disgusting. So then I come to this interview and turns out, I can’t stand this dude anyway.

  • Bryan Milberger
    Bryan Milberger

    commenting 3 times for MODSUN!!!

  • Bryan Milberger
    Bryan Milberger

    commenting 3 times for MODSUN!!!

  • Bryan Milberger
    Bryan Milberger

    commenting 3 times for MODSUN!!!

  • Serene Horizons
    Serene Horizons

    Ummmmm..huh dont know what to say,aside from what I normally state,🤔🥴😇😲🙄

  • Molly Jackson
    Molly Jackson

    "I dont wanna be dead, know what I'm sayin?" -Mod Sun Such. a simple sentence, yet so powerful. If you know, you know. If you're struggling, KEEP fighting, you are a warrior. ❤

  • Isaac Honeyman
    Isaac Honeyman

    Im glad mod didn't try meth shits like cocaine x100

  • Isaac Honeyman
    Isaac Honeyman

    He looks so much better now that he's sober. Sexy asf no homo

  • Heather Bolton
    Heather Bolton

    This interview is so cringy. He gets way to ahead of himself. He is not that famous he needs to chill.

  • Chloe Cat
    Chloe Cat

    I knew mod was a drug addicted fake happy person it was so obvious. No offense to him, wish him the best

  • Sassy&Succulent

    Love Mod so much 💜

  • Gemma Aboagye
    Gemma Aboagye

    Modsun should be a public speaker. He is fanastic

  • Link

    America will fall within 5 years. Watch Adam Greene on Bitchute

  • Karen Gonzales
    Karen Gonzales

    Love this interview 😍.

  • Evan Caron
    Evan Caron

    Mod Sun looks like Jimmy Fallon



  • Larney K
    Larney K

    These interviews on "No Jumper" about living a good live & sobriety get better & better! 👏 😮 👏 check out Big Head on the beat interview! I'm SOBER TODAY!

  • we liT
    we liT

    He looks like the human shrek not too be rude but y’all watch when seek was human lmao

  • we liT
    we liT

    Lol him feeling shameful, sameee that’s why I hate it

  • Charlene Gibson
    Charlene Gibson

    How did he go from loving tana to dissing her in a track like thats a shame

  • Wren Lorraine
    Wren Lorraine

    This is the best conversation I have heard in a long time. I got so much out of it.

  • themagic fairy
    themagic fairy

    I love your music tho

  • themagic fairy
    themagic fairy

    I had no idea who you where but like I’m happy for you and fr your a big inspiration

  • Bella C
    Bella C

    Hes seriously so cool. I dont really know much about him but he is so different from what i imagined just seeing on social media . He even looks younger than i thought he was ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • AllEyezOnMe

    StayHigh Modsun & G eazy🔥🔥🔥

  • lex virgilio
    lex virgilio

    I’ve recently gotten out of such a emotionally destructive, abusive, toxic relationship that I was in for about 4 years. About a year in he introduced me to meth. Well by introduced I mean he gave me “caffeine pills” (I was working way more than my normal 40hrs a week and I had complained a few times of just feeling really drained) so I was taking them for like a week or two and I was loving how I felt I was shocked that I had so much energy from them. I didn’t really question anything because like I said I was loving how I was feeling and he’s my boyfriend so obviously I just trusted his word on what he was giving me. Until the one day I walked in the kitchen and I saw him take them out of a baggie and I was like “don’t they come in a bottle like vitamins? Why are they in a baggie?” I definitely caught him off guard but he visibly got more nervous. Well come to find out he was actually crushing up meth and putting it into empty capsules and giving me those. I fucking freaked out like I’m sure most people would. I honestly don’t remember how it went down after the initial shock of it all but obviously I find a way to justify it to myself seeing as I continuing using it with him after that. I can still remember the first time I had taken it and how I immediately fell in love with how I felt but it makes me sad cause I had no idea in that moment I was falling in love with a drug that would soon take over my entire life. Let alone to the point where I get arrested at 21 years old. After getting pulled over w/ almost 29 grams in my car. Getting hit with 3 counts of possession of meth and 3 counts of paraphernalia. On top of that The abuse in my relationship only increased as time went on, some physical but mostly emotionally/mentally. The manipulation and drugs combined with the love I had for us together (or who we used to be prior to the drugs) kept me trying for this relationship that ultimately was making me so fucking miserable. I completely lost myself and when I left him and the drugs I’m telling you I felt like the loneliest most empty person in the world. And even after all the work I’ve put into healing, I honestly I can’t say I have completely found myself again, not quite yet. But I sure as fuck am more fulfilled by myself sober now, than I ever was in that relationship, or when I spent every single day for almost 3 years on meth. Please if anyone is struggling with their addiction or a toxic relationship pls dm me on insta @lexxbambina, no one deserves to feel alone I swear I’ll always listen and provide support and help where I can. This interview was amazing, both of you are making a change in this world and I appreciate the transparency and honesty in this conversation. The world is lucky to have you guys. Much love❤️❤️❤️

  • channel name
    channel name

    Thank you for the time stamps! That was unexpected and very convenient lol 👍🏻

  • Kathryn Louise
    Kathryn Louise

    Quite difficult to listen to when they’re constantly talking over each other

  • yisel yero
    yisel yero

    You should ask kylie jenner to come on here! i think she would!! Thumbs this up guys so he can ask kylie on here!!!!

  • yisel yero
    yisel yero

    This is literally one of the best interviews on your channel. Theres alot of people that go on your podcast for clout and have little substance but this guy was so real and true. Love that. keep it up!

  • Life With Clari
    Life With Clari

    Love this interview!

  • Jack Lightburn
    Jack Lightburn

    What a guy Mod is, I watched his video talking to the camera before this and hes doing great things. Such a positive soul for the struggles he's facing, addiction is a rough one. Keep it up spreading the motivation and love 👌✌

  • Paige Bertrand
    Paige Bertrand

    He keeps talking about being genuine, real, and unfiltered but then continued to filter himself when keeping in secret what drugs he did.

  • StatiC Xtract
    StatiC Xtract

    He look like Jimmy Fallon playing a part

  • Brittany w
    Brittany w

    Vibes 🦋

  • Brittany w
    Brittany w

    Truth 🦋 loved this interview spoke so much real into existence

  • Jordyn Maldonado
    Jordyn Maldonado

    Dude's way too old to have dated either of those chicks, ew. Maybe we shouldn't glorify people like this. Just a thought

    • Jordyn Maldonado
      Jordyn Maldonado

      @Hello Friend're wrong. The power dynamics at play are fucked when a dude who's like 30 dates girls who are barely out of their teens. They AREN'T old enough to make smart decisions for themselves. Any grown man who wants to date children is, in fact "ew"

    • Hello Friend
      Hello Friend

      They’re both old enough to choose who they date so if their daddy issues went and were attracted to him then “ew” your ass back to your thoughts

  • Tyler Place
    Tyler Place

    Dude was humbled and very lucky. Now he wants to get those vibes out to everyone that a lifestyle glorified from pop culture is really a nightmare in disguise. Fun while it lasts no doubt and I'm sure not a moment of regret lol but it's time to grow from it. 🤙🔥

  • Skin Science by Mira
    Skin Science by Mira

    “Holy shit. That’s the one for me.” I feel like that right there perfectly exemplifies an addict finding “their” drug the first time.

  • Megan Ann Thompson
    Megan Ann Thompson

    I relate to Mod so hard. First time I did cocaine I was like 15 and was hooked. I’m 33 now and over 3 years sober. This is the first time I’d seen Mod outside music related stuff and Tana related stuff and he seems to be such a relatable soul 💛

  • Shawn Kloter
    Shawn Kloter

    When I got clean from opiates I went right into the "woman" phase. I think that happens with most men who get clean, my counselors warned me that would happen but I had no energy to put into that lifestyle, but somehow I didnt even have to try and there were women right there ready to go. 6 years off of oxys and it feels great!

  • ryan lewis
    ryan lewis

    If Jimmy Fallon & Aaron Carter had a baby...

  • Crystal Livinia
    Crystal Livinia

    Sounds like mod broke through

  • ian noble
    ian noble

    This is the realest shit ever

  • Jerm Inator
    Jerm Inator

    Why does he look like Jimmy Fallon tho?

  • Eric Townsley
    Eric Townsley

    dont know how to tell you this bro, ur gonna be addicted to something your whole life, sucks huh? but GOD i hate hearing people on the new sober bullshit talk. haaaate hearing the same ole shit leading to the same ole relapse. shiaaat

    • Julia

      Plenty of people never relapse. Im not sure if he quit everything (like does he still smoke pot?) And i know the newly sober preachy phase can be a bit much but he can absolutely successfully never take a drug thats gonna kill him someday

  • Dylan Harris
    Dylan Harris

    This was hard to watch honestly. I caught you Adam, 0 chance he’s sober tor none of it serious. It can’t be faked whoever you aren and although you coul$ misquote circle sayings or think stage 9 is possible within 5 months. The disrespect is unreal.. Famous people wouldn’t pay to be interviewed. You’re an embarrassment, a. Oward, and you’re delusional you’re an addict, I hope fi d:sobriety because something so documented would woulds be a real way to contribute ti to the program.

  • Dylan Harris
    Dylan Harris

    And drop the slim shady”z’s mothers stuff ma; that’s just choosing weakness outside of using

  • Evan D
    Evan D

    I like this guy, he spoke facts man.

  • brim reaper
    brim reaper

    s/o bro 💪🏽💪🏽🤞🏽

  • Puddles xo
    Puddles xo

    A year and 10 days later, still proud of mod.

  • ElectricRoseStudios

    Mod reminds me a lot of my older siblings and their friends that I used to hang out with growing up. I was essentially just a kid hanging out with all these teens and young adults doing all this shit. Seeing one of my siblings have a couple near death experiences kept me from ever wanting to try any of that stuff. I guess I can thank them for traumatizing me enough to make me a straight edge lil punk from a young age xD Difference with Mod Sun is that he is cleaning his act up and apologizing to the people he hurt. One of my siblings did get better and we're on good terms now, the other one didn't and we don't really talk. I feel like most people are addicted to something though, especially people with trauma. It's hard as fuck to sit in your head with yourself and all your baggage without wanting to scream. And when you feel so tied up inside that you can't physically let yourself scream it out you find other ways to do it. I don't have any hate in my heart towards people who struggle with drug addiction even though I have been hurt a lot by addicts in my life. And I have so much fucking respect for people going through addiction that are trying to get better and open up about the struggle. I have vices too for sure, mine were just always things like razorblades and zippo lighters. I was afraid of touching drugs, but I could manipulate my body into giving me an endorphin rush any time I wanted. I'm ashamed of how badly I would beat up my body all the time, but I'm still here now and working my ass off at doing my art all day every day. 2020 Quarantine has forced me to get better at being alone with my own thoughts without wanting to crawl out of my skin. I have finally been properly channeling all the gnarly feelings into my art instead of trying to cut, burn, punch, and starve them all out of me. xx Thanks for opening up Mod and Adam xx

  • Arleen Statler
    Arleen Statler

    He seems like he putting in a show but I really feel like he’s just being real & don’t care what ppl think if he weird or whatever kinda dig it

  • Denise Lussier
    Denise Lussier

    When mod said he’s been praying for the animals in those fires!?! 💕💕💕

  • Tatyana Amira
    Tatyana Amira

    Can... can we have Mod on the Midnight Gospel??

  • Novmber TG
    Novmber TG

    I’ve personally done a lot and I mean a lot of ketamine and the shit is crazy and can fuck you up physically and mentally

  • Robert Beckham
    Robert Beckham

    As artist and creative people I feel as if we always have so much to give.. we dress a certain way to appeal to others, we get tattoos so seem cool to others, we act a certain way so that others feel good, we create art so that other people can feel something, and we constantly give. The saddest part is that nobody ever gives anything back. The fans only appreciate the music and would rather have it for free, the labels treat us like a product, and the people we love only love us because they love themselves. All we really want is to feel appreciated and accepted. We take drugs because we no longer know who we are because everything we’ve ever done was for others and their approval, all the fake friends and useless relationships. It gets to a point where nothing you cared about genuinely makes you happy or satisfied and the only thing that makes us feel something is drugs. When they say we sell are souls it was in the form of our energy that was given to the world and left us with no energy for ourselves

    • Ashley Vaughn
      Ashley Vaughn

      Holy shit that's so true. I'm a writer and I go through times of hating it, when it's always been what I loved, because it feels like I give and give and get nothing back. And the only feedback I get is how it relates to other people, and they only want to talk to me if I provide more and more of my writing, and nothing of myself.

  • Erin Jo Edwards
    Erin Jo Edwards

    170. On the dot today. Gosh I love him!

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    Modsun and Adam are dope I fuck with their energy, and Modsun being one hundred percent transparent is what the world needs... no more fake ass celebrity clout shit.

  • Brandi Jenkins
    Brandi Jenkins

    Best episode by far! Loved everything he said!! Especially if you don’t deal w your problems now, you’re gonna have to live it in the future.

  • Ian Victory
    Ian Victory

    I went down a wormhole of mod sun interviews today that started with Karma. Mod thank you for your time energy and being a person that lives to help others feel better. I'm trying to find a way out of the life I have. It's a wonderful life but I dont wanna be stuck working shit jobs for the rest of my life. My dream is to help others achieve theirs. I dont want money or fame I wanna help people be all they can be. You among many others inspire me to do that. Its terrifying not knowing where or how to start. I have the ideas the team the passion but just lost 2 great jobs trying to rebuild so I can afford to maintain my life being a father of the best 5 yr old ever made and using the money to create outlets for artists and lost people that feel like I do. We all feel so trapped struggling with no way out and for me personally I cant leave the town cuz i gotta leave my son. That being said I'm trying to start a brand clothing line recording studio youtubing movie production companies ect in erie Pennsylvania which is all shop jobs that pay the most. Theres alot of amazing people suffering doing that type of work feeling like that's all they will ever do with their lives. I'm trying to build ways out for them hoping that's my way out of feeling empty. Maybe you really will read this and reach out and help point me in the right direction. Maybe you wont but if you do see this know that you have done so much for this world along with your boy Colson. The world needs you 2 in endless ways so many other artists but this is your time and you both are shining bright enough to see from space. Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read this and doesnt hate on me for just typing what came to me and babbling like a mad man. All love to Adam and Mod for doing this

  • Corey Evans
    Corey Evans

    These mf be dopeheads fr.

  • Kaitlyn Scott
    Kaitlyn Scott

    Thank you for this interview to both of you this really helps me in my life and it gets me three. Both of you are so real I love it. Keep it up😘

  • michael wilkinson
    michael wilkinson

    Wow mod to learn this about you has made me open my eyes more . I have been following mod since sksk. Also had some addiction issues of my own and in 2011 some shit went down and I had to face my own addictions . Mod your words help guide me through some of that back then and I love you for it, for you being you brother stay strong man . This journey is hard I lost my way after being sober till 2013 now I’m 29 and trying again this inspires me so much more man .I look forward to meeting you again last time you and had a great convo . Thank you for all that you do mod . I gotta stop here or I’ll over thank you . And Adam your channel is dope ty as well

  • Jackson Thibodeau
    Jackson Thibodeau

    cody ko?

  • ZombieHands

    he might be normal and not a douche bag but his music is super trash.

  • ChromeDome 007
    ChromeDome 007

    Looking at the thumbnail i thought this dude was jimmy fallon 😭😂😂

  • JewelsVR

    Such a genuine dude. These are the types of artists we must support and protect

  • Arien Quaintance
    Arien Quaintance

    Still waiting on that tour, thanks covid but at this point mod has been sober for way over a year now. I’m so fucking proud of him 💕💕 can’t wait for the day I can tell him in person.

  • ChelseA est 90 NickiT
    ChelseA est 90 NickiT

    Yo @ModSun I wanna make sum music too....😂✌️ Awesome interview tho keep shining

  • Beth Lundquist
    Beth Lundquist

    Mod Sun has a bright inner light inside him! God, the Universe, or whatever you believe in, has great plans for him!

  • Wineboxpapi

    This was so fuckin helpful

  • Grace Toepfer
    Grace Toepfer

    i’ve been looking for the song he references that he wrote called “i miss getting high with you” about him missing getting high and i CANNOT FIND IT! someone help :(

    • Anthony van Atten
      Anthony van Atten

      i think its "i remember way too much"

  • Costas Tz
    Costas Tz

    Like ummm honestly

  • Tim Hoffman
    Tim Hoffman

    this shit compared to his other no jumper interview is like night and day

  • Randy

    Almost a year later and he's still going strong ... Inspiring bro ..

  • Lifted Mage
    Lifted Mage

    Always lived mod been a fan since howling at the moon found you from Kells and another such a strong fucking guy being there basically being Kells best friend, his producer, and his support system on everything love you mod

  • babykittyprincess

    This guy sounds like a child.

    • L D
      L D

      And your acting like one

  • Rasta Beard
    Rasta Beard

    Special k is old school drug

  • Rasta Beard
    Rasta Beard

    He's got addictive personality

  • jiujitsu luvr
    jiujitsu luvr

    This is making me ok with completely changing my life for the better. The reason i havent really tried before now was i felt like i was missing out but i see thats not the case. I just wanna get to being happy

  • Kev Matt
    Kev Matt

    mod sun gave up on the alghorithm