Black Ops Cold War: How To Do Better In 25 Tips
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00:00 - Intro
01:19 - Map & Situational Awareness Tips
03:48 - Weapon & Gunplay Mastery Tips
06:06 - Tips to Maximize Your Class / Loadouts
10:16 - Tips to Have the Best Positioning & Movement
11:34 - Game Settings That Are... Game Changers
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  • Trax

    but doesn't a higher fov negatively affect performance on ps4? it says so in the settings, but i don't know how much of it is true

  • ghostface

    what are the best guns?

  • Jacques Peoples
    Jacques Peoples

    Prox mines can give you free kills on your streak if placed in a dark place.

  • sYkoJAT

    Really needed this, thanks alot💖💖💖

  • Xx F3AR 80Y xX
    Xx F3AR 80Y xX

    How do I join?

  • Crtr Media
    Crtr Media

    8:05 ....oops lmao

  • Lawson Ewan
    Lawson Ewan

    I am good with the xm4 some how

  • Mason plays some stuff
    Mason plays some stuff

    Thank you so much, this is my first COD game so I dont know a lot.

  • Jason Castro
    Jason Castro

    I find it funny that I’ve been playing cod for 10 years and I still suck

  • Jimi Vollam
    Jimi Vollam

    Personally I found to begin with I started of wit the mp5 then I went to the ak-47 as it has much better sim just for the beginning

  • Reaper Actual Gaming
    Reaper Actual Gaming

    I can't play fps games with a controller anymore. Ever since I built a pc I find mouse aiming to be 100 times faster and more precise than some clunky stick. Takes way longer to aim on a controller.

  • ChelleSlays

    So helpful thank you so much new subscriber!! Much love ❤️

  • Crayfish 417
    Crayfish 417

    Ok at 2:27 is not all ways right cuze I play this game and run around with the new street sweeper and I will run almost straight at the first person I see cuze the shotgun is full auto and I just bounce around unloading it into people

  • Kareembadr 7
    Kareembadr 7

    Thanks for the tips man appreciate it

  • Cal Deacon
    Cal Deacon

    I’ve never played cod before and I just got Cold War and the shit is so hard I die like 20 times a game and I haven’t got a kill yet idk what to do

  • Beanieboi13

    IMO campers are more present in this game, but I usually play hardcore and after trying the same map but with regular health/hud, I realize that there wasn’t nearly the amount of camping. Also the ttk sucks, but that’s a whole nother argument

  • Rage_Flume clip channel
    Rage_Flume clip channel

    Wut gun was he using at the start

    • BaM BaBy
      BaM BaBy


  • bruh

    Tip number one: have better ping

  • Shane Farmer
    Shane Farmer

    There should be a class for beginners instead of playing with everyone. It sucks but I love the game but I’m getting destroyed!!!

  • hans peter
    hans peter

    3:21 did he just say you can hear footsteps this year? you better be joking

    • Frozen

      Better than mw

  • Tman

    8:06 but anyways

  • 88 88
    88 88

    I’m in the sweet kd where sbmm I’m vs lmg campers and absolute sweats. Love it thanks sbmm!!

  • Eseandy alvvv
    Eseandy alvvv

    Bruh I average 34 kills but average 24 deaths all the time 😑

  • Eli Wark
    Eli Wark

    8:06, editing

  • CellDamage_ MRU
    CellDamage_ MRU

    2:23 Not in this game. 2 seconds after being respawned ,u die immediately

  • carlos millan
    carlos millan

    Let’s not bring up that he didn’t say the dmr is the most broken and unnecessary gun in cod history

  • merciless card57
    merciless card57

    Hay I know I'm new but can you plz help me be good a cold war I'm good at moders but I have no clue why I'm bad at this and not modern

  • ilike cheetos
    ilike cheetos

    Per se 😂😂

  • TheBear607

    Yo so I’m like a noob I usually play nhl battlefront and rocket league so I need major help in multiplayer because I am the definition of trash. Anyone got any tips or tricks or anything I could do to ya know kill people faster because I seem to always be late shooting someone and end up dead.

  • yuckylemon

    Good trick: whenever you know someone is near slide and lazer them while u are on the ground they have no clue where u are and it is a huge advantage

  • SociallyActiveTortoise

    I felt like a god at MW. Bought Cold War and idk how but I'm considerably worse in this game.

  • Childish Corbino
    Childish Corbino

    Went 3-21 and said “yup I need help lmao”

  • Frankie D
    Frankie D

    Gunfighter is a great wildcard, I think better than 6 perks depending on the map and game type of course.

  • Midnight Texan
    Midnight Texan

    SBMM makes the game so much less fun. I hate it when 1.5kd is considered “pro” when assists count as kills too

  • FP_ reflex
    FP_ reflex

    Like I agree sbmm is annoying but when you play without you got the kids who just don’t have a fun time at all because of the skill gap between you and that person

  • Cxlx ツ
    Cxlx ツ

    I only started cold war today cause of the free week and i average 20 kills but idk why i just cant get used to the change from modern warfare. Any tips? Edit im only using the pelington

  • I-Killezzz-I

    I am the 666th Comment

  • Lil Boots
    Lil Boots

    That sprint reload cancel tip really helps out, like do u know how many times I be getting kill streaks then shit gets ruined all because I got caught in the middle of a reload🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Z3abiii

    nice vid 👌🏽

  • Brady

    To me it’s better then WW2, not as good as bo3 and bo4.

  • Cook Me
    Cook Me

    Wat about the bullfrog

  • Charlie Shivnen
    Charlie Shivnen

    Controlling recoil on Cold War are u mad this game has zero recoil and takes no skill with the snap on aim assist, Basically whoever aims in first gets the kill

  • Christopher Delarosa
    Christopher Delarosa

    Imagine fighting to be able too avenues on mini map what a war to promote realism

  • Douglas Giles
    Douglas Giles

    Lol listen to 8:05

  • Noah Tammaro
    Noah Tammaro

    Haven’t played a cod since mw3 and came back to this on pc, it’s really easy in comparison to other cod’s I’ve played at friends houses and stuff since.

  • Double Z
    Double Z

    I actually realized that Activision are using the same SBMM system as Modern Warfare 2019, meaning the SBMM will be EVEN harder, when items drop in the shop, because they made it so you get easier games depending on how much you spend on in game items. Monetized Matchmaking to be short.

  • CrankBeaver

    Still don't get how ppl play FPS games with controller.....

    • CrankBeaver

      @StrawberryToast oooh.... I see.....

    • StrawberryToast

      They have aim assist when they use controller. Their cursor magnetizes and locks on nearby players

  • - MisterChief -
    - MisterChief -

    Casual play is just not possible with this game

    • - MisterChief -
      - MisterChief -

      @StrawberryToast SBMM restricts good multiplayer for players

    • StrawberryToast

      It is if you're good

  • strange n sticky
    strange n sticky

    doesn't a silencer and ghost more or less counter assassin?

  • G Porr
    G Porr

    Kill streaks gotta go. It's a joke every 2 seconds you have someone in your sights and a group of missiles drop from the sky. How is that fun? Proximity mines are all over the place. It's fuckin retarded. It's a " shooter." I get It's a war game and they're going for realism but I'd like to get at least a few kills before a damn nuke drops again from the sky. Bunch of little kids spamming their killstreaks

    • StrawberryToast

      You're just mad cuz you never get to use them. Get good and learn to use them dummy.

  • PlayMakerR6

    8:05 "but anyways outside of that, but anyways outside of that.

  • Zayguap

    What’s SBMM stand for ?

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor

    I’m sorry but this game is not fun 😂.

  • Isishsshn Snsnnsn
    Isishsshn Snsnnsn

    I feel weird. I never played zombies as much as I have nkw...

  • United Zone
    United Zone

    I hate skilled base match making

  • Ari Meyerowitz
    Ari Meyerowitz

    anyone lose a lot of close combat fights and feel like it’s hard to control sensitivity during them. if so how can i fix it?

  • RJ Dominguez
    RJ Dominguez

    Me: Gets 3 kills in 4 seconds once the whole day The game: He's a god! Let's put him with prestige masters that know every trick in the book! Me: I'm trash though wtf

  • Yorcen

    Tip 4645: Burst rifles are the best in this game.

  • Dillon DeRoche
    Dillon DeRoche

    Love how the footage you play shows you ignoring objectives as your team loses so you can take potshots to run up your kill streak. Sums up the mentality of the public matches pretty good.

  • The Gatling gun gamer
    The Gatling gun gamer

    Just subed it change my gameplay

  • Broccoleo

    Step 1: Use Aug Step 2: find the nastiest head glitch and don’t move from there for the whole game. Easy 10 k/d

  • i10 East
    i10 East

    You little fucking sweats get on here lmao

    • StrawberryToast

      You're on here too. And if you're not using this video then you're just lazy

  • Hydro Nick
    Hydro Nick

    Bro for some reason I only do good at night. I average 20 kills during day but at night I average 50

    • NutellaCheese

      I have the same thing, you're probably nocturnal, 😂.

  • JP5150LBC

    Appreciate it... i am trash at COD and dont know how to get better

  • TB Supra Tom
    TB Supra Tom

    I’m so bad I can’t even make progress on woods unless by pure luck

  • Bobot

    I'm really good at Modern Warfare but fucking shit at Cold War. I'm just being constantly buttfucked by every single enemy. I don't get it.

  • Aesthetic fly
    Aesthetic fly

    I have waited for a month for call of duty cold war to come and trying to be better at playing so I'm seeing tips or tricks

  • Jovanny V
    Jovanny V

    That "but anyways, outside of that" x2 multiplier at 8:05

  • NotForAnimals

    Wait its a console gameplay, imma head out

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M

    Hmm yes 25 tips on how to be better Normal people:this it’s helpful thanks Campers: see this but still camp 🤣

  • Julian Edelman
    Julian Edelman

    I just went 40-12 with a knife, y’all better start using them knifes with Ninja and ghosts w a tomahawk too lmaoo

  • ItsAndy

    They need to turn down sbmm. I got a 7 kill streak first game and every game after that was a sweat fest. I'm a cod veteran of 9 years and I'm not the best because of my hardware setup. I just heard the horrible news that they're requiring 20 bloodthirsties for each gun. That is obsurd especially for me. I keep being told it's easy, and I don't understand why or how because it's not easy for me. I always get to that 4th kill and then I die. They need to either reduce bloodthirsties or fix the absolutely horrid sbmm that kicks in after one match.

  • FaReal WitIt
    FaReal WitIt



    I think MW has better audio

  • Camron Khan
    Camron Khan

    Thank y man

  • Alex

    I used these tips and now I play so much better! I was playing far too aggressively and didn’t even look at my mini map but now I’m getting better

  • Zuarak

    didn’t help at all guess i’m just bad

  • Procampar

    good tips

  • Oscar Uribe
    Oscar Uribe

    8:05 "but anyways outside of that BUT anyways outside of that" lol

  • TheW00tbeer

    I see a lot of people saying to get the MP5 done before it’s nerfed. I just go to hardcore when a gun isn’t powerful enough.

  • dead sky
    dead sky

    It's sad I have to look up how to get good

  • OhRightOk

    Thank you

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith

    If you play on ps5 put on performance mode for best frame rate and make sure ray traceing is on in game 😉

  • Relaxo

    Whats the Name of the song at the Start ?

  • Alex

    Guys I have a question, Am I shit at this game or is it SBMM? Cause I find I have to sweat hard to get a cruise missile

  • Jack Fowler
    Jack Fowler

    What’s the intro music?

  • Slave of God
    Slave of God

    Is it better and easier to play on the PS4 or PS5 ? Do you think the difference matter?

  • tmx

    Trash video no tip literally common sense and a overview of perks and weapons: a video

  • Eclipsae

    Just use 3 rd burst weapons until further notice

  • Jasper

    M16 to win 99 out of your 100 games.

  • Haven Hoffarth
    Haven Hoffarth

    Little to no recoil patterns to worry about with the right attachmentz most guns are laserbeams

  • Jolbertti

    26 Reserve boost

  • Frickin Uhhh
    Frickin Uhhh

    you only need 2 tips: 1. play safer and 2. use the m16

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez

    Loved the trips brother - keep it up!!

    • Swayyツ


    • D1ZKO

      @Spoty tip*

    • J Ravens
      J Ravens

      @Rod Play's shut up

    • Rod Play's
      Rod Play's

      @A give me top

    • A

      @Spoty top?

  • TEAM AI_inc
    TEAM AI_inc

    but with the law breaker wild card u can run ghost ninja and cold blooded all at the same time

  • Kevin Herrara
    Kevin Herrara

    If you use the mp5 just do us a favor and delete the game.


    The affected and independent fov settings were in mw

  • Alex

    Is there any possibility that I could send you a Clip of my gameplay for you to maybe give me pointers on where I’m messing up? I keep getting out gunned in situations where I get the first shot off and even have the advantage over the players. I’ve started to think it just boils down to me being bad when I go negative five + games in a row but then I have one really good game and don’t know what to think

  • Trayvon Clack
    Trayvon Clack

    Nice Vid Bro you definitely helped me out left a like and you Got a new subscriber 💯💯Keep it up bro

  • Gabriele Borgia
    Gabriele Borgia

    you miss the Aug, that shit destroy