Crimson Heist Release Date, Battle Pass & Editions - 6News - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
0:00 Intro
0:08 New R6 Editions
0:45 Crimson Hiest Release Date (possibly)
1:45 Disruptor Bundles
4:01 Streamer Mode
6:03 Streamers reaction to Streamer Mode
6:59 Test Server
8:12 Cross Progression "being worked on"
9:39 Cosmetics
All 100 Tiers of the Battle Pass:
Cross Progression Interview:
New Edition Info:
Streamer Mode Blog:
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  • Karl -
    Karl -

    This is the last video my name will be on the 6news, funny because i supported only from the start of Steel Wave trough the end of Shadow Legacy

  • Gamingismy Thing
    Gamingismy Thing

    What is client side?

  • Gamingismy Thing
    Gamingismy Thing

    Wait are they fr bout cross progression? I’m getting a Pc soon and was very sad that I had to lose all my stuff

  • Bearly GRizZLy
    Bearly GRizZLy

    Where are my legit controller players at?

  • Waffle Beans
    Waffle Beans

    Will you get the alpha packs for having y5 pass?

  • Yoru Kage
    Yoru Kage

    I'm exited for two reasons. The new op and with the new op past ops are gonna be cheaper

  • Ezorus

    Jsut pit a delay on your stream.. whats the problem

  • Hydrocurry

    there should be a ban list where if you use mnk on xbox/ps you get match up with other pc users on xbox/playstation

  • Skeptic Arab
    Skeptic Arab

    Finally a skin were ace actually has a mask on

  • Daw

    What if siege made it so you don’t need an adapter and you can just plug in you Mnk (like cod and fortnite)but instead of playing against other controller players,the MnKs would go against other MnKs

  • FallenMoon 17129
    FallenMoon 17129

    I don’t like the tier system like paying $25 for them like usually except for just one season they’re turning in epic games/madden/don’t care about fan base

  • R3m

    So just to get this straight: no Year Pass means NO R6 Credits AND NO discount in the Ingame shop or a exclusive Season Skin but instead we have to spend each season 10 bucks= 40 bucks in the year instead of 30 for only half of the operators we usually get (if u want their realease skin) and yes I knew there is a lot of stuff in the battlepass but tbh we all know this massive amounts of chibis and Hive/Blacksmith "Skins" are more or less just placeholders and noone really wants them. So Idk if I missed or messed up smt but if they don`t add something more like the ingame discound instead of "HEY invest more money on our ULTIAMTE EDITION!!!!" this is a big SCAM. I ve played this game since Y1S1 and this microtransactions are getting worse and worse and u get every time less and less...are they in challange with EA who`s getting the next title of "Worst Gaming Company"? Maybe next year we have to purchase a AddFree Version of the game or Raid Shadow Legend Adds will pop up in every round u play......

  • Broke Boi
    Broke Boi

    The ultimate edition ain’t worth it they should’ve keep the year pass

  • Zaydoesitbetter -_-
    Zaydoesitbetter -_-

    What if you already own ultimate edition?

    • 6News

      It doesn’t become the new version

  • dedbit

    I'm so bummed that they made those Disruptor bundles exclusive to buying a game edition, I thought it would be part of Twitch rewards. I really want Melusi and Zero skins so much 😭

  • _ Xord
    _ Xord

    Don't put "release date" in the title if it's not official. That is scummy clickbait.

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    Are the drone when you’re dead ability being released this season or later in Y6?

  • Glen MacCallum
    Glen MacCallum

    I bought the ultimate edition will I still get the disruptor bundle

  • Thiccolas

    At the start of a game there should be a 5 second grace period to prevent spawn peaker. Also friendly fire should only be on for unranked and ranked games. There's too many griefers in r6

  • Derek Smidl
    Derek Smidl

    What this game needs is a solo-que only lobby that would keep people from running 5 stacks against the rest of us who are forced to play alone because we work 3rd shift and nobody plays that game at 5 a.m. in the states 😆 I end up going against French 5 stacks 🙄

  • Blutech f2p
    Blutech f2p

    Im still waiting for a night maps update, maybe only in casuals, i really miss the night maps

  • Mario PlayR
    Mario PlayR

    You’re gonna feel so stupid when you realise that they already announced the release date of the new season with the cinematic that released on feb was in the video description

  • Grunge

    wtf i need to buy Ultimate Edition to get this cosmetic :/

  • FuZz PugRoll
    FuZz PugRoll

    Crimson heist might release on my birthday

  • Flimpeen Flarmpoon
    Flimpeen Flarmpoon

    Client side only is a joke right? It literally does nothing, what's the point?

  • Flimpeen Flarmpoon
    Flimpeen Flarmpoon

    The ultimate edition just matches the twitch prime stuff.

  • Lt Pepe
    Lt Pepe

    POG new year

  • It's Good But Not Quite
    It's Good But Not Quite

    Sledge has to be the mascot for this game.. he's on every promotional picture

  • Dixie

    So it I had already bought the Ultimate Edition, do I need to buy it again for the disruptor pack?

    • R3m

      Real Bitch move from Ubi like always

    • Ben Upside
      Ben Upside

      Yup cause this deluxe edition is the Y6 edition

  • Gabriel M
    Gabriel M

    That’s my birthday 👌🏻😂

  • BluessJack

    With streamer mode if you can hide from everyone then you will just make MnK on console 10x easier

  • Marcus Richards
    Marcus Richards

    They made Lesion look like GM Eric Hanson in the Retail Artwork lmao

  • Shadyyy

    Are you fuvking kidding me. I literallly bought the ultimate edition when I switched to PC a month ago

  • Lilybun

    I used to buy the year pass to get the cosmetics and new ops so I would have all that content ready when I get back into the game (about 2-3 times a year during holidays). Looks like that's off the table and I'll have to buy the operators individually and get no cosmetics in the process if I don't have the time to play and level a pass every time one comes out. Abhorrently bad value for money and a huge kick in the teeth for people like me. I guess I'll skip all the new operators I can't afford with renown from now on? Absolutely ridiculous.

  • McCumbucket 1800
    McCumbucket 1800

    So i cant get any disruptor cosmetics with the deluxe edition 😢

  • Purrmitivo

    lmao, i am not buying that stuff looks too goofy, wtf happened to rainbow six?

  • aland xoshnaw
    aland xoshnaw

    If u already have the ultimate edition is there a way to get the new cosmetics?

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious

    Are we getting the carbon fiber pro league skins come back ever?

  • Billy Reynolds
    Billy Reynolds

    Wait so am i not gonna get that renown discount from the year pass this yea cause there is no year pass? That's bullshit

  • 9LiVeS42 0
    9LiVeS42 0

    If pc becomes cross play with consoles, I’m fucked

  • J-Cotto33

    To all of the people who think blackboard shouldn't be nerfed anymore or that his rework should be a shield that protects him from some body damage while obscuring his vision, please explain why. Mind you, he is an operator that is shielded from headshot damage, which is one of the most vital parts of rainbow six seige. Also consider the potential fact that even if his shield protects him from just body damage, people are still going to feel dissatisfied when playing against him because they may have killed any other operator, but due to blackboard shield, they lost the gunfight. Those are just my thoughts. Very eager to hear back from the community :)

  • - Emerealm -
    - Emerealm -

    If they change streamer mode to be server wide ill actually be able to play ranked again without worrying about fuckers ddosing me

  • NRGY_ fritten
    NRGY_ fritten

    Disruptor pack looks good

  • Tewks

    I really miss my jager black ice

  • OsiiriX

    If they do the crossplay i am gonna hit champion LMAO

  • Simon tcm
    Simon tcm

    Hit champ on controller

  • Ohotnx YT
    Ohotnx YT

    0:35 bruh lesion looks like he smoked 100 kg of weed

  • P B
    P B

    greedy ubisoft never support there dogwater companie again, so greedy, new season release the first the showcase are fk battlepas money money money. not even content first and then on the end MTX stuf no no , ubisoft mind on money the first the show uff is what you can buy, GG ubisoft money on the mind gameplay is not in there book

  • K D
    K D

    They could allow crossplay and regular MnK but enable input based matchmaking

  • Nowa

    Ideas for news pro leagues?

  • Giovanni Giorgio
    Giovanni Giorgio

    I hope there will be another way to get the disruptor pack.....they will made A LOT of money if they make them purchasable with credit and not just an exclusive to a version of the game

  • DaPrisma

    I was really looking forward for that Melusi bundle.. dang it :/

  • Blake Sargent
    Blake Sargent

    Twitch prime changes on the 16th

  • Tachanka Lol
    Tachanka Lol

    Xbox players I think if you have ultimate gamepass, I think you can upgrade for free

  • Isaac Mendez
    Isaac Mendez

    Ubi is really digging themselves in a hole here, you would think they would listen to the community here and there but they don’t. Also ever since burnt horizon new operators have been over hyped besides ace and melusi. Their decision making is just horrible

  • Ninguém

    I have bought the deluxe edition and still have to buy year 2 ops

    • Ben Upside
      Ben Upside

      Did you download the dlc that makes the year 2 ops available?

  • Jaymi

    is nobody talking bout that melusi heagear loool

  • Flxzza

    Ngl PC playing with console wouldn't really matter considering we verse MnK on console anyway, it'd probably do us a favour since those abusing the system would get competition.

  • Redknight 220208
    Redknight 220208

    I really hope that they don't link PC to console servers it would be so unfair

  • m n u
    m n u


  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star

    how do you know what version of siege you have? i’m on pc and bought siege when there was only 1 version

  • Caes3r

    year 6 will be the best year of r6

  • Vonzarooz

    Wait what? What do you mean you have to get the year 6 version of the ultimate edition??? How do I do that?

  • Bootmin

    awww man I just want the disrupter pack without buying the ultimate pack

  • Identity crisis
    Identity crisis

    I think the best part about the disruptor pack is that ace is wearing his balaclava right.

  • Arın Beyaz
    Arın Beyaz

    Did i see it wrong or did it just showed that kali elite includes an elite weapon skin for p226mk25 pistol which already replaced with spsmg?

  • Srinivas Karthik
    Srinivas Karthik

    Let's gooooo they might fix Asian servers now I don't have to play with racist Americans

  • Andrew Shin
    Andrew Shin

    Does owners of the ultimate edition already get the disruptive pack?

    • R3m

      No because its Y6 so technically u have to buy it again

  • That Dude
    That Dude

    I just recently made the switch to the PC master race but I have atleast 100 dollars worth of stuff on my ps4 account as well as a bunch of legendaries you can't purchase.... I really hope they release cross progression soon..

  • Bruno Ferreira
    Bruno Ferreira

    No shooting range in sight alas at least the Replay Mode will be live. That's the feature I'm most excited about. I will get to learn enemy traits and my/team mistakes.

  • B0rder.-

    I bought the game before there were different game editions. What do I get?

  • StarDroGeN

    Oof I want the disruptor skins ngl, but since I already own the game can I even buy the ultimate edition? And if I do will it give me the skins on the same account. That being said, I dont plan on wasting that much money for 4 skins

    • Vonzarooz

      You’ll have to pay 100 and tax when the year 6 version ultimate edition comes out and then have to wait for 4 seasons to get all the skins

  • StarDroGeN

    People crying about the blackbeard nerf are the same People who play nothing but blackbeard. The shield nerf is perfectly fair, I think the damage nerf to his gun is overkill personally. But im sure they'll change stuff around if its too bad

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong

    well im happy for crossplay

  • Sub Male
    Sub Male

    Locking these skins behind the most expensive version is really twatish. The only people who are likely to want those skins will already own the game, or completionists. It's just another way Ubisoft are trying to milk players. 🤮

  • Griff

    NO my Melusi twitch prime set 😭 why

  • Splatooner 808
    Splatooner 808

    I just want my year pass back

  • UnProVen _
    UnProVen _

    So those of us that have had the game since launch and every season pass wont get the perks of someone who buys the ultimate edition?

    • Edmund Verven
      Edmund Verven

      Yeah Idk what that’s about. The ultimate edition is $100, that’s the only way those skins are attainable compared to a year pass that’s $35. Like others have said, such a fuck you to the face. Maybe if there’s enough backlash, they’ll change it.

  • MonzaniaStrike

    If you go into a PC lobby. Mouse and keyboard should become enabled

  • selim

    What is weird is that I got the pathfinder operators for free when I bought the standard edition, idk how

  • Da Boii
    Da Boii

    Is there still nothing to fight ddosing? Like people being able to change their name like COD? Streamer mode does nothing. This is bullshit

  • Alex Verduzco
    Alex Verduzco

    If I already have the ultimate edition will I get this bundle?

    • Vonzarooz

      No you’ll have to buy the year 6 version when it come out

  • Nivlz

    Siege player base is going to drop to a all time low like it did 2 seasons ago

  • ValiantxSquire _
    ValiantxSquire _

    No crossplay pls :(

  • ace

    their gonna kill the game

  • Manuel G
    Manuel G

    i hate this battle pass shit so much... WHY...

  • Michael Willer
    Michael Willer

    So I already own the game. In order to get the new skins I have to buy the game again? I think us deluxe people should automatically get it especially since I’ve owned the fuckin game for 6 years now

  • Arty Plays
    Arty Plays

    me being excited for new melusi and ace skin* "you gotta buy ultamite edition and use real money" TUFF bro

  • DivineBeast 2000
    DivineBeast 2000

    Ok so I want to clear something up. 1200 R6 cred is the equivalent of 10 US dollars. So that means 40 dollars now for instant access to future operators? Although 10 extra bucks for 99 tiers of premium content for every season is a BIG tradeoff. Just wish I could make 1 purchase right now that would give me premium on every pass up until the end of Y6

  • Matt EB
    Matt EB

    We're going to need a new busting six siege vid. So many changes!

  • Alfie Keates
    Alfie Keates

    The disruptor melusi headgear 🤯

  • chrisdotdash

    Trash move that ubi is only giving out these skins to people that are buying the game. Like I want that Ace skin, but I’ve been playing this game for 4 years lol.

  • JmetalR

    "Nuke Rework"

  • Márk Tóth
    Márk Tóth

    That new pulse headgear+elite uniform=best combo ever

  • 7bury

    I don't think I'm picking up the battle pass this year I might just get it for the alpha snacks

  • Scilent Deadly
    Scilent Deadly

    When is the rainbow is magic meant to start?

  • Jekcu

    What they should do to fix mnk on console is allow console players to use mnk but if they do, the game detects is and puts them into pc lobbies therefor also allowing pc/console cross play

  • bruhmoment

    Ubisoft literally announced the release date on their twitter like half a day after the reveal and you people are still guessing it? Excuse me?

  • Itz TC
    Itz TC

    So if I got ultimate this season I can’t get the pack for next season

  • phoenix _BD
    phoenix _BD

    WTF ubi just give us a year pass, this guys really just want more money. If the pass was that good there wouldn't be a problem but it's just not, it's bad skins and they put the operator to compensate a band of money grabbers.