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  • Sharon Brister
    Sharon Brister

    I bet Whopper could win show. He has great form

  • Scott Brown
    Scott Brown

    Increase hay intake it slow them shirts down,and get yourself a coach stick for butter scotch.its s stick you use to tap the rear of heifer when she won't move.you lead her and carry it other hand just reach back and bump the low end of her rear.usr it it works.

  • Julie Melnychuk
    Julie Melnychuk

    Heafers. Wooly. Getting better. Walk and cuddle and walk. Lol, donkey yell. Cute livestock. 😊🙏👍

  • HORSES!!! ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!
    HORSES!!! ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

    Hey when houston pulls on pearl like that she will kick fyi ps i love yalls videos

  • Susan Wolf
    Susan Wolf

    Whopper wants some attention too. Maybe just brush him down too.

  • Scott Brown
    Scott Brown

    I suggest when the children get comify with calves they get stubborn gentle grab the end of tail and give it a tug.mind dont get kicked ,I moved calves along this method just be very gentle if you try this Daniel you might try it to show them.

  • derek gemus
    derek gemus

    Whopper is like 🐃wait why can't I have any attention

  • Suzanne Szlag
    Suzanne Szlag

    Whooper is beautiful I wouldn't be able to get rid of him

  • Jennifer Elphee
    Jennifer Elphee

    Your Facebook site has been hacked

  • Cayson Cuellar
    Cayson Cuellar

    Why don’t y’all own horses?

  • Amy Theriot
    Amy Theriot

    Aubrie ,I show cows to and make them vary fluffy and brash up

  • Hailey Breasbois
    Hailey Breasbois

    When they don’t move put the rope around there wast and put your weight in to it and they will move

  • Crystal Wylie
    Crystal Wylie

    Emily instead of pulling her walker back-and-forth trying to pull your head back-and-forth because I show cows and that’s what I do

  • River Hudson
    River Hudson

    If y’all need any tips on showing cattle then just reach out to me I have shown cattle for 5 years

    • River Hudson
      River Hudson

      Just reach out at 8507682193

  • River Hudson
    River Hudson

    Are y’all going to show cattle

  • Susie D.
    Susie D.

    IM absolutely liking your videos. Your narratives are like a book I can't put down. So family friendly. Educational. I would love to be on a farm but It is alot more work and concern for every single plants, animals and kids. Amazing. Thank You so much.

  • Morris Slugg
    Morris Slugg

    Give the kids riding crops.

  • Kelsey Robinson
    Kelsey Robinson

    show stick

  • Ellsworth Johnson
    Ellsworth Johnson

    That is a great 👍hobby but the kids don't seem tointhusiastic about it hope they like it its alot of work bless 🙏🙌

  • Kallie S. Kiwiness
    Kallie S. Kiwiness

    Can Whooper and the heifers breed?😊

  • Janet Poludniak
    Janet Poludniak

    Maybe have the kids carry some pieces of Apple cut up in their pockets so when they don't want to move, let them smell a piece of Apple to coax them along.

  • Janet Poludniak
    Janet Poludniak

    4H is a great organization. They're doing great. The bigger they get, the more important it is to have that control.

  • Deb Michelle Parks
    Deb Michelle Parks

    Whopper wants to be a show cow too!

  • Natasja Schoonderbeek
    Natasja Schoonderbeek

    I think whopper likes the ladies😆

  • Nicholas Stewart
    Nicholas Stewart

    Butterscotch is just beautiful she will place for sure in her shows

  • Kris

    I miss my cow and showing her

  • John Koehler
    John Koehler


  • Sandy Adams Higgins
    Sandy Adams Higgins

    Awesome video like always. Thank you

  • Don Garner
    Don Garner

    It is a good camera

  • Sonya Stoker
    Sonya Stoker

    Are all your animas tame?

  • Robin Jones
    Robin Jones

    i love you

  • Ruben Delgado
    Ruben Delgado

    How old is your beautiful Emily?

  • Josiah George
    Josiah George

    omg, i never seen a young alpaca, but now i have, they are so cute

  • Ansley Kinnamon
    Ansley Kinnamon

    Poor sweet Whopper has more personality and spunk than those other 2. He wants to do a show cow and would probably do just fine. He's so sweet and wants to play. ❤❤

  • Landon Dishman
    Landon Dishman

    The quality is a 10/10

  • Pat Maier
    Pat Maier

    How about whistling when you walk them? Or humming? Someone ( Daniel) needs to do the same to Whopper? Right?

  • Gary Beaty
    Gary Beaty

    Good camera

  • Dale Durbin
    Dale Durbin

    Whopper may be the better looking calf.

  • Calvin Meador
    Calvin Meador

    You need to get halters with rings

  • Konner Lewis
    Konner Lewis

    I show steers and if they are not wanting to walk we twist there tail

  • Broken-hearted Poet
    Broken-hearted Poet

    I miss my show days. I’ve shown goats heifers steers. And alpacas

  • Samantha Hinojosa
    Samantha Hinojosa

    Use sugar cubes when walking them as treats that gets them working better

  • Michelle Davis
    Michelle Davis

    I subscribed and I haven’t gotten no notifications

  • Michelle Davis
    Michelle Davis


  • Michelle Davis
    Michelle Davis

    I need to help you guys on show heifers

  • TC Games65
    TC Games65

    Heck, I would tie a branch to the cows and hang hey in front of them. Keep up the Good Work!!

  • Renee Brazeal
    Renee Brazeal

    Camera picture and sound is great.

  • Joseph Moyer
    Joseph Moyer

    How old is the cow

  • Jenn Allred
    Jenn Allred

    Aren't there regular halters that you can get that will be easier for the kids to lead the cows? Like the ones that are used for horses where you just need to clip the lead rope to the halter? Just curious. Love the cows.

  • Maggie Polk
    Maggie Polk

    “Can you stop swaggin me.” -Huston 2021

  • Happy Hoppers Rabbitry
    Happy Hoppers Rabbitry

    I just got a little beefmaster hiefer and she's 3 months old gonna be a show hiefer, how do you wash them, hose them down?certain shampoo? Also do you know any1 who's raises pure beefmater. Looking for a lil bull

  • Suyanto Oo
    Suyanto Oo

    Hai my friend.. Very nice to meet you..

  • Madonna Emberley
    Madonna Emberley

    The problem with Butterscotch is that she's in love with Whopper an Whopper is in love with her.

  • corinne buvia
    corinne buvia

    The kids are doing a good job

  • corinne buvia
    corinne buvia

    What breed are they

  • corinne buvia
    corinne buvia

    I think it's great that the kids want to show. I used to show goats and steers in 4-H

  • Tina Road to Recovery
    Tina Road to Recovery

    Sounds pretty good video is good too

  • Cathy Griffin
    Cathy Griffin

    I think Whopper likes Butterscotch.

  • Kristin Fontenot
    Kristin Fontenot

    Those are some pretty heifers . And I finally got a good buck again I'm only 12 and I kiled it bow hunting by my self . Keep up the videos I love to see them you the only channel that I watch almost every day . Ohh and mr . Daniel I would love for y'all to do a hunting trip in Louisiana it's really good deer hunting . Well peace out every body stay safe hope every body having a good day

  • Tana Pittsford
    Tana Pittsford

    This is a true statement. When I was in 4-H, my sister and I had to walk all 6 calves and our 10 show pigs 50 laps each, around our circle drive that was a quarter of a mile each lap. We learned really quickly how to lead three calves at a time, and we could drive all 20 pigs (we had 10 each) in one big group. Keep walking. Now is a great time to start working with a show stick, setting their feet and learning how to handle the show halter and show stick while walking. Lol. Thats the fun part. Learning how to juggle, walk, watch the judge and lead the calf, all at the same time. I can't wait to watch the kids show. The new camera is awesome!

  • Sierra Sporleder
    Sierra Sporleder

    When is goat breeding season? Also I was in 4-H but never shown cattle.

  • Steve DeWerff
    Steve DeWerff

    At 16:02 in the video, your response had me laughing for almost 10 minutes

  • Kyle Widger
    Kyle Widger

    When you tie them up you should do it more tighter on butter scotch to get that head up in the air it gives it a way better stance and it will look way better for the show

  • Lorraine Sanchez
    Lorraine Sanchez

    I think S Gem's advice would help. Just pulling on Butterscotch is probably not gonna work. Maybe Emily needs to talk to her or make some kind of noise to get her going. But every one is doing great for first timers!

  • kdtlbarnes

    Daniel. Try turning the halters over so that the pressure is around their nose instead of their ears when you pull on them.

  • My heart is in the mountains
    My heart is in the mountains

    Omg! You have NO idea how much I look forward to Steve cameos!!! I belly laughed at this one. I needed that. 🤣 Sound is really good on new camera...picture is great too.

  • Billy bob bob Billy
    Billy bob bob Billy

    I have a trick hit the cow in the as$ with the rope

  • Billy bob bob Billy
    Billy bob bob Billy

    3:00 sus in the back

  • Chase Roberts
    Chase Roberts

    the halters are upside down

  • Karen Gerlemann
    Karen Gerlemann

    Your halters is on wrong and tell Houston to not wrap your hand in the halter because if pearl were to Spook and run he will be dragged behind

  • preston mize
    preston mize

    And kill big bucks

  • preston mize
    preston mize

    Hi I love your vids I love how you guys hunt

  • Marcelo Domenecci
    Marcelo Domenecci

    Daniel the audio and video was very good super and the cow are doing good little by little.

  • Jody Darby
    Jody Darby

    Butterscotch almost looks too full or bloated? She might be a little fleshy/fat for this point in the show season. It’s a great look for the show ring,but it caught my eye there in the pasture.

  • Jody Darby
    Jody Darby

    They’re looking good and acting very well. Fixing the halters to be correct will help them lead better, I believe. Too, if the kids will put a little more space between the hand closest to the calf and the calf’s head-especially while they’re just learning to walk well. Butterscotch’s hair is going to look really good in the ring. She’s a unique color-that combined with the thickness of the coat is a great combo. The other one’s color -hard to make hair help that. Haha Both will look much more youthful in appearance to get those heads trimmed down very closely and maybe trim and inch or so off their tails.

  • Koltan Krumm
    Koltan Krumm

    when you take the halter rope out of a tie just pull the long rope out

  • Koltan Krumm
    Koltan Krumm

    I have a show heffier too just a tip when you comb them comb down and when there that big get chain halters


    are yu guys saving your heifers for cows so they can have babies

  • Alyssa Chick's Chicken Farm
    Alyssa Chick's Chicken Farm

    I love that yours showing the whole process of showing. There is a lot of wok that the kids do behind the scenes before the show. I think they are doing a great job. I also love that you are out there encouraging and helping when needed and not doing it all for then because I know that happens also. I showed chickens, goats and pigs. I hope my little man will be interested in it as much as I was.

  • barb veenstra
    barb veenstra

    Whopper is jealous!

  • Cathy Wallace
    Cathy Wallace

    Houston is doing really well. He is showing a lot more confidence while walking. Em try to talk to Butterscotck and maybe a little reward in your pocket to entice her to move out, gradually cutting back on the treats when she gets what you are wanting her to do. Houston and Em your doing Great

  • mirandavlogs

    maybe EmmaLee can carry some cattle cubes so butterscotch has motivation or even a leather stick.

  • Believe in Yourself
    Believe in Yourself

    I wish you could keep Whopper. And breed him to Butterscotch when she is done being shown.

  • Samuel Gray
    Samuel Gray

    What breed are the hefers????

  • Erin Snyder
    Erin Snyder

    I raise show heifers to and they are doing great

  • Penny Jipson
    Penny Jipson

    Whopper says he could be a pretty boy too! Lol!

  • Zionsarch

    I appreciate that you are open to advice & suggestions from people that have a lifetimes more experience than you or I have, I’ve been worried about the halter placement also and It shows real humility to acknowledge it💗 you have a wonderful channel and a great family🤩

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    Video and audio was really good glad to see the kids are doing great with their heifers.

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    Does your 4h start in June?

  • Joe Fyda
    Joe Fyda

    Whopper is better trained it seams. I think Pearl likes to lead. I don’t she likes to follow. If she leads maybe Butterscotch may be more motivated.

  • Ros Osborne
    Ros Osborne

    I think Pearl is doing wonderfully for how she was when she first came to stay. She will be a winner I'm sure. Congratulations for being brave enough to continue Houston. I do think that Whooper should be allowed to be haltered up and walk with them. He is beautiful. Keep up the good work both of you.

  • Jason O'Malley
    Jason O'Malley

    if you twist there tail they will walk

  • Ytw Melly
    Ytw Melly

    Hey this is not my normal account but I really like Emily and Houston I would be interested in her and I would love to come hang out and fish

  • Haley Spell
    Haley Spell

    So excited to see them getting ready to show!!! Been involved in the livestock show industry for over 29 years . Y’all are doing great for your first year ! Don’t be afraid to find individuals in your area who “ know the ropes” and ask piles of questions. Great job kids!! If you don’t have one already try playing a decently loud radio in their stall 24/7. That will help with them getting use to loud noises at the show. Keep working hard kiddos it will pay off. :)

  • Fiona C
    Fiona C

    Have you got a good blower yet and a blocking chute?

  • MichaelTEns

    As a photographer, I noticed the jump in the video quality right away! I too made a jump from Canon to Sony; but a much different camera. You’ve got a VERY nice camera now for your channel. My only issue was the audio quality, not sure what other windsocks are available for your Rode, but the wind noise was evident. There are options for stronger wind days versus a milder day. Best wishes and thanks for giving us some good entertainment!

  • Becky Taul
    Becky Taul

    M ware gloves

  • Becky Taul
    Becky Taul

    I like pearls color best.

  • Fonda Deen
    Fonda Deen

    Sounds good and looks great

  • Linda Hipp
    Linda Hipp

    Whopper is jealous, he wants some attention. The heifers are doing better. New camera is working great. GOD BLESS Y'ALL.