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  • Janice Zayas
    Janice Zayas

    Your daughter's are absolutely the most cutest girls ever! PS I'm the oldest of 7! Now to go check on the story of Lola 😊

  • Johnny Z
    Johnny Z

    For anyone who thinks he cut the last cow I can confirm he did not come close to cutting it even with damn near zero visibility from the blood. This guy is miles above some of the "self-taught" farmers I've watched trim.

  • Adele Zierler
    Adele Zierler

    I feel so sorry for the cows, they are mistreated and misunderstood. We all know now that they have feelings and are suffering. I'm glad that this Hoof Trimmer helps as much as he can. Why are they not running a bit outside every day?

  • Aaron Peterson
    Aaron Peterson

    Hi there, new to the channel. UZload suggested you after I watched Hoof GP and I’m lovin it. Just wish you turned down the audio of the grinder a bit. You seem like a cool guy tho, keep up the good work!

  • verda Garner
    verda Garner

    Make sure you hit thumbs up.

  • Pop Corn
    Pop Corn

    Most people who have never debrided a lesion. In ulcers especially you have to get down to healthy bleeding tissue...bleeding is a good thing in this case.

  • Robin Johnson
    Robin Johnson

    Adorable snow bunnies, I mean your precious little girls!

  • Robin Johnson
    Robin Johnson

    I so appreciate the love & attention you pay to these animals! You are a pivotal figure in the agriculture industry! Thank you and God Bless from Texas!

  • jiangshui liu
    jiangshui liu

    two nice girls!

  • LittleHobbit

    hey, how do you trim pregnant cows? do you put them in the crush?

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Actually 99% of the cows that we trim are pregnant. I should do a video explaining that!

  • jojje ja
    jojje ja

    That is one helthy farm, happy cows.

  • David Alejo
    David Alejo

    These hoofs look a lot healthier than the sottish hoofs hmmm. must be the fluoride in the water

  • Pippa Kay
    Pippa Kay

    Your girls are amazing and so smiley just like their dad.👍😁👍

  • Erica Henderson
    Erica Henderson

    Your girls are so precious.

  • Frances Rogers
    Frances Rogers

    Lose the music!

  • thewkovacs

    you dont use pads on the healthy claw to take the pressure off the injured one?

    • thewkovacs

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer ok, ty. im becoming obsessed with these vids. you guys are like the dr pimple poppers for cows. im a city boy, but when i was a kid, i watched the 4h club tv show every sunday. what was the process for trimming hooves before automation?

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      If it needs one but otherwise if the balance is good and there is zero pain then i don't put one on for the sake of putting one on..

  • Duckwacker

    I don't know why people have to cry about nothing.

  • Pain Jammin
    Pain Jammin

    Nuff with the crappy music.

  • Philipp Tanzer
    Philipp Tanzer

    Was great to see you with the kids. Good example for fathers and young guys out there how to be a great dad.

  • Arnold Ziffle
    Arnold Ziffle

    Midwest cows in winter look so clean. Beautiful cows👍

  • Sarah Barton
    Sarah Barton

    Stone the crows sorry I mean cows

  • mad hatter
    mad hatter

    You know what Aaron, it's easy for viewers to critique on this side of the screen. But at the end of the day, you know what your doin. Thanks for all the great videos.

  • M Marlow
    M Marlow

    How do you get into this line of work? It’s so damn interesting to me...

    • M Marlow
      M Marlow

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer Thanks for the reply! I’m going to check it out, I recently retired from the military and retirement is boring. Watching your channel and The Hoof GP sparked my interest. Thanks again!!

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Midwestern Hoof Trimming school is a good place to start! I've heard that guy's really good I think his name is Aaron? 😉

  • Darren Maw
    Darren Maw

    Love to see the snow must be really cold. Great video

  • Gohan Tanaka
    Gohan Tanaka

    Question: How do you schedule time off? The hooves are always growing and you hoof trimmers seem awfully busy.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      What is this thing you call time off? Lol

  • Margaret Ledford
    Margaret Ledford

    Your girl's are so cute thereso precious buy them a farm. They are only our babies for a little while. Love to you and your family. Graham Parker suggedted you and I watched you when he was here in America with Appleton crush. Been a fan ever since. Oooxxx Margaret

  • Gary XHLC
    Gary XHLC

    The irony is, as a Wisconsin resident, I came across that Scottish fellow (Hoof GP) before this channel...

    • Oliwia Smialkowska
      Oliwia Smialkowska

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer hi l from Poland You have 6 kids - sweet Jezus😉

    • Jonathan Schuphof
      Jonathan Schuphof

      That’s how I found you as well

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Graeme is one of my best friends I'm glad you found me through him!

  • Zero Lightness
    Zero Lightness

    I subbed because the two lil girls are adorable!

  • Barbara Pearson
    Barbara Pearson

    Hi girls! From Alberta.. Im sad your Baby, is a bit of a anti social cow. However you can pick us another one..I will share them with my friends, in Alberta. I really like the whiter ones myself, like Lola's, cell mate there. I do not have Cows, I like them a lot though. Just a kitty named Nero, he is pure black. (Nero, means Black, in Italian.) Its nice to see happy farm girls... Bye girls...

  • Trish Hartland
    Trish Hartland

    Typical teenagers the only time you see them is for food other than that they’re just grumpy lol your girls are super cute 🥰 well done kids I’ve just subscribed and commented because you asked so nicely awesome job well done girlies x

  • Cricket 2731
    Cricket 2731

    It never ceases to amaze me about all the gunk & crud that cows find with their hooves!

    • Gohan Tanaka
      Gohan Tanaka

      It’s poop. It’s grass and poop.

  • tammy pallach
    tammy pallach

    Hi from Colorado

  • MaryJoy Isaacson
    MaryJoy Isaacson

    Love your girls....too cute. I would love to see another calf is born series, it’s wonderful to see them born and follow them as they grow.

  • JPS 3B
    JPS 3B

    Cutest little girls ever!

  • Vera XOXOXO
    Vera XOXOXO

    Lola is looking good. A nice size for her age. Soon she will want one of your pedicures

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I cant wait to trim her feet!

  • Mark Qandil
    Mark Qandil

    Great video. You have a beautiful family. God Bless you & them brother. Keep up the great work.

  • Rebel Without a Clue
    Rebel Without a Clue

    I got hooked on watching these videos when I ran across Hoof GP - Scottish guy 🤙🤙🤙👍🏻👍🏻🤠

    • Rebel Without a Clue
      Rebel Without a Clue

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer cool 🤙🤙🤙👍🏻🤠🇺🇸 I luv animals and anyone who helps them is definitely aces in my book!..

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Stay tuned him and I have something coming this week.. 😉

  • kev eminson
    kev eminson

    Love your videos there great

  • Christopher Dwyer
    Christopher Dwyer

    The kids got me.... comment and sub

  • Tom Blount
    Tom Blount

    Great show

  • dbelcourt Belcourt
    dbelcourt Belcourt

    Cute kids❤️

  • Ashley R. Miller
    Ashley R. Miller

    Could you cease the music because if you go the direction of hoof GP people will not sub. At least talk and teach no music. People who comment on the blood are idiots. Blood only comes from bad foot problems or a hoof trimmers bad cutting. I like how you leave room between the hoof so things can slide thru while she walks not cut into the middle of a foot.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I try to mix it up with the music. But GP has over 500k subs? I won't put music on every video just here and there.

  • Lucky Kat Whimsy
    Lucky Kat Whimsy

    829 was such a beautiful girl!

  • SparklePurple

    I really love to see your girls interact with the cows. These kids are the future generation of farmers. I have 6 kids so I really value family time. And the videos that show your girls always make me smile. Thanks!

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Thank you! I have 6 kids also! 4 girls and 2 boys. These 2 are our youngest.

  • ClayReynolds

    I was gonna like and not leave a comment but since the girls asked so nice, hi from Scotland. BTW the algorithm seems to be a bit goofy coz I've been subscribed for a while but your videos rarely get recommended to me. I figured I'd see plenty given all the Hoof GP videos I watch.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Thanks for leaving a comment! Maybe a few comments will go the algorithm show us up in your suggested videos!

  • Eva Haug
    Eva Haug

    Nice girls

  • suzuki no1
    suzuki no1

    Jesus h I wish I had hooves......🥰

  • Andrea Piper
    Andrea Piper

    Anyone who complained about the abscess should remember when they pinched a pimple. there is always blood after the puss goes. It is the bodies way of cleaning out the infection. If they can't watch a little blood then they certainly are sensitive and may not be the kind that can watch.

  • Debi StevensCreed
    Debi StevensCreed

    Very sweet

  • Jacque Caeser
    Jacque Caeser

    Saw you with Graeme Parker is this you? Love your videos and I understand you better than the Scotsman lol.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      😉 yeah its me! And I cant understand him either😂

  • 178jmh

    The girls said leave a “cowment”. Say hi to Pedro. It’s always nice to see him make an appearance.

  • Mark Schwieterman
    Mark Schwieterman

    Could do without the music

  • Sharon Marks
    Sharon Marks

    Your daughters are adorable!

  • Dixie Jensen Brown
    Dixie Jensen Brown

    I love the kids, this time they are so funny... Thanks for an educational video... I love that!!!

  • Rachael Morrow
    Rachael Morrow

    your kids wanted cows there are these small or mini cows. just sayin'.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      We need to move out of town first but hopefully someday!

  • Texan Online
    Texan Online

    that lil girl trying to talk while excited was the best part. Please film her reading Dr. Zues book lol,,,,its a shame that they turn into teenagers

  • The Sheep Game
    The Sheep Game

    Great getting the kids out! I wanna live on a farm too😁

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I literally just watched your new video and Georgia says "no fair he has a sheep farm.."

  • Margie

    Have you ever compared notes with the Hoof GP in Scotland? That would be a fun video to have both of you discussing your issues and style of hoof trimming and such.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Yes we speak daily.. We've been friends well before UZload.. Check out a few of his older videos you'll see me in! uzload.info/fun/qaFvjHio1oijyXU/video uzload.info/fun/a6KdiXaouIKgxIU/video uzload.info/fun/o4RsZILL2YiG358/video uzload.info/fun/n2mQnV7Kz29hyaM/video

  • ErdriedDeirdre

    Your daughters are adorable!

  • Olive Dog
    Olive Dog

    You and Graeme are definitely my favorite. I don’t get bored watching your videos. You guys REALLY care about these animals. You talk so sweet to them, makes my heart smile 😊 “hey Mitch, we got a problem” the way you said it cracked me up haha

  • Lori Snyder
    Lori Snyder

    Who knew that cow hoofs needed to be trimmed, ty for sharing some farm life with us!

    • Texan Online
      Texan Online

      everyone who deals with livestock does

  • Not Always P C
    Not Always P C

    thanks for posting!

  • Joni Joni
    Joni Joni

    Love the music in this video, Aaron! Thanks for another entertaining video! Sweet girls!!

  • Scott Klein
    Scott Klein

    Very cool dad why does your truck smell like cow poop

  • peter masters
    peter masters

    Hi Aaron , I am a dairy farmer from Somerset England. I just wanted to let you know that I find your channel very interesting and informative ( although my wife doesn't share my enthusiasm ! ) My daughter Martha who is 5 enjoyed seeing your girls looking at Lola. Keep up the good work 😃

    • peter masters
      peter masters

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer sounds good . Let me know if you have plans to lay on a training day. I would be very interested. Chris is a very busy guy , as well as trimming he is designing a new roll over chute which he is hoping to market in the UK. Great to hear from you Aaron !

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I know Chris well! He's a great guy. I'm sure we'll meet up eventually I have a lot lined up in the UK as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

    • peter masters
      peter masters

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer Chris Clarke comes in and trims all the heifers around 2 months before calving. I do the rest . 3 years ago we bought a roll over chute. If you ever come to Somerset again be sure to look us up we will make you very welcome. I'm really interested in the new ideas in foot care on both sides of the Atlantic. We milk 300 cows the biggest difference is we graze them for 7 months of the year.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Hey Peter! Ive trimmed cows in Someset before! Ive been to the UK alot. Who is your hoof trimmer?

  • Enid Miller
    Enid Miller

    Love watching your videos

  • Billy Bowen
    Billy Bowen

    Nice start to the day 🙈! Is lola related to Pedro? I think number 1 is beautiful!😍.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      😂😂😂 he really does like it he just always has to say something🤦

  • Imca vdB
    Imca vdB

    I know why she doesn't want to play 😁 You just don't touch a lady's rear end!

  • Scott Blair
    Scott Blair

    Great minds think alike! I was just sitting here watching. And saying I should message Aaron and ask what happened to Lola. 20 sec later you start talking about her!

  • Sodor Flubbs
    Sodor Flubbs

    It’s amazing how a cow can heal if she’s helped in the right way. You do your job really well.

  • Jeroen van der velden
    Jeroen van der velden

    Nice video Aaron 👍

  • Penny Foreman
    Penny Foreman

    829 is an exceptionally beautiful cow

  • ByMark Sheetmetal
    ByMark Sheetmetal

    Your older daughter looks a lot like you

  • Rebecca Roxx
    Rebecca Roxx

    Omg! My whole heart!!! The end was so adorable! Littles are the best!!!

  • Old Man Fred
    Old Man Fred


  • Louise Ferrebee
    Louise Ferrebee

    Your girls are so cute. Love seeing a Wisconsin winter day.

  • Kade Wright
    Kade Wright

    I've always wondered what the reason is for dishing out the inside of the hoofs. Does it help with traction maybe? Great video!

    • Kade Wright
      Kade Wright

      That makes sense. Thanks for the reply 👍

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      It allows the manure and other debris to pass between the toes without causing problems.

  • Fred Boom boom
    Fred Boom boom

    Aaron, Dorme didn’t get my cow light bulb joke. I didn’t think it was too bad.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Lol it was funny

  • Fred Boom boom
    Fred Boom boom

    👍🏻 nice job on the video Wash your hands. Clean your truck.

  • the Katt
    the Katt

    I'm okay with occasional updates on Lola . Whatever you wanna post is all good here, buddy ! Ask farmers if they have any crazy cow stories, or the history of their farms, equipment ect. I bet they all have some great stories ! ❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦☕️☕️☕️🍩🍩🍩

    • McChrister

      the Katt You got your Timmies and the doughnuts going watching the hoof trimmer videos Éh....?😂👍🏼👋🏼🇨🇦

  • Chris Lechner
    Chris Lechner

    I watch ever video you make just to see your makeup jobs

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      😂😂😂😂 dude you crack me.up! I sit and watch the comments just to see what you say!

  • Kelly

    Would love to see another calf is born. See if we can get a cow that loves attention. I think a favorite type of video people like are cows with problems that you can follow up with. Also I have an idea I think people would really like. If you can volunteer your services to a farm animal rescue and maybe find a cow in bad need of hoof care and follow them all through the healing process. We can watch an abused or neglected cow become a healthy cow and have a good life. There are so many popular videos like that all over with millions of views. You could call that series a main title then what the subject is for example, "Cattle Rescue: A Mom and calf" and "Cattle Rescue: Steer with untreated injury" What do you think? A whole new series fixing neglected cattle and helping a rescue. People would go crazy for them.

    • Kelly

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer all your nose hairs burned off.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      @Kelly I dont smell anything🤷😂😂😂

    • Kelly

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer Anytime. I actually have a million ideas. BTW, its ok for a cowman's truck to smell like cow poop. "Ode de Manure" 💩😊ooh LA LA.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      😳 do you want to be my new manager? I love this idea!

  • Patrick Mbelenzi
    Patrick Mbelenzi

    Nice video i loved it watching from Nairobi Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • Custom Lioness7
    Custom Lioness7

    Your girls are so cute!!

  • 1972treA Mrs Robertson
    1972treA Mrs Robertson

    Thank you for reminding us and the other videos on the calf now bashful teenager and the update on the pus. Going to share and give it the thumbs up 👍 stay fancy!

  • Ang McStuff
    Ang McStuff

    Wait, did one of the littles say, "Leave a cowment?" Tooooo cuuuute!!! Sorry if that's your thing and I've never noticed! Subscriber point deduction!

    • Imca vdB
      Imca vdB

      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer LOL

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Cowment was not intentional and I didnt pick up on it..but I'm gonna use that! +10 subscribe points awarded to you!

  • Crystal Wilken
    Crystal Wilken

    You're girls are adorable! (I'm a midwest Mama of two little girlies! ❤️)

    • Crystal Wilken
      Crystal Wilken

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer aww, that's wonderful!

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I'm actually a daddy of 4 girls and 2 boys but the older ones dont want to be on UZload as much..lol

  • fernlintner65

    Great to see her doing good! Keep up the greAt work

  • Robert Shrewsbury
    Robert Shrewsbury

    Was that a corkscrew balance on the first cow? Looked like an excellently sharpened knife on the cow with stones in the hoof.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      It was starting to Corkscrew a bit but easily corrected at that stage! And yes those were sharp knives 😊


    I like this kinda content cuz it's therapeutic to me

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • mark cox
    mark cox

    How come the hoof gp has more problem cows than you do is it the different environments or he trims more cows or his farmers dose not have him come by as often Just wondering if you just didn’t film all of them vs how many he films

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      The farms are much different.. Different bedding different feed different atmosphere.. And I do have my farms on a very strict maintenance schedule and thats just not as common in the UK.. I hope to help change that when travel opens back up I was asked to talk to UK farmers about maintenance trimming.

  • Gregoria Revilla
    Gregoria Revilla

    Its amazing how quickly they heal after you treat them. Great work! What school of hoof care did you study? It's great to see such a kind, compassionate person caring for these sweet animals 😊 your girls are cute 🙂 its weird, I'm a city girl, never been near a cow but these videos help my PTSD. I've found a lot of military people such as myself find these soothing. Thanks for the videos. Happy new year!

    • Gregoria Revilla
      Gregoria Revilla

      I watch Hoof GP. I only know the Dutch method from his videos. I thought it looked familiar. Thats great that you made your own method. If covid ever calms down, those videos would be very cool to see 😁

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Im glad you enjoy! I actually was trained the Dutch Method but from there pioneered the Balance Method which you would be seeing more videos about how I travel and train world wide except civid jumped in right when I started the UZload channel..

  • Akoilady

    Brrrr, it looks cold there! I notice that you don't wear a waterproof overall like that Scottish bloke does. 😄

    • Akoilady

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer thanks Aaron. That didn't occur to me but it makes sense.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      Our work environments are sooo different.. Its so much damper there. When I trim with him in Scotland or anywhere in the UL I do wear the rubber overalls.

  • Mary Combs
    Mary Combs

    Lola reminds me of the this will be the best 4-H cow .... friendly as a baby but super stand-off as a teen...

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      @Mary Combs she will.. And she will be a big beautiful cow 1 day 😊🐄

    • Mary Combs
      Mary Combs

      @Midwestern Hoof Trimmer hopefully she will sweeten up with age to.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      And her mother was a super sweet cow..

  • C. S.
    C. S.

    Did you change your channel name?

    • C. S.
      C. S.

      No worries. I was a little confused but I enjoy your videos. Thank you for good content.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      I did! I regret not announcing it before hand now as I see it confused alot of people...

  • Rob Cooper
    Rob Cooper

    I am still interested to see how Lola develops into a cow, how she produces and her calves.

    • Midwestern Hoof Trimmer
      Midwestern Hoof Trimmer

      She should be really good... She has great genetics.. I can't wait for her first trim!

  • Span Dex
    Span Dex

    "Your truck smells like cow poop" ...out of the mouths of babes!! LOL

  • Karen Schneider
    Karen Schneider

    cute girls!

  • Polly Embree
    Polly Embree

    Maybe Lola is the cow equivalent of a tomboy! Thank you for sharing your girls with us!

  • Brian mn
    Brian mn

    Just like watching your videos Thank you