RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Full Movie Cinematic (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Military Shooter All Cinematics Trailers
RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Full Movie Cinematic (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Military Shooter All Cinematics Trailers
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  • Zumifey

    For a second I thought this was real xD (aka reaL life”

  • Liam Woodruff
    Liam Woodruff

    8:11 who's the person in yellow and green btw whoever it is looks like a character from the mandalorian

  • Bion

    Damn Thatcher saw heaven between them legs

  • Piotrek

    Aruni is fucking amazing

  • Leo Wilkins
    Leo Wilkins

    Wait is this real

  • RobStiPator

    who knew rainbow would come this far? their gameplay, the cutscenes, graphics....all so amazing and its so cool to have played rainbow six when it is still growing to be one of the greatest games ever made. if they made a story mode for this game i would totally be down to play it. and no i dont mean their tutorial missions.

  • OriginalName

    casual wear dokkaebi got me feelin some typa way bro....


    is there any lore for this about how they all arent dead in the arena scenes

  • UltimateKage


  • Pedro Jacome
    Pedro Jacome

    Seu corno kkkkk a caveira e fod4

  • Denal

    We need a movie of r6

  • Lemon Juice
    Lemon Juice

    Ash is Ellie's mom change my mind

  • tommy cheung
    tommy cheung

    4:51 Dok is so damn hotttttt

  • John Williams
    John Williams

    21:18, is this what corona virus part 2 looks like now?

  • Z13RK

    3:08 Mozzie just makes the scene so much better, he's like a literal child.

  • cheezy sun
    cheezy sun

    It’s funny how sledge just comes hammering in like “What’s poppin?”

  • tsai

    Bro u cant tell mw this is animated it looks so real

    • Memes

      It’s a CGI

  • Roblox Demogorgon
    Roblox Demogorgon

    6:40 ello nick, how your mum?

  • Timothy _Gamer28
    Timothy _Gamer28

    Dang look at this Defender defending for Kali, while Attacker with Ash

  • Pony Power
    Pony Power

    the r6 they are real one rated a plane

  • SAN1C

    If only a match in r6 would be that amazing

  • noli

    4K Graphics

  • Voice of Veriks
    Voice of Veriks

    Too bad it cut out Thatcher's bar fight.

  • Dylan Agreda
    Dylan Agreda

    mira so cute

  • Phenomenal Mario Bros
    Phenomenal Mario Bros

    Cav: THERE IS NO NEXT TIME Also Cav: I’ll be here next year.

  • jwalton_1418

    This movie is actually so cool

  • Fading_Midnight

    The fact that they made Thermite breach a soft wall... It just doesn't sit well with me...


    6:30 “FOCKING”

  • SmikkY

    Pulse almost got a 1v5 clutch but he simped and fucked it up...

  • strider man
    strider man

    22:22 covid in a nutshell

  • Mohamed Alsheikh
    Mohamed Alsheikh

    Ash was removed from the game for team kill

  • God

    You cant even jump and back slide on the ground why they doing this 😭

  • Shiny Tomcat
    Shiny Tomcat

    So we’re all just going to ignore that pulse almost aced?

  • Tiffany Sallows
    Tiffany Sallows


  • xau on softaim
    xau on softaim

    this is sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meтe Ялчынкая
    Meтe Ялчынкая

    Where can i find the official UZload video of this?

  • 78WoundsTaken

    So they watch people die for entertainment, this is just Modern Medieval matches

  • Matteo Matteo
    Matteo Matteo

    mira is really cute wtf

  • LastHelllo

    Pulse with a 4k

  • Maximilian Bima
    Maximilian Bima

    cant wait until ubi made a movie from this game, it would be great

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James

    "full movie" you mean all cutscenes mashed into a video

    • The Soviet Dog
      The Soviet Dog

      They even cut some scenes

  • PewDiePie69

    Ngl thatcher is one bad ass

  • human human
    human human

    so i dont get it are they shooting like airsoft or something?

  • mas nospmoht
    mas nospmoht

    18:26 the one time cinematic makers got mouth movements right

  • sl_20_04 _
    sl_20_04 _

    So is no one gonna talk about how pulse almost aced?

  • Ryan Tuparan
    Ryan Tuparan

    Man, they always do Pulse dirty

  • Mocha Chan
    Mocha Chan

    *airsoft be like*

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody

    God this Looks amazing. The graphics and everything. Can we take a moment and just look at how fair gaming has come?

    • Orenthal Mudbone
      Orenthal Mudbone

      This is cgi

  • Patryk Zimny
    Patryk Zimny

    we gonna ignore how fucing *FINE* mira is?!?!

  • fzlowwkeyy On Twitch
    fzlowwkeyy On Twitch

    R6 quarantine?

  • Anurag RB26
    Anurag RB26

    Why was Cav and Wamai cheering for Kali when the attackers won? I get Wamai since its Kali but I thought Cav was kind of a sore loser?


    May i ask, why pretty much every ops exist here but not the spestnaz ubisoft?? Whats your problem? Ok if you dont want tachanka the "useless" operator in these (according to the ash main community) But why not kapkan? Glaz? Fuze??? HA??

  • flowers

    kinda wanna see a full version of the first clip

  • Kenneth Robert
    Kenneth Robert

    Ubisoft due Tom Clancy a favor and give us the real rainbow six 3 back b4 the reinforcing, remember call of duty copied you guys not the other way around.

  • Hunter Hess
    Hunter Hess

    Are the real people or animated I can't tell

  • Agrius_Playz

    I wish this was real but with paintball guns that would be fun

  • AfricanWarlord

    Can we take a minute to appreciate how badass Pulse was during his almost clutch?

  • charlie moss
    charlie moss

    Are those like sand bullets of blanks or something

  • Copperhead Airsoft
    Copperhead Airsoft

    Where’s the maverick??

  • LeXmen

    Did ash actually had a hitbox?

  • Alec Rubay Brown
    Alec Rubay Brown

    I love this so cool

  • MozzieXD

    Attackers won again :(

  • MH

    the 4k is sad to see

  • Gage Fields
    Gage Fields

    You know that pulse was flaming his team for not getting a single kill

  • Antonio

    I miss the outbreak event😢

  • giacomo koko
    giacomo koko

    Who thinks like me that operation chimera was the best in r6 history

  • Musty Man
    Musty Man

    Am I the only one who thinks ash shouldn’t be leader of r6

  • Naktron636

    They tried to make kali useful

  • FURY A-32
    FURY A-32


  • Caleb Kent
    Caleb Kent

    Wait these multiplayer games are just simulations

  • Sports4u

    No such thing as coincidence, it’s God’s plan

  • Sports4u

    Don’t disrespect God, He loves you and sent His Perfect Son to be tortured and killed for us

  • Aljohn Lepail
    Aljohn Lepail

    2:12 -5 points friendly fire

  • Sea1s4L1fe

    Damn pulse almost hit that 1v5 clutch, almost sledge shit on him

  • Guitar robot
    Guitar robot

    Its weird how the accents switch between cinematic especially dokkaebi

  • Connor Bennett
    Connor Bennett

    After seeing caveria in ghost recon shes still a fucking coward and her brother is a coward too

  • Long Trần
    Long Trần

    no spawn peek, yike

  • Captain Almario
    Captain Almario

    I sweat I'd love to watch a Siege movie. Or a series.

  • Lamaking TV
    Lamaking TV

    2:46 pov: you're watching a Marley video

  • kx1811


  • Christopher Ayerst
    Christopher Ayerst

    That god damn smile

  • TheRonWay

    Was that Sam Fisher in the beginning of the video ?

  • Migheli Nadulisneac
    Migheli Nadulisneac

    i love how blitz on 13:03 acts like he carried the whole game lol

  • ww2 planes
    ww2 planes

    Yall do realize they are using chalk rounds to simulate the fight right?

  • Diana Cavendish
    Diana Cavendish

    Mozzie is so short it’s cute

  • ChaxerzzYT Gamer
    ChaxerzzYT Gamer

    If smoke doesn't tell us what is in the canister the terrorists will keep attacking

  • Nezu

    is that fucking sam fisher?

  • _ ProTwo58120 _
    _ ProTwo58120 _

    3:07 When you forget that Mozzie is 5'3"

    • Paper Airplane
      Paper Airplane


  • epic

    Gosh Dokkaebi is so cute I loved it

  • epic

    Pulse: Who the fuck is calling me Ash: so you have chosen death

  • GuToa Tx
    GuToa Tx

    why everytime the attackers win?

  • William Cui
    William Cui

    i'm kind of disappointed by this cartoony version of siege.

  • Bear AndLion
    Bear AndLion

    So tell me how you can get blown up with a c4, and walk away from it

  • eric cartman
    eric cartman

    "there is no next time, SEU CORNO"

  • Luke Cepeda
    Luke Cepeda

    Literally Ash experience toxicity of Rainbow Six Siege lol

  • Sammoss 226
    Sammoss 226

    11:05 Sledge: I've had enough of this sheit

  • Jonas Bayer
    Jonas Bayer

    rainbow könnte einen film rausbringen

  • Metastabillity

    Dude if Kali's gadget was actually being able to rappel quickly around corners like that she would be my favorite operator

  • ElminHVR-BIH _
    ElminHVR-BIH _

    9:25 I am German and when I hear Blitz speak English so badly I have to think of the typical English with a German accent from my teachers. That make everything even funnier 😂😂😂😂

  • TheSilent Man
    TheSilent Man

    Ash is so soft :l