Bankroll Freddie, Megan Thee Stallion - Pop It (Official Video)
Watch the official video for Bankroll Freddie feat. Megan Thee Stallion “Pop It.”

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“Pop It” Lyrics:

Let the BandPlay (Yeah)
[Verse 1: Bankroll Freddie]
Young nigga turnt, I'ma pop it (I'ma pop it)
Keep me a .30, nigga, this ain't no Roxy (Baow)
Get your ass shot, I ain't doin' no boxing (No boxing)
I cook this shit in they face like Hibachi
I know he hatin', I got the bitch watchin' (Haha)
She on my drip and she like how I pop it (Oh, she like it)
He can't afford neither one of these watches (Nah)
She wanna fuck and she heard that I'm toxic (Big toxic)
I wanna fuck on lil' mama, she thick (Ooh)
Booty so big, ooh, look at them hips (Look at her)
Like how she shake it, might give her a tip (Give a tip)
Go to the back, I might give her this tip (Ooh)
Straight to the room, got her all on my zip (Zip it up)
Beat that thang up from the back, let mе dip (From the back)
Say she got water, wеll I need a sip (Ooh)
Pussy low mileage, take me on a trip (Yeah)
I know for a fact that she feelin' me (Ooh, ooh)
Catch us a vibe, yeah, she matchin' my energy (Yeah)
She a lil' hood, I think she's from Tennessee (On God)
Booty so big, could of thought she from Texas (Texas)
She got the peach, could of thought she from Georgia
That pussy so wet, well take me to Florida (Ooh)
I kinda adored her, so I Dior'd her
Let’s hit up Lenox and blow us a quarter, yeah (Quarter)
[Chorus: Bankroll Freddie]
Pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh)
Pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh)
Pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh)
Pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh)
Pop it (Ooh), pop it
(Let the BandPlay)
[Verse 2: Megan Thee Stallion]
Ayy, young bitch lit, I'ma shake some (Shake some)
If he got money, you know I'ma take some
Whoever I'm fuckin', these bitches want next (What?)
You eatin' my leftovers, that's not a flex (Ugh)
Bitches ain't fuckin' with me in this jewelry (Ah)
I need a nigga that know what to do with me
Guess I'm too hot so these bitches ain't cool with me (Hey)
Too fucking thick, he wish it was two of me (Ah)
Poppin', bad bitch, keep me a option (Yeah)
Wavy, hoes see me and get nauseous (Get nauseous)
Famous, leave with the nigga you came with (Came with)
Dangerous, I don't fuck around with no lame shit
'Scuse me, we tryna get by with that Uzi
Finna let him bust off some rounds in this coochie (Baow, baow)
Bank tryna fit all this ass in the two-seat (Hey)
Bitch finna go broke tryna outdo me
Umm, if I'm not the hottest, who is? (Who is?)
She got a booty fetish, tryna steal my shit (My shit)
M's to the lawyer just to handle my biz' (My biz')
200K just to cover my wrist (Brrr)
He bopped out and I wanna see what that mouth 'bout
Start from the bottom to the top like a countdown (Ah)
Everybody pull out they phone when I pop out
Pop it, baow, baow

[Chorus: Bankroll Freddie]
Pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh)
Pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh)
Pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh)
Pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh)
Pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh), pop it (Ooh)
Pop it

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    He knew what he was doing when he put MEG on dis beat 😂😋😋😋 spitting straight heat

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      Moneybag is the only one she dated and she sent his cheating ass back to the streets with his having enough kids For the starting line of both sides for a basketball game. Where is the proof she dated the others? Trey and G Eazy said no as did she. She and Tory? Ha! Yea ok he was a fling at best. She can’t be for the streets. She is the streets hon.

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    Song : ulalala Singer : Daniel el travieso, Randy Listen to the music

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