Complete Cold War Zombies Story & ALL Cutscenes (Die Maschine Easter Egg Explained)
This is ALL secret cutscenes, hidden ghosts, and Die Maschine easter eggs.
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    Game: Man abandoned and dies in a closet alone Milo: *teabags skeleton*

    • Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov

      @Wannabe Ghost-chan More cruel things are joked about, even by most of the people who had those cruel things done to them.

    • Wannabe Ghost-chan
      Wannabe Ghost-chan

      Even if it’s a game that’s cruel

    • Wannabe Ghost-chan
      Wannabe Ghost-chan

      True like it’s disrespectful if that was you would you like someone to teabag you

    • Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov

      Ah, we saw worse back in Peleliu, got most of the men from my Unit drowned under malarial water, then fed to the shithole.

    • Liam Butler
      Liam Butler

      Bro it's takes your 40mins to Mac and cheese wtf

  • Ghost Fool123
    Ghost Fool123

    can u do a vid about samatha

  • OverClocked

    Damn the 3XS Computers are the best

  • •WHAT• IS• LIFE•ッ
    •WHAT• IS• LIFE•ッ

    I feel bad for my boi walter they left him to die

  • Fotis Thomos
    Fotis Thomos

    Is this a new reality? Without Richthofen and the others? Like a soft reboot?

  • Master Chef
    Master Chef

    I didnt get a cutscene for beating the easter egg

  • Lord Witty
    Lord Witty

    Samantha? older? wtf?

  • Maurice Hof
    Maurice Hof

    Ok sure zombies that kill zombies

  • Michael Orzelek
    Michael Orzelek

    2:48, halo 3 death sound lol

  • HFK 232
    HFK 232

    wait how do you get your zombies like this? i wanna play mines like this

  • Attackon Kb
    Attackon Kb

    He play zombies like it’s his dream

  • Pequeno boricua
    Pequeno boricua

    Cold war zombies is so good it maybe better then zombies chronicles

  • I’m gay but Also
    I’m gay but Also

    So basically zombies started because of this?

  • I’m gay but Also
    I’m gay but Also

    Bro those guys in the first cutscene are just trash at training

  • Patricia Gross
    Patricia Gross

    3:55 listen there in the that gen there in the bo4 universe cuz weaver (bo1 best cod ever) say Samantha that means Eddie

  • some squirrel with internet access
    some squirrel with internet access

    The zombies right they have yellow eyes hinting that what ever his name is still controls the zombies

  • CumberCube

    Man only had like 4 bullets in his 1911

  • DVSI𓆤999

    I feel like they should habe definitely used german voices instead of translation with german accent. It would have been infinitely more immersive

  • Rah Dizzy
    Rah Dizzy

    I like the way u tell the story keep up the good work

  • It’s Mathias-07
    It’s Mathias-07

    Ur a f-ing legend bro

  • redacted

    The game quality is good but... My phone quality isn't good 🤣

  • Valesonic Rv
    Valesonic Rv

    Can someone explain me why, in subtitles, Weaver's name is red, like he is an enemy? (also Carver, Grey and Strauss are red)

  • Jerry Leonard
    Jerry Leonard

    How do you play the shorty

    • Jerry Leonard
      Jerry Leonard


  • joe miranda
    joe miranda

    I feel like this story becomes a paradox. Richtofen explains in blood of the dead that once Dempsey and the others stepped through the portal, their cells were infused with the aether. If these people that we play as now have done so also, wouldn't they be connected to the aether as well?

  • Liam Fraser
    Liam Fraser

    when cold war pulls a doom and gives you a BFG powered by zombies

  • John-Thomas Tyler
    John-Thomas Tyler

    Zombies has made an awesome comeback. Love this video🤙🏼🤙🏼


    The soviets at the start forgot to get pack a punch and armour. Lol

  • lordshiinto

    Theory What if the old charecters arnt exactly dead but have all traces of dark eaither removed from them ect and they love they life they truly wanted in the new universe (all their thoughts at the end of tag I believe)

  • GJR

    Idk about you but vogel sounds like hes a voice actored by one of the same people from skyrim

  • alec heden
    alec heden

    I’m curious how do u guys crack these type of these things I’ve been trying to do this for years but I always come back to these videos 😂😂

  • john dewberry III
    john dewberry III

    I don’t remember all these cinematics. Awesome I wish there was a real fleshed out version of the zombies more of a campaign than a bonus mode. I don’t even remember all the banter like with the doctors

  • Meliodas SxW
    Meliodas SxW

    How is the strike time not infectd by the radiation and turned to zombies?

  • Obiwanjed1

    5:58 daaaamn bro so toxic xD

  • Payton Doucet
    Payton Doucet

    Anybody else notice the world at war map by the the stairs ?

  • Zemi G
    Zemi G


  • Jesus Reyes
    Jesus Reyes

    Poor people that die I actually feel bad for them 😔😔 😢😢

  • Vatam 1789
    Vatam 1789

    I think her “friend in the kgb” was Nikolai

    • Fear Edgy
      Fear Edgy

      Nikolai is dead it’s most likely Eddie(Young Richtofen)

  • Afri Cheese
    Afri Cheese


  • Zebiano

    No subtitles enabled in-game? Sad, quite important... Nice video nonetheless!

  • Eamonn Ortiz
    Eamonn Ortiz

    Samantha as in maxis daughter

  • Onur KARA
    Onur KARA

    a perfect video

  • Paçoca

    22:04 No! Bad dog!

  • NuclearArk Gaming
    NuclearArk Gaming

    I feel bad for orlov

  • Lunar Gamer
    Lunar Gamer

    16:52 Wait... Kazimir... Like Kazimir mechanism? Is that a throw back to Ascension? Or am I reading too much into it? Now I'm wondering if Sam who reported the outbreak to Weaver is the same Samantha that basically controlled the zombies in the first black ops just all grown up... or maybe the Sam after the original four basically retconned themselves... whatever the team did in black ops 3... I never completed all the easter eggs in that game.... ... Whatever... If not those are some pretty strange coincidences.

  • Marco Cardozo
    Marco Cardozo

    VERY good explanation, i was looking this video even tho i wasn’t really looking for it but just wondering what was the story behind it, i’ve never completed the easter egg as it seems a bit hard for me or if i get to manage it i get called to throw away the trash and it messes up my gameplay as i can’t pause it or play it by myself cuz i’m too scared, although i am good ngl, i made it to round 30 by myself, i should try it sometime when i own the game, but as of rn i only have acces to it for 7 days as cod made zombies free for a week only. there are some things that do need more explanation, i may come back and rewatch the video again for better understanding, other videos could help but i find this one more understandable, thank you kind sir for the content, i love the accent btw, have a good day

  • Mecha Team Gaming
    Mecha Team Gaming

    Is it just me or when all the people die and I hear master chief death sounds

  • delta 1-2
    delta 1-2

    I have a theory of the zombies game its either carver or weaver who says this but when you land it'll say this isn't the first nazi experiment that went wrong, the final reich from cod ww2 zombies 🧐

  • Dr_zane473 T
    Dr_zane473 T

    He said it's shot in 4k. All I get is playback in 360p. Lmao

  • Kaleb Gray
    Kaleb Gray

    Honestly a really interesting storyline💯 cant wait for the rest of the maps and story to be completed

  • Extremezombie08

    How don’t the strike team turn into zombies? They literally go into the dark ether and still don’t turn where other people turned just by being near it

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer

    I was doing the Easter egg and then I got the wonder wepon from the mystery box

  • Luke Rich
    Luke Rich

    Fantastic video !

  • Danny Boi
    Danny Boi

    Rip Walter

  • Spicy Boi Memes
    Spicy Boi Memes

    lets all be honest we clicked this video to see what was up with the thumbnail

  • XxPaarthurnax X7
    XxPaarthurnax X7

    Type 63 class?

  • kane fan
    kane fan

    At 2:33 did anyone hear halo3 death sounds?? I did

  • ΣκαΤα Μ
    ΣκαΤα Μ

    Man am i the only one who is tired of being with the americans every time

  • SAMurai2K

    I did the Easter egg on my xbox one during the free trial and my xbox literally turned off when the facility gets blown up... I can't wait to get the ps5

  • I love rainbow six siege PS4
    I love rainbow six siege PS4

    🤣 u dumb u said omega wrong

  • main throwaway
    main throwaway

    Possible secret easter egg. Check the rocking horse in Natch, there's a teddy monkey sitting on it, if u run into it the monkey falls off and u can't knock the horse again. I could find any other way to interact with the teddy but I found it highly sus that the horse only rocks once when interacted with.

  • NoWaY Is TheWay
    NoWaY Is TheWay

    you shold make a giveaway stream for that pc and give it to me XD

  • Jason Castaneda
    Jason Castaneda

    Wait that was samantha


    So, the new Zombies universe is the black ops universe?.

  • Sweet Johnson
    Sweet Johnson

    Why didn't they use German voice actors to voice the Germans?

  • AidenRush13

    Die isnt dee

  • Ein Stein
    Ein Stein

    I just dont get why there is graffiti everywhere.

  • Sup Andrew Hello
    Sup Andrew Hello


  • c-ops clips
    c-ops clips

    He died two times😓

  • c-ops clips
    c-ops clips

    That story make me sad


    I love these videos 💯


    alright nigga cut to the chase

  • Beatriz Chavez
    Beatriz Chavez


  • Hectorin Beltran
    Hectorin Beltran

    Aye bro thanks for your tutorial for the die machine easter egg. I completed it today and it was hella fun

  • Amir Maky
    Amir Maky

    I love when the big boy said “what is coming cannot be stopped” and you looked at him and no

  • Trey Griggs
    Trey Griggs

    Where’d they get the rights to Master Chiefs death sounds

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face

    I like how he spit on waffles and waffles shot him

  • DURP16

    I like how the tittle says "all cutscenes" when there's only 1 That last 1 were you extract dont count

  • II-Goku -II
    II-Goku -II

    I haven’t seen you in 6 months bro

  • shadowriderinfinite

    Did anyone realise she said weaver so that means he knows about Nova 6 gas in bo 1 zombies cause he's seen the zombies before

  • BIGBOSS6419

    After you interact with the anomaly, you know what happens next

  • kyle Theriot
    kyle Theriot

    Onslaught... Oh yeah I forgot about that because I plan on PC and Xbox and we don't get that.

  • Kayden M
    Kayden M

    It is die msene

  • Checker Boy
    Checker Boy

    5:56 XD

  • Cosmic Brawler
    Cosmic Brawler

    I think I have watched this guy on bo3 maybe

  • Mazey

    what did he do to make the zombies not attack him??

  • Junior R
    Junior R

    @ 0:17 useless. Unless u r a human whos eyes suck

  • Sam Medders
    Sam Medders

    Man they really gave that guy a medal and locked him in the zombie dungeon

  • PinkMonkey

    26:56 sounds like metal vocals lmao

  • Cloudontherun

    Weird flex in the begging

  • Gothic Gucci
    Gothic Gucci

    u really jus say dee machine lmao

  • laron kincaid
    laron kincaid

    That story was awesome I need more of those for sure I could complete the story I'm glad somebody was able to

  • Sir Rickster-173
    Sir Rickster-173

    Should have been named Shrekaton since it's green

  • Joe W
    Joe W

    I hope they manage to keep this new storyline interesting, so far it's such a deep lore with so much happening it's amazing

  • Giovanni Charriez
    Giovanni Charriez

    Nods in agreement 🤣🤣🤣 34:23

  • x_dead lord_x
    x_dead lord_x

    can someone time stamp the steps?

  • Scmex

    3:32 u kinda feel bad for the guy in there

  • RGN X2Jack
    RGN X2Jack

    He did the Easter egg by round 16 mad

  • Mitchell Hoagland
    Mitchell Hoagland

    What gun was that like the pack a punched one and what attachments

  • Not Isaac
    Not Isaac

    33:59 man said the n word 0_0

  • Tomato sauce
    Tomato sauce

    even though walters a nazi, that's still a bad fate