Casually Explained: The Food of the World
Watch out Pewdiepie, I'm coming for your tunnbrödsrulle. Pigmentally challenged gang rise up.
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  • History Nerd
    History Nerd

    For the Eastern European one he should have just said "Russia", since Eastern European culture varies greatly. Also, never forget the майонез and сгущённое молоко😤

  • Cinnamon Sanctuary
    Cinnamon Sanctuary

    So I see African Food, and my mind starts buzzing with the endless possibilities given that Africa is composed of myriad of countries each known for a number of diverse dishes. I think to myself, this guy sounds clever, surely he's not going to elaborate on African Food by merely mentioning Jollof Rice (West African) or Injera (East African) without going into the subtle regional differences in 10-15 seconds. Either way, you missed an opportunity there dude! You could have veered onto "Jollof War" territory, a serious regional conflict, the main purpose of which is to establish which West African country rocks the most at creating this classic "African" dish loved by millions!

  • Ikua Muita
    Ikua Muita

    African food:..... LMAOOO I'm not even mad and I'm African. As long as every country gets ribbed in one way or another, it's all in good fun.

  • Andy Zhang
    Andy Zhang

    5:04 is absolutely genius

  • A big knoop
    A big knoop

    Latvians have bright pink soup that you eat cold.

    • Warrior Son
      Warrior Son


  • Narek Bekzatyan
    Narek Bekzatyan

    It’s ironic because tzatziki is Armenian

  • Tamaki Tamaki
    Tamaki Tamaki

    Pho You =))) that killed me lmao

  • Freackedman

    *h u n g r y*

  • Lux Corvi
    Lux Corvi


  • Alex Kilin
    Alex Kilin

    Didn’t even mention gyros go kick yourself in the nuts Also for Russian: Borsch Georgian: hatsapouri (idk the actual name in English screw you)

  • Anirudh Kanaparthy
    Anirudh Kanaparthy

    Fyi Indian Cuisine can be broken down into 4 : N, E, W, S. Which are completely different from each other. South Indians are the most sour and spicy . North is more sweet and balanced. West is spicy too but too obsessed with it. East is a mystery for me atleast. Psst... a tip for when you visit India ask for "Pani Puri" you will be addicted

  • Goldenrod Prime
    Goldenrod Prime

    “African food.” _Cuts to a Jimmy Dean ad_

  • Rajat Shukla
    Rajat Shukla

    African food : silence *Moves on* DAMNNNNNN

  • Mehak Verma
    Mehak Verma

    You already had me laughing at 5:16 so I was dead by 5:30 XDXDXD

  • Mehak Verma
    Mehak Verma

    2:35 Maple Syrup: "and I took that personally"

  • Enomaos33

    Brazilian food: We will make our own version of your country's food

  • Kasseler Trainspotter
    Kasseler Trainspotter


  • Kasseler Trainspotter
    Kasseler Trainspotter

    Me: what’s your favorite restaurant? Nobody: ikea

  • Kasseler Trainspotter
    Kasseler Trainspotter

    No... no I’m hungry

  • Tom Tříska
    Tom Tříska

    I hereby on behalf of the czech republic add pork czech dumplings and cabbage, we claim beer and schnitzel too btw

  • wennke

    Do Belgium plss

  • PixelDrake

    I want a really trendy vietnamese restaurant called Pho-Q

  • Z

    Please never laugh in a video ever again It disturbes the order of the universe and its making the dog scared

  • Sohom Chatterjee
    Sohom Chatterjee

    As an Indian I can confirm thatour national food is nun. No rice, no chapati, no idli dosa, no paratha or biriyani. Nope.

  • MasterCarrot438

    do not dis my beans on toast

  • PhantomStranger

    6:59 🤣

  • Queenstown

    New Zealand has superior: pies, fish and chips, sausage sizzles and pavlova compared to Australia.

  • future hofer
    future hofer

    How did you not mention Brazil lol

  • Guttastemning

    5:01-5:25 I laughed my face off holy shit

  • CompSciStrawberry

    Eastern European food? Come on! Gulash, beer (Czech's drink more beer than Germans!), Borscht... ?

  • napolien 1
    napolien 1

    Middle Eastern dude you know there is a big difference in food between these countries you could divide it into two sides tho The Arabian Gulf countries they have similar cuisines and the others. Also if u want to eat the food from any country in the Arabian Gulf u should call your friends too since most of the food is cooked eith large quantities since u eat as a group

  • Jozef Hudec
    Jozef Hudec

    my country was compleatly wrang and i becker

  • Sliz _
    Sliz _

    This dude just straight up laughing at his joke for a whole 30 sec 😭😭 5:00

    • Sliz _
      Sliz _

      It's funny tho, not gonna lie


    good thing he didnt mention african food the warlords eat humans

  • Robin

    I'm from Germany and everything he said in the video was correct. Except one thing, we consume a lot more beer.

  • Bella

    Where are my PIEROGI???

  • Nathan Fradley
    Nathan Fradley

    Every other nation: Hey that's offensive Australians: Yeah nah mate, that's pretty bang on aye

  • Vincenzo Karol Flagiello
    Vincenzo Karol Flagiello

    im italian so im always mentioned

  • Miissakuravidel

    What???? When I think Greek I think olives, feta, tsastiki, lam, and gyros.... What are these pastries???? Never seen that

  • Boktorinator


  • teny hacopian
    teny hacopian

    I love you

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    So Ikea is food place hmm OK 😂

  • Ibrahim Tahirou
    Ibrahim Tahirou

    1: Africa-continent 2: West African food some of the best in the world (obviously biased) 3: Is he really jamie from Joe Rogan??!?


    Used to live by a Vietnamese hole in the wall called Pho King. They changed the name after everyone knew how to pronounce it correctly.

  • its Adam, Not much else
    its Adam, Not much else

    Yo I’m from Canada and this video was amazing... especially the canada one🤣 so true. I literally had poutine yesterday 💀

  • Ricardo Müller
    Ricardo Müller

    I thought he lived in Montreal

  • arda çokak
    arda çokak


  • Squish125

    I think African food is one of my favorite cuisines

    • username1nmillion

      African #food is the second least known about food behind North Korean food. 😪 🫕🥰 🍽🇿🇦🇰🇵

  • Cam C
    Cam C

    1:11 that's not salsa...

  • Peter Bergestein
    Peter Bergestein

    so basicaly, EU food bad, nonwhite food amazing. kek. cringe

  • Jhemuel Pagatpat
    Jhemuel Pagatpat

    The "eating (raw) pangolin" didn't age well

  • Lam Nguyen
    Lam Nguyen

    African food: *Reese's add plays* Me: Sorry, what?

  • Henry Fink
    Henry Fink

    That is the most emotion I’ve ever heard in a video

  • Lafayette

    You forgot the chip butty and crisp butty and how we will put everything on a butty

  • Gamerunt

    as an australian myself i can confirm we have vegemite on white bread and sometimes we have weetbix for breakfast but the part when he said sausages on white bread for lunch is wrong we actually have that for dinner and meat pies for lunch then for dessert we mostly just have ice cream but honestly its pretty accurate

  • Matyi


  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    "oooffff puffy tortilla" LOL

  • Rnishu _
    Rnishu _

    Africa isnt a country dude

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief

    this video now makes want to find recipes of some of the foods listed

  • Lord canabino
    Lord canabino

    Africa isnt a country Genius and for a funny research channel that came off as ignorant and arrogant

  • 2017

    Went to an African restaurant in Dandenong one time. They had there own kind of spongey bread, it tasted a little bit vinegarish and lots of beany or lentily things maybe.

  • ode

    you’ve clearly never had a stroopwafel

    • Unai Mastwijk
      Unai Mastwijk

      G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  • slimebor

    where Latvia with patatoes. this is not okey dokey

  • Hi Unknown here.
    Hi Unknown here.

    Can't control your laughter on Swedish food, huh. *Pewdiepie will remember this*

  • Tim Hill
    Tim Hill

    Africans in the chat! Jollof Rice!

  • Mord Fustang
    Mord Fustang

    Funny vid but africa actually has really good food

  • Sidnea Strelser
    Sidnea Strelser

    Where I'm from, the Vietnamese restaurants are all called Pho *insert number here* ie Pho 26, Pho 83, literally any number and there seems to be no logic to the number chosen

  • Alex Alvarez
    Alex Alvarez

    is he actually jaime tho

  • Moltkeys

    Yes eating kababs with fries inside is traditional

  • Monga X
    Monga X

    Africa isn’t a country

  • Noah Fischer
    Noah Fischer

    For Africa food just think sweet potato rice corn and beans.

  • Pooh the Bear
    Pooh the Bear

    Oh shit I didn't know the kebab at 3 AM is international

  • Robert Ochiel
    Robert Ochiel

    POV: Every African waiting for their fate nervously

  • I’m not sure But
    I’m not sure But

    british food gotta be the most bland in the world. it does not even good look good .

  • Help me get to 1000 followers
    Help me get to 1000 followers

    u forgot african

  • Rylan Stelter
    Rylan Stelter

    eh man, you covered our country pretty well.

  • William Highmore
    William Highmore

    Lol! Funny , entertained and facts. Btw, I'm from Myanmar. I think you're gonna be I haven't known it before. 😆

  • ittegapS Sauce
    ittegapS Sauce


  • Antonio Bennett
    Antonio Bennett

    African food Lingering silence lmfao

  • Wilford Warfstache
    Wilford Warfstache

    You described America perfectly

  • Edwin

    Heheue, that video was funny and accurate. Except for that part you said about tunnbrödsrulle tho, one does not mess with the tunnbrödsrulle.

  • S C R I T T Y
    S C R I T T Y


  • Bobby Heyer
    Bobby Heyer

    Indian one so accurate, who needs a menu, just serve the butter chicken!

  • Ben Richards
    Ben Richards

    Hehheehe "Spicy Brick"

  • Svenitt

    0:58 spicy brick got me

  • Daniel The Linux Boy
    Daniel The Linux Boy

    6:58 FR, Morocco has some great food. Couscous is the best thing ever.

  • Peter Polak
    Peter Polak

    Him : There are no other famous italian dishes Lasagna : Am I a joke to you ?

  • Lavan Pipes
    Lavan Pipes

    African food 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kenny02120

    “your ego is more inflated than Turkey’s currency” LMFAOOO

    • begüm akkan
      begüm akkan

      as a turkish citizen i busted out laughing lmao

    • Boktorinator


    • Idiotic Canadian
      Idiotic Canadian

      I mean, he's not wrong.

  • Jack Cahill
    Jack Cahill

    There's a Vietnamese restaurant in my town called Pho King Great. Dead serious and a bunch of white people complained and wanted it to get shut down.

  • Justin H
    Justin H

    Pho King Good

  • ρєяρєтυαl M0rph
    ρєяρєтυαl M0rph

    Him: hahahahahha there’s no African food Me: what Caucasian food is there that wasn’t stolen or inspired by something else Him:.......

  • Alexander Platinum
    Alexander Platinum

    African Food *KFC add played*

  • Republika Dugave
    Republika Dugave

    Greek and Italian food are the best...

  • Holden Schmitt
    Holden Schmitt

    man he flexed on Africa at the very beginning

  • ZuluRR

    Germany is not only Bavaria! 😂

  • Fahreza Dhia
    Fahreza Dhia

    I like african food

  • i forgot to take my pills
    i forgot to take my pills

    remember the days when youtube wasn't full of unfunny sarcastic douchebags? me neither :(

    • why did you eat my cake
      why did you eat my cake


  • Tim B.
    Tim B.

    Well i think you never been in Germany. Otherwise you would have mentioned that we have a lot of Kebab places too

  • F rops
    F rops

    ok no more fries, chocolate and waffles for you, signed the angry Belgians

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