How Rich People Keep Screwing Up Global Health - SOME MORE NEWS
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Hi. Here's a video about the ultra-rich and how they're totally screwing up the pandemic and vaccine rollout. Sigh.
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Executive Producer Katy Stoll (@KatyStoll). Written by Katie Goldin (@katiegoldin). Directed by Will Gordh (@will_gordh). Edited by Gregg Meller. Graphics by F. Clint DeNisco.
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  • kuntamdc

    Why do I keep watching Cody's showdy? I hate everything after.

  • Eve Skillz
    Eve Skillz

    thanks for the showdy

  • Erich Keser
    Erich Keser

    Your video is incisive and full of valuable information, but really cuts itself off at the knee with a level of crude "humour" that really offends many of those I tried to share it with. Please tone down a bit this tired popular-culture race to the bottom. We all know what and anus and penis looks like;. W#hat does this really add?

  • Julia Lerner
    Julia Lerner

    Most of Europe seems to be missing from Cody's background map, in addition to S. America being upside-down and N. America being on backwards. What does this signify?

  • MC Alexander
    MC Alexander

    Yohannesburg? Really? So much of this segment was about South Africa. But zero research into what or who this country is. Most of us don't pronounce the name of our major city as "Yohannesburg". It would take a minute of research to find out why.

  • Keith Holcomb
    Keith Holcomb

    "This is my pants pissing look of total surprise"

  • Tozias Silverfang
    Tozias Silverfang

    Thumbs up and an additional comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the video! 👍🔥👍

  • Tempestive

    Altruism can even be 100% fundamented on selfishness. We are a social animal and depend on others for our survival and quality of life. This stems into a secular morality system based on well being. Even a capitalistic society thrives on well being, in the long term. I'm convinced it's faith-based thinking and greedy short-sightedness that get us in these holes.

  • Brecht Withouck
    Brecht Withouck

    Really enjoyed the A.C.A.B. on the badge

  • Stephen Slevin
    Stephen Slevin

    think ill wait for the global vaccine, New variants in contrast to the timescale of the current vaccination programmes , im not sure if getting a vaccine now will just be a waste of time. can you vaccinate over year or years against a virus which is actively mutating over months?

  • Marc Johnson
    Marc Johnson

    I'll tell you the greatest fear of the owner class, and by extension; Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham; poor people paying off debts. If they gave us all a stimulus and then the economy did great -- people would wonder "wait, you mean they can just GIVE US MONEY and it pays for itself?" Yes. They've been doing it for the wealthy for some time now -- and the banks also distribute and create "new money" ostensibly to match growth in GDP. You could just GIVE THAT to the public and it's going to cause an even bigger growth in GDP than giving it to banks. Of course, this will melt the brains of the people educated in economics by the robber barons.

  • Marc Johnson
    Marc Johnson

    The Gates Foundation is getting a tax write off to preserve the status quo and MADE A PROFIT???? I'm glad I never trusted Bill Gates.

  • Marc Johnson
    Marc Johnson

    Charity is the next best thing to taxing and then doing the stuff we need to do, but not as fun if you are into debasing yourself and buying overpriced popcorn subscriptions so kids can have sports teams at school.

  • Marc Johnson
    Marc Johnson

    So let me get this straight; the Bill & Melinda post piracy period donation fund pressured a group that was going to make a open source COVID drug available to not make it open source? This is the problem of depending on the kindness of strangers. Do we really know we can depend on these people?

  • Magekind

    Favorite news guy w/ hideous face? But you're not Jimmy Snow, you're the pretty one.

  • Alex James Films
    Alex James Films

    some clarification on the medical mumbo jumbo folks. at least according to my limited knowledge, most of the time when people are placed on a vent they are probably in the icu and also are given sedatives since shocker, BEING ON A VENT IS A TERRIBLE TIME. so the fact that Alabama is turning down the mentally impaired is just crap. big house poopoo my finger smells bad crap. anyone on a vent would be on sedatives so unless there is something wrong with there body in addition to the cognitive impairment, there is no real reason that they can't be on a vent if needed. just my two cents please fact check me before using anything I say as a talking point lol.

  • Cameron Geiser
    Cameron Geiser

    14 minutes in "If you wanna know what scares a rich ghoul.." yup, first video I've seen from this guy- you've just earned another sub.

  • fred freddy
    fred freddy

    This episode is a national treasure

  • lasal134

    Kent Brockman.

  • moismyname

    Ok but the raycon ad was weird.

  • e vj
    e vj

    Linux master race.... Oh wait, we ain't talking about opensource OS... Nvm it kinda is, fuck you Bill Gates

  • Random overpopulated world ideas
    Random overpopulated world ideas

    Solution: get a political science degree... go into politics. Be the change you want to see. Instead of dressing up like a crazy Viking neo-nazi fascist or buying a ton of guns, the people who want change should just become politicians. Go into government, stop being a pussy and try to change things from the inside. Or just accept that lizard overlords must be defeated through some type of civil war and have fun watching your children kill each other over ideologies that have nothing to do with preserving our earth or happiness here on our planet. Peace.

  • Liannett Mendez
    Liannett Mendez

    It's shameful the lack of values link to the justification of peotecting the rich against the poor.

  • Taurus Fiend
    Taurus Fiend

    i really wish more people followed your channel. your info is concise and thorough

  • mellowstarr

    The best way to protest could be a state/nation wide strike, ie No One goes to work. We pick the date, one day and we shake the plate. From that day, and the reaction, perhaps we could elect a speaker, who will relinquish our demands/needs

  • shingshongshamalama

    Never stop, Cody.

  • Fang the Dergon
    Fang the Dergon

    Fun fact I used to work for a company called EMF electric and they got 50,000 dollars for covid relief and guess what I got jack shit and I had to get 2 covid tests and stay out of work for a total of 4 weeks and I wasn't even paid for my time off but the owner did buy a new office. Also EMF electric is in NC and they do pool installations dont give them money they are assholes as well as being very homophobic

  • Bob Purcell
    Bob Purcell

    I've been waiting a lifetime for others to wake up and say, "The Rich are absolutely fucking us in the ass, and will continue to do so until we have the sense to tax them" (or, if they prefer, kill them. Some will.) I wonder how long I'll have to wait for Step 2. 🙄

  • scottthewaterwarrior

    This is all so depressing. Where's Wormbo when you need him?

  • scottthewaterwarrior

    Look at how much paper Cody wasted making this episode! And he says the rich are the problem, poor people could have eaten that paper Cody!

  • Jeffrey Storry
    Jeffrey Storry

    “American Security Institute” played before your video. Not sure if you know who they are but it seems like the type of thing you rage against. Not sure if you can do anything about it but wanted to let you know!

  • Romeo Matei
    Romeo Matei

    You should first check what Gates has to say. First of all, Oxford could not execute Phase 3 trials with their vaccine. They needed help. And the only ones who offered were AstraZeneca. Second, Bill Gates said that open source is a good strategy with computer software. With vaccines? Not so much. Right now there are at least 10% vaccine skeptics. If you give up openly the vaccine there is only a matter of time until someone, using old equipment, will screw the vaccine up. And people will die. And then we will have 100% vaccine skeptics. Vaccines have an impossible high quality bar: zero death. It only one person dies because a vaccine, even if it is in person in one hundred million doses, the anti-vaccine werewolves will tear the society apart. I live in Romania. Every year some 100 people die of measles. Friggin measles. The measles vaccine is 100% safe. But it needs a inoculation rate higher than 92%. And Romania is well below that because the anti-vaccine conspiracy numnuts. Bill Gates is a good guy. One of the few billionaires who sees beyond his own needs. Remember that and stop soiling his name. I wish the planet had more Gates and less Kochs.

  • Lyndonlives

    Billionaires are cancer.

  • Devon

    20:00 ish so basically the fucking grey death from Deus Ex is literally real cool cool this is very normal

  • shy narcissist
    shy narcissist

    It brings me no pleasure to say this, but................... *they're

  • Dragon Soldier182
    Dragon Soldier182

    Anyone who sees a billionaire donate any money needs to question it. There is no such thing as selfless for a billionaire. These people in many cases made their fortune from destroying lives and our planet.

  • jan van ruth
    jan van ruth

    lockdowns did not save a single person in the whole of europe

  • Moondog66602
    Moondog66602 can we get a lincoln project update cody? When you have time I know you're very busy.

  • john Kerr
    john Kerr

    Heys getting more reasonable looking

  • yeossimika

    I live in South Africa, and now I realize why the vaccine hasn't arrived here yet, I wish I could kill every billionaire right now,

  • Bunni Pop
    Bunni Pop

    If you have the time and if you have a twitter account please use @/dontkillitbernie with this message "Bernie Sanders, as Chair of the Budget Committee, decides what goes in the COVID relief bill. It's his decision on whether a $15-per-hour minimum wage is included in the bill or not. If he keeps it in, it forces the Democrats to vote on it and means it has a chance of passing. If he takes it out, it means Bernie Sanders is killing the increase in minimum wage himself. We, the undersigned, have a clear message: Don't kill it Bernie!" and sign this petition: @t If Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema are threatening to kill the stimulus bill over a 15$ min wage, we must call their bluff. In order for us to do that, the 15$ min wage MUST stay within the bill! Please urge Bernie as the Chair of the Budget Committee to not take the 15$ minimum wage, as this action will be used to throw him under the bus the moment corporate dems get the opportunity to do so.

  • Solid Box
    Solid Box


  • ok nance
    ok nance

    why do i always find myself hitting the like button for videos that REALLY BUM ME OUT.

  • Suzette Figgs
    Suzette Figgs


  • Sharon Wagner
    Sharon Wagner

    Can u stop trying to be funny in your videos

  • Nik Irick
    Nik Irick

    You are my favorite

  • Chrispyriceee Carter
    Chrispyriceee Carter

    Theres no way Prager-U actually did that!?!?! I actually liked them

  • LaughingLorraine

    This is so hard to watch

  • R R
    R R

    Harriet A. Washington wrote a book about this called Medical Apartheid.

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore

    i love that i can taste the distain Cody has while doing ads

  • Heather Calun
    Heather Calun

    According to some TED Talk I saw years ago, people living in poverty tend not to think very far ahead. Not just because of sleep deprivation and malnutrition, but as a survival tactic, your brain doesn't expend resources when the future is extremely uncertain. You'd think the opposite would be true. You'd think people living in extreme luxury, with access to consultants would be able to plan very far ahead. And yet even if we accept that all rich people are emotionless sociopaths, just from a pragmatic perspective, the CEOs of these companies consistently make these nonsensical, short-sighted decisions. "If the people all die, you'll be king of nothing" the old gotcha statement goes. So what are we missing here? The only conclusion I can reach is that because wealth didn't bring them happiness, they have a death wish. And like... that's fine, but why do you have to take the rest of us out with you?

  • Richard Cavicchi Jr
    Richard Cavicchi Jr

    Bill and Melinda Gates and their "foundation" are basically war profiteers at this point. And manipulating the vaccine patent like that for an actively mutating virus during a deadly global pandemic should be considered a crime against humanity.

  • John Zyski
    John Zyski

    You should have lead the whole video with the last couple of minutes. It is worded very well.

  • Rami

    sorry it's $600.00 per ? (week or month) here (Canada) it's $2000.00 Can$ per month

  • Dorin Tibulca
    Dorin Tibulca

    Not interested by any vaccine for covid, fook yu.

  • h4n5i

    lol codi, biontech/pfizer sells to israel at doule the price the us pays, and europe hat to bargain with them because elsewise europe would pay the same...

  • TheNorthHawk

    If humanity ends up wiping itself out, we deserve it.

  • Meredith Bulgrien
    Meredith Bulgrien

    I want a "Cutie with working empathy goo" t-shirt!!

  • Abigail Bernstein
    Abigail Bernstein

    Friendly reminder that black and brown people have very good reason to be suspicious of white colonialist created vaccines (cough, HeLa, cough)

  • Acerbitas

    I am going to have to watch at the least 10 videos of people saving baby animals to feel better after this...

  • Varius Kidd
    Varius Kidd

    Thank you

  • Lionel Steele
    Lionel Steele

    *(Drops butthole caliper, looking crestfallen.)* "We Nazis never get to have any fun!"

  • Alexander Bila
    Alexander Bila

    Mean Comment

  • william hornabrook
    william hornabrook

    Short AstraZeneca out of existence gang gang?


    money talks and walks the world. slavery were not inventet by whitie still exist in china africa and the middle east wonder why we dont see it in eu hmm maybe because its iligal (still legal in the us of a you just have to do it to people who is not legal american residents and btw congrats of the reopening and legalisation of childcages for iligal imigrants biden really likes them it seems)

  • Oscar Bergqvist
    Oscar Bergqvist

    You are my hero. I'm not exaggerating; I think that what you are doing - subjecting yourself to the dark side of the world in order to shine a light on terrible things - is almost quite literally taking a bullet for the rest of us. I hope you are doing well and that your mental coping mechanism are up to the task, and thank you for your passion!

  • uzi display
    uzi display

    CRINGE 😆

    • uzi display
      uzi display

      It's a joke 😅


      Elaborate please, what part of this is so “cringe”?

  • TomDragon Rock
    TomDragon Rock

    Ok this gates foundation and Oxford thing. I’ve been informed it’s more nuanced.

  • Sabin Figaro
    Sabin Figaro

    This goes hand in hand with the John Oliver meat packing episode I literally just watched...sad AF...

  • Internet Azzhole
    Internet Azzhole

    To be totally capitalist, not open sourcing the vaccine will cost million of jobs. Rich people are supposed to be "job Creators," but rich people end up just killing job after job. Why is there not a surplus of job with how much money the USA has thrown at all the rich people. (6 Trillion in March of 2020)

  • splabbity

    You know there's a Nazi out there watching this, somewhere. "Butthole calipers! Why didn't I think of that? Genius!!!"

  • Gunnard Methuselah
    Gunnard Methuselah

    Thank you, my dude!

  • Kozmik Dream
    Kozmik Dream

    It's easy to see the metaphor in Icke's "Reptilians" when seen through this lens. Lack of empathy, sociopathy, comes from the Reptilian part of the Human brain. It's associated with no empathy/ritual. Ritual. Keep that in mind. See Kubrick filmography from start to finish, hmm, throw Prometheus by Ridley Scott in there.


      Well the issue with Icke is that he actually thinks that they are real lizard people, but we can pretend it’s metaphorical

  • Josh Camadeca
    Josh Camadeca

    Cody you’re starting to sound like you think progress is the plan. I’m worried about you

  • Enema27

    Big pharma wants new strains. Can sell more new vaccines that way.

  • ninjaturtles1991

    i give zero fucks about raycon headphones but i'll buy them, simply because they think supporting you is a good idea.

  • Poman Rolanski
    Poman Rolanski

    Gracias por existir Cody & team

  • Heartbreak One
    Heartbreak One

    You knock it out of the park EVERY TIME, big homie! Great job, as always. Bless up!

  • xB-DeathKnell

    Another 3 points on the 1 million AstraZeneca vaccines that came to South Africa: 1) They would have expired before we could have used most of it. 2) Preliminary tests show minimal efficacy against the new SA variant, i.e. they are basically useless. 3) We had to scrap them altogether and turn to J&J instead.

  • Jan Radtke
    Jan Radtke

    So Oxford wanted to make their vaccine freely available. But wait, had it gone through testing and got government approval? No. would Oxford University have been able to manage a test- and apprpval process in multiple countries? No. So making an untested and not approved vaccine public domain is a pretty useless undertaking. But who wants to know that, Gates-bashing feels so much better.

  • Louis Rosas
    Louis Rosas

    I’m honestly surprised that Cody didn’t talk about Elon Musk becoming the richest man in the world. Also our Capital/Imperial system is so fucking horrible

  • kaz za
    kaz za

    "Thats so nice!" PEEN.


    This is my shocked face

  • Amanda Troutman
    Amanda Troutman


  • Thekingofwatching

    Bill J Trumtes

  • Psycho Lefty
    Psycho Lefty

    The pests come when something is out of balance. We've monocropped humans all over the planet. Now the human blight has come. And another one will come soon even if we vaccinate "enough people" against this one. Read fucking Ishmael already please and thank you

  • Yubi Dubiduba
    Yubi Dubiduba

    I went checking the sources about the Bill Gates' scandal just proposed here and you can't believe what I've found: NOTHING! Beside the usual self proclaimed sources, nothing else to back it up. So I'm now presuming this channel is some sort of FOX News alternative, for those that dislike FOX News. Unsubscribed! Ciao Ciao

  • JoAnna Wheaton
    JoAnna Wheaton

    You won't hear this on NPR which is partially sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Jamey Aebers
    Jamey Aebers

    Gates' defense for flip flopping on the open source was that the mRNA vaccine was 'too difficult to make' or some shit like that, and then he said some stuff about how potential lack of quality control could sabotage the success ? I dont know, maybe thats legit? But even if it is who cares? Like, why not let people try? Oh, money.

  • Austin F
    Austin F

    I don't know why people don't just assume this is the case. They seem to be hesitant to engage in skepticism and feel the need to wait before just assuming private companies are profit driven.

  • Laven Dula
    Laven Dula

    Pew pew

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C

    One the mentally different, the DNRs are certainly wrong, but the part about how they might be bad candidates for ventilators might be about the fact that they may not understand what is happening and may resist or try to remove it themselves. Notice it doesn't say they are bad candidtes, but "may". It's a guideline to evaluate the person't capacity to accept the treatment.

  • Konrad Komorowski
    Konrad Komorowski

    Ok, a lot of good points, but open sourced vaccine can be made by everyone, right? So correct me if I'm wrong but isn't vaccine something that shouldn't be made by anyone, but only by labs with appropriate equipment and "know how" (maybe with some authorisation by health organizations)? Well maybe it's something that I was brainwashed to think, but is it impossible that counties in need won't excessively exam vaccines from other companies (without certain standards) and that could potentially harm more people and further build distrust in vaccines in general? Think about cheaper alternatives for low quality clothing and now think about getting that quality injected into your body. Of course I don't try to defend billionaires and capitalism. But knowing Bill Gates accomplishments and way of thinking I don't he's greedy to that extend.

  • Shamu Matin
    Shamu Matin

    I love your videos but they are a bit too long. 10-12 minutes is in my opinion the optimal length of UZload videos.

  • Lucy Keller
    Lucy Keller

    Omg! Thanks for this video.

  • DJ North
    DJ North

    I can't get enough of news. I need... More news? This feeling is new to me.

  • gwyn oke
    gwyn oke

    I just realised if you shaved your beard you’d probably look a lot like that guy everyone sees in their dreams lmfao

  • Simone Bamber
    Simone Bamber

    IMO, Vaccines should be open source and free to protect everyone or as many people as possible, paying for a vaccine is biological blackmail. Keep up the work Cody! UK here, socialised medicine 🇬🇧🚑💉 Billionaires are doing great in America (financially)🇺🇸 ... not to save the poor with their charity. Also raise the minimum wage to a living wage! Billions are incomprehensible to us. Vaccines should be open source and free!!! ✨ I used to say eat the rich but let’s just call them out accurately and try and get change and also make them pay tax???

  • Brucifer Lightyear
    Brucifer Lightyear

    Thanks for touching the issue of homeless people and ya know the whole virus thing, but seriously I've been homeless In Tulsa, Oklahoma for 3years now and I couldn't begin to explain what if feels like to get woken up at dawn( in a tent in the woods behind a kum n go mind you)by swat gear & assault rifles (my poor kitty is still traumatized 🙀😿) and given a 1,200 ticket & court date (set for 03/02/2021) and leave with only what we could carry. Also during Winter, with ya know a whole pandemic thing going on which I'm sure you may have heard of. But anyways, love the showdie, brobie wan kenobi.

  • Thierry Lebeau
    Thierry Lebeau

    Raycon commercial was spot on! Hope your residual is over $250k for that talented performance! 🎭