Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege - Future of Siege - Year 6 Dev Panel
Discover Siege's team philosophy for the game, upcoming seasons, reworks, and everything you want to know about Year 6 and the Future of Siege.

  • Wardensky

    Nice plans. But what about the core game features? I cannot customize controls, because the menu start freezing. Fresh install, verified files, etc...

  • Keyser The Red Beard
    Keyser The Red Beard

    superb upload Ubisoft UK. I smashed the thumbs up on your video. Keep on up the superb work.

  • Harrison Ehresmann
    Harrison Ehresmann

    Rick Sanchez CONFIRMED 25:37

  • Josh Britten
    Josh Britten

    When’s the new season coming out on ps4

  • Clip Crew
    Clip Crew

    Enemy RCXD inbound!

  • PlutoMissing


  • Steven Jack
    Steven Jack

    Is it still only bomb on ranked?

    • xxylenn


  • Vaughan Lewis
    Vaughan Lewis

    "We stay true to the roots of the game" has to be the biggest and most blatant LIE that has ever come from Ubisoft

  • Carson Gossen
    Carson Gossen

    It would be awesome if Ubi could expand the test servers to console as well

    • xxylenn

      @htfghy ygrtgr they can just add minimum content, such as the new op and map/map rework once, then it's only one patch a season for it. Also its ubi. They've got enough money.

    • htfghy ygrtgr
      htfghy ygrtgr

      That’s hard because they need licensing and certification before they can release a patch on consoles. Everytime they update a small thing, a whole time goes over it. It just wouldn’t be practical. It also cost money to bring an update to consoles if they’re an AAA dev.

  • Horváth József
    Horváth József

    ‘Their vision’ is what going to ruin this game. Started with hereford rework... and god knows how its gonna end

    • you will never find it
      you will never find it

      The Hereford remake was garbage

  • 66 Streams
    66 Streams

    26:00 Flores Gameplay

  • you will never find it
    you will never find it

    just love how the game is constantly getting changed for the worst we used to get 2 ops with new weapons and a new map then we got 2 new ops with old weapons and a map rework and now we get only one op with old weapons and a map rework and players who dont pay now have to wait 2 full weeks to play the new op

    • xxylenn

      @you will never find it Although thats still impressive, alot of competing games wont use steam for varies reasons, which means this measurement of popularity isnt too accurate. especially once you consider how console players will tend to be driven away from the lack of aim assist, and the skill curve. i never said it wasnt one of the most played games on steam. i just said it was hard to believe. which it is once you start to realise how little the amount of people that play siege regularly are.

    • you will never find it
      you will never find it

      @xxylenn it is currently one of the most played games on steam

    • xxylenn

      @you will never find it I find that hard to believe lol

    • you will never find it
      you will never find it

      @xxylenn player numbers are actually increasing

    • xxylenn

      It's an old game at this point, player numbers are slowly falling and profits will be reduced as a result. They won't be able to make new maps and characters forever and at the moment there's already alot of both. At this point they're fixing and balancing the game. Reworking worse characters like tachanka and nerfing good characters like zofia or blackbeard. Ubi's main focus seems to be pro play nowadays, which is why zofia and bb got nerfed when bb was already really weak and withstand wasn't really affecting gameplay for lower ranks. Old maps weren't made to be better balanced so now they're fixing that too. They're outputting new qol fixes and balancing attack and defense the best they can. Maybe they'll return to 2 ops and a new map once they fix their game.

  • Slayer Eddy
    Slayer Eddy

    Any new modes like conquest or tdm?

  • Steven Cries
    Steven Cries

    Brexit means Brexit, we are leaving Ubisoft EU chaps! This is a joke for people who don’t understand :)

  • Mosin8MM


  • my name is ollie
    my name is ollie

    Fixing hitboxes ?? 😀

  • bob semple tank
    bob semple tank

    Muhammed Ubnu

  • Fuuhr R6
    Fuuhr R6

    Oi bruv how did i get to uk ubisoft chaps

    • JBBZXY


    • zMaster

      Is the uk in maths u subtract by 9 but in America u get subtracted by a 9

    • IX NCI XI
      IX NCI XI

      At least we can go to school without kids with ak47s

    • Squint IDP
      Squint IDP


    • wolvzz revenge
      wolvzz revenge


  • Piler Prism
    Piler Prism

    YO Yo yo

  • Kenny Aristyo R
    Kenny Aristyo R

    muhammad ibnu