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  • S N
    S N

    What product is that Foam? Thanks

  • Farmlegend 2431
    Farmlegend 2431

    Yep just cruise dealerships and browse tractor house. Shhh don’t tell my wife.

  • MF760

    Doug's closer at $150 than Chet is at $15,000. It would be very easy to build one to foam it on each side as you drive in.

  • KrypT Hero
    KrypT Hero

    @ 3:40 it’s called a car wash dougo

  • Douglas Hayes
    Douglas Hayes

    Sham wow....... but wait.... there's more...... hahahah

  • James Breault
    James Breault

    Some truck washes have that on a track that moves up and down trk and trailer

  • Pawan Ramnarain
    Pawan Ramnarain

    Spraying foam bottom to top and rinsing is top to bottom? I forgot...

  • Renee Hamm
    Renee Hamm

    So satisfying!

  • Steve Hernandez
    Steve Hernandez

    Not to be mean but with that haircut he looks like Barry from bee movie.

  • Lone Pine
    Lone Pine

    Looked at the website link to find foam solution, can not find it in that company’s web site??

  • Grandprixtop

    Your hair wasn't THAT looks better the longer you let it grow

  • Nick Glunt
    Nick Glunt

    Hand gets the job done every time

  • Torsviiik

    Nooooo.. start foaming at the buttom. Then the products works better😎

  • Saskfarmkid

    Id trade off the 2 track cat or jd and get the 8rx. U get ur belts. U get away from the roughness of the 2 track. U actually have a chance of getting out of stuff when u start to sink and dougo can keep his beloved 8520. And you can spray with it too.

  • Jim Melvin
    Jim Melvin

    If you can't dream, then what can you do?

  • Brett Waters
    Brett Waters

    A bird bath like the military uses would be nice and handy for drive through truck wash

  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin

    Try a product called SALT-AWAY. It removes salt residue from surfaces. I use it on my 2008 model v-box salt spreader. I’m still on the original drag chain. Clean the equipment up and then just spray it on with a garden sprayer or a pressure washer and leave it. DO NOT RINSE! I swear by this stuff. It’s about $45 a gallon but a gallon goes along way.

  • two brothers
    two brothers

    have Dougo check out the Chem-x wash bays

  • Cole Schramm
    Cole Schramm

    Where did you guys get the foaming gun

  • Jaret Strickland
    Jaret Strickland

    Did you guys also get the pressure washer foamer from the same place as the soap?

  • iBelieve


  • Robert JD
    Robert JD

    Or is it needing two hands

  • Joseph Sakovich
    Joseph Sakovich

    So Dougo wants a drive through carwash. Why not have the water come from the roof like a carwash

  • Steppe Farm
    Steppe Farm

    If you take those fittings off their is an o-ring inside that quick disconnect that you can change out. I have to do it about once a year at the shop i work at.

  • Sandra Derby
    Sandra Derby

    Nikki I was wondering if you could repost the Go Fund Me. I continue to think and pray for you. You have an awesome support system in place! You're 💜

  • Ginglyst

    When pressure washing, with a product pre-applied, start rinsing it of from the bottom. That way product stays on until the very last second. Will it make a big difference?... nope! :-)

  • Kevin Burris
    Kevin Burris

    I think that would be pretty easy to build, but your going to need a lot of volume to run a bunch of nozzles

  • Ted Musgrove
    Ted Musgrove

    If, you make an item from the larger white pipes, with a pair of wheels, you could have nozzles like you do with your sprayers in the field, in a shape of an U, but it sits up and over the trucks. Then, after you spray with the foam or whatever. Then, you can roll the sprayer, down the sides of the truck and trailer, to rinse it off. And, you can add a dryer at the other end of the building(?)

  • Evaristo Briseño Montaño
    Evaristo Briseño Montaño

    No entiendo nada pero me gustan un chingo la maquinaria agricola un saludo desde mexico

  • C W
    C W

    We cruised the car lots in high school and some things never change. Now we look at the Deere or CaseIH dealers like we did the sports cars and trucks back then. The CAT dealers are fun too.

  • Corey Camp
    Corey Camp

    Completely random question, But is pickles in beer a common thing in Minnesota?

  • James Bushman
    James Bushman

    I usually go to the website and custom build something I'll never afford lol

  • Nikolai Townsend
    Nikolai Townsend

    Also, just remember that these trucks are going to get dirty again anyways, so it wont be a huge deal if they are not spotless. Great video!

  • Nikolai Townsend
    Nikolai Townsend

    You can never waist time when it comes to tractor shopping.

  • Adam Kessler
    Adam Kessler

    U guys are a freakin hoot o my hahahahaha

  • Keith Westbrooks
    Keith Westbrooks

    Shopping is fun, paying is bad!

  • Steve Coulup
    Steve Coulup

    A truck wash

  • TripleHfarms LLC
    TripleHfarms LLC

    Dougo is correct by changing his words. If ya think nothing beats the hand someone is not do something right 😂 facts practice makes perfect though

  • Josh Jank
    Josh Jank

    what does nickiy think of marring justin bieber

  • Elvin Berndt
    Elvin Berndt

    Never say never, never is a long time😝😁🇺🇸

  • 920ron

    Clay bar detailer all over

  • Mike Mcguire
    Mike Mcguire

    The hand never has a headache. Y'all be careful up there. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nick K
    Nick K

    I built a wash rail like what dougo wants. Its super easy to build.

  • Mark Sandy
    Mark Sandy

    A second before you mentioned that you were going to get a haircut my wife said, Wow, he needs a haircut." 😆

  • Kulwinder Singh
    Kulwinder Singh

    Support indian farmers 🙏🙏

  • Kulwinder Singh
    Kulwinder Singh

    Support indian farmers 🙏🙏

  • Kulwinder Singh
    Kulwinder Singh

    Hello larson farms please support the Indian farmers 🙏🙏🙏

  • Caleb Ritter
    Caleb Ritter

    I do

  • Logan YouTube
    Logan YouTube

    With how much he loves clean stuff he sure does a bad job of washing from the top down lol

  • Tom Cleghorn
    Tom Cleghorn

    Nothing beats the hand....but a good hand beats alot of things......thanka for the laughs boys

  • d. meyer
    d. meyer

    Still prayers for Nicole and prayers for the staff that attends!

  • Farms Hoffman
    Farms Hoffman

    Great awesome video Chet . Like that former

  • theda850two

    With your high pressure washer, you'd like a 40° wide nozzle vs the narrow one you're using now. You've got plenty pressure for the wider pattern. Save your time....

  • Scruffy 61
    Scruffy 61


  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    If you wash from the bottom up, it reduces streaking.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    Foam is better because it slows the chemicals that loosen the dirt from drying out (become inert).

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    If you want a truck washer, call Whiting Systems. They are the cadillac of truck washers. (501) 847-9031

  • Mark Jenkins
    Mark Jenkins

    I no you get carded with a hair cut like me only bad thing

  • Chris Hosken
    Chris Hosken

    I use foam every week turns a 2hr prime mover wash by hand into 15minutes

  • Gregory Kiest
    Gregory Kiest

    Yeah. Haircut. No more Covid hair. Lol

  • William West
    William West

    I love doing that, mine not be new but it work's even better

  • Troy B
    Troy B

    Need some wax for that pressure washer set up!

  • Lunneborg Farms
    Lunneborg Farms

    you should get pit vipers

  • crazyjoe2006

    Need to hire someone to polish the aluminum other than that the old girl looks good.

  • Drive On Guard
    Drive On Guard


  • Robbie Bowie
    Robbie Bowie

    I’ve seen it in a car wash.😂

  • Wallace Loan
    Wallace Loan

    The Dougo and Chet show. The foam makes a nice job of washing things. Great team work and video guys.

  • Tim Gilchrist
    Tim Gilchrist

    Look strange to see so much iron. In southeast Iowa, dealer lots are scarce on iron, especially tractors.

  • Flavio Uccia
    Flavio Uccia


  • From Belgium Modding
    From Belgium Modding

    Foam her in than brush it and after that clean it of with hot water. you will have a mutch better result :)

  • Randy Benne
    Randy Benne

    Dougo needs a hitch on the back of the scrubber, so he can do field work with it.

  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

    I don't know who's the bigger kid here dad or you?

  • Randy Benne
    Randy Benne

    Window shopping is always fun, dream. Your farm is pretty well set with tractors anyway. Your lucky.

  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

    Got the Zamboni out again.

  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

    You gota hair cut but I do like looking at this and RVs

    • Terry Larkin
      Terry Larkin

      What you need to is rig up a car wash type brush on wheels that you can move back and forth with washer nozzles spraying the foam and separate ones for rinsing. Just like a truck wash. I would them adjustable in width. If I were there I would design it and it would save you a lot of time and you wouldn't get so wet. Your still going to need some hand brush action but I have ideas there. Secret

  • michael tablet
    michael tablet

    Thanks for making me laugh. Really needed it today!

  • Ty

    Should have foamed half of the truck and only powerwashed the other half and then you could compare.

  • Raymond Martin
    Raymond Martin

    wheres my mcdonlds loll

  • Andrt4

    You are actually suposed to start rinsing from the bottom, for better results. And then its easyer to se where you have rinsed already,

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    Don't mess with Dougo he has farm duties down to a secience work smarter not harder

  • Gary Paquin
    Gary Paquin

    Good thing that floor scrubber is not painted John Deere green, or you'll never get Dougo off it! But at least he won't break the steering wheel!!! Give us an update on Nikki please.

  • Tj Crawford
    Tj Crawford

    Go Green! Go!

  • framfull

    Speakin bout dreaming, what a washplace!!! not a single little excuse for dirty equipment.

  • framfull

    I drive around like this to, but I can tell you its a lot more scienic at your place than here in Sweden.

  • Karrie Falon Johnson
    Karrie Falon Johnson

    chet ya should be washing up in the suspentions, and same on the trucks lay under and was intire frames inside and ect, gravel roads are bad for rocks accumulating up in air line clusters and cause rubbing and eats at ellectrical, i prob waste more time under a truck washing then on the cab exterior. cause those are the areas that break and cost you repairs and time to do it. you would be so shocked at how much mud and rocks will come down from up in a suspention box. and side note they use such poor paint on them that they actually cause rusting and rotting cause moisture traps under the paint there. iknow hands on i see semi trailer suspentions on a daily basis while i am working fixing them.

  • Larry Readman
    Larry Readman

    Dougo could get a winter job at an ice rink, running a sambonni!

  • Jarrett Fullerton
    Jarrett Fullerton

    Sorry.. I know I'm spamming here, but can we get shirts with the "nothin' beats the hand" quote from Douglas?

  • Jarrett Fullerton
    Jarrett Fullerton

    If farming doesn't work out, dougo can go work at the airport or a mall with his floor washer 🤣

  • Jarrett Fullerton
    Jarrett Fullerton

    Dougo with excellent form on the pressure washer lol

  • John Loken
    John Loken

    Father knows best, nothing beats the chamois.

  • Andy Hutch
    Andy Hutch

    We have been using foam now for 15 years on all agri machinery and fleet of trucks, we found out making best job is totally wet job in hand, then foam, leave for 10 minutes, light foam once again and brush all over, wash off with cold pressure washer followed by hot out of pressure washer, doing it this way it rids the surface of all the soap, if you dont rid it off windscreens, when first used, the windscreen would foam up with movement of the wiper blades!! last thing you need, we use about 50 UK gallons every 2 weeks.

  • Damon Ford
    Damon Ford

    isn't Eric an engineer and he could design you a nozzle system, right Eric?

  • Jannes

    when I wash equipment with foam, we also scrub it in. With like a scrub on a long stick. Than your equipment gets real clean. (don't know if scrub is the right word, I am dutch)

  • Amy McManus
    Amy McManus

    Chet: Start at the top Dougo: Starts on the wheel

    • theda850two

      ,, haha, yup, saw that. But, ya, when "foaming" start at bottom & work up, when "rinsing", start at top & work down.

  • Aaron Grabowski
    Aaron Grabowski

    Damn. The shop looked like a sauna!!!

  • JTN- Minn
    JTN- Minn

    Lol,Chet missed the fun part washing a hopper bottom, you need to crawl up in above the fifth wheel plate and wash all that gunk,salt out that the drive wheels of the tractor kick up.

  • jclark

    The purpose of a foam cannon is to add lubrication to the paint for the scrub stage to prevent scratching swirling. So the steps should be rinse, foam, scrub rinse. You can foam it first if u think it helps the rinse stage that much though

  • Alan Wilcox
    Alan Wilcox

    Hey Chet: Zach would say to Dougo “ That’s what she said”🤣. Captain Al from Tampa😎

  • Taurus 420
    Taurus 420

    Oh Dougo.

  • Kim and Tony Holtmann
    Kim and Tony Holtmann

    change all your pressure washer fittings to stainless steel and your swivels your leaks will stop even with shitty water have had the same problem and is realitively cheap