Among Us But Impostor Can Change Color
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  • Narah Rambeau
    Narah Rambeau

    Oh I like I like your videos videos

  • Amy Mavy
    Amy Mavy

    The last part they got revenge😄😄😄😄😄

  • Eson Obasoyen
    Eson Obasoyen


  • Tyson Battle
    Tyson Battle

    Nice vids man! Keep up the AMAZING work!

  • Luboya Kabamba
    Luboya Kabamba

    Mr Potato + Banana= BFF

  • Shulla Coleman
    Shulla Coleman

    When I was watching that blue was the imposter

  • Setemi Philips
    Setemi Philips

    You look dom

  • COV90

    Hey guys im releasing gaming videos including among us, gta and loads more coming. Give my channel a look if this interests you and subscribing would be a huge bonus. Thanks guys and take care:)

  • Kaique Henrique
    Kaique Henrique

    Can chage color

  • Brody Miller
    Brody Miller

    I thought I was blue!

  • Simon János Barta
    Simon János Barta

    GayPostor on the thumbnail *CONFIRMED*

  • Humphery

    Ok blue yes yay

  • Marti k
    Marti k

    Jsem tam i já fialová

  • World World
    World World


  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    Guys you have been waiting for this highlighted video

  • alex gallardo
    alex gallardo


  • Sami DiFerdinando
    Sami DiFerdinando


  • Elski Dj
    Elski Dj

    Hhshdhd get the latest

  • Elski Dj
    Elski Dj


    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      Purple looks like Aphmau.

  • Ava Thompson
    Ava Thompson

    So cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Santaplayz 4
    Santaplayz 4

    With special powers

  • Santaplayz 4
    Santaplayz 4

    These animations are so cool!

  • Larissa Vander Wilt
    Larissa Vander Wilt

    That’s gonna be so hard



  • Durgawattie Seetaram
    Durgawattie Seetaram

    She love this show. she love how blue I'm turning into Sandy, snowball, poor"hahaha"

  • Jeff Kidwell
    Jeff Kidwell

    I really like each kind of vote. First just kicking them out, then stuffing them in the chute, then tying them up so they cant even move. Thank you for this video. I love the video.

  • ThePizzaPerson

    cool 😌

  • Deorman Evans
    Deorman Evans

    Ok wow that funny

  • Emeli Neda
    Emeli Neda

    Dat so dum idc about dis amung us

  • Emeli Neda
    Emeli Neda



    Blue no don’t kill the people😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Social Meteor
    Social Meteor

    Tell me., how many vids have sta uploaded pls answer I’m VERY curious

  • Tailea Potter
    Tailea Potter

    Purple looks like Aphmau.

  • Terence Kimani
    Terence Kimani

    Guys you have been waiting for this highlighted video

  • camden wallace
    camden wallace

    i forgot it was bluw and not yellow

  • vvvsill

    Hacker hacker be like

  • francis pierre
    francis pierre

    Blue is the imposter he can change colour

  • francis pierre
    francis pierre

    Blue is the imposter he can change colour

  • francis pierre
    francis pierre


  • Nadil Ulum Annafis
    Nadil Ulum Annafis

    3:06 So,Mrs Potato Live Again

  • ContGOKU

    3000th vote

  • Jamila Aman
    Jamila Aman

    And that ladies and gentlemen was how huester was made

  • Noor ul Isra
    Noor ul Isra

    What an amazing hack lol 😂

  • Kit Seadon Fu
    Kit Seadon Fu

    I had scissors and won

  • Andrew Dickson
    Andrew Dickson

    me: purple and white forever

  • Don Cj
    Don Cj

    dark blue is inposter

  • Ghalia Faisal
    Ghalia Faisal


  • Chocolate Chip
    Chocolate Chip

    I was gonna say, no more among us, but this animation is fucking awesome. Great job.

  • Kee Laam Elizabeth NG
    Kee Laam Elizabeth NG


  • Allevol Etnilgam
    Allevol Etnilgam


    • Allevol Etnilgam
      Allevol Etnilgam


  • Ga Bie
    Ga Bie


  • Ga Bie
    Ga Bie


  • Griselda quinnara Ayunindya k
    Griselda quinnara Ayunindya k


    • Griselda quinnara Ayunindya k
      Griselda quinnara Ayunindya k


  • Faqih Bta
    Faqih Bta


  • Harmony Masua Elia
    Harmony Masua Elia

    Do you know i'm the imposter in among us someday.

  • Lalitha Maha
    Lalitha Maha


  • Lalitha Maha
    Lalitha Maha


  • Carmen DikiIpantua
    Carmen DikiIpantua

    Snowball is gonna kill mr grits for saying that to sandy

  • sumita shrestha
    sumita shrestha

    why only skeld and mira hq map why not the airship

  • Rup Narayan
    Rup Narayan

    You are very big nooooob

  • kateřina čakurdová
    kateřina čakurdová

    Impostor:hah i raindbow Me: lol 🤣🤣 gay

  • Arnaud HH
    Arnaud HH

    I would use this mod when i was impostor

    • R y a n 8 0 8 ツ
      R y a n 8 0 8 ツ

      Yeah me too

  • Benjamin Dávid
    Benjamin Dávid

    Gay postor

  • Zeeniya Aman
    Zeeniya Aman

    That how I get rid of the previous imposter to take my revenge and anger away by lying he is the imposter

  • Takavia Croake
    Takavia Croake

    It. Is dark blue

  • Takavia Croake
    Takavia Croake

    Go to the pink

  • Yuliyan Kyorchev
    Yuliyan Kyorchev

    What the heck

  • Charlie Hansson
    Charlie Hansson


  • ᆞ Godzilla Sp ᆞ
    ᆞ Godzilla Sp ᆞ

    9:36 is the best part

  • Marko Todororvic
    Marko Todororvic

    6:16 how many miles are there in Cafeteria to the Emergency meeting?

  • Tiger-lily Bocchino
    Tiger-lily Bocchino

    Hey could you do one where the crew mates can combine together and make i giant crew mate while the impostor can summon a giant impostor and the two giants have to fight when the impostor calls sabotage

  • Warung Pojok
    Warung Pojok

    Why crewmate can look ghost

  • Ольга Чимпулатова
    Ольга Чимпулатова


  • Ольга Чимпулатова
    Ольга Чимпулатова

    Это синий

  • Diganta Misra The Gamer
    Diganta Misra The Gamer

    3:03 how did mr potato come to life?

  • Dudstar

    idk seems kind of gay to me

  • Super Fun Games & Toys
    Super Fun Games & Toys


  • Dian Puspitasari
    Dian Puspitasari

    Wah kamu lucu among us tapi impostor tidak lucu aku benci impostor

  • zafluq ahmad suhaimi
    zafluq ahmad suhaimi

    I like purple

  • Diana Grace Añes
    Diana Grace Añes


  • Aaron Cheung
    Aaron Cheung

    that one moment when you are too good: *gets ejected coz revenge*

  • SecretMirah


  • Haylen Mayorga
    Haylen Mayorga


  • Shrena Moody
    Shrena Moody

    Lol green is funny

  • FlamingSoldier


  • Girls review
    Girls review


  • Girls review
    Girls review

    I want to be Daisy!

  • Sopheaknita Nara
    Sopheaknita Nara

    This video is cool

  • Dewan Kaykobad
    Dewan Kaykobad

    I love how they spelled impostor imposter when Jeff was voted out

  • J Gamig
    J Gamig

    Ms. Potato died and he's alive

  • Ai man Dtcc
    Ai man Dtcc

    I kinda feel bad about jeff

  • Bryan Jay Ferraro
    Bryan Jay Ferraro


  • Ian London
    Ian London

    i hate you

  • Roselyn Anadon
    Roselyn Anadon

    The last one was so funny😂😂😂😂

  • Anthony Hull
    Anthony Hull


  • Anthony Hull
    Anthony Hull


  • isabelle allain
    isabelle allain

    Awww pore sandy she tough it was the real snowball that said the mean thing to her

  • isabelle allain
    isabelle allain

    I love your videos sooooo bad!!! 👍❤️😍

  • Eddie Gamer BOI
    Eddie Gamer BOI

    Hello..... I subbed

  • Minveluz Arevalo
    Minveluz Arevalo

    Blue fat