Firefighting Simulator
Firefighting Simulator! The game where you get you be a firefighter with people's lives in your hands... it goes about as well as you'd imagine.


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  • The bacon hair
    The bacon hair


  • The bacon hair
    The bacon hair

    Epic games

  • Katie Kaboom
    Katie Kaboom

    Bob throws AB Blood out to everyone when it should have been O to benefit everyone lol

  • Another AvatarLover
    Another AvatarLover

    Person: _[laying on the floor, possibly dead]_ Mark: *Hey! Are you okay?*

  • achref gaming
    achref gaming

    fire force

  • walrus 2
    walrus 2

    22:47 this man must have a gucci shirt tucked

  • railyn elizabeth
    railyn elizabeth

    5:56 yes mark, this is what it's really like when responding

    • Jayden

      Yea lol I was saying that in my head because my dad was a firefighter 😂

  • railyn elizabeth
    railyn elizabeth

    msa is an actual scba (self contained breathing apparatus) that is commonly used by fire departments, rosebaur is a big truck manufacturer :)

  • railyn elizabeth
    railyn elizabeth

    mistakes of the tutorial: you don't walk straight in a building when it's on fire like that, staying in place is done if a patient can't move and isn't in immediate danger (technically not a mistake but a note), larger fire houses such as the hand lines from the trucks have multiple people on the line to increase the mobility of the line -from an actual firefighter (yes i know this is a game but proper education is also important :))

  • Prince Coda Leviathan
    Prince Coda Leviathan

    This can't go wrong

  • Daniel Williamson
    Daniel Williamson

    Mark looking more like Snape at times lol. its the hair ..

  • Fia the human
    Fia the human

    Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill Nye the science guy!

  • GreenBeetle

    oxigen spreads the fire

  • Lavender-Rose Fox
    Lavender-Rose Fox

    house burns with possible people trapped. Mark: chat up the neighbour and tries to play on the trampoline

  • Michael McDoesn'tExist
    Michael McDoesn'tExist

    Wade: Did you just highjack the "enemy" truck? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yep. All other firefighter teams are your enemies on a scene. After all the team that does the most gets paid the most of course.

  • Jacob Ponce
    Jacob Ponce

    Welcome to calafornia! We have fires

  • Lavender-Rose Fox
    Lavender-Rose Fox

    35:01 dont put the fireout get the sausages from the freezer and have a barbeque ala house

  • Fire Gaming 220
    Fire Gaming 220

    You guys should have a real firefighter play with you on this.

  • Lavender-Rose Fox
    Lavender-Rose Fox

    17:23 um yeah mark in a real firedont open thewindows that will actually makeit burn hotter as you're actually adding oxygen to the flame and cause a deadly fire ball called a back draught

  • John Doe
    John Doe


  • David A
    David A

    11:30 I could not save the enterteiment sistem, but honestly you should get a flat screen at this point anyway LOL thats gold!

  • Mae Kreapt
    Mae Kreapt

    “Oh you’re listening to the hurt guy” marks brain: if he dies he dies I’m not going to burn off my eyebrows

  • Lauren Ashley
    Lauren Ashley

    25:41 “incapapisated” 😂

  • the turtle master
    the turtle master

    This is definitely Cali I’m surprised that the mountains look kinda real

  • Moonless

    "i'm gonna break up the window, so that there is more air to break out the fire". Thats not how oxygen works :P its a reason when you open a door to a room that has fire in, the fire will come shooting out of the door the moment you open it, becouse of the impact whit oxygen.

  • Isabella Jeferies
    Isabella Jeferies

    it's actually pretty accurate that you spray over the fire rather than at the base or straight at the middle which can spread the fitrestarter!

  • Hay Hay
    Hay Hay

    My experience in fire trucks and with equipment says this is totally realistic (not really) shooting water from the hoses at people would probably badly injure them, its hard enough to hold onto the hose on my own cause it pushes you back like mad. the look of the fire truck be almost on point though 👍

  • mariana valero
    mariana valero


  • Laci Santiago
    Laci Santiago

    my brother is a firefighter-

  • Pixel - Kyjana
    Pixel - Kyjana

    The cloak shuffle merch, lol! Typo was done for the memes, by my shuffle

  • MsStarSword

    33:18 nononononnono that is wrong you are wrong don’t do that... as someone who has legit nightmares because of a grease fire I can tell you that that is not correct, dump a bag of rice on that shit or suffocate it with a pot lid, hell, throw a thick ass DRY towel on it, but DO NOT put water on it...

  • Caly Slaven
    Caly Slaven

    I think heapass would be the best at putting out fires

    • Faith


  • MsStarSword

    2:50 HA we have asbestos ceilings! “Cries cuz ceiling is so low I have scraped my hand on it and probably shortened my life span by like 10 years”

  • TheBananaBoater

    17:20 Yeah, because giving the fire more oxygen is definetly a good way of putting it out, unlike taking away the oxygen.

  • Jack

    “herd fire immunity!” “herd anti-flammibility!”

  • Richard Starr
    Richard Starr

    this was hillarious markiplier good job

  • Phoenix Weatherly
    Phoenix Weatherly

    Mark's in the officer's seat!

  • Mikaylie Petry
    Mikaylie Petry

    Hi! I've been watching your videos for what seems like forever an dI jus wanna say to keep up the good work and that I love your videos! When ever I'm having a bad day I watch some of your videos and you always cheer me up! So keep making people laugh and continue to make amazing videos! :D

  • Olivia Whittemore
    Olivia Whittemore

    Ok but you guys actually made a really good example of how people who don’t believe in COVID think

  • Ashlynn Butterfield
    Ashlynn Butterfield

    Imagine you're a normal pedestrian driving to work or something and you see two firetrucks. One firetruck is driving normally to the scene and then you pass the swerving truck and just hear from one of the screaming firemen "No sirens you gotta sneak up on the fire" or "these fires are FuCkEd".

  • The Manager
    The Manager

    Anyone else spot the Annus flowers in the background?

  • Elyiana Flores
    Elyiana Flores

    "I'm gonna put the fire out with air"- Mark Edward Fischbach 2020

  • Anastacia Nikitina
    Anastacia Nikitina

    "Why are we so far away?" Well, you see, all the stuff we choose to have is taking space, ya know. Also 3 km is not that far

  • No Name No Name
    No Name No Name

    Everytime Mark sweeps his hair back, I just want to come at him with my scissors and lop it off. I miss short haired Mark.

  • Dani Token
    Dani Token

    17:20 and 25:57 shows two different b r a i n e d people

  • Jennesa Darling
    Jennesa Darling

    The overrated century notably paste because uncle opportunely choke afore a hurt disease. unadvised, diligent arm


    21:30 the fact that they all did it at the same time just how hard it is to believe that it isn’t scripted

  • Booqueephius420

    I'm commenting early, but please tell me that at some point they take an unconscious person and throw them in the fire.

  • bluemario610

    4:40 "my bad"

  • Mr. Blizzard
    Mr. Blizzard

    mark's hair looks like Professor Snape.

  • Tony's Onions
    Tony's Onions

    Fun fact: there is actually a Lion City, otherwise known as Singapore

  • Natasha Tapia
    Natasha Tapia

    Lol hilarious

  • Abbey Sampson-Smith
    Abbey Sampson-Smith

    my dad is a station officer so he sits where mark would sit on a truck, im tempted to show him the parts where bob drives to see how he'd react lol

  • MelonThePotato

    police: mark why'd you shoot a man mark: to help him get bullet immunity

  • Mason

    "Don't let your life be controlled by fear of fire." PRESENTABLE LIBERTY!!!!!

  • Teja Klose
    Teja Klose

    When mark pulls out the shovel .... like sir are you ok ...then you realize it says cloak on it and you want to get it right away hehe

  • HPure

    Can we please get more of this??

  • Brandan Nix
    Brandan Nix

    " It's called HERRRRD...FIIRREEE....IMMUUUUNITY..." -Mark

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom

    No one: Mark: "tehturial"

  • Skyfi

    Markiplier looks like kylo ren with that shovel

  • Lyn

    Actually lost my home to a fire back in April, so just watching this and experiencing it again is kind of surreal.

    • Lyn

      @Pensfan 5919 We're in a rental right now and are in the process of rebuilding the house :)

    • Pensfan 5919
      Pensfan 5919

      Damn. Hope you find or have found a new place.

  • SalverPlayz

    "More air can put the fire out" it dont it makes it bigger. Giving O2 to fire makes bigger fire

  • Reid Epperson
    Reid Epperson

    That for-profit firefighter bit sounds like a South Park episode 😂

  • Black Bear Builds
    Black Bear Builds

    markiplier - "this looks like California. also markiplier - pretends he's a firefighter in New York, Boston, and new jersey.

  • DarkRubberDucky

    My favorite part: "Close the Door to Prevent Fire From Spreading" Markiplier: *opens door* "Ah! Fire! *leaves door open*

  • DevilishGraype

    You know your supposed to suffocate the fire right? Like- you cut off the oxygen to the fire and stuff- So you wouldn't break all the windows and give it more air circulation-

  • Mini Fox22
    Mini Fox22

    My husband is a marine firefighter and he’s gonna love this

  • suijin1234567890

    Listening to joke rant during the tutorial: "This seems... mostly factually accurate, actually."

  • Mr Boom Snook
    Mr Boom Snook

    “We didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel anyone?

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith

    In minute 26 the question is asked I wonder if we let the whole house burn if we have to do training again. Answer no sometimes firemen have to let ot burn if putting it out is unsafe

  • Jenna

    "its called fire I M M U N I T Y" **flash back to when Mark told the story of when he dumped literally boiling oil onto his hands**

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest

    Bob is so annoying, I like watching Mark get bugged too

  • Tomi Ivaswort
    Tomi Ivaswort

    The house: is literally burning WADE "broke my leg"? 20 minutes later: *splashing water onto the carbinet* Everyone: OH MY GOSH!!! IT'S SO SHINY! the house: is literally burning

  • Sturben Sterben
    Sturben Sterben

    3,000 meters is only 1.8 miles Mark: Why are we so far away?

  • Kourtney Dorman
    Kourtney Dorman

    Breaking windows to .. help put.. fire... out...? Oxygen.... makes fire ... grow???

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres


  • Kenny Melton
    Kenny Melton

    27:31 Who ever built that fence give them a raise

  • Dominic Meszaros
    Dominic Meszaros

    5:56 usually the police arrive on the scene before the firemen, because they are already patrolling nearby

  • bill 2679
    bill 2679

    My name bill

  • Linsey Dutcher
    Linsey Dutcher

    mark uses a shovel to get a soda while my dog it trained to go get me one out of the fridge

  • Captain Hawking Republic Forge
    Captain Hawking Republic Forge

    Ah. Someone remade this on Roblox.

  • Christian Hays
    Christian Hays

    Just imagine if these guys were actually firefighters we'd be screwed 🤣

  • Alex Huang
    Alex Huang

    It would think you know it would you know glitching part it would you think you know... wtf

  • Liytle

    Mark and that freakin shovel

  • FireKnight 15
    FireKnight 15

    Please do a part 2!!! My dad is a battalion chief firefighter and had been one for over 40 years! I would love to see more of this game!

  • Dr Alternative
    Dr Alternative

    I find it funny that my city used to run on For-Profit Firefighting.

  • Jalal Curmally
    Jalal Curmally

    Mark implied for a young Severus Snape. Or Eric Draven.

  • N. Zodiac
    N. Zodiac

    15:37 we found it boys. We finally found it.

  • NoAspect

    4:38 he said my username

  • Jacqueline Gutierrez
    Jacqueline Gutierrez

    The mountainous interest namely punish because guitar collaterally announce with a embarrassed magic. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, open chard


    Air is good for fire but not if you want to be alive

  • Zickity

    Paused the video perfectly at 22:47 ad the game subtitles say "Do you know how expensive this tuck is?"

  • Walker Nelson
    Walker Nelson

    I grew up with a firefighting father - can confirm, turning off lights and sirens on your way to a scene is an awful idea.

  • Bryson Dykes
    Bryson Dykes

    “Anti-inflammable insulation.” Yeah Bob, that stuff works great! Believe me my friend, anything and everything in the house will burn...😂

  • Brody Leavens
    Brody Leavens

    Right as they crashed into someone I got a lawyer add for car crashes

  • Robert Reider
    Robert Reider

    Can you all see mark bob wade as a real life firefighter 😂😂😂😂

  • BoldAndBrash

    "It looks like calafornia" *that didn't age well*

  • Katie Kaboom
    Katie Kaboom

    Bob: What happens if we don't put out the fire? Mark: I think the house burns down.... ;D

  • ItsBoozoo

    Markiplier: enters house and starts smacking man with axe Markiplier: ARE YOU OK SIR

  • MasterGamer15