Timeline of Chicago Rappers We Lost (2012-2020)
R.I.P To Everyone On This List
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    Hip Hop Central

    Rappers That Got Famous After They Died uzload.info/fun/j5KGY5DfkmZ4npM/video New Video

    • Kartel Clark
      Kartel Clark

      Dude ima need you to get all the factz str8 b4 you make a video on ppl you klearly kno Lil bout Kuz you sayin good friends whn mfs was kousins

    • charlie bruynel
      charlie bruynel

      100th like

    • kidd. lack
      kidd. lack

      @fortnite_ pro mine to brooskii

    • kidd. lack
      kidd. lack

      @letian deng mine to...

    • firstname lastname
      firstname lastname


  • Sherman Reynolds
    Sherman Reynolds

    R.I.P. JOJO

  • LilTop BeLit
    LilTop BeLit

    Rip King Von

  • Louis Williamson
    Louis Williamson

    Shootashellz shooting one of the grimiest killings ever. Them niggas did way too much. RIP to all these youngins

  • Troy FrmDaW
    Troy FrmDaW

    Fun fact: Lil Jeff & Lil Jay got the same name

  • Altramesa Matthews
    Altramesa Matthews

    RIP JuiceWorld and Fredo Santana 🕊🕊

  • Yohannes Makonnen
    Yohannes Makonnen

    It's a massacre in Chicago.

  • Twinn Santana
    Twinn Santana

    Fredo Santana was chief keef cousin

  • Android17 numb
    Android17 numb

    Rip la capone

  • AVeryHardCumSock

    Just imagine if each of these gentlemen had the proper guidance of both parents they would still be alive rn 😤😢

  • Marcus'World

    Young pappy and duck were 2 of the best rappers to come out sad they couldn't leave the streets

  • Игровой Директор
    Игровой Директор

    I have supported jojoworld since 2014, and only came from the Russian Army and found out that Lil Mister died. Brother... Rest in peace... You've always been my idol. NO LACKING.. BROTHERS, STOP THE WAR IN CHICAGO. THINK ABOUT THE FAMILY AND HOW THEY WILL BE HURT. RUSSIA IS ALWAYS WITH YOU

  • Corey Jones
    Corey Jones

    La Capone, nuski and Pappy would have been going crazy if they were alive

  • Dee Faulk28
    Dee Faulk28

    Pappy is the truth to me. Best rapper

  • CoolSean1117

    Capo wasn't living in Chicago when he was killed. He was visiting.....

  • Daniel Medeiros
    Daniel Medeiros

    This shit sad asl, too much talent gone to waste

  • Trigger Oficcial
    Trigger Oficcial

    Fuck quando

  • Oscar Raul
    Oscar Raul

    RIP LA Capone 🗣😭💔

  • Mixed Dee
    Mixed Dee

    Big Lucky Young Pappy ain’t still been alive, bruh was a straight savage.

    • Android17 numb
      Android17 numb

      I like la Capone more young pappy still dope

  • Volandrea

    Why is all the time people get shot. like that breaks my heart fr . I feel so bad like no one deserves that . rest in peace 🕊️ y'all .

  • Nichole Petty
    Nichole Petty

    Rip King Von

  • jerome williams
    jerome williams

    Good video

  • Char

    Lil jojo died in 2012

  • Chris T
    Chris T

    Lil Reese, lil durk, they are all next. They will never learn they need to chill

  • D4rk Jello
    D4rk Jello

    Rip la

  • tannerotis

    It’s no wonder America is in such bad shape. When the children of a nation idolize gangster, coke head, no morals, women abusing good for nothing’s then that’s what your nation will become! Nobody’s wants to get a real job these days , just want to be famous at any cost.

  • Stay Woke
    Stay Woke

    When will this generation learn! Words is power! Be careful what you speak into the universe! Lacking purpose and power, which means your not connected with God (or for unbelievers only by grace and mercy any other power) What you speak carelessly to do to someone else, more then likely it will happen to you! (watch your mouth & stay prayed up) Today is armageddon!

  • H Tesfay
    H Tesfay

    RIP Pappy

  • Precious Pointer
    Precious Pointer

    Sip KING VON💯💯💜💜💜🔥🔥

  • la.rheese

    Damn I just turned older than most these guys ever were


    Tray Savage?

  • J- Staxx
    J- Staxx

    Should of put Brando bandz

    • J- Staxx
      J- Staxx


  • BugFN

    Update this with Von🥲

  • road to 100k
    road to 100k

    Pappy was born in may and died in may what timing and juice weld died in December and was born in December

  • Kendris Smith
    Kendris Smith

    Man 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 FBG Duck music 🎶 Banging i haven’t heard of him till his death on UZload man Duck & O Block Beef is Straight Gangsta lot blood shed ima continue bump FBG Duck out these kickers oh melly & wooskia was straight mf Gangsters Rest in paradise young men’s. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Bello Damilola
    Bello Damilola

    Rip pappi

  • Norsk Trollyoutuber
    Norsk Trollyoutuber

    what about TRAP GOOSE "LiL PEEP" and XXXTENTACION dude

  • Barlue Taye
    Barlue Taye

    lil jojo lowkey look for it

  • Mighty Playz
    Mighty Playz

    Well at least smylez didn’t die from getting shot aka murdered

  • Kiayon Playz
    Kiayon Playz

    This gun violence gotta stop man it’s sad it truly is🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Walker Ahman
    Walker Ahman

    If y’all didn’t realize capo kinda predicted his death in his song chiraq

  • Mickey Hunter
    Mickey Hunter

    RIP duck

  • moon

    RIP johnny P rest up OG

  • IG: ThickAzzPebblez_1981 Follow me on IG!
    IG: ThickAzzPebblez_1981 Follow me on IG!

    Kobe was brick cousin...

  • MrMakaveli

    *If they had listened to me. They would still be here. Thig Lyfe*

  • a bronx girl lo
    a bronx girl lo

    RIP Duck

  • ZayOnnaRise

    LA the best rapper in the drill era out of chicago

  • Søśå Bãbyy
    Søśå Bãbyy

    Damn duck use to get skinny 😂

  • pluto bills
    pluto bills

    Is crazy how so many more died since the video has been made rip to all the brothers in Chicago a change has to come to slow it down because when the real drama pops off we need you young Brothers alive

  • Ohjoshua67

    Rap is hell, Chi-raq is hell. Chicago is dangerous, knowing the fact that, Gangs are dangerous in O'Block.

  • Ohjoshua67

    Jojo was actually the first who died in this "era"

  • niyah smith
    niyah smith

    This made me so damn mad especially since some of them had brothers that also died the same way like damn

  • Caliyah Counts
    Caliyah Counts

    Rip Everyone That died In This Video

  • Phil Snarski
    Phil Snarski

    EBE Bsndz wasn't a chicago rapper. He was from Rockford IL. So that makes him a Rockford rapper. Rockford IL is around 30 or 40 miles west of Chicago. There's a massive difference between the 2 city's

  • Max Alcindor
    Max Alcindor

    Fbg duck hit me the hardest

  • clyde nation
    clyde nation

    Rip king von

  • Joselle Burnette
    Joselle Burnette

    Rip la Capone

  • Alonzo D. Jones
    Alonzo D. Jones


  • A B
    A B

    All these guys have been shot so sad

  • Bosslady Strong
    Bosslady Strong

    Ducks death hit me the hardest!!! Still broken behind that one mannn!!!!🕊🕊🕊😢

  • Luc Anderson
    Luc Anderson

    What is the beat??

  • Jonny Cruz
    Jonny Cruz

    Smoking on dis tooka 🚬🚬🚬⚰️⚰️

  • The Manager
    The Manager

    R.I.P the W💫💫

  • Young Tommy
    Young Tommy

    R.I.P all my niggas live long in Heaven

  • Forever Joel
    Forever Joel

    LA Capone 🕊

  • YaBoiPump

    Dooskie my uncle but my cousin duck he still tried to get up

  • Darvin Charles
    Darvin Charles

    Are we not gonna talk about that ski mask lost both XXXTENTACION and Juice almost in the same year😑

  • Darvin Charles
    Darvin Charles

    Y'all Protect Polo G man will be the G-O-A-T For now until Uzi gets his head together

  • Phillyp Menard
    Phillyp Menard

    Just imagine how music would be if all these rappers were still alive today. So much talent gone man:(

  • Jay Bair
    Jay Bair

    Forgot tb and poppie

  • Bang Gang
    Bang Gang

    In jojo was 16

  • Bang Gang
    Bang Gang

    R.I.p king von in the bd’s r.I.p jojo

  • Nina Razzo
    Nina Razzo

    All of these defendants for the most part are literally teenagers, so they have to quickly have children that they won't be alive to raise, because from the time they are born, they know their days are numbered. Beyond SAD! All drugs, all guns, no substance, NO FUTURE! If you let FBG Duck momma tell it, all of these criminals are innocent! Well at least ONE passed from natural causes & two passed from a drug overdose. I guess that's progress! 😑😶

  • Thoriso Geneke
    Thoriso Geneke

    Most Chicago rappers don’t make it to the age of 30

  • Kavin Muako
    Kavin Muako

    LA Capone was the best outta Chi, though too many nice ones. Jojo rip

  • Kavin Muako
    Kavin Muako

    Juicwrld's death is probably the stupidest way to die, let alone rapper death. N he's a dissing rapper, laughing at his opps. But he's scared of jail? Wack. When you hear someone swallow their stash to avoid the law? He's in a better place now. He escaped justice on earth.

  • Venus McClure
    Venus McClure

    I was saying why king von was not out but then he died

  • ightjvt

    Rip all of them in this vid

  • Tomo Vzo
    Tomo Vzo

    Rip king von

  • bxlt SZN
    bxlt SZN

    the ones that hit me the hardest where king von and expecially juice wrld rip the goats

  • O n e U p
    O n e U p

    Young Pappy died a year after Nuski 😥

  • DrxxQz

    Bandz was so fckn talented 🙏

  • Audioze

    Juice Wrld avoided the hood but still had his own problems

  • That’s cool
    That’s cool

    sick mid roll ads cuh

  • Antonio Troncoso
    Antonio Troncoso

    Fredo was cousins with chief keef

  • Abel Nicolas
    Abel Nicolas

    I heard him mention Brits name uh oh no he didn't

  • Tarajae Gilmore
    Tarajae Gilmore

    LA Capone, young pappy, OTF nunu and capo would have been bigger than nba Youngboy if they still been alive

  • Mika

    Young Pappyyyyyy!!!!! Juice WRLD!!!!!!

  • sensai_wxve

    Damn Brick And Duck Both Died At 26

  • Joseph Draper
    Joseph Draper


  • Trusty Shooter
    Trusty Shooter

    This list isn't long enough! Speed it up boys

  • HuskyRanger

    Pappy died on my birthday

  • Saliyah Endicott
    Saliyah Endicott

    R.i.p juice I’ll rep 999 till I die 🤟🌎🧃

  • Doug Gandy
    Doug Gandy

    Young pappy and fbg duck

  • Otf 600
    Otf 600

    Rip and free day guys

  • Otf 600
    Otf 600

    Rip la capone

  • Larry Te
    Larry Te

    Chicago is a joke

  • Ryan Huffer
    Ryan Huffer

    Yoooo where tf kingvon at🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • King Iker YT
    King Iker YT

    Juice wrld is from Chicago

  • Drizzy

    A lot more that was killed