Why New York City is so Huge
Three reasons why this city became so huge
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  • Johnny Harris
    Johnny Harris

    Hey Friends. Corrections/clarifications: 1. yes indeed the Erie Canal was built way after the british left. I should have made that clear. 2. "Bronx" isn't dutch. i must have been thinking "Harlem" and should have double checked. Whoops 3. (Old) York has lots to do with water and regularly floods (thank you all for telling me about that. I had no idea!) 4. I wont apologize for misspellings cuz being pedantic about typos is not a good use of our time here on earth. im dyslexic and will mispell things until the day I die. If you can't handle it, maybe best not to watch my videos? 5. k im done. Im doing my best with these vids and sometimes mis things here and there. that will likely always happen as long as I don't have a team to help fact check and comb thru everything I write. Hope you learned a bit about the growth of NYC! -Johnny

    • Chloé Elimam
      Chloé Elimam

      I LOVE your videos and I am making a comic for a class of mine because I got really into learning about the Delta Works project in the Netherlands from your video! To people that are upset about the typo, I don't find misspelling offensive at all. People make mistakes and we all know what he meant to write and say. He made a beautiful video and tries to learn about some really cool stuff and share it with us and does so in a really entertainin way. I'm not gonna get upset over an extra E when I can see all the work being done right infront of me. Have a little empathy friends.

    • Abcde

      @richlisola1 He sed speling is pedantik

    • richlisola1

      Dude. Are you dyslexic? Staten Island is not called Stanten Island. You actually edited this and left that in?

    • Abcde

      @Meghan Smith Hey Meghan the Bronx is Dutch because it was named after Bronck's River where Jonas Bronck lived in the 1600's and he was Dutch

    • Shirish Kadam
      Shirish Kadam

      Loved the video

  • Minco Jürgens
    Minco Jürgens

    Imagine wearing a helmet when driving a bike... (I live in The Netherlands) Also, nice video!

  • mr_noob

    aren't u that voc guy .. yeah thatd where i saw u..

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    I dunno about rest of y'all but I find Johnnys voice so relaxing.. thanks for the content!

  • Amit Hattimare
    Amit Hattimare

    That's called dedication towards content creation. Wow. Keep it up.

  • something craft
    something craft

    London is bigger than New York

  • Russell St.Martin
    Russell St.Martin

    Whoa I always thought they built this city on rock n' roll

  • Varun

    4th factor: Geography- It's relative proximity to Europe caused it to flourish. 5th factor: It being within a wealthy & powerful nation called United States of America. Somewhere within the nation, a concentrated powerhouse had to exist.

  • Dutch Will
    Dutch Will

    What building is that on 6:42?

  • Pushpdant Sharma
    Pushpdant Sharma

    Ok now this is breaking so many layers .... The name in the map of gta 4 based on new york city for the manhattan Island is " Algonquin " which is derived from the actual natives algo quin people . Wow 🤯 .

  • Joseph Leonard
    Joseph Leonard

    New York is basically the capital of the world

  • Jay Cup
    Jay Cup

    What New Yorkers will never admit is that they felt extremely threatened that rebuilt Chicago (the 2nd city)was the fastest growing city in the world in the 19th century. And becoming the most important city in America. That they annexed Brooklyn so this combination could combat Chicago economically.

  • foxbasealpha

    5:19 Erie Canal, not Eerie Canal, unless you are traveling on it during Halloween.

  • tudorjason

    I would have preferred New Amsterdam to stick and to be around today.

  • Samesh Maharaj
    Samesh Maharaj

    New York City will be the next Detroit.

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    Laughs in Pearl River Delta

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    Trigger Random

    The Philippines would be the 2nd new york in asia if It weren't for Corruption

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    ola jong

    Video- Why New York is so Huge Me- Why New York Rats are so Huge and plentiful

  • Connecticut Ball
    Connecticut Ball

    Did you quit your job at Vox?

  • Tomerican

    Love the video, but Johnny -- how could the British have used the eerie canal if it was finished in 1825?

  • loaded 21
    loaded 21

    My City is bigger than new York I live in Texas

  • Rares

    The city was actully named in honour of the Duke of York and not directly named after the City of York in the UK.

  • xSoccerFreak7

    I feel like more immigrants were exploited than entrepreneurs but that’s just my opinion I guess

  • Teegan

    I love your videos

  • Arin

    Whenever I see old footage from 1900s or before, it makes me sad thinking nobody is alive anymore. Makes me appreciate life even more.

  • richlisola1

    Stealing sugar huh? How about acquiring and making.

  • Roland Tiiroja
    Roland Tiiroja

    Literally eating New York Pizza atm in Estonia

  • Rob Just
    Rob Just

    Show the real NYC. You’re so closed minded.

  • thenort13

    "I like to look at maps." Jup, that's me.

  • Daphne Parkhill
    Daphne Parkhill

    this guy said stanten island im dead

  • Richard Wills-Woodward
    Richard Wills-Woodward

    New York - clue is in the name. London's metropolitan area is spread over an area only slightly smaller than New York's and but New York's central area is slightly smaller than central London. You could also make this video about Tokyo. Tall buildings make size deceptively larger to your eye when the area of a square can be the same. The one with tall buildings is perceived as larger. Looks impressive, no denying that, but NYC is no longer a long way ahead of others, but merely in a pack, albeit at the top of that pack but not the way it was just 30 years ago. Worth noting, the largest cities in area are in Japan and the English speaking countries of the USA, UK, Australia (but low population relative to size) due to suburban living spreading over stupid size areas. China goes up, but not out as far as one might imagine. Population wise, nothing touches Tokyo - they are in a league of their own!

  • cmair77

    I don’t mind the honest mistakes, not a big deal

  • S U
    S U

    Europeans "stole" sugar? Lol.

  • Blowson Melissa
    Blowson Melissa

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  • juncchi ramen
    juncchi ramen

    Glad to watch you bite size videos again.

  • scottembler

    Say Staten Island again.

  • Funny company
    Funny company

    Americans are so self centered Them: why does New York feel like the epicenter of the world? LOL

  • Joe Caselnova
    Joe Caselnova

    The greatest city on Earth. I wouldn’t rather live anywhere else.

    • PinoyAbnoy

      @Joe Caselnova what part of nyc youre from

    • Joe Caselnova
      Joe Caselnova

      @PinoyAbnoy You clearly have never been here. I’m not rich by any means and live very good here.

    • PinoyAbnoy

      the greatest for the rich only?

  • John

    When Jonny said water I instantly thought of the last avatar intro

  • bark

    This video is so good, yet so bad. Please do better research or have someone who’s knowledgeable on the subject matter help you edit your script.

  • Stryder

    Hundreds of years later they still call it "New" York.

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen

    cool stuff, thanks that NYC

  • MCoupeMike

    so many false statements, you should delete the video. Most people are not going to reference the comments for corrections

  • Abcde

    4:47 the gratuitous anti-white statements begin. Indians DID own land, but not individually. Tribes owned land, and they were extremely territorial about it, tribes were constantly fighting over territory. That's why the Manhattan Indians could sell land to the Dutch. Never mind the fact that they lived in Jersey.

  • frostyguy1989

    ~ And it was New York, New York She took your heart away from mine And it was New York, New York And she poisoned your sweet mind ~ I have no idea where this song came from, but it's been stuck in my head for months.

  • gaudetjaja

    As a Dutch person I vehemently despise America and anything it stands for but I´ll gladly make an exception for new york city. What a great city, I am grateful that I had the chance to visit it before coronavirus.

  • Adrian Ritchie
    Adrian Ritchie

    So easy and fun to learn from your style of filmmaking 🙏🏼

  • spqr1945

    More mistakes you make, more comments you get, and it is good for youtube algorythm. Some bloggers even do mistakes on purpose.

  • bluecoldchocolatesalt

    Dude. You gotta put that helmet properly on the child's head!

  • Sandra Hoffmann
    Sandra Hoffmann

    great video! Thanks for your wonderful work! keep going!

  • Rohan Banerjee
    Rohan Banerjee

    I kinda feel inspired after watching this😃... awesome video JH

  • 3506Dodge

    Cities don't grow, or not grow, for material reasons. New York City didn't grow because of the Erie Canal. The Erie Canal was created because of New York City. The City's culture made possible political and financial interaction that simply did not happen elsewhere. NYC's unusually open and diverse cultural explains its growth. All the things John mentions here are effects, not causes. Culture is the cause.

  • 3506Dodge

    Metro NYC has about 15 million people.

  • Aaliyah Joseph
    Aaliyah Joseph

    Also, a video on Philadelphia, which is arguably way more complex than New York, would be really interesting!

  • Aaliyah Joseph
    Aaliyah Joseph

    Maybe for the next video you could go into more detail about how slavery/unpaid labor allowed new york to become the economic epicenter it is. I think you touch on it when you reference all the migrants to New York but??? (also I’m from Oregon too and grew up with the same complex haha)

  • Tony Mancuso
    Tony Mancuso

    There is so many factual errors in this video.

  • Tomis Kroondyk
    Tomis Kroondyk

    Risk takers..... sounds like they just wanna exploit people and get rich.

  • Ferdinand Cesarano
    Ferdinand Cesarano

    "Stanton Island"?

  • KC _101
    KC _101

    NYC is tiny compared to Tokyo and Beijing.

  • Ciara Hynes
    Ciara Hynes

    Very similar to London, that's all I was thinking most of the time.

  • Saya Luthfan
    Saya Luthfan

    Dutch : lets barter maluku with my new amsterdam British : deal.

  • Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife
    Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife

    8.4 million people packed inside only 303 sq miles with manhattan just a tiny 23 sq miles yet even after living here all 35 years of my life I always find something new even in Manhattan ..it really is like a microcosm of the world and it amazed when I got older and starting reading more to find out just how many cities in this country that are way bigger than NYC in land area that is...NYC truly is a marvel and I wonder often how it's even possible.. especially manhattan

  • Ben Gully
    Ben Gully

    Hmm. The natives believed that the Dutch were leasing the land from them. They were not just ignorant natives. They understood their survival depended on their land. But definitely an informative n interesting video. 2020 will change the history of nyc

  • LUpilot2012

    New York is nasty af

  • Zachary Gordon
    Zachary Gordon

    yo this video is full of inaccuracies! is everything you do this poorly researched and I just don't know? shame.

  • Zachary Gordon
    Zachary Gordon

    stanton island

  • Albert Morris
    Albert Morris

    What's up with the mask-for-show, Johnny? You're not in a crowd. You're alone, maybe outside! Don't let the "fear" get to you, bud.

  • Garbanzo Beans
    Garbanzo Beans

    What an absolutely disingenuous lens in which to view history from. The modern day university has absolutely destroyed actual history in the name of so called progressivism. Well done, you’ve effectively benefited from the work of our ancestors just to be entirely unappreciative of their labor.

  • Tobias Unknown
    Tobias Unknown

    Like most Americans you say "world" and mean "America". NYC was certainly not the "World's factory" in the 1800s when up until WWI the UK economy was bigger than the US. And the global economic center in the 19th century was certainly more London than NYC.


    I really wan t go to New York. because NYC is my dream city. But now, NYC is not safe to travel there due to Corona Virus is attack United State

  • Paula Greene
    Paula Greene

    Great to visit. Not live in but amazing anyway.

  • Robert Randazzo
    Robert Randazzo

    LOL how is some random trendy taco place in midtown Manhattan the "best tacos on the east coast"? Not even the best tacos in Manhattan.

  • Eric Rotsinger
    Eric Rotsinger

    Among other misplaced dogma, that $24 was wrong.

  • Scott Baker
    Scott Baker

    Johnny - where do you find your archival footage? Do you license it, does this count as fair use, or do you just fly under the radar?

  • Tennessee Woodiel
    Tennessee Woodiel

    Would be great if the title was 'Why New York City is so Fit to Support systems of Capitalism and Colonialism." Felt a bit like a perspective guided mainly by the history of Western economics, with little attention given to the effects of those economic pursuits, nor any other contributing factors to the cultural significance of the city. This not only gives me a vibe that this wasn't thoroughly researched, it also serves to glorify the economic systems that have made the city a hostile and discriminatory environment for many inhabitants (including immigrants, which he esensentializes while attempting to celebrate them), and overlooks the many cultural, artistic, and political contributions that resistance to such inequalities have garnered within the city. Comes off as tone deaf and insignificant. Oh well.

  • Krishna Joshi
    Krishna Joshi

    So at the end we came to knew that NEWYORK was originally valued at 24dollars hmmmmmmmm WTF 😂😂😂😂

  • sugar plumchum
    sugar plumchum

    I'm so glad you have subtitles!!!

  • Per-Ola Mjömark
    Per-Ola Mjömark

    Bronx is a Dutch name? I thought that Bronx was named after the Swedish immigrant Jonas Bronck? Or is it disputed? 4:50

  • ZuSa the Demigod
    ZuSa the Demigod

    The promised land of NY

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    Murray Heymann

    There once was a Dutchman who got so good at water, he learned how to fly...

  • Emeric's Timelapse
    Emeric's Timelapse

    Amazing video! I was glad to see some of my timelapse videos in it :D

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    Sean Steinberg

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  • VegetableFRIES

    This video makes me proud of being a New Yorker.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    New York was named after the Duke of York, not the city of York, contrary to popular belief

  • Hoo Stone
    Hoo Stone

    Coz you haven't been to Tokyo yet~

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      the Brooklyn Promenade and not see ships at pier is disorienting.

  • KelZ X
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  • Alex

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  • Fatima Bamba
    Fatima Bamba

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  • Apolitical Being
    Apolitical Being

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  • Hayden Jay
    Hayden Jay

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  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    As a Midwesterner, seeing the Erie Canal spelled “Eerie Canal” bothers me more than I’d like to admit.

  • Filippo Montanini
    Filippo Montanini

    I didn't think that I could've love New York City more than I do, but after watching this video I'm on a totally another level of love for this city

  • Joseph Adams
    Joseph Adams

    Loved the city. Still do, even though it doesn't love me back. Would love to make one more trip to visit there before I die, though at present that seems unlikely.

  • Tasnia Islam
    Tasnia Islam


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    Dává to Smysl

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