Black Ops Cold War: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (A Critical Review)
Black Ops Cold War Review:
Black Ops Cold War gameplay and a critical review of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Black Ops Cold War is not a game without flaws. There are issues with the new scoresteak system, animations, and TTK compared to other CoD games. However, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War gameplay has great audio, weapon balance, and map design. I hope you enjoy this Black Ops Cold War Review.
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  • Abbas Choukair
    Abbas Choukair

    DMR go brrrrrrrr

  • Shahzeb Hussain
    Shahzeb Hussain

    Question is: should I buy modern warfare or cold war? I've never played either except warzone

  • C T
    C T

    It doesn't play well on the now last gen consoles. Base models anyway. Strong deterioration of detail as well as losing major frames.

  • MikeyBoy

    So who’s gonna play MW19 for another year?

  • Arlex B
    Arlex B

    The makers of MW3 we need you

  • _stealin.your.heart_

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but it really is starting to feel like treyarch doesn’t care about gameplay anymore and is just making copies of past mw games and bo games. I mean, cmon. They’ve reworked nuke town several times, and they’ve reworked several zombies maps as well as multiplayer maps. now, there’s a good and bad side to this. the good side is some of these maps give veteran players the feel of old game experiences. but the bad side is that it’s ALL they’ve done so far, hardly any new maps and a lot of reworks. It’s not a terrible thing, it just feels like they’re not as creative as they once were and are just releasing new games for quick cash grabs. the battle pass and battle royals also add to this. I don’t feel exited to get on the game anymore and I’ve started playing it less and less. I really hope this changes overtime but I don’t have high hopes for it happening.

  • Kashh Kashh
    Kashh Kashh

    Send me call of duty Cold War clips for montages go subscribe and comment on my latest vid if you have some amazing gameplay clips

  • ali ahmad
    ali ahmad

    remember black ops 3 ... what a legend of a game

  • Steven Jonas
    Steven Jonas

    The fact that this is the first cod that many people have not bought into the hype means something! Modern Warfare will be remembered as a great cod!

    • Keon

      @Steven Jonas completely forgot about u and this whole comment 2 days ago until u responded. Whos really living rent free ? Thanks idiot.

    • Steven Jonas
      Steven Jonas

      @Keon thank you for thinking of me, living rent free I guess ahahaahaha

    • Keon

      @Steven Jonas well its actually not an opinion , mw 2019 actually is trash. only battlefield players and people who bitched about every call of duty game prior likes it.

    • Steven Jonas
      Steven Jonas

      @Keon stop you're hurting my feelings with your edgy comment

    • Keon

      No it wont. Both games are dogshit. COD hasnt been good since 2012 , its time to get real.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith

    Audio is in better shape? Yeah audio in this new one is garbage, it just sound way too quiet, cant hear any footsteps and the guns are super quiet.

  • Stunnershades _
    Stunnershades _

    This game feels so cheesy, like a PS2 game or a gimmicky game at the arcade where you pick up a big plastic gun and aim at the screen when enemies come out. Thank goodness I got my refund.

  • CardBoss6233045

    the ugly, the ugly, and the ugly

  • Rev Jragon
    Rev Jragon

    I couldn't disagree more bout the guns/animations/visuals. It feels so much better to play. Addicting, almost.

  • Rev Jragon
    Rev Jragon

    Except the Fear 1 is easily the worst AR. Not even a mention? It's recoil is so bad it's almost unusable even with all the recoil mitigating attachments, it still has more recoil and gets out shot by SMGs at *RANGE*. It's basically only usable in hardcore.

  • jbattista

    It has an 'arcade' feel to it. Def sticking with MW

    • Keon

      Go back to battlefield then. COD was never for you

  • Thrashifice

    Whatever happened to Blackout being something lasting for years???

  • Obijuan841

    I've only played Black Ops 4 as far as CoD games go. I don't have Cold War, but the maps seems significantly larger, which I like. Are the maps bigger or am I mistaken?

  • Voss

    That game is battlefield 4 Chinese version...

  • Nexy

    u where wrong about the weapons being balanced in the full game lol

  • alex van dijk
    alex van dijk

    i cant imagine how anyone can like the sound design of this game, every time i get shot my sound is completely gone, the guns have literally no depth of character in gunshot and handling sounds and every sound just sounds so flat, like there is no depth at all in the sound design. Its just awful

    • st00g3y


  • Hostage Murderer
    Hostage Murderer

    I feel that the points should decay a bit when you die

  • Just righT
    Just righT

    I disagree with the comparison of titans in TF2 to scorestreaks, yes you can get them from killing AI enemies but if you aren't competent in the use of your titan a better player will either kill you with theirs or kill you with anti titan weaponry easily on foot.

  • Aryan

    Unplayable garbage. 0/10.

  • Liakk Does Stuff
    Liakk Does Stuff

    150 HP, Arcade shooting, Sliding, Less campers. This game is going to be great MW Players: "b-but but my reload animations"

    • david woods
      david woods

      Dude Cold War is absolute steamed buns right now its okay accept it.

  • jake mangi
    jake mangi

    If rather a few more land mines and claymores than a million flags being thrown everywhere

  • Nan0Cell

    I think that some of your disdain for the landmine still equipment is that it seems to be geared as a counter to your preferred style of playing. The value of the landmine isn't for free kills but to specifically counter rushers and run and gun style of play. If you peek around corners or just use the Engineer perk, landmines are easy to counter. It's only a free kill against rushers and is meant to force the enemy to slow down more than it is a free kill in my opinion.

  • Tom Wilding
    Tom Wilding

    Combined arms is complete shite, hope they don't put much resources into new maps


    I havent been able to play,but from what im watching,people are angry because its different from MW,graphics wise.When for one in my opinion the weapon models and animations are better And i like that the colors are much more saturated.The sound design is really good.And MW also started out terrible but people just arent even giving CW a chance.What else do you expect from a cod game.

  • Stijn Roelands
    Stijn Roelands

    I mean the land mines in other cods ar just equipment so u can just aquipment it seem to me it's better as a specialist abilit

  • Strateggo

    those grafx are ugly af. big no no.

  • Drew Schatzke
    Drew Schatzke

    “balancing is in a good spot in the alpha” ......little did he know......

    • Liakk Does Stuff
      Liakk Does Stuff


  • Drgn Gawd
    Drgn Gawd

    Mw cannot see enemies clearly BRUH Cod cw is so damn hard to find anyone

  • mrbojangles311

    Yea except there is no battle royale mode......this game is trash

  • KilljoyPlaysHD

    i agree the sound is amazing for cold war

  • helmsplitter0233

    Game has been our a few days and it already needs a graphical remaster lol

  • ItsPhantomzZ

    I tried to play warzone on Cold War and my PS4 told me to put in the MW disc

  • Rob Lews
    Rob Lews

    I like most of what you said but saying bettys and mines are cheap ways for casual players to get kills they couldnt normally get really just sounds like an opinion of someone who is shitty they cant avoid mines and bettys. Its on you if you die by them and there are no rules in war. Js.

  • AlcoDelco Lolex
    AlcoDelco Lolex

    Here let me sum it up for ya, if your new and never played the beta you'll have fun, those who did have ghost bullets for the year. I mean it, have it on video and documented it. I played 10 rounds of mp just to have my bullets go through all the enemy's but the enemy 1 or 2 shots me. Excuse me but what the f*** happened to the 12 rounds I just dumped on a kid who one shot me. It's currently unplayable.

    • AlcoDelco Lolex
      AlcoDelco Lolex

      For me that is, in the beta I was able to drop 25-40 frags but now I'm luck if I get 5 a match. Bullets just don't work. I want the minigun from the campaign just so I have a chance.

  • John Schantz
    John Schantz

    Modern warfare is so much more of a game than cold war

  • The Schwifty Man
    The Schwifty Man

    This game is horrible, lacks content, bad weapon balancing, same attachments on all weapons, bad maps. Thats €100 im never getting back

  • Otemple T
    Otemple T

    Is it any good yet?

  • The Director
    The Director

    Deffentily sticking to MW2019. This is all the things i hated about cod that MW2019 fixed. It's good though as now each side of the players has a game that's more tailored to them.

  • Nodwick123

    From you review it sound very much like another CoD game I will not have to buy.

  • Streamer1

    i think having more flinch and realistic audio is more pro like. this game sounds like it holds noobs hands i also hate the guns sounding like a plastic guns. MW-realistic CW-arcade

  • 1molinaluigi

    DRIFT0R!! i used to watch your videos in the mw3 days and black ops 2. then lost interest in gaming as a whole after that. now im back and ready for quarantine. i always love how technical you are. also, you've helped me through so much depression by actually being the first person to really educate me about it when i was a kid. im now in my mid-20's and i just wanted to say im so excited to jump on the DRift0r train again

  • brian VZ
    brian VZ

    Running on my rtx 2070 super gddr6, i7 10700k, ssd, 16 gigs memory and ultra looks meh with ray tracing

  • brian VZ
    brian VZ

    Just like dragonball, we “needed” 7 more call of duties before we got back to the canon story

  • Snooz3n

    They didn’t fix anything, the full game is basically the beta which is unenjoyable to play.

    • Aryan

      Except snipers suck now. 0/10.

  • MrCoolz_47

    Well the good is it's not mw The bad is the campers and disrespect to the snipers rn The ugly is sbmm and game queues to get in a game

  • Qris Qrot
    Qris Qrot

    this man said absolutely nothing about zombies

  • Tezlin TM
    Tezlin TM

    The real ugly: This guys "good" opinions

    • Henny

      YEAH I was so betrayed

  • RyanQ98

    It’s such a bad game I’m playing modern warfare

  • Teresa Wright
    Teresa Wright

    OOF had hopes for this one

  • Daniel Keels
    Daniel Keels

    I love how he dogs the casual gamer market when without us, this game wouldn’t exist as it is. Guarantee we make up more of the market than the “pros” so be grateful you have a game and that they have balanced a game to make it fun for everyone. If we stop buying the game because it only caters to pros, how much can they pay the devs and production? Silly man-boy.

    • Daniel Keels
      Daniel Keels

      @Luke I’m glad to hear you thought so deeply about my point - your logic is as fuzzy as your namesake.

    • Luke

      So you want a game so easy that it not even fun? You sound like you're just bad at the game, go play a easy single player game if you're really that bad.

  • sly nation
    sly nation

    One of the worst campaigns I have ever played no bullet holes and no gore horrible screen lag during cutscenes storyline is way to short and shitty story writing removed all the voice actors that made the black ops franchise

  • Opie stanborough
    Opie stanborough

    ya, weres the 2 min review? Driftors the best.... im just feeble minded

  • AlphaPureGaming

    I want to help everyone before it gets confusing! BLACK OPS COLD WAR , will NOT be on STEAM this year. I created a video explaining why and how to download it. That's if your interested

    • Luke

      Bruh it's on the battlestate launcher, all you have to do is download the battlestate launcher and you can get the game.

  • Anger Tone
    Anger Tone

    Fully automatic machine gun fire. Yikes

  • Taha Nasser
    Taha Nasser

    I came back 5 years later and this guy is still whining about sniping lol some things never change.

  • Aesthetic Storm
    Aesthetic Storm

    Him: hey guys check out this game UZload: hey guys it's actually a movie

  • Mr_Mango

    If your bad... get gud you don’t get free streaks...

  • Mr_Mango

    I just want to use a Ak 47 since it was garbage in modern warfare unless you turned it into an ak 74 which is not want I wanted lol

  • Esho Yousif
    Esho Yousif

    I like the gun sounds better, with modern warfare it’s super super loud and if I turn it down I can’t hear footsteps and so I like this better because it is quieter so it won’t be like bombs exploding in my ear

  • Mr_Mango

    Lol “the AK 7-4 U”? Lol you mean the AK 74U ? I’m sorry I just can’t take that seriously.

  • Charles Mortensen
    Charles Mortensen

    Will you happen to be making another one of these when we get our hands on zombies?

  • Michael Cruz
    Michael Cruz

    I would literally cancel my pre order and just played warzone if I played in this lobby with them during alpha or beta lmao

  • STR8 GAMER96
    STR8 GAMER96

    I hope the gun gameplay gets better it’s like you add all those attachments but the gun gameplay is already trash so it doesn’t make the gun any better.. and it take like 10 minutes to throw a grenade it’s too slow

  • Elijah Acevedo
    Elijah Acevedo

    This might sound weird, but I feel like MW (2019) set the bar TOO high for COD games. I mean, it’s COD. There SHOULDN’T be high expectations for COD since it’s released EVERY YEAR. It’s almost like hoping that the next NBA game is gonna be the best game of all time. Not to mention, they had 3 years for MW (2019) and 2 years for Cold War.

    • Liakk Does Stuff
      Liakk Does Stuff

      To be fair, they really focused on gameplay this time around, there isn't really a "meta" besides using the MP5 and even then that has its negatives, its the most balanced COD game to date and im glad they focused on gameplay and adding the best of MW to CW

  • Carlos Santin
    Carlos Santin


  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    I mostly hated how OP and annoying snipers were. Way too strong

  • Taylor Durda
    Taylor Durda

    God. I just miss black ops 1/2

  • Gibby Son
    Gibby Son

    Way to steal your title from the second best movie of all time.

  • Z-Form

    So modern warfare for multiplayer, cold war for zombies?

    • Niggletos

      only 1 map

  • Lupus Maximus
    Lupus Maximus

    If you really know cod, you know MW is just better than Ops

  • AndohBernard

    Nerf accuracy when moving/jumping

  • kursna

    At this point i think we can give up on the idea that "realistic is better" for the arcade shooter genre. Realistic shooters are great but cod shouldn't be one of them. If people want realistic shooters theres plenty on the market. Squad, insurgency and one more who's name i forgot

  • RogerwilcoFoxtrot

    Never forget June '89! Boycott this game! 華人不要忘記咱們的歷史,不要忘記六四!不要忘記永恆結纓的89年!記憶默記就是抵抗!保持華夏的真的文化! 記得和抵抗!

  • Hello

    You think I'm going to run a shot gun hahahahahahahaha knifeing only

  • PettyOffNdebe

    I feel like Cold War will be at it's best halfway through it's life cycle, due to sledgehammer being taken off of the cycle this year. At the same time, due to Covid 19, development has likely been slowed, and the time over the next year (2021) will give the devs time to fix a lot of issues they didn't have time to fix. I'm more of an Infinity Ward fan personally, but I do think we need to cut Treyarch some slack.

  • Yousef

    do i need to play to play online on PC?

  • Mikel Angelo
    Mikel Angelo

    "microtransactions" and "consumer friendly" don't belong in the same sentence.

    • Shane94M

      @Mikel Angelo it already has before with advanced warfare and now it's gone. Supply Drops giving you weapon variants that were crazy overpowered. Now we don't have those anymore.

    • Mikel Angelo
      Mikel Angelo

      @Shane94M it would be naive to think it wouldn't eventually happen to COD

    • Shane94M

      @Mikel Angelo but FIFA and Madden are pay to win because packs give you better players. COD doesn't give you anymore better to improve your gameplay so isn't game changing.

    • Mikel Angelo
      Mikel Angelo

      @Shane94M because every resource that was used to create the market and microtransactions could of been used to further improve the core game. Plus on top of that microtransactions can be a indication of what could have been in the game, but then removed for more profit. The acceptance of microtransactions is a slippery slope where games like Madden and FIFA turn into pay to win unless you're willing to commit 40+ hours a week to stay competitive with whales because of loot boxes.

    • Shane94M

      I don't understand the outcry on these kind of microtransactions. It's all comestic and doesn't influence how well someone does in game. If you don't want to pay for them, don't buy them. If you do, then buy them. It's different when it's with maps, gamemodes, etc. but comestic does nothing.

  • 9 17
    9 17

    I like mw bc of how realistic it is & new with cod it is as far as its features & sounds. Black ops not like that. But ima still get it either way to enjoy it.

  • Jack B
    Jack B

    For once, your blingy weapon skin won't be a suicide note because it's no longer a giant neon sign shouting SHOOT THIS MUTHAFUCKA RIGHT HERE There's OTHER neon signs for that, lol

  • WTfire10

    At least the player charakters don't look like clowns like in bo4

  • maxwell wood
    maxwell wood

    This is a cod made during quarantine, don’t expect it to be amazing at launch

  • Rzr2ffe

    As a firearm and history enthusiast, this game offends me

  • Fesk

    To be honest, I think this will be very fun in my opinion. In MW2019 you always have to look at every bush and corner of the map so you don't get sniped by a camper. I think this will be a lot less frustrating compared to MW2019 with the fire shotguns and maps filled with claymores

  • devotion

    You know they had 1 year to do this since sledgehammer pulled out of this year

  • kyle who
    kyle who

    What is a mcdoogal? Lmao

  • Ben Ban
    Ben Ban

    They should just add a new map to warzone.. the weapons should be mixed across both maps

  • Repeat after me fuk YouTube
    Repeat after me fuk YouTube

    The guns are so ugly

  • Slave of God
    Slave of God

    Overall it’s an amazing it’s was fun playing this game

  • Ethan Clark
    Ethan Clark

    What is this BS with the Flinch that was never a thing I feel like the other comments we're accurate

  • thor cremonesi
    thor cremonesi

    Spawn killing is rediculous especially spawn camping with sniper rifles and ultimately boring

  • C Ward
    C Ward

    The good: 1:15 The bad: 11:44 The ugly: 21:50

  • JøE95

    This game is a call of duty world War. Trash

  • Albert Sun
    Albert Sun

    Now the multiplayer mode is only a training ground for the warzone

  • 09BIJAN09

    14:15 this is the cod i remember

  • yotam kfir
    yotam kfir

    This guy thinks treyarch gonna run and fix every little thing he don't like

  • Ron Mac
    Ron Mac

    Looks like same ol rushed cod