GOT7: Summary of Twitter Blueroom
Just a summary of what happens when GOT7 goes to Blue Room
DISCLAIMER: subs are not 100% accurate. Original video belongs to owner
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  • SL

    They need Jooheon's BAKSU focus clap!

  • skrrt skrrt
    skrrt skrrt

    This video is so funny 🤣🤣🤣

    • c_sunshinejae

      thank you 😭

  • Vianney Cardoza Diaz
    Vianney Cardoza Diaz


  • Wangkong

    12:29 Jackson’s English...😳😩 Sorry🙃

  • Varsha

    I really enjoyed it! Thanks.

  • milamonster

    Not the focus clap from teacher/ leader JB 😂😂

  • Danielle Jenkins
    Danielle Jenkins

    who taught them that clap??? 😂

  • Joonie's 33rd Airpod
    Joonie's 33rd Airpod

    3:59 pause

  • Stan GOT7 ASTRO A.C.E KINGDOM For A Better Life
    Stan GOT7 ASTRO A.C.E KINGDOM For A Better Life

    Yea. I stan the right boys 💚

  • Randy Butternubs
    Randy Butternubs

    Their focus claps are the funniest thing, oh my goodness

  • Nadine Dewi
    Nadine Dewi

    Focus clap is a thing now

  • K y
    K y

    Istg i love jinyoung's humor hahahhaa he's so funny

  • M J jams
    M J jams

    Our boys is the craziest 😂💚 love them for that

  • BUSU _
    BUSU _


  • Kinar Rachmawati
    Kinar Rachmawati

    thank you for this

    • c_sunshinejae

      no problem!!

  • Jessica I Don't know
    Jessica I Don't know

    I'm laughing that they're doing a focus clap like their a bunch of kindergarten kids 😂

    • Mero h
      Mero h

      I read ur comment and they were really donig it😂😂😂😂

    • Aboahmd Mereee
      Aboahmd Mereee


  • Taryn Lau
    Taryn Lau

    this is helpful, thanks! the original was so long, so I appreciate you cutting it down to the best parts for us

    • c_sunshinejae

      glad you like it!! 😭

  • Jinyoung's bae
    Jinyoung's bae

    Wow😂 I love them but can't stand them all at the same time😂

    • Fire BlueWood
      Fire BlueWood

      They are just a group that you have to take in small doses

    • c_sunshinejae

      i feel you! i feel like i will start crying

  • Sarah Mai
    Sarah Mai

    they are really happy during this comeback 😭 imagine the content we have if they got more schedule, f you jype

  • Xylia

    I missed them so much

  • Aurora Borealis
    Aurora Borealis

    when youngjae imitated jackson 😂😂😂

  • najya indra
    najya indra

    not even one minute in and jinyoung is already being sulky when youngjae skipped him afsffssgd

  • Sioni Park
    Sioni Park

    HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG Watching this first thing in the day. Best decision ever 😎

  • Yusra HA
    Yusra HA

    your editing was a cherry on top of this classic comedy 😭😭😭😭

    • c_sunshinejae

      @afiqah nur nabilah nkjnsvjn tHANK YOU I TRIED

    • afiqah nur nabilah
      afiqah nur nabilah

      @c_sunshinejae yessss i love the memes that you insert in between the cuts! xD

    • c_sunshinejae

      snjknckwje thank you 😭

  • 川上恭子

    I hate Japan,all music program enter them.sick,tire of it. When its piriod? get out soon! bore,sold them younger,Don't wanna watch them TV Show anymore!!!

  • Aya Azzi
    Aya Azzi

    someone need to do a video of bambam saying lalallallalal

  • 姨母笑的腐阿姨

    JB:jinyoung in my heart just fell~ JY:(shy) JJP FOREVER❥(^_-)

  • D A C
    D A C

    Youngjae's laugh

    • afiqah nur nabilah
      afiqah nur nabilah

      the serotonin we needed gurl ;)

  • Violet Danielle
    Violet Danielle

    I feel like Youngjae and Bambam share the same brain when teasing. We need BamJae unit ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

    • najya indra
      najya indra

      yes!! especially after bambam said that he always wanted to do unit with youngjae :')

  • ENCORE mv 100M views
    ENCORE mv 100M views

    GOT7 makes me so happyyy😭😭💟💟💚💚

  • Sung Lifui
    Sung Lifui

    9.53...mark smile so handsome ❤️❤️❤️ 10.14...mark hand so beauty 😍😍😍

  • Family Malate-Moreno
    Family Malate-Moreno

    Ang gulo walang kasing gulo

  • Analektas

    I have sore throat and when i laugh because of their stupidity my throat just really hurttt. Gosh the pain that i must bear for them aklsdjalsjdlk

  • Mira Ali
    Mira Ali

    GOT7 💚💚💚

  • Seven Angels G7
    Seven Angels G7

    Waaaa!!! Yu Gyeom he is so handsome

  • spellbound


  • 엄태경

    JYP 트와이스,갓세븐,스트레이 키즈,ITZY 있지,니쥬 NiziU 대표팬카페 한국 영상,기사,사진,정보,팬아트 등등 최대 자료 공유 JYP 팬픽도 있습니다.

    • Mariana