The Blanket Challenge (Hide and Seek)
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    • Sammy Waganfeald
      Sammy Waganfeald

      You guys or luck have beautiful children your dogs you're lucky they have your beautiful golden retriever Cooper and you have your beautiful beautiful the other dog name Dakota my Dakota is a Shih Tzu and my bear is a border collie and my Annie she was a shih tzu to but she passed away August 30th 20/20 is the worst year August August 19th with my birthday she died August 30th so miss her like crazy was no heartbreak like losing one of your children and that's mainly your dogs I don't have kids I have my dogs they're much easier to take care of and thank you guys for being so supportive and make it all these videos and make me smile

    • Catzy Pigzy
      Catzy Pigzy

      I wish I could follow you there but I’m still a kid

    • Feb Cafino
      Feb Cafino

      Post more of koda bear! He’s the cutest!

    • Boorugu Jewels
      Boorugu Jewels

      It's my birthday today I feel so happy watching the video it feels like a present to me as the video got uploaded on my birthday thank you 😀😀

    • Bear17 K
      Bear17 K


  • Aditi Nag
    Aditi Nag

    Love how koda is confused at first and then he smells the blanket and thinks oh mom's in here and jumps around like a baby.

  • Vibha Rane
    Vibha Rane

    Koda in first attempt was sooo cute it was like he wanted to cuddle❤️

  • OlivePlayz

    Koda and Cooper both actions together are my dog (which is also named Koda but is a girl) xd

  • dawn baker
    dawn baker

    I love kodas reaction

  • Spicy Twins
    Spicy Twins


  • Guniea pig Times
    Guniea pig Times

    I'm taking my dog to the dog park right now 😋 ❤ 🐕

  • bellanewfie

    Sweet koda is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • Michelle Wright
    Michelle Wright

    Are you guys still doing fan mail ?

  • Sophie Marshall
    Sophie Marshall

    I'm new to the super cooper channel but I'm loving it so here are some ideas for an episode. Buy a bunch of strange fruit like pine-apple lemon dragon fruit. My other idea is to paint the boys' claws with nail polish that would be so funny!

  • Felicia Huynh
    Felicia Huynh

    You guys should try locking a golden retriever out of our bedroom.

  • Yeetplays

    Day 1 of asking for curious Koda Tuesday

  • Mia Rivera
    Mia Rivera

    Oh my god are used to watch you all the time until I got a new phone and I forgot to subscribe I’m literally crying

  • Naomi Patel
    Naomi Patel

    2:27 🥶

  • Alyse Davis
    Alyse Davis

    This channel is the only thing that brings joy for me these days. 🙏 thanks you!

  • Prescilla van den Broek
    Prescilla van den Broek

    Can you please make a Harry Potter themed episode?? It would be awesome!! Happy hogwarts day💚💚

  • HotSpot Games
    HotSpot Games

    Your late on the new vid! its thu

  • Marissa Burness
    Marissa Burness

    Why havent you guys uploaded this week?

  • Stephanie Salazar
    Stephanie Salazar

    Where is the Post for today?????


    Can you make your videos longer

  • Chatterjee Sutopa
    Chatterjee Sutopa

    Cooper is calm and quiet. ❤

  • Chatterjee Sutopa
    Chatterjee Sutopa

    Koda is more playful. ❤❤❤🥰

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson

    Koda is my spirit animal


    Cota just one snuggle you don't snuggle with him

  • Nicole Larabee
    Nicole Larabee

    Cooper: sees ball Chelsea: you see it Cooper: yes I see it throw it Chelsea: throws ball Cooper: go after ball Chelsea: hides under blanket Cooper: comes back Cooper: umm, I’m here Cooper: oh there you are Cooper: jumps on Chelsea Chelsea: laughs in pain

  • Amelia Horsley
    Amelia Horsley

    The facts that Bella wanted the tennis ball more than Cooper 😂

  • Piper Ford
    Piper Ford

    Bella is such a dog how she ran at Coop when he grabbed the ball!

  • Brady Miller
    Brady Miller

    I think why Koda is not scared of the stairs maybe he can’t hold himself


    I think koda and cooper needs a girlfriend just like you.😳 😳

  • Candi Cheechoo
    Candi Cheechoo

    Lazy Koda Saturday

  • FB Foxy
    FB Foxy

    This is the 1st time ive seen bella play with coop

  • Donna Whetstine
    Donna Whetstine

    like the video ty for sharing too... Funny that bella didn't get involved too....

  • ThePink Unicorn
    ThePink Unicorn

    2:14 Koda " Mom, where did you go?"

  • Mason Wilson
    Mason Wilson

    Cooper:I found get up or I'll jump on you Girlfriend:ahhhhhhh

  • RicoLen1

    Neither one of them were in the least bit fooled. I've done this before with other breeds and they'll be completely confused and start looking all over the house to try and find me.

  • Debora Henderson
    Debora Henderson

    Koda seems so much happier now that he's not thinking about water all the time. So glad the vet was able to help him with that.

  • Sudharsan Balaji
    Sudharsan Balaji

    You should get them a sister another puppy :)

  • Nikita Sharma
    Nikita Sharma

    I wish I could meet the boys like seriously!! 🥺💜

  • Nikita Sharma
    Nikita Sharma

    I want a Koda for myself 🥺💜

  • Astal Clearance
    Astal Clearance

    i remember watching this channel ever since cooper was a pup and u first got him and koda is addorable

  • Kamoonra The Wolf God
    Kamoonra The Wolf God

    That was funny the way they both had different reactions to the game. Loved it.

  • mistaria

    The boys are too smart for such shenanigans!

  • Bethany Grimley
    Bethany Grimley

    Week 8 of having to ask for koda swimming or stairs episode hehe😀

  • Ali Robertson
    Ali Robertson

    You should diy a little strip of Codas hair like a Mohawk down his back like red or blue or like pink

  • Sweet T
    Sweet T

    Lol oh Koda & Cooper! Maybe it's because Trevor was there with the camera. Idk. Doesnt matter though, because it was too funny regardless! 🤣😆

  • Gurleen bawa
    Gurleen bawa

    When Koda pranced at Chels that was soo cute!!!!!

  • Kenna Ruth
    Kenna Ruth

    Bella casually attacking cooper 😂🤚

  • debra firestone
    debra firestone

    This is so cute

    • Bruce Springsteen
      Bruce Springsteen

      Nice comment dear... Where are you from ?

  • BeatrixRihluv

    Koda is the definition of a loveable oaf. Lol.

  • PurpleVanilla

    Koda has so much energy and its adorable

  • ika ika
    ika ika

    😂😂 Koda running for the ball and come back with George the monkey.

  • Sarah Cavanaugh
    Sarah Cavanaugh

    I love watching your dogs videos

  • Fnaf FanUwU
    Fnaf FanUwU

    You are loved. GOD BLESS


    you have done a great serves

  • Cat productions
    Cat productions

    My dog and I play hide and seek all the time. Also, the reason they found you is because they can smell and hear you.

  • Steven McMillan
    Steven McMillan

    Love your videos

  • Gamers Range
    Gamers Range

    Umm i know i shouldn't ask this question after seeing this vedio but . Are u dogs spoiled

  • Nikhil Ramdharne
    Nikhil Ramdharne

    This bois are too smart...

  • Xiaojun Enthusiast
    Xiaojun Enthusiast

    Koda is the most adorable dog ever !!

  • A13 Gaming
    A13 Gaming

    Can you teach koda to get up the stairs?

  • Vincent Rochette
    Vincent Rochette

    Koda is so cute.

    • lilyloo lilyloo
      lilyloo lilyloo


  • Bill Milosz
    Bill Milosz

    Cooper brought it back because he is a golden RETRIEVER. Koda is a HERDING DOG, not a sporting type bred to retrieve game. You got a bunch of sheep, Koda is all in. Got a wolf, a bear or UPS menacing you? Count on Koda! Bringing back a ball that you had but then threw away- WAIT, WHAT!!?!?

  • Trev,chels,coop, Kodaandroxy
    Trev,chels,coop, Kodaandroxy

    2:14 Koda's little jump was soooooo adooorrraaabblllee

  • clowning with chance
    clowning with chance

    Who else can’t wait till scs

  • Minecraft creations
    Minecraft creations


  • Camsters_Cool

    Ha the cat went to go get the ball funny

  • Jason M
    Jason M

    Yup, I had a feeling that would be Koda's reaction. Lol

  • Gigi S
    Gigi S

    I think Koda and Cooper should run for president and you should make a video about it

  • Lori Hampton
    Lori Hampton

    Super cute! I think Bella wanted to play, too! ❤️

    • Bruce Springsteen
      Bruce Springsteen

      Nice comment dear... Where are you from ?

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar

    My dog will either start humping me or will try to pull it off but is really pulling my skin off and scratch my face


    hi your my biggest fan i really like ur dogs

  • Giada Donofrio
    Giada Donofrio

    When you guys REALLY get married cooper should be trevs best man, and koda should be the flower girl!!!

  • Daniel Carney
    Daniel Carney

    You should’ve remove the rocks from the area underneath the stairs and make it a huge padded area for the dogs to sleep on

  • Pink Lady Fan
    Pink Lady Fan

    Koda's so cute.

  • Divya V
    Divya V

    Koda always searches his purpose in the universe..

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack


  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor

    You guys are my favorite UZloadrs

  • Boorugu Jewels
    Boorugu Jewels

    It's my birthday today I feel so happy watching the video it feels like a present to me as the video got uploaded on my birthday thank you 😀😀

  • Ahmad Assaad
    Ahmad Assaad


  • XAmerican GloryX
    XAmerican GloryX

    The close up of Cooper in the beginning omg 😂❤️

  • Bear17 K
    Bear17 K

    Oh typical Koda LOL

  • ArielPlayz 14
    ArielPlayz 14

    😂😂🤣omg this was so freaking cute and funny

  • Stephanie Salazar
    Stephanie Salazar

    lol cute

  • shas8120 shas8120
    shas8120 shas8120

    can i get a shout out

  • shas8120 shas8120
    shas8120 shas8120


  • Nala Artist
    Nala Artist

    Can you try to speak spanish pleas i want to hear you, Greetings from Colombia. i love the video.

  • Annika Singh
    Annika Singh

    0:16 Bella- My time has come to vanquish my prey!! 0:25 I did not even see Bella come out of the darkness like that!

  • Aneta A
    Aneta A

    Boys are waaaay to smart for this challenge. Koda is a star of this vid ❤️❤️❤️😂

  • joon John
    joon John

    you guys are dieing

  • nora Jazzy Poppy
    nora Jazzy Poppy


  • Anushka Banerjee
    Anushka Banerjee

    The only thing that Koda wants is CuDdLe !

  • Adrian Rohan
    Adrian Rohan

    this makes my day and i love coooppppperrr and kodaaaaaaaaaa and beeeellllllaaaaaa

  • kyra ludwig
    kyra ludwig

    I’m so excited my birthday is on super cooper Sunday this year

  • Austin Dewitt
    Austin Dewitt

    Coop I’ve seen these vids Koda I don’t care

  • Kelly Reynolds
    Kelly Reynolds

    That was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Oh I love these dogs.

  • Chicken Fishy
    Chicken Fishy

    Who else just loves Cooper and wants one for yourself

  • jordan kendall
    jordan kendall

    I think we need a SCS TikTok

  • jordan kendall
    jordan kendall

    The fact that Koda actually went to fetch on the second attempt is nothing short of a miracle

  • Carol Morgano
    Carol Morgano


  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M.

    Cooper is a genius