SEVEN DEADLY STRATS WARZONE PROS USE - Advanced Tactics & Strategies [Warzone Academy]
WARZONE ACADEMY is now adding on to its incredibly in-depth guides by adding additional gameplay where we apply the tactics and strategies we've discussed in our guides!
If you're interested in future coaching videos, let me know what you want to see next!
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    IceManIsaac Edits

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    • Kishen Parekh
      Kishen Parekh

      @Aa Aa you don't know the best loadouts?

    • Eric Genetiano
      Eric Genetiano

      Wow thats a first time I have seen you play a controller! Amazing!

    • ian

      Great to see academy vids back, the Slide tip for a head glitch is deffo something to try

    • Aa Aa
      Aa Aa

      Isaac plzzzz make a top 10 loadout video plzzz

    • ardeay

      My fav video thus far. Merry Christmas !

  • Thilly Saunders
    Thilly Saunders

    I think my favorite part of these is when he’s gets interrupted by another player, completely beams them and the goes back to talking 😂

  • Mike

    1st fatal mistake: You are not using a hack

  • Hasan Hameed
    Hasan Hameed

    Love these types of videos thanks

  • Kye Aaron
    Kye Aaron

    Any wanna play warzone hit me up need more friends to play it with (ps all abilities and platforms welcome) 🔥🤝

  • wearelegioni4ni

    Wow these helped me a lot man

  • Hartlas

    Outplay. Outwit. Outlast. Warzone

  • Bean Playz
    Bean Playz

    3:15 jump over the wall lol

  • Brian N
    Brian N

    Have good internet

  • Keepit Cool
    Keepit Cool

    This should be called “How ‘Pros’ are actually cheap pussies who abuse game mechanics to win”

  • Jocke S
    Jocke S

    Play console u noob

  • Vichara Sirimanna
    Vichara Sirimanna

    Isaac: Know when to retreat Me: Trying to kill a person who has a smg with a pistol

  • gunnardt

    Best pro strat: cronus max and a high end pc

  • ozan226_

    what assault riffle were you using for showing the prefire?

  • Dee 2the bo
    Dee 2the bo

    Also helps playing on a 1500$ against people on old consoles. There is a s a reason all the top players are on pc.

  • clarence howard
    clarence howard

    Great stuff crazy

  • Zoomba Wolf
    Zoomba Wolf

    Lol 7:56 he didn't even hit the guy and got the down

  • Parthi John Peter
    Parthi John Peter

    Love these videos man 🙌🏾 thank you!

  • MacPhatDaddy

    How would you recommend improving your game play if you’re a 1 KD player?

  • Krooked Kevin
    Krooked Kevin

    The biggest advice I can give anyone who watches warzone tips and strat vids, is that none of these vids are going to help you get a win if you can’t outsmart and out gun enemies. Even if you play the “get recons and camp final circle” strategy, if you can’t outplay and win gunfights well, your going to die before you can even make it to endgame, or even if you make it to endgame, your going to get outplayed. You have to practice to be unpredictable and to hit your shots. Battle royale is the most unpredictable competitive challenge in video games and requires you to make big brain plays. That takes practice, not UZload videos

  • Jake Champion
    Jake Champion

    Great video! What gun are you using at 11:00?

  • Ososo

    Im listening to u but......... That beat slaps thhhooooo🔥🔥🔥

  • UGkerto

    Man so proud of you bro! Keep up the great content

  • boikiller34

    Lol chill as hell dude driving past him kills him than goes back to tips and tricks

  • Tony Marchese
    Tony Marchese

    I've used the reload cancel to trick enemy's into thinking I'm empty that I've been in sustained gunfights with that are maybe upstairs or downstairs to entice a push

  • Density Gaming
    Density Gaming

    Any chance you guys can watch my latest UZload video I’m learning about algorithms and apparently the more full views from start to finish it gets the more they promote it 😅 really apprecitate it if anyone can help out ❤️

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez

    Great vid iceman! Can anyone tell me what skin that is on the amax?

  • Rory Taylor
    Rory Taylor

    Nice video. I do the "Last Chance Rechall" all the time, and not only when I don't have any plates or health. Anytime I can make the opponent think I'm in a retreat posture by running away from them, then reverse direction back towards them it usually catches them off guard.

  • Bravo6

    I liked and subbed man awesome content ... but can anybody help me get a warzone win?!?!? Just got an xbox one and MW an been playing about 2 weeks ago im a level 48 and maybe a little bit below decent ! If anyone is good and can help that would be awesome!

  • tinktwiceman

    Still dropping the Aydan 60 Game review? Thanks, you're the best!

  • DJ Žanis
    DJ Žanis

    You and JGOD right now are by a mile the best informative youtubers on warzone. And your gameplays are nasty too. Subbed.

  • Ali Kouzayha
    Ali Kouzayha

    Icemanissac with the beard 🧔 though

  • Sorcery

    How do you go down a ladder that fast???

  • 059 huncho
    059 huncho

    4 & 5 i been doin since bo2 in elementary and middle school🤓

  • stevey_pro

    1.peeker's advantage 1:02 2. Last chance rechallenge 2:49 3. Slide cancel aggressively 4:43 4.pre-fire 6:48 5. Reload/animation cancel 8:43 6.use vehicle animations 10:10 7.know when to retreat 12:18

  • InjusticeBerserker

    It’s hard slide canceling on Xbox lol nevertheless these are useful tips.

  • thesuperheroes951

    Finally some good tips lol

  • Jamie Clarke
    Jamie Clarke

    Why does your gameplay look so misty???

  • 23lopedogg

    How is he able to play warzone without the storm? It looks like no one is in the game really

  • SergeantMoetz

    I feel like knowing when to retreat and when to re-engage is the single most important skill to have especially if you play with a team you know has less skilled players in it and you're probably going to get into disadvantageous situations when your teammates are downed. Knowing when or when not to retreat is one of the hardest skills to master in CoD.

  • fuck you
    fuck you

    1:00 skip the bullshit

  • Kyle Kelsoe
    Kyle Kelsoe

    Yo that munitions box against the riot shielder deserves more attention 🔥

  • Shane

    Awesome video

  • Super Vegeta
    Super Vegeta

    Perfect 👌 Merry Christmas 🎁

  • Coerc

    EXACTLY the type of video I was looking for, I just got back from ranger school and have not played warzone at all. I find myself pub stomping easily but cannot figure out how to properly play warzone to win. Thanks for the example videos also as I don’t see anyone else posting content like this. Happy holidays! 🙂

  • Danny Darden
    Danny Darden

    The Warowl rip-off

  • DopeyB21

    How you throwing C4 like that? anytime i throw it im barely clear of the blast :/

  • David Greenfield
    David Greenfield

    Isaac, good content with examples. I just subbed. Keep it up! solid channel and well planned videos. Keep it up man!

  • Yahwo

    All your tips are just sleazy game manipulation methods.

  • Boghian Mircea
    Boghian Mircea

    You are amazing man 😃

  • John Gonzalez
    John Gonzalez

    People saying it's playing a lot that makes you good... Sure it helps but that's not close to the sole reason someone is good. Most of my friends who play a lot are still garbage... while I have two friends who play a few times a week have way higher K/D's and just carry teams. Practice "efficiently" (i.e. learning from these vids) and learn from your losses. Video games test peoples ability to quickly pick up and learn. If you play just a couple hours a week, but you had game since launch... you're just trash bud, and I don't play enough is not an excuse because you have played enough. Go play Rocket League.

  • Thomas Kremer
    Thomas Kremer

    @10:35 lol

  • Jerremiah Wall
    Jerremiah Wall

    The best thing to do in games like warzone were it can go from 0 to 200 quickly is keep your cool in a gunfight, you panicking in one your most likely dead thanks to most likely make a mistake due to it, of course easier said than done but if you can you will definitely see a difference

  • Snow White
    Snow White

    Retreating isn't a deadly strat

  • Dingoes8MeBabies

    deadly "shtrats"!

  • N

    Anyone tips on how to control anger on this game? Only lost 1 monitor, 1 Keyboard and 1 mouse so far..

  • Juani Fogolin
    Juani Fogolin

    1000iQ play with the ammo box

  • Morbid Chav
    Morbid Chav

    7 deadly strats 7 ways to win 7 holy paths to hell and your trip begins

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    Tom Escobar

    Great content Issac! 🙌🙌🙌

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    Love your gameplays....your the man

  • Cupz Gaming
    Cupz Gaming

    Great content. Can't wait to see more.

  • Dan's Digest
    Dan's Digest

    The cancel animation for weapon reload and rappel was the best tip I've seen in a while.

  • benboyabc

    These names are v cringe

  • Forward Automotive
    Forward Automotive

    Thanks for the video!!! I'm starting to compete in some of the low tier Warzone tournaments, and the info in your videos have definitely showed me a few things.

  • luky hound
    luky hound

    8:23 what gun is that

    • Omar Tamer
      Omar Tamer


  • Michael Malus
    Michael Malus

    #1 also works in real life although not the same way. In real life gun fights, usually the person/ team that takes initiative is the one that's victorious. You know exactly when you're gonna peek a corner. Your enemy doesn't. They are forced to wait in anticipation.

  • Jaffet Perez
    Jaffet Perez

    Bro your content is awesome i had to subscribe love your videos.

  • Silver4drRx 82
    Silver4drRx 82

    Love your vids bruv! Always learn so much when I watch them. Please keep up the good work

  • Robert Richards
    Robert Richards

    This dude is the best warzone player I’ve ever seen

  • Arthur Miranda
    Arthur Miranda

    I dont have fov but how do i get it

  • yoafro1313

    Another really good time to animation cancel is when picking up a gun. I've won and saved myself in so many situations, especially off drop, by picking up an lmg, y y, and getting shots off before getting melee'd to death

  • Timmy Two Times
    Timmy Two Times

    Damn son that snipe shot on the moving suv 5 ft away was sick

  • Merrick

    What’s the loadout of this main?

  • Vincent Hendrikx
    Vincent Hendrikx

    Isn't peakers advantage 'exploiting game mechanics'? Which is an option in the 'report player' menu? Sounds a lot like lag switching

  • TheLandshark5266

    Dude your content is the best out period🔥‼️

  • Marco Guerra
    Marco Guerra

    Underrated video, shared it with a few friends 👍

  • Levi Lowe
    Levi Lowe

    I use these habitually now, but trying to explain these tactics to my gamin bros is... painstaking to say the least. Sharing this with all of em. Thanks again, good sir!

  • Zeljko Abci
    Zeljko Abci

    The fact that I recognized the clips used in this video, makes me a super fan, right? :D Good work, man! Love the content, keep it up!

  • sam tredemeyer
    sam tredemeyer

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    Ray Brown

    These are my favorite warzone videos. Always a good time

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    Eeasy -B

    Bro i love your videos can you make a video teatching us how to deal with heavy guns while bring pushing from multiples and deferent corners

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  • M Abshir
    M Abshir

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    Killer Jiujitsu

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  • Richard GURNEY
    Richard GURNEY

    Thanks Isaac - these are the tips that help players who love playing WZ but can't always give it a lot of time due to family, or work, commitments etc. Appreciate the effort bud.

  • Mr. Apartment
    Mr. Apartment

    yo, i’m pretty decent at multiplayer (like almost always top three in my lobbies) but seem to be terrible at warzone. what’s up with that? i watch all your videos and have definitely improved some. but i seem to have plateaued

  • Rudie Basson
    Rudie Basson

    Dude been watching and diggggging the vids, all the way from South Africa! Thanks for the content Aculite

    • WinXFactor

      This is Issac, not Aculite

  • Mihajlo Jankovic
    Mihajlo Jankovic

    the hardest thing that happens to me when i play battle royal game or warzone i get scared in the end my heart starts beating hard and then I die ...

    • stevey_pro

      It happens with every one. Don't think about winning or losing focus on what you are going to do at the moment how are you going to kill your opponent....

    • axel ivan oropeza soto
      axel ivan oropeza soto

      Hey man thats the cool part, getting excited about winning a game, you should use it as an advantage, it makes you think faster, at least for me it works.

    • Big Ounce
      Big Ounce

      @John Three16 it’s truly nerve wracking, but with experience you will chill out and get used to it

    • John Three16
      John Three16

      You've gotta become fearless, it's just a game.

  • kaipot66

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  • Atomix A
    Atomix A

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  • ChronoXShadow

    The dream is to eliminate peeker's advantage without having to play locally. This is why playing multiplayer games on streaming services will never do well, because it's an extra step for the servers to have to run.

  • Kris Ferguson
    Kris Ferguson

    Can you sprint to cancel reload anim

  • eriksports

    The all important 8th strat, hit your shots. Hit your head shots. Lol.

  • Narz

    Time stamps 1: peekers advantage 1:00 2: last chance re challenge 2:45 3: slide cancel aggressively 4:35 4: pre firing 6:45 5: reload animation cancel 8:45 6:use vehicle animation 10:10 7:know when to retreat 12:20

  • WDS Virtual
    WDS Virtual

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