RDC Plays Among Us AGAIN (ft. CoryxKenshin DashieXP AfroSenju XL CalebCity and Shofu!)
Ay this time we played with HELLA people! Special thanks to CoryxKenshin, DashieXP, AfroSenju XL, CalebCity, and Shofu! Who y'all think the coldest imposter?
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  • RDCWorldGaming

    Look everyone the video is all jokes! Any arguments is just entertainment I promise lol people really be thinking we hate eachother 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    • No U
      No U

      Can’t have humor in 2020

    • Kofi Name
      Kofi Name

      juss wanted to say this. Jesus loved you to die for your sins repent and turn to Christ so that you may have eternal life ❤️. I pray that you take this message seriously your eternity is on the line 🙏🏾❤️.

    • carealoo744

      Cory and I share the same mind set. Why I get voted out, I dont do my tasks. I go rogue.

    • J Do
      J Do

      So when are guys gonna make live action skits as AmongUs players?🤣😂🤣

    • xanz

      Tim William eetr5et i

  • Jorge Ser
    Jorge Ser


  • Sr. Supreme
    Sr. Supreme

    BEST MOMENTS IN THIS VIDEO Dashie: *Why my name Bre-Being Brought up* 8:11 Afro Sama: *I GOT 5 MARBLES AND THEY ON IT WASSUP* 8:51 Afro Sama: *SAY GOODBYE* 8:58 Cory: *This is my FIRST and LAST time playing with y’all* 11:55 Ben: (awkward pause) *it’s not me bro* 14:45 Ben: *I wAs eAtiNG A StRaWbUrSt* 15:32 Dashie: *I TOLD YOU WHAT I DID WITH THE KEYS* 16:12 Mark: ( gets killed ) *Ion like this nigga John... I don’t like him, AnD WhO ThE FuCk Is I- I don’t like him* 16:24 Desmond: *No Dylan, I didid- I di- Ididid (awkward pause) and then I went past Jay* 17:15 Dashie: *I was doing the little shit where you put the skull in the shit, the lil uh leave in the shit THAT LITTLE SHIT.. THE COOLER* 18:15 Shofu: *I knew it was John the whole time* Mark: *No, It was Ben* Shofu: *I knew it was Ben the whole time* 47:54 Mark: ( gets stabbed repeatedly) (face palms) (starts contemplating life) *I knu- I know this nigga saw that* 🥺 59:04 *MARK REALIZING HOW DUMB HIS FRIENDS ARE COMP* 17:02 29:15 59:34

  • I khun I
    I khun I

    Cory be the only one not cussing🤣

  • I khun I
    I khun I

    Cory lives matter

  • Phantom XGEN
    Phantom XGEN

    i swear desmond is the same person in real life as in the videos 😭

  • Tragic

    SAY GOODBYE @ 9:00 lmfaoooooooooo

  • damola A
    damola A

    This is a season of repentance. Jesus loves you and does not want you to spend your eternity in hell. Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

  • Morgan Tarrant
    Morgan Tarrant

    So this were corys been huh.....

  • Jacob Leal
    Jacob Leal

    Cory still ain’t uploading TELL HIM PLS!!!

  • Darius Jones
    Darius Jones

    Can’t trust no one I realized once my 7 year old cousin just killed me after I told him to follow me so no one gets him I hung up and never played again 😂😂😂😂 He proceeded to win the game 😐

  • Damn Chyna
    Damn Chyna

    Rdc world didnt deserve Cory nor Dashie...Didnt make them feel welcomed at all. I wish some of yall did better (Mark).

  • Tenee' CobbsWashington
    Tenee' CobbsWashington

    I’m not even gonna lie I feel too bad for Cory😭

  • Saiful sKiNo the Beatmaker Hip-Hop/Trap/R&B
    Saiful sKiNo the Beatmaker Hip-Hop/Trap/R&B

    33:48 dang.. would've loved to see Dashie and Caleb interact...

  • Phoenix Wright
    Phoenix Wright

    Even the server thinks Dashie's intros are too long.

  • ItsSandraMarie

    Lmfaoooooooo why u aint vent when u kilt white

  • CC Love&Happiness
    CC Love&Happiness

    Like I Neverrrrrrrr watch people gaming channels nd would get mad at my son, like why u watching someone else play games thats stupid.. Buttt like Im secretly addicted to watching yall play among us🤫🤫🤫🤫 plz post another one soon

  • Bruce Gilmore
    Bruce Gilmore

    cory lives matter

  • Kofi Name
    Kofi Name

    juss wanted to say this. Jesus loved you to die for your sins repent and turn to Christ so that you may have eternal life ❤️. I pray that you take this message seriously your eternity is on the line 🙏🏾❤️.

  • SHADOW26913 BRB
    SHADOW26913 BRB


  • Caleb C
    Caleb C

    That first round Mark should have turned the tables on Leland. And blamed him for a self report. They were already sus of Leland

  • Jackie

    "I was finna to report the body" IM DEAD HAHAHAHA

  • RevrseFN

    Smashing it! Awesome content! Have a look at my page and sûb if you like it 🕹🎮

  • Victoria Kollie
    Victoria Kollie

    Mad sus

  • SunKissNicole

    I'm only here for dashie

  • Trio Da Goat
    Trio Da Goat

    john mic sound like the mcdonald’s workers mic in the drive thru 😂😂

  • KDG

    Y’all are the single reason why I cannot watch and enjoy any other lobby of people in this game lol. Keep up the work manes!

  • Daytrii On60
    Daytrii On60

    mark was being so evil

  • Chase Adcox
    Chase Adcox

    You have to vent out of electrical

  • CC Love&Happiness
    CC Love&Happiness

    Please do another one

  • Kevin

    Caleb and cory are literally tired of them lol

  • Pach Carter
    Pach Carter

    Are u following me 🤨??? Yes I am following u😒🤷🏽‍♂️... What u following me for 👀??? Because I’m done all my tasks 🧐😂

  • E. Khalilah
    E. Khalilah

    Is caleb afrosama?

  • carealoo744

    Cory and I share the same mind set. Why I get voted out, I dont do my tasks. I go rogue.

  • Jac Jacob Israel
    Jac Jacob Israel

    34:18 "got that shit in 4K. 4K!!"

  • Wendell Brown
    Wendell Brown

    Jay need to vent cuh

  • Omoney Bam
    Omoney Bam

    Dashie funny asf😂😂😂

  • ꕥZenthonyꕥ ᴥXoXoᴥ
    ꕥZenthonyꕥ ᴥXoXoᴥ

    23:02 😭 23:18 😭 24:42 😭



  • Elijah

    Say good bye: 8:59 First and last time: 11:54

  • XotiicsMindset

    Why Dylan sound like A younger Lil Pump??

  • Maria idk
    Maria idk

    Bro this like all my fave UZloadrs

  • Hungry Almighty
    Hungry Almighty

    16:06 and 8:54

  • Tania Horton
    Tania Horton

    Maaaaaaaan when they killed Mark and mans said “Well that don’t matter he’s a ghost now he can still finish his task!” 😭😭😭😭 I love watching y’all play this game 🤣🤣 this is amazing tbh

  • anthony

    Dylan IRL L

  • Kevo

    10:48 “Let’s hear what everybody got to say”... John: I think that it was... Mark: No not you John 😂😂😂

  • Tyrin Vii
    Tyrin Vii

    I feel kinda bad for Cory he seem so uncomfortable

  • Zankiira kiira
    Zankiira kiira

    Dashie: i told you WHAT I DID WITH THE KEYS!! 16:12 funniest thing I ever heard xD

  • Marinoscope 00
    Marinoscope 00

    Am I the only one that know that all the you tubers cover the code up I’m the only one Oka 😂😂

  • Gilbert Carson
    Gilbert Carson

    18:16 how many times dash gon say shit

  • Gilbert Carson
    Gilbert Carson

    yall playin with my boy cory too

  • Derek Payán
    Derek Payán

    this what I needed

  • Tre Raja
    Tre Raja

    Dashie is funny asab😂😂😂😂

  • NFL Rick
    NFL Rick

    These guys play Among is better that mr beast and his crew to be honest.

  • AlandusOnCampus

    i love corey's vids bro, cool to see him here.

  • Sly Kenshin
    Sly Kenshin

    This was such a godly collab, but cory sounds so irritated because mark wont stop accusing him💀💀💀

  • Yuneek

    The inactivity was on cue for Dashie's intro

  • Maria Robinson
    Maria Robinson

    How you see me do something that I didn’t even do that you saw something I didn’t lmaoo😭

  • Hipetyhop12

    Cory is petty like me 😂 when they vote me out when I'm not the imposter, I don't finish my tasks.

  • The_Goofy_ Guyy
    The_Goofy_ Guyy

    “Y’all know I don’t be playing this game like that brah” 😂😂

  • Fox Unorthodox
    Fox Unorthodox

    The funny thing is Cory is always acting sus no matter what.

  • Just a guy That likes to shoot
    Just a guy That likes to shoot

    Cory is the literal black panther of youtube, change my mind

  • Jaylenia Thomas
    Jaylenia Thomas

    Dear Corey,Take yo butt back to yo UZload channel right now and post.Sincerely jay/your biggest fan😄

  • XxILikePie03

    14:21 Ben slippin' lmfao

  • Rooster ace22
    Rooster ace22

    Also dashie killed cory that was a first for me if u watched his among us vides😕31:01

  • MCminer1017

    Yo learn to use the vents man

  • Simaura Gowens
    Simaura Gowens

    “Who tf is that eating?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jay_Kage

    Dashie: “YOU DEAD” Ends up actually killing mark & no one votes him immediately

  • Drayco


  • Drayco

    Why Corey sound so mean or am I trippin 😂

  • TheGameTrainz HD
    TheGameTrainz HD

    Black Excellence

    • Jabari Cambridge
      Jabari Cambridge


  • TheGameTrainz HD
    TheGameTrainz HD

    This collab great

  • Hloni Just Hloni
    Hloni Just Hloni

    21:20 SpongeBob is that you 🧐

  • shadowbwoy bmo
    shadowbwoy bmo

    40:21 I don't like how Cory talk to mark, I don't fw him he really didn't belong in this game

    • Sly Kenshin
      Sly Kenshin

      You tellin me you wouldnt be annoyed if someone was chasing you WHEN they have task to do?

  • shadowbwoy bmo
    shadowbwoy bmo

    Mark and Cory don't get along I can tell

  • Jermaine Jacobs
    Jermaine Jacobs

    4:59 did you forget that you could use vents?🤔

    • Jabari Cambridge
      Jabari Cambridge

      I know right, I was saying that same thing

  • Ohno Kuyasu
    Ohno Kuyasu

    34:18 Snitched him right out

  • BrxkenLightzYT

    i hate when im wit da boys and i know what im sayin is hella retarded but i say it anyways and take 6447435678 years and get bullied by them

  • Klaedoe

    27:15 dashie kept his word

  • HallofLegends

    this is pure comedy not even five minutes in😂😂

  • Frederick Martin
    Frederick Martin

    This man Dylan came in hot when John was trynna blame him 😂😂😂😂

  • OfficerMcSpicy

    Why is there a black rectangle below the screen?

  • PJMitchell

    Berleezy gotta get on this

  • Frank Arabo
    Frank Arabo

    Yo I’m here for Cory who else

  • NicoIsWavy


  • niggette

    8:12 Dashie: now why am I in it? See? How I get involved into stuff? I ain’t even did nothing

  • Brigitte Lee Samaroo
    Brigitte Lee Samaroo

    56:09 “The fact that Cory’s not dead...”. Damn, y’all won’t let him live.... y’all won’t let him die. #CoryLivesMatter 😭😭😭

  • laynicorns

    Mark stay not completing tasks 😭 it actually annoys me why he just running around passing tasks

  • iamtheonewhoasked

    Bruh y'all had me sold with Caleb city and Cory tbh

  • not Nemesis
    not Nemesis

    Among us full gang ft Cory gloom Dwayne and jazz pewds jack and more

  • Justin Wise
    Justin Wise


  • Crunckin Xxy
    Crunckin Xxy

    Bro Dashie always seems suspicious every round he don't know where he at or what task he was doing and he make's it so obvious that he's the imposter to he'll do a self report and not know where anything is or what tasks he did.

  • Shadow Dweller
    Shadow Dweller

    Even when John right.... he wrong, nigga be sellin hard

  • Queen Kitsune
    Queen Kitsune

    The video with Caleb had me dying laughing

  • FLx Ninga
    FLx Ninga

    “We gone be runnin from the imposter like thi-“


    I've been waiting for this crossover

  • Keshaun Pierson
    Keshaun Pierson

    Marks laugh is undefeated

  • Kiiingtj _
    Kiiingtj _


  • Lucas Tristan
    Lucas Tristan


  • TreyBuford

    5:19 LOFL euuuuhhh