Adam22 Reacts to Ayleks Sending Goons After He Reviewed Her Onlyfans
Ayleks came for Adam after he gave his honest and objective opinion about her Onlyfans. She threatened to send her goons and tried to drag him on social media, meanwhile, this whole mess still promoted her dry Onlyfans.
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  • Matt DeJoy
    Matt DeJoy

    What's the credentials to be a co host on this bitch....yeeeesh

  • Keandre The Goat
    Keandre The Goat

    Most unattractive Asian i ever seen

  • Dopedickinson Bb
    Dopedickinson Bb

    Adam is stupid asf n has the personality of a fkn door

  • Cesar Casanova
    Cesar Casanova

    I need a cardi to balance my offset (shout out yassytv) bae goal 🥯🥅 💯

  • Aether God Visuals 得割禁
    Aether God Visuals 得割禁

    Cam girl on her .

  • Sunday Venom
    Sunday Venom

    She must have some dirt on Adam he doesn’t want to come out

  • Ebeneezer Scrooge
    Ebeneezer Scrooge

    Terrible people that can barely communicate with others.

  • Robert Horry
    Robert Horry

    Rubi Rose OnlyFans is a scam also & Kenny Cymone. Expose all these Ponzi schemes f**ks!!!

  • Devon Henry
    Devon Henry

    Yea she kinda just looks like a meth head

  • julio aparicio
    julio aparicio

    He said weird but his boy be making videos of him fucking basically showed everyone the conception of his kid lol

  • Cmac 613
    Cmac 613

    Why is this girl here? She has nothing of value to add. She just sits there being a stuck up bitch.

  • Austin Cole
    Austin Cole

    LOL everyone talking about cam girl should go looool ...she gone now baby


    Adam keeps it real and they hating lol


    LOL no man going waste his time on a BOP ..


    lol its called pirating...shits been a business before we were born

  • Sideways AsF
    Sideways AsF

    Ok if no one else is gonna say it, I will... camgirl gotta go

  • Plex Global
    Plex Global

    Nobody: Adam: My video made soooo much money!

  • Six Sense
    Six Sense

    Solid show, great energy, interesting topics.

  • 50 Shades Of P R A D A
    50 Shades Of P R A D A

    OF : blondie_twink_zurich - go follow me, baby !


    New Zealand n the house

  • Jack Sotelo
    Jack Sotelo

    Yo fire her ass

  • Euro Shane
    Euro Shane

    This vid alone got cam girl fired from nu jumper 😂😂 little does everyone know its all of them this show fuckin sucks

  • Zach w
    Zach w

    She just another FAKE bitch and fake insecure influencer

  • rob ayk
    rob ayk

    So everybody want to be a pornstar??🤦‍♀️

  • LiL Jeep
    LiL Jeep

    trisha takanowa gotta go


    I like Cam Girl. Fuck it she's cute af

  • Nico Moschella
    Nico Moschella

    This is an adult male trying to hang on to his childhood it's becoming super sad to watch what a loser

  • Andre Brown
    Andre Brown

    Cam is the worst dawg...


    The passive digs between these lot lol I feel like Adam chats shit sometimes

  • Wallbash Jones
    Wallbash Jones

    Adam, Camgirl aint shit. Replace her with me bro.

  • Adam Barnhart
    Adam Barnhart

    That girl is annoying AF

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith

    This Asian chick got a whole attitude.

  • unfadeable

    I bet all her “Goons” look like That dork Kid Buu.

  • Demon Devaughn
    Demon Devaughn


  • Jeremy Brand
    Jeremy Brand

    When is the upchurch interview coming out?

  • S

    Cam girl made me leave day n vegas last year and her set was at like 4pm. Shit was cringe

  • BeenThere DoneThaT
    BeenThere DoneThaT

    No morals Garbage generation

  • Shyann Williams
    Shyann Williams

    So sick of cam girl. Glad bitch gone

  • Chris Schield
    Chris Schield

    Cam girl dumb

  • Ghoul1sh Gobl1n
    Ghoul1sh Gobl1n

    "Asian reporter Trisha Takanama, and im in the stuuu, with Adammm TweENNty TWOOOO...."

  • AudibleVisible

    Cam girl is so fucking annoying lol. I can see why he let her go


    Blazzys coronavirus tee 🖤

  • PdaKingOfFinessiinn 458KlanMafiaa
    PdaKingOfFinessiinn 458KlanMafiaa

    You fools in the comment are annoying

  • bobertje co
    bobertje co


  • Daniel Shudra
    Daniel Shudra

    Why this dude hold his podcasts in a county jail

  • Daniel Shudra
    Daniel Shudra

    The best part of this was Dj academics face after he said “Girls shitting in cups and eating it” pure PTSD I feel that bro

  • Ed Meds
    Ed Meds

    Why is people always sending goons after this fuck stick.

  • Andrew Mullins
    Andrew Mullins

    where is camgirl's shirt from tho?

  • Stephen francis
    Stephen francis

    You need to get rid of Asian reporter Trisha takenawa from family guy.

  • Lissette Guzman
    Lissette Guzman

    That bitch is a straight airhead ....she’s so unprofessional 😆

  • Magical indigo Adult38
    Magical indigo Adult38

    So what she scamming her fans just posing

  • Alan Huerta
    Alan Huerta

    Trisha Takanawa has to go. Fucking Debby Downer.

  • Paranoid Afterparty
    Paranoid Afterparty

    im an Adam22 fan but it seems like Adam, a smart guy, likes surrounding himself w these trinket ass LA personalities. funny thing is that I think adam enjoys it.

  • Kevin Caro
    Kevin Caro

    That cam girl fucked up my high ... literally

  • Pezzow B
    Pezzow B

    That China girl annoying

  • Silvester Hercules
    Silvester Hercules

    Just here to join the “f the cam girl” train

  • TONE

    Y errrbody hating on Camgirl ????

  • The one and only Slick Rick
    The one and only Slick Rick

    And this is normal???? Cmon ppl! Only fans and all this hate and evil shit is wrong!!! Wake up!

  • KillaCam954

    cam girl has a chance to make herself a personality on this podcast jit is blessed to be on here and this is what she does

  • Josef Gjonaj
    Josef Gjonaj

    This girl gotta go😭

  • DBgetsblocks

    Mke choppa made a good ass point 😭

  • Kleshh


  • CR Louie
    CR Louie

    I just fuck with y’all 💯

  • Chase

    Bruh idk why there is so much hate on this Asian girl here. I am mad judgemental and just re watched this just to see if she was being shit on and ima be real I think she’s chillin and not on anything y’all talkin about lol

  • Carrot Tomato
    Carrot Tomato

    Get rid of the girl

  • Michael Vastardis
    Michael Vastardis

    How is it that I've been scrolling for 3 min and not 1 comment not about this asian chick

  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia

    She did good

  • olliemoe

    People really in their feelings about the cohosts, smh

  • Liam F
    Liam F

    3:15 Aggressive asllll WTF😂😂😂💀

  • Billy Hernandez
    Billy Hernandez

    That Asian chick stupid asf

  • Culture Breath
    Culture Breath

    Goons after you. Lmao. 🤣

  • M Hipster
    M Hipster

    Adam I have been watching No Jumper for years now and Cam Girl brings mostly negative uneducated vibes to the table IMO and brings your brand down a notch generally speaking. Usually she just tries to make herself the relevant part of the conversation and gets jealous whenever another girl is brought up.

  • Donny Morales
    Donny Morales

    This Asian chick fucking sucks ruins the vibe of the podcast

  • Sense Of Self
    Sense Of Self

    This chicks attitude is not making her look cool lol.

  • Turkana

    Why is this bitch so ignorant

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight

    That Cam Girl bitch has a BIG MOUTH


    Cam girl gotta go 🤬

  • Almighty Productions
    Almighty Productions

    Imagine being one of Ayleks goons

  • segahell

    Ayleks came for Adam after he gave his honest and objective opinion about her Onlyfans. She threatened to send her goons and tried to drag him on social media, meanwhile, this whole mess still promoted her dry Onlyfans.

  • Real Reviews
    Real Reviews

    Cam girl the exact type to bring a boba on this and just be a total hater cuz she could never put up Ayleks number on only fans 😂😂😂 I already knew within the first 2 seconds

  • Steve Bartow
    Steve Bartow

    These 2 are the official 'fuck boy couple'. Cam and house phone are irritating to watch. Cam girl acts as if its her show. She always firing shout at Adam. Calling him out, second guessing what he says, basically just all around not a good fit. House phone... Gotta be 1st show hes done. Hes like the male version of Cam girl. Adam needs to replace them 2 and get someone that has better chemistry with him, needs to have people that keeps the viewers interested and coming back to watch. The are the perfect example of the 'one upper'. 😵😵😵😆😆😆😡😡😡👈👆👇👉🤢🤢🤢👌

  • KheerwinScott

    cam girl lowkey looks like the news reporter from family guy

  • John Best
    John Best

    3:45 he looks straight into the camera lol. he's telling us not to watch while telling us to watch XD

  • king gold
    king gold

    (Goonz) aka whoever nuts she eating

  • Gianni Leon
    Gianni Leon

    cam girl looks like she smells like noodles

  • Jazzy J
    Jazzy J

    Camgirl is smiling and talking just as much as the other co-host and is giving Adam feedback from personal experience w him. Comments saying “she doesn’t smile” are whack. Women don’t have to smile if they don’t want to. There’s always more pressure on women to smile and giggle and be “bubbly”. Fuck outta here. Let the woman be.

  • I Love Carlito Ganja
    I Love Carlito Ganja

    By “Goons” do you mean a bunch of dudes that are dumb enough to do anything possible to impress her? You know the type. Those aren’t “Goons”

  • Max G
    Max G

    I dunno why either of them are here. Do you owe them? Like I don’t get it. She’s a hater and whack. He’s not fun to listen two at all either.

  • Casey Maddox
    Casey Maddox

    Yeah cam girl is a bitch bc adam told her to put her Phone away. So annoying. Omg let’s cry about Adam rating Alyekz only fans and not men. Holy shit! Let’s cry. So annoying.. sure she is a misogynistic. Gross

  • xXLokiXx

    Fire cam girl she hella annoying get a badder chick and your views and money will go way the fuck up much love bro ❤️

  • mysticBro team
    mysticBro team

    Only fans is for peddos & goofs for real

  • mysticBro team
    mysticBro team

    My boys trade

  • Jordan Chalifoux
    Jordan Chalifoux

    FDB 😆

  • shane parrish
    shane parrish

    is he gonna light the fucking joint

  • TaySav 4900
    TaySav 4900

    I'm dudes that resale them lol $15 for 1000+ good radio

  • Big Nasty
    Big Nasty

    There’s no way Adam ain’t fucking cam girl, that’s the only reason I can see him tolerating her 😂

  • yo mammi is a Chrysler
    yo mammi is a Chrysler

    Where is the " thots next door " aj and Selina are pure gold 💯

  • Maria

    Unpopular opinion: cam girl ain’t that bad

  • Lucifer Reigns
    Lucifer Reigns

    She look like Miss Swan from mad tv that's says, "he looka Lika man.".😂😆

  • Jamaar Irish
    Jamaar Irish

    This nigga look like dwade daughter