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  • Donna Morey
    Donna Morey

    Prank troll jelly and josh and play among us

  • Jiazhong Zma
    Jiazhong Zma

    And also Buh Buh Buh Buh BOAT time!!!!!!!!!

  • Jiazhong Zma
    Jiazhong Zma

    Crainer you are the best UZloadr in the world and you are the nice guy in tree of you guys and I am new and I subscribe your UZload channel and you are my favourite UZloadr pls make more videos and 😁😁😁

  • Tiktok Daily
    Tiktok Daily

    Rest in fish Floppy

  • Malek Mohamed
    Malek Mohamed

    It’s like you know my fav UZloadr he is a fish a talking fish his name is Tiko

  • Håkon Emil Bayard
    Håkon Emil Bayard

    prøv stranded deep

  • navi senigiro
    navi senigiro

    I agree I also don't eat fish

  • Fam Hasperhoven
    Fam Hasperhoven

    Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh bee town time

  • Pernille Melgaard Andersen
    Pernille Melgaard Andersen

    Bu bu bote time

  • Mr Fish
    Mr Fish

    You think your fish boy I love fish I am a fish and all my pets are fish

  • jelou maq09
    jelou maq09


  • Shem Junior Naidu
    Shem Junior Naidu

    Its bee butt juice! Flowers: well actually, no

  • Lone wolf
    Lone wolf

    i love your vids i want it very much

  • Refentse Mogorosi
    Refentse Mogorosi

    B B B B Beer town time!

  • Vanesa


  • Lonnie Shurtleff
    Lonnie Shurtleff

    B bbbbbbbbbbbbb. Bee Town time

  • VexMC

    bee but juice. anyone laughing as hard as i am?

  • Reben Kurdبه ختي من له كه ل به له مول
    Reben Kurdبه ختي من له كه ل به له مول


  • Sean Andrei
    Sean Andrei

    B- b- b- b- b- boat tiimeee

  • Youcefadem Arouanassima
    Youcefadem Arouanassima

    Beh boat time !!!!!

  • Try Hong
    Try Hong

    You well i well you LIKE. 500M LIKE

  • Shaunthesheep

    Pig town , cow town , bee town...

  • Dillon Burnham-Pretzer
    Dillon Burnham-Pretzer

    Not silence

  • Dreamz

    Can you please say... HIT THAT LITTLLEEEEE BELLLLLLL!!!!

  • Britt Playss
    Britt Playss

    Really Sligo hacked in and evrey one hates you ! Hehe!

  • Alex Alton
    Alex Alton

    Dhosh hows is in de mowntin

  • Mira Cizmarova
    Mira Cizmarova

    crainer i know where is your pet fish your pet fish is in slogo scerate house in chest so i cn help you

  • Stephen Mc Callig
    Stephen Mc Callig

    Can I tell that sligo lives in a mountain ⛰

  • vex 1
    vex 1

    P.s. logo killed your fish

  • vex 1
    vex 1

    And crainer but mountain from the farm slogos hiding in it with his secret base

  • Kevin Moncada
    Kevin Moncada

    on the maontin

  • Riya Jumani
    Riya Jumani

    you should make a fish town

  • Abd el Rahman Elsherif
    Abd el Rahman Elsherif

    i love you

  • 陳 CHAN梓旭 TSZ YUK
    陳 CHAN梓旭 TSZ YUK

    I know where is Josh is he is in a mantin

  • Nitin Kale
    Nitin Kale

    Crainer, Slogo has a secret place in the mountain its true. Tell jelly also? Ok. He have your fish floppy and jelly's Diamonds. Remember In the mountains. Secret base.

  • nurqiara adrianna
    nurqiara adrianna

    Cow town

  • xin wang
    xin wang


  • Mitchell Bonello
    Mitchell Bonello

    Crainer: HONEY COMES FOR THE BEES BUT Me: It’s from a hive...... and pollen

  • AJAdilshameer

    @Crainer If u keep him in a bucket and name the bucket the fishes name will be what you named the bucket

  • fariznizam

    just to be clear (no pun intended) honey did not come from bee's butt, it's their vomit

  • Tay Baisch
    Tay Baisch

    Just a man and his floppy... having fun 😏😂

  • Ummar speedrunner Ahmad
    Ummar speedrunner Ahmad

    Yeh we eat chicken

  • Aisha Aaya
    Aisha Aaya

    Josh lives in a mountain and he maked a mountain house in Be be be be bee town

  • Juan Morales
    Juan Morales

    Josh is living in a mountain House next to b town

  • Pratham Bhattarai
    Pratham Bhattarai

    when you don't have friends 8:12

  • godzilla king of the monsters bbcoi7202
    godzilla king of the monsters bbcoi7202

    Crainer slogoman has found you and his house is under heel

  • BjarkiBoy_rl

    'We got a floppy, we got a floppy. Floppy time, eh, eh, eh, eh, floppy time, eh, e- what am i doing.'

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      um u better make sure u put name tag on floppy so it will not gone


    2:12 Bean tower Lol

  • Kongkrit Songtrakul
    Kongkrit Songtrakul

    Slogo take your fish he stay in a mountain bunker

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi


  • angel bert reoveros
    angel bert reoveros

    slowgo hade from you

  • Geric niño brillantes
    Geric niño brillantes

    Crainer i love your face it's so funny I mean your fish lolo

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Slow go live in the mountain Base

  • angel bert reoveros
    angel bert reoveros

    it's Slowgo not jelly

  • Kylie James M Sta Ana
    Kylie James M Sta Ana

    slogo house is in the mt.

  • Neisha Sam
    Neisha Sam

    Actually go in the Mountain and dig up😁🤗😅

  • Neisha Sam
    Neisha Sam

    Oh yeah in the front of jelly's house is a mountain,go to the mountain ant u will see a hole

  • Yuan Burlaos
    Yuan Burlaos

    Your crying is weird

  • Myat Min Khant
    Myat Min Khant

    josh took your fish

  • Arjun Bakshi
    Arjun Bakshi

    Josh killed loppy not jelly

  • mini crewmate
    mini crewmate

    New loppy:plz halp me Crainer:anyway lets go


    press F to pay respect to Loppy the clown fish

  • Dylan Playz!
    Dylan Playz!

    It was slogo

  • Hortense Smith
    Hortense Smith

    Dear crainer you are going mad with that fish jelly bee the cool

  • Kelai Isaacs
    Kelai Isaacs

    Crainer: I don't eat fish Me:BRUH!!!!!! YOU ATE SLOWFIN SEAFOOD A COUPLE OF VIDEOS AGO!!!!!

  • The Pangiean Mapper new videos
    The Pangiean Mapper new videos

    Crainer enters boat without holy word

  • Ian Morley
    Ian Morley

    Let’s say slogo found something

  • khan296

    Crainer someone snitched on you

  • Tiffany

    Slow go live in the mountain Base

  • Arun Raj
    Arun Raj

    At that time josh was there

  • Deepa Pattabi
    Deepa Pattabi

    Is it just me or did he say I'm fish boy I eat fish 🤣🐟

  • Gary Duff
    Gary Duff

    on the moutin

  • Jaysen Anderson
    Jaysen Anderson

    B b b b b b b b b b boat time

  • Clara Meraz Rios
    Clara Meraz Rios

    Josh lives in a mountain

  • Hero Popcorn T1D
    Hero Popcorn T1D

    Josh moved in he is living in a mountain by bee town

  • Stanley Romanoski
    Stanley Romanoski

    Do you move out

  • Vihaan Gangal
    Vihaan Gangal

    slogo levs in a hil

  • Zag Awang Jr
    Zag Awang Jr

    Slogo move to another mountains not at bee tower but another just exploded those mountains and you trust me

  • Chicco Ponela
    Chicco Ponela

    its not jelly its slogo he found you ok can you bee a cool cool guy so he lives in a mountain

  • Omg Games
    Omg Games

    Jelly did it

  • Kelly Porter
    Kelly Porter

    Crainer)why do you like boats so much and say bbbbbbb boat time.

  • Ziba Saleh
    Ziba Saleh

    Crainer slogo is hiding in bee town his in the mountains

  • Jake Tantingco
    Jake Tantingco

    kid fraindly

  • LJ Sialis
    LJ Sialis

    bbbbbbbbbbbbbb beach Town

  • Jherlyn B. salas
    Jherlyn B. salas

    Hey cranier Josh is trolled u so it's not jelly please don't trolled him and Josh takes floppy and hides in her secret mountain House and I said to jelly :Josh is in bee town she trolls cranier she takes her fish then she said u do it she hide in the mountain with borky watch her video u will be trolled by crainer if he finds out that u hide her fish

  • AquaWolf LeahSunshine
    AquaWolf LeahSunshine

    Josh has moved to bee town he lives in a Mountain

  • How to build minecraft
    How to build minecraft

    It was josh not jelly

  • 『AML-090TheAnimator Guga』
    『AML-090TheAnimator Guga』

    Go and create A Fish Town

  • Farooq Sir
    Farooq Sir

    2020 boat time 2021 floppy time

  • Pascale Ghnatios
    Pascale Ghnatios

    Josh is her he build a house in a moutain

  • Elias pro gaming
    Elias pro gaming

    Where the mountain was when u where at bee tower in front of u

  • Elias pro gaming
    Elias pro gaming

    Crainer up in the mountin Josh has a SECRET base dig out the mountain I'm not lieing

  • Kassandra Mellado
    Kassandra Mellado

    lol what sound was he making

  • Kian Nathaniel
    Kian Nathaniel

    Mrcrainer slogo live in the muwntain i now my spell is wrong love frome kian....

  • Irvin Korassa
    Irvin Korassa

    It is a glitch

  • Miguel's Channel
    Miguel's Channel

    Mr. Criner follopy is not dead sies in slogo

  • Anita Shrestha
    Anita Shrestha

    There is slogo in mountain

  • Angela Ortiz
    Angela Ortiz

    Hes hiding in the bays

  • Drew Kastel A Jara
    Drew Kastel A Jara

    I promise you to make you happy!

  • LAM Cheong Yat Student
    LAM Cheong Yat Student

    He is in (slogo)

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    5:38 "i literally couldn't BEE happier"

    • Sean Andrei
      Sean Andrei

      Ok your like making bee jokes like jelly.