Hope Rescues Matted Poodle After Crazy Chase!
This is #HopeForPaws #StrayPaws #DogRescue Marathon Features Top Videos with more great dog rescues like the rescue of this homeless matted poodle abandoned and starved for attention after a really crazy chase!

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    World Animal Awareness Society

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    • maria magalhaes
      maria magalhaes

      Deus vos abençoe obrigada 💝💝💝

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    Vera Lucia Santos

    Felizmente vocês pegaram.

  • Vera Lucia Santos
    Vera Lucia Santos

    Assustou o bichinho.

  • Vera Lucia Santos
    Vera Lucia Santos

    Tudo é dinheiro né?

  • Heart Mind
    Heart Mind

    Well, he’s healthy if he can run like that!

  • Pranee Gassert
    Pranee Gassert


  • lis

    God Bless you,❤❤❤

  • Deanne Kroeger
    Deanne Kroeger

    Thanks for helping the dog and God bless you guys always ❤

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      You are so kind

  • Deanne Kroeger
    Deanne Kroeger

    Good puppy and runs fast thanks for saving the puppy ❤

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Yes, thanks

  • mai ming
    mai ming

    left eye ?

  • Ja Nein
    Ja Nein

    The Dog runs like a Dieselengine !

  • Lori Wagner
    Lori Wagner

    @wildanimalawareness ty for taking timw to actually read and respond to comments

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      The World Animal Awareness Society / WA2S Films and World Animal Rescue Network would have it no other way. Thanks for watching and sharing 😊

  • Suzy Navarrete
    Suzy Navarrete

    Poor baby. Looks better

  • はこちゃん


  • はこちゃん


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  • Evi Rotziou
    Evi Rotziou

    Μόνο αυτοί που δεν είχαν ποτέ τους σκύλο δεν ξέρουν τι αξίζει το ζώο αυτό !

  • The Ropes of Renovation
    The Ropes of Renovation

    That poodle is cracking me up! She/he won't give up! lol

  • Rubycon99

    Poodles truly are wonderful, intelligent dogs.

  • irina skugorina
    irina skugorina

    Давайте поможем хоть кто сколько может хоть1дол. всем миром и помощь людям придет они трудную работу выполняют и животине хорошо.С долларом или евро жалко никто необеднеет а какое дело сделаете и на сердце легко будет.Алилуя.

  • Gerald Manuel
    Gerald Manuel

    what vet would charge you that much money for a rescue dog thats just wrong

    • Cicakkibin

      That’s the rub. I hope most rescuers have a good understanding with the vets they take their dogs to....unless their in for the ride too.😒🥲 Viktor Larkhill seems to have a close relationship with their vets....some serious ground breaking operations.

  • Ольга Джураева
    Ольга Джураева

    Спасибо огромное ❤️💖💋❤️💋💖💋❤️🐕🐕🐕💖💖💖💖💖

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    whotho naaah


  • James Turner
    James Turner

    He just running an running LOL making me tired just looking at him runnnnn so fast......😁😁😁😀😀😀😀....he run all day feel like it...😄😄😄😄👁

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  • B


  • Cowgirlup !!!!!
    Cowgirlup !!!!!

    That lil bugger is soooo fast

  • Fátima Moraes
    Fátima Moraes

    Porque não posta estes vídeos com legendas em português

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Because we are one full time volunteer and one part time volunteer and we do not have the resources. You are more than welcome to volunteer for this translation job. If you want a language other than English, you should volunteer to do the job. Apply here: www.WA2S.org/volunteer

  • Juanita

    He can run. I'm just sitting here hoping he don't get hit crossing the road

  • Promila Sachdev
    Promila Sachdev

    Good thing to help and take care of the animals. Thank You.

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society


  • Pálné Kele
    Pálné Kele

    Tisztelet a Mentőknek és az orvosoknak!

  • Nora cardoso
    Nora cardoso

    Hermoso lo que haceny el.tiempo que dedican a salvar vidas

  • Theresa Lawrence
    Theresa Lawrence

    So happy these dogs were reunited with their family. Can totally tell the dogs belong this kid💞👍🐺🐕. Good job everyone!!!

  • Kelley

    Humans commit atrocities against one another, so why would we think animals will be exempt from human abuse??

  • Alexander Tyler
    Alexander Tyler

    God bless all the people in this video whose compassion for animals is so beautiful thanks for giving me hope in the human race

  • Shannon Estela Guerrero
    Shannon Estela Guerrero


    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      You're the best!

  • Les Kirby
    Les Kirby

    He likes to stay on the sidewalks

  • menina delicada
    menina delicada

    Incrível 🙏👏👏👏 Brasil

  • Candi Jaya
    Candi Jaya

    Txs to you... You'r so kind... Gbu 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Carla Bond
    Carla Bond

    He is so scared

  • Carla Bond
    Carla Bond

    This little shit is fast! I only wish he knew they only want to help him. Poor dear.

  • Mary Curry
    Mary Curry

    Why do owners just let them rum free, I’m such an Animal Lover, I wish I had money I would buy a big Ranch and take all Strays in and take care of them.

  • Mary Curry
    Mary Curry

    Halo What a Cutie, Hope she is OK ,And finds A FOREVER HOME SOON, And the little one that was hit by a car, I hope the same for him, God Bless both of them.

  • Jennifer Bringman
    Jennifer Bringman

    Spay and neuter needs to be affordable!

  • Suzy Cardell
    Suzy Cardell

    Thank you HOPEforPAWS - You are a God send! These precious animals deserve our love! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      You are so kind

  • Margarita Perez
    Margarita Perez

    Pobrecita perrita que la atropellaron 🐶💝😻😍🐶🐈

  • Jan Cameron-Swalley
    Jan Cameron-Swalley

    So glad you found her .God Bless you

  • Bostown Ent
    Bostown Ent

    They should have named this lil Dude, Marathon.

  • Marie Dayrit
    Marie Dayrit

    Pls DO NOT SKIP ADS 🙏🏻

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    "Would you like some sausage mcmuffin?" 10:27 "yes" 🐶

  • liz impey
    liz impey

    Try not to skip the adds as the channel will get a little money if they are watched throughout 👍🤗

    • liz impey
      liz impey

      Melissa O Thank you Melissa! 🤗 Can you let others know too when you comment as loads of people don’t know. I think if people know they would be so happy to know they make money just by watching the adds all the way through. Thank you for your lovely comment. Stay safe and well. ☺️👍

    • Melissa O
      Melissa O

      @liz impey thank u, liz - i had no idea!!

    • liz impey
      liz impey

      World Animal Awareness Society Thank you so much for your reply. I will keep posting the advice every animal video I watch. I found out about the need to watch the adds. I didn’t know to watch all the way through or the channel misses out and with Covid it must be difficult to keep your funds up. Much love for your brilliant work. You are beautiful people with hearts of gold. 👏👏👏👏👍😁🥰❤️

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      That's right, Liz. Thank you for watching and supporting the work of all these rescues!

  • Lizanne Leonard
    Lizanne Leonard

    Look at those beautiful houses abandoned going to waste it beggars believe that we have homelessness when you see empty houses like this BTW well done hope keep up the amazing work god bless each and everyone of you dedicating your time to helping these homeless abandoned animals you really are amazing from a fan in Glasgow Scotland UK xx

    • Lizanne Leonard
      Lizanne Leonard

      @LahLah Emerald Devoe oh no way that's devastating absolutely heart breaking this makes me so sad iv been homeless myself so I know first hand what its like just so sad

    • Lizanne Leonard
      Lizanne Leonard

      @liz impey wey-aye hows things doon the toon? Used to love goin there the people are so nice x

    • liz impey
      liz impey

      Lizanne Leonard Well said Lizanee. I’m from the U.K. too. Not far from Sunderland/ Newcastle 👍😁

  • Gloria Solís
    Gloria Solís


    • irina skugorina
      irina skugorina

      Как страдает животное какую боль терпит от неродивых людей.Врачам поклон низкий и волонтёрам кто помогает.

  • Anna Gray
    Anna Gray

    Its poor little feet must have been so sore after all that running!

  • Anne Animações
    Anne Animações


  • Elisabeth Robinson
    Elisabeth Robinson

    How do I go about adopting a rescue dog? Not too big...I have a small apartment. HE would also become my medical health dog.

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Reach out to a local-to-you rescue. They can help you.

  • Ed Griffin
    Ed Griffin

    Breaks my heart

  • Александра Попова
    Александра Попова

    В таком запущеном состоянии пес.А ведь породистый.Таких за большие деньги покупают.Балонка вроде.Такая грязная и обросшая.

  • Sonja M
    Sonja M

    This baby is so beautiful!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • nadt

    That young lad getting his 2 dogs back made me cry. He was trying to very hard to not cry or giggle but you could feel his happiness.

  • marilyn hood
    marilyn hood

    GOD will bless you.

  • Vivianne Goblitschke
    Vivianne Goblitschke

    In Australia all dogs and cats have o be neutered or spayed, registered and microchipped and that's law, and if they're found on the street, dog catcher takes the dog to dog pound ring up the Owner and they pay heavily, no mucking around in Australia. All countries should have a law like Australia.

    • Marie Dayrit
      Marie Dayrit

      Im so envious, I dont know why we cant have that here in usa, its saad

    • belj w
      belj w

      That's awesome! I 💯% Agree with you!! 👍🐾🐕

  • Vivianne Goblitschke
    Vivianne Goblitschke

    How can people be so cruel, after being hit by a car and left their to die and they drive off, l cannot understand people and his cruel they are - these peoples time will come

    • Lori Wagner
      Lori Wagner

      Was thinking same thing sick and cruel

    • Carla Bond
      Carla Bond

      The people left him. On the side of the road all night. Poor baby.

  • Vivianne Goblitschke
    Vivianne Goblitschke

    She's in good hands and see what gorgeous young Lady after grooming her

  • smoke this
    smoke this

    poor critters... lucky they got some help

  • Giillian Haines
    Giillian Haines

    Did this for 16yrs.....got 1 sitting beside me.

  • Vic Laney
    Vic Laney

    Thank-u, World Animal Awareness Society, for being there for those defenseles and, without voice in peril and those compassionate rescuing, treating, nurturing, adopting and testifying on their behalf. You're among our world's unsung heroes for sure! Blessings, always.

    • marilyn hood
      marilyn hood

      Your blessings are going to flow rapidly in JESUS NAME.

  • Danielle Kubik
    Danielle Kubik

    What was with the large lump on the left side of the little brown/white pooch found after the tornado?


    Coitado tá cansado que dó

  • Michel Batista
    Michel Batista

    Esse é maratonista !!!! Manda um beijo pro Brasil , estou acompanhando seu canal , muito bom !!!

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Aqui está o seu beijo, Brasil! Nós amamos você também! Obrigado por assistir e seguir! Um brinde a você!

  • Jocelyn Collier
    Jocelyn Collier

    What a lovely, caring man nursing the dog in the car wrapped in a rug.

  • Uus Vita sari
    Uus Vita sari

    You are good people thank you so much sir..

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      So nice of you

  • lets get this party started
    lets get this party started

    Speedy Gonzales

  • 春火

    I love what you doing, keep up the good work godbless us

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Thanks so much

  • rajeev rathod
    rajeev rathod

    God bless you all 🙏

  • maria padilla
    maria padilla

    You are an angels, you are beatifull people, God bless you,

  • Daniel Torrez
    Daniel Torrez

    I’m so sad that happened and I love you so much and I’m crying🥺😣😭😢☹️😩😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😲😲😲

  • Amina Moslih
    Amina Moslih


  • Amanda Pittar
    Amanda Pittar

    I always have poodles. That poor wee chap. Poodles are super smart. That dog was going somewhere - he thought he could outwit the two legged dogs. I love the way he kept to footpaths. Stayed away from traffic. Clever dog.

  • Peter Kerr
    Peter Kerr

    she ran like that with a sore leg? wow! Great work, saving poor stray dogs like that, you people are true heroes!

  • Susan Morris
    Susan Morris

    Followed you for some years now. Susan from England great work team 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Heikki Remes
    Heikki Remes

    Great work

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Thank you so much 😀

  • Lyn Bennetts
    Lyn Bennetts

    Wow Halo can run real fast. She is just beautiful 💋💋 well done catching her 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Raquel Chan
    Raquel Chan

    She's a bionic dog... Run so fast... God bless you all...

  • Dragana Petkovic
    Dragana Petkovic

    Let me kryyy 😪😪😘💔💔💔

  • Valerie C.
    Valerie C.


  • Lulu Park
    Lulu Park

    GRACIAS POR RESCATARLO de ese arbol y encadenado👏👏👏👏👏👏se quedo dormido cuanto maltrato ha pasado mi pequeño😢😢😢😔😔😔😢😢😔😔😢😢😢😢😢MIL GRACIAS AMIGOS POR RESCATARLO 👏👏👏👏👏👏💗💖💗💖💗💖💗🌷💓💗💖💗❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lulu Park
    Lulu Park

    Que terrible el peludito dificil en atraparlo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💗💖💗💗👏👏GRACIAS por ayudarlo a ese perrito

  • Janice Byatt
    Janice Byatt

    Awh poor dog hit by a car, how can people run a dog over and leave it their to die! I sincerely hope this beautiful dog survives and goes to a permanent loving home.from jan from the UK 🇬🇧❤️🙏😢


    Dios os vendiga compañeros

  • Paola Parra
    Paola Parra

    Que lamento de los que se quedan...

  • maria magalhaes
    maria magalhaes

    Deus vos abençoe obrigada 💝💝

  • OceanArk7 7
    OceanArk7 7

    Those pups are sooo happy!!! I love it!

  • Марина Серегина
    Марина Серегина

    Какой шустрик недогнать белоснежку сильно напугался наверно над ним издевались вот и страх у собачки бедненький не бойся тебя спасают хорошие люди спасибо вам

  • Charmaine Chatkin
    Charmaine Chatkin

    What a nice man

  • Suzy Q
    Suzy Q

    Thank u to anyone who helps to comfort and support these poor babies. The rescues and fosters are angels! I fostered a dog who was abused and have had her now for 1 1/2 yrs as I fell in love with her. Still to this day she is gradually showing me love and trust. Who ever had her was a horrible person! She will now be shown what true love is and I have the rest of my life and hers to show her.

  • iv osho
    iv osho

    to support I watch ads

    • Vivienne Jordan
      Vivienne Jordan

      iv osho I Do too. You can do something else, like read the comment section, type some replies. Make a hot drink.

    • World Animal Awareness Society
      World Animal Awareness Society

      Thanks so much!

  • Ilona katalin Egeresi
    Ilona katalin Egeresi

    Köszönöm szépen

  • Ilona katalin Egeresi
    Ilona katalin Egeresi

    Nem az enyém de vigyék biztonsagba

  • Ilona katalin Egeresi
    Ilona katalin Egeresi

    Segíteni szeretnék neki vigyék biztonsagba