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  • Constantin Suman
    Constantin Suman

    FIX basic software bugs: - in “internal + external sound mode” allow the control of the volume and mute for both targets using the volume buttons, and not just the internal one. Currently the “external” is controlled by going several menus deep into the settings menu. At least you fixed the bug when the external speaker was getting set to disabled after tv-restart. P.S.: the sound auto-leveling is so 90-ies.

  • KA Boozle
    KA Boozle

    Too bad that the youtuber they choose for this video is a lying untrustworthy piece of shit... He just says anything you want if the price is right and/or when it will generate lots of clicks.

  • ralph geronilla
    ralph geronilla

    This production is kinda terrible. Especially since it’s an official LG promotion. The glare from the ceiling lights. Not really representative of how people gonna watch. How are you making a review with this kind of setup?

  • LonghornsLegend

    I only care about if the VRR issue is fixed that LG is currently trying to patch for the 2020 models. The main feature for gaming can't be broken at this price point

  • Itsik Gaon
    Itsik Gaon

    what is the soundtrack in the background?

  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal

    It doesn't even look thin when looking at it from the side. How is it so thin?

  • Lemmy Kilmister
    Lemmy Kilmister

    Haha, no Freesync Premium Pro in 2021 ? Lg are you kidding us??👎 Its so Important for true Hdr Gaming! You dont learn from the Oled Cx Vrr Problems by gaming in 2020🤦‍♂️

  • You Been Hotarded
    You Been Hotarded

    What chair is that?

  • Dennis de Jong
    Dennis de Jong

    I wanna see Unbox Therapy get their hands on a Sony A90J

  • L C
    L C

    is it just me or does it look really dim?

  • Alan Schubert
    Alan Schubert

    Hi, the estimated price of the G1 65 "model?

    • Toddy Mainz
      Toddy Mainz

      $3000 us

  • Arthur sousa
    Arthur sousa

    Agora ela fez uma perfeição ❤❤

  • Good Hunter
    Good Hunter

    Funny none of the reviewers mention anything about stuttering on OLED,and when we consumers buy them we can actually see how true the gaming mode actually performs

  • Zack Betancourth
    Zack Betancourth

    Xbox Series X is much more powerful than playstation five, miles morales is pathetic #SonySucks

  • Chaz Carpenter
    Chaz Carpenter

    Does it have HDMI 2.1 and variable refresh rate? (Vsync)?

    • Kai Tepes3x23
      Kai Tepes3x23


  • Adam Mez
    Adam Mez

    Another youtuber that has been spoon fed free OLEDs for years. Last person I’d take advice from even though I like OLED.

  • Trojan0304

    Nobody uses Vivid mode, lol

  • Light Emerging
    Light Emerging

    Boring presentation

  • Eugene Barretto
    Eugene Barretto

    How much can I expect the g1 55" to cost?

  • niketariq

    When is the release date for this tv?

  • Yaseen Essack
    Yaseen Essack

    Get some other you tubers LG

  • Jj W
    Jj W

    Maybe it is the image, but it still doesn’t look that bright even in a dark room. Will check a display out to know for sure. I am glad they are making these TVs also work as monitors, it seemed silly that they didn’t do that years ago.

  • Tyler Walter
    Tyler Walter

    How much for a 55in one 😬

  • Kirito YT
    Kirito YT

    Where is the 4K on this video?

  • Shakil Mahmood
    Shakil Mahmood

    Looks like the black crushing issue on gaming hasn't been resolved

    • Shakil Mahmood
      Shakil Mahmood

      @Valerie Baker I've seen alot of good reviews for it. But with most tvs a little calibration can sort out black crushing

    • Valerie Baker
      Valerie Baker

      Do you know if Sony TVs are better for that? I’ve been looking at the a90j

  • 635574

    Who had the dumb idea of having the ceilling be made of lights? The camera contrast becomes much worse

  • Henry

    LG tell us the peak brightness nits already! Stop hiding.

  • Marc28031984

    You can tell from the video that they’re still not bright enough.

  • Mister Motel
    Mister Motel

    I like the aspect ratio

  • James Hepburn
    James Hepburn

    Micro led TV the way forward.

  • Sven Veader
    Sven Veader

    torch mode...in cinema mode brightness will be marginal.....2 clams upcharge vs C1

  • boe dillard
    boe dillard

    In a pitch black room, my phone screen is only set halfway and it can light my bedroom.

    • albert vences
      albert vences


  • David P
    David P

    Still a 4K panel 120hz but with a new chip. So it’ll look practically identical to my cx. Good to know

    • MovieCaveDave

      They have added 2 more colours in the OLED and are using a different material (I think that’s what it it, begins with D lol) so the panel can be brighter, but only on the G series, but I’m with you, my CX n E8 are still kings ✌🏼

  • homeape.

    really sus to show off the TV in a dark room. of course it will seem brighter

  • Zay Rod
    Zay Rod

    I thought LG was promoting the series X kinda odd that he’s on the PS5

  • Gary Whitney
    Gary Whitney

    Nothing about this expensive technology is a need.

  • Paul White
    Paul White

    The fact that the OLED actually is barely an improvement over the CX/GX. It’s only brighter. All other functions for gaming etc, exist on the CX/GX/Signature.

    • Adam

      Brightness is literally the most important picture quality aspect with OLED. Saying its barley an improvement is a ridiculous understatement

  • Leo

    Can’t wait to see sony’s new tvs

    • Anakin Sepherd
      Anakin Sepherd

      see it now

  • Scott Palmer
    Scott Palmer

    Can't wait to get 8k when Netflix is still mostly offering low bit rate 1080p for the bulk of their library. What a joke. Not to mention how far behind North America is with their fibre optic to the home (real high speed, not the tiny little pipes they offer us now).

  • Dents Au bois pourri
    Dents Au bois pourri

    Isn't the gallery mode bad for OLEDs? Given that they have a still picture for a long time? Burn-in?

    • Adam


  • X1

    Same viewing angles, same average brightness. LG trying so hard with this lame marketing LOL. Btw 2019 LG TV's still experience problems with Home Kit support And Airplay 2. When you going to fix that LG?

  • carlcat

    For quite some time I was frustrated that I couldn't buy the Panasonic 2000 series OLED with the brighter panels because I lived in the states. Now that Lg is pretty much coming out with an OLED that is comparable I'm anxious to see them in person and if they are all they say, buy one. The only reasons I didn't buy an OLED sooner was the lack of brightness and the fear of burn in.

  • MsSantana1997

    The TV looks dark in the video you can tell by the light reflection on his face. Very low

  • MarSH

    i want to buy this tv if i can only find a ps5

  • MR.C&A Video911Game
    MR.C&A Video911Game


  • Kapono5150

    It actually doesn’t look as bright as they were hyping it up to be.

    • Kapono5150

      @Adamyour prolly right, I’ll wait to judge when I get to go see it in a store. I just bought an OLED in 2020 so my wife ain’t gonna let me get another one

    • Adam

      Really hard to convey that in a video

  • Xbox Juan 4K
    Xbox Juan 4K

    You should have demo this with the only console that supports all the same features as the TV. Xbox Series X can actually take full advantage of VRS on that TV, PS5 can’t

  • BoricuaBoy88

    "What do we want? More burn-in! When do we want it? Sooner!" - Said no one. Ever.

    • durand gordon
      durand gordon

      Man fuck all that lol, I had my LG C9 for 2 years now bruh! I watch a lot on Netflix and Hulu and I watch basketball and football a lot, and I play my PS5 a lot..... no burn it yet. My tv is doing pretty good! I will be getting either the C1 or G1 when it drops in April to replace this C9 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Which I will move to the bedroom

    • BoricuaBoy88

      @AcesMR All I see is an ignoramus who thinks they know the people they're trying to mock. I can afford more than you assume. Won't stop me from speaking the truth that OLED is a flawed technology. Stop trying to pull the pretentious ''I have more money than you'' card, and focus on what was actually brought up. Static images create burn-in. That's why these reviewers tell you to stay away from them if you watch a lot of cable news or live sports, due to the static banners and scorecards that they use. Same goes for gaming. Tons of games use static hud elements that wear on OLED pixels over time, but influencers never tell you about it, or try to minimize it because their job is to push products. OLED stands for, wait for it, ORGANIC Light Emitting Diode. Care to take a guess at what the word ''organic'' implies? I'll save you the brain cells. It means a limited lifespan. They can implement as many gimmicks to mitigate burn-in all they want, but the fact is that no matter what, OLED screens have a limited shelf life, and the harder you drive one, the less time you get out of them in the long run. That's why OLED evo should be raising some red flags. The last thing you should ever do with OLED is to increase the brightness intensity. I've had more than my fair share of Samsung phones to draw experience from. My record for quickest burn-in was about eight months. LG is gonna have to pull a miracle to convince people who are in the know that this new evo tech is worth it. There's a reason miniLED, microLED, QDOLED, and other newer technologies are being developed. These companies no longer view OLED as a viable technology in the future. Wonder why that would be, if OLED were the be all end all of screen technology? Get a clue, dude.

    • AcesMR

      All I see is somebody that's jealous cuz they can't afford an OLED

  • Crap Movie Reviews
    Crap Movie Reviews

    Unbox Therapy is a clown. Ps5 doesn't even have the features that show off the LG Oled. Know ur tech before u show.

    • Adam

      What features can it not show off?

  • Wawan Mulyadi
    Wawan Mulyadi

    What do you mean impossible thin..all model before 7years already have thin.. this is impossible BULLSHIT!!

  • Wawan Mulyadi
    Wawan Mulyadi

    For the first time ever..LG lose from SONY..this year Sony OLED A90J is the BEST TV.. from design to technology!! I very dissapointed that LG kick out E series from it OLED series..since it E means Elegance.. and their thinnest TV.. I buy OLED "NOT" just for it picture..BUT for showoff to my guest who visit my home.. nothing can be proud from LG..ANYMORE..NEVER..WVER!! Its time to move on..I means back to SONY..as the best TV ALL THE TIME!! Sony is better than everything.. PICTURE, SOUND, PROCESSOR, UI and MOTION as well..since sony is GOD of motion..NO DOUBT SONY is the master of everything!!

  • maanas

    He literally roasted lg and xbox partnering by showing his ps 5 ........ ..oh yeeeeeeeeeeeyyyhhh

  • alanccini

    OH NO MAN! The dreaded PS5 repairing console storage message at 3:48. If you own a PS5 you know that is bad news.

    • José G Pérez
      José G Pérez

      WTH are you talking about? I see you don't have one.

  • 루캘빈


  • TechGamer 2001
    TechGamer 2001

    now give me all these features on a lower sized screen TV like a 32inch and it will be an immediate buy for me as anything bigger than that look stupid in my small room.

    • Adam

      Wont happen. Although 42 will happen next year.


    UPLOAD VIDEOS IN 4K LG. How u gonna promote 8K TVs and still upload ur videos in only 1080p? WTF. It's 2021.

  • Kitcat 5ive
    Kitcat 5ive

    Sitting way too far from the tv imo.

  • 박지원

    Looks like 3D tv

  • r0beh

    Is it going to be worth upgrading from my 65” C9?

    • kingofkingz235

      I got the c9 in October and I won't be getting no new TV the games I be playing on my xbox and shows I be watching graphics looks amazingly beautiful

    • Michelle Alexandria
      Michelle Alexandria


    • Kitcat 5ive
      Kitcat 5ive

      If money is no issue then sure. Otherwise no.

  • devin johnson
    devin johnson

    What's latency vs cx what about the VRR issues from before? Gsycn free sync? For a gaming focused review this was seriously lacking

  • Lester Reyes
    Lester Reyes

    everybody collecting that paycheck this year


    Just 1 question. What brand is that chair you are sitting on with the foot stool? Thx.

    • S W
      S W

      @GEN X GAMR no worries

    • GEN X GAMR
      GEN X GAMR

      @S W Wow. Well I guess I am not considering that purchase. Thx for the info.

    • S W
      S W

      @GEN X GAMR Someone actually calls it further down the list, it's like a 5,000 dollar set called an Eames chair. I'm not surprised, that's the same guy who had the 30G 88 inch Oled set, but yeah, way too much for a chair..

    • GEN X GAMR
      GEN X GAMR

      @S W maybe someone will help us figure it out. Lol.

    • S W
      S W

      Literally came back to this video just to see if this question had been asked and answered lol

  • Motivation Corner
    Motivation Corner

    It would be great to get an update for LG Oled CX

    • Michelle Alexandria
      Michelle Alexandria

      It's already out as a beta.

  • John Mullins
    John Mullins

    Such a bad thing to release the evo panel only for the g series 👎👎👎

    • BlackBruceLee

      Yeah I thought so too but I'm thinking about just paying that extra price for it. Sometimes you have to pay to play

  • Jen Soon Ng
    Jen Soon Ng

    Can you please sell 48" models in more regions?

  • Anthony Almodovar
    Anthony Almodovar

    Where are HBO Max, ESPN, and Crunchyroll support?

  • mkygod

    Looking at this video, the display does not look bright at all. Very muted looking actually compared to the LG and CES logo on the upper-right. Are you using an ND filter on the camera lens?

  • varietyrange39

    As always with LG life is GREAT!!!!!

  • D Will
    D Will

    1080P Lew? Bruh😑

  • I Polaris I
    I Polaris I

    Why couldn't you add this new technology into the C series??? I don't want a wall mounted TV!

    • bil vah
      bil vah

      @I Polaris I agreed , I think most people will . Hence why I think the rumour that the G1 will come with a stand is credible (last year they sold normal looking stand separately . It wouldn’t make sense to sell both the tripod separately and the normal stand separately imo 🤷🏾‍♂️)

    • I Polaris I
      I Polaris I

      Yeh, but I want a proper TV stand not a tripod

    • bil vah
      bil vah

      It seems the C series is still to be a budget flagship and no longer the top dog ... if they put it in the c series i imagine it would come with a cost . There are rumours of the G1 coming with a stand (still waiting for confirmation ) and there is an optional tripod gallery stand that’s already been confirmed .

    • YJ

      They have another GX model with 3 legs.

    • PSYCHO

      Exactly. Sony is the answer.

  • Om Mishra
    Om Mishra

    Technology surely has came a long way.

  • ps31871

    Looks dim af

  • Jon Disnard
    Jon Disnard

    Why is LG presenting this tech with the controversial jerk from unbox therapy who is unquestionably an awful person? Why? Does LG want to tarnish their reputation?

    • Valerie Baker
      Valerie Baker

      Why is he a jerk? Seriously asking idk anything about him.

    • Joseph Malone
      Joseph Malone

      @Jon Disnard why don't you take your negative personal attacks somewhere else and just pass up the channel? Needy much?

    • Jon Disnard
      Jon Disnard

      Nice one, not as dumb as you.... It's so good a comeback, that I cannot think of a single dispute. 🤣

    • 635574

      Not as dumb as you

  • 0perativeX

    Still seeing far too much immersion-breaking reflection/glare on that screen. When will LG learn and just give it an anti-glare surface?

    • 0perativeX

      @Valerie Baker Nope, they use LG panels.

    • bil vah
      bil vah

      @Valerie Baker Sony and LG didn’t have much of a reflection difference in 2020 . The A90J is likely to brighter than the G1 and definitely brighter than the C1 which will help fight glare better .

    • Valerie Baker
      Valerie Baker

      Do you think Sony a90j is better?

    • bil vah
      bil vah

      Yeah I’m concerned about this too - it’s one of the reasons why I skipped 2020s tv lineup . I’d like to think that it’s a showroom and therefore the glare is a bit worse . If the panel gets significantly brighter than hopefully the glare will be reduced without an anti glare surface


    Good review, good TV, life is good with LG.

  • D M
    D M

    Wow, LG spending money on YT advertising, as well as astro-turfing Reddit and other forums. 💵💵💵💵

    • Jon Disnard
      Jon Disnard

      Too bad their spend goes to this terrible person. Linus tech tips also did a presentation, which was money well spent.

  • Alejandro Alartiz
    Alejandro Alartiz

    How many nits does the G1 have?

    • Alejandro Alartiz
      Alejandro Alartiz

      @Albert Tolshv That's the thing, "about".

    • Albert Tolshv
      Albert Tolshv

      about 1000 nit

  • TB

    Anyone knows the seat he is sitting on?

    • Albert Tolshv
      Albert Tolshv

      @sjoerf Did you mean original vintage chairs for 5500$?

    • sjoerf

      @Albert Tolshv yep second hand

    • Albert Tolshv
      Albert Tolshv

      @sjoerf hm.. I've seen looks like original for 1500$ and replicas for 700$

    • sjoerf

      @Albert Tolshv not for an original, believe it's around 5k!

    • Albert Tolshv
      Albert Tolshv

      @sjoerf price is 1500 USD

  • nobody1322

    you played in fidelity mode, how was the motion stutter/judder? My cx struggles on 30 fps games to the point that I avoid 30fps gaming all together. Just curious if there was any improvements to motion when playing in 30 fps. 60fps how ever on this tv is great. At least on the cx .

  • Utku Akyol
    Utku Akyol

    Why it seems so dim, is there a problem with the video? I've been watching older lg oled tv videos on youtube for a while, this one is unwatchable compared to them!

    • Ryan Waasdorp
      Ryan Waasdorp

      Probably because the video isn't HDR.

  • Chris Blu3
    Chris Blu3

    And I just bough the cx10 65 inch 😂 but is it worth changing TV?

    • Adam

      @BlackBruceLee If it truly is 300 nits brighter its a must buy.

    • BlackBruceLee

      Yes and no...it's 300 nits brighter so your HDR experience will be better. We don't know if its improving what plagued the CX with crushed blacks. We also don't know if hdmi bandwidth was brought back up to 48gbs over the 40gbs offered on the CX. Understand too that the new Evo panels aren't available on the C1 if you want that it will only be available on the G series which will cost much more than the C maybe 500 too 1k more on whatever equivalent size you're looking at.

    • fenix loder
      fenix loder


  • Mind4hire

    So ... if it is brighter, wouldn’t that make the burn in risk higher?

    • C A
      C A

      Actually the heatsink cooling system used reduces the risk of burn in 👌🏾

    • David S. J. Meissner
      David S. J. Meissner

      Not with a better cooling system, but I don't know if it has that. But imo burn in is not a problem at all. Really only if you're watching the same channel 24/7 and I hope nobody does that.

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    What is better LG or Panasonic. I saw 4k OLED today. SAMSUNG, LG and Panasonic. I like LG but the Panasonic looks pretty clear. But will still wait for 8k Gaming TV. QN OLED or micro LED technology.

    • Nathan Pickering
      Nathan Pickering

      @Michael Jordan micro LED is most likely being used more for film making use at first. The screen sizes are large and cost 50-100k. That's probably on the cheaper side too. They used a big one for the Mandilorian to replace the green screen.

    • Nathan Pickering
      Nathan Pickering

      @Michael Jordan that doesn't sound right tbh. If it's that cheap for an 8k, then it must be lacking in alot of features, or it's wrong information.

    • bil vah
      bil vah

      If you’re not a gamer than going for Panasonic is a good idea . However it seems that you are ... the Panasonic 2021 models will have more gaming features than last year line (obviously we can’t say how good it is until the models are released ). LG have more experience providing gaming tech so it’s likely that for gaming LG oled will be the way to go unless Samsung mini led does better than expected .

    • Michael Jordan
      Michael Jordan

      @Aorus Terminator watch the channel: stop the FOMO newest video

    • Aorus Terminator
      Aorus Terminator

      @Michael Jordan Which one and where ?

  • K.D

    always best products LG ❤️

  • JookerSK

    I´m honestly disapointed that all these videos are in 1080p in 2021 ... In a year when brands are pushing 8K TVs and all the promo videos are still in 1080p 30fps or even in the cinematic 24fps.. Anyone who seen a nice 4K 120fps video on a 4K 120hz TV knows what a difference it is.

    • Karl

      Bruh who uses 4K, most people use 360 or 480 and a maximum of 1080 on average


      @PSYCHO They can still go to at least 4k res bruh. It is extremely disappointing.

    • PSYCHO

      Regardless, UZload only currently supports up to 60fps.

  • Andrews

    What kind of bullshit is this? Buying the voices of UZloadrs :/ Sell out of the month I guess.

  • Armando Mendoza
    Armando Mendoza

    I bet you that the brightness levels are going to be the same as the c9 !!!!!!

    • YJ

      @TitanSurge Burn in isn't as bad as it use to be. I've had my B8 since new and I've done many hours of gaming with no burn in at all. The oled picture quality is different level and no LCD can match that regardless of how bright it gets.

    • PSYCHO

      @TitanSurge Is that why you think OLED TVs have ABL??? It's because of cheap power supplies being used that can't handle powering up all those pixels at a higher peak brightness. Burn-in hasn't been a high risk since at least the C9.

    • PSYCHO


    • TitanSurge

      Who needs bright oled when you'll be more prone to burn in.

    • Robert Kelly
      Robert Kelly

      Nope they say better then both C9 and CX and same level Sony A9G and A8H .

  • Armando Mendoza
    Armando Mendoza

    the tv actually looks dark in the video

    • Todd Harris
      Todd Harris

      Compared to some LCD's it is still kind of dark I think, you are gaining infinite contrast for that though

    • Jakub Sloup
      Jakub Sloup

      he has walls painted black, that is the reason

    • Rick G
      Rick G

      It’s the camera used and the exposure.. poor choice to demo

    • Hardeep Dhani
      Hardeep Dhani

      Probably been told to make sure he says its bright 😅

    • Luis Sanchez
      Luis Sanchez

      Thanks for saying that. I thought it was just me.

  • Chris Zerzelidis
    Chris Zerzelidis

    Fuck Unbox therapy

  • SB

    I have the LG cx. Coming from someone who was used to and content with having low tier to mid tier TVs this TV is insane. Netflix, prime and ps5 looks ridiculous on it

    • Question Marker
      Question Marker

      @你是國王 awesome, I’m so pumped 😁

    • 你是國王

      @Question Marker excellent for me I mean I had a Samsung js9000 before and that was bright back in 2015 and still in 2020 but the cx is brighter and better in every way possible👍🏻 dark room viewing in hdr or Dolby vision is just mind blowing🤯

    • Question Marker
      Question Marker

      @你是國王 nice, I’m getting mine today. I was nervous about the lg Evo and if I should wait but then all the difference really, I’s the brightness. So I went for it, I’ll be in a dark room, is it bright enough for you?

    • José G Pérez
      José G Pérez

      my last 2 TV's was the SONY XBR 55X850C (120hz panel, 3D and HDR added later with a fw-update) tremendous TV for that time (2015). my last year TV was the Samsung Q70R (2019) with nice specs and gaming features (ALLM, VRR, Freesync only HDMI 2.0b) very good TV with local diming but.... I get tired and got the LG CX and wow, movies, TV shows, gaming (PC and PS5) can't get any better.

    • Classic Galactica
      Classic Galactica

      Once you see an OLED, there is no going back.

  • 4KHDR10000

    I love the fact that he is playing on a ps5 while LG partners whit xbox to promote the series x

    • Di-RRec Gaming
      Di-RRec Gaming

      He’s playing on a tv that has more capability that the PS5 can’t utilize 🤣👍🏾

    • Jared Bradham
      Jared Bradham

      @Dylan Sonny cool! It took roughly 10 minutes but it reallyworked!

    • Dylan Sonny
      Dylan Sonny

      Dunno if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPwn. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

    • arthur salmoria
      arthur salmoria

      @Zyzyviiz yeah, sadly

    • Zack Betancourth
      Zack Betancourth

      Yeah Series X is THE BEST

  • Alex Dub
    Alex Dub

    Considering they are only putting the new panel it's going to be stupid expensive. Guess it's going to be aleady 2-3 years till we get it in the mid to low end.

  • Andrew Berndt
    Andrew Berndt

    Vivid mode 🤮🤮🤮

  • Onkar Indurkar
    Onkar Indurkar

    Seriously lg?? you are paying lew to say "OMG THAT IS REALLY BRIGHT IN THE DARKEST ROOM?? IN A FOKING DARKEST ROOM??" Comon man geez its hideous advertising. All would have been ok if it was actually bright but it wasnt. And to make matters worse the video is 1080p?? WOW Bravo🤮

    • Valerie Baker
      Valerie Baker


    • Adam

      @Progz but you’re right every other professional saying oled is better is obviously a sheep lol. You argue like someone who just reads shit on the internet and has no real world viewing experience. It’s actually annoying having to argue with people so stupid

    • Progz

      @Adam Because the mini leds are smaller than regular leds so that will end up with less halo effect. Deeper blacks... no need to care about burn in, brightness levels higher, etc. It will end up being better in the long run. OLED is like what plasma was in the 90s that shit came around and yes, both oled and plasma has technology flaws, meaning it will NEVER work correctly as a person may think it should. It is flawed technology, how are you even going to argue with me when the tech is flawed. Go to the LG website, what company these days needs to explain to consumer what "could" happen to their product over time? I never even heard of shit like that before. The fact that they can even still sell such technology is crazy. Plus we got all these sheeps on the internet buying the shit left and right. OLED: worst brightness, black crushing (omg, I can't even explain how bad it is with OLED. Your loosing picture quality with it. Go look it up). Burn in (this will just happen ever time). Colors will degrade over time. like I can just keep going and going. Its almost like the perfect product for big business to sell because it can actually go bad over time and people will need to buy a new one. LED: literally, nothing. Have you compared blacks from a top of the line QLED compare to OLED? its pretty damn close. mini-led and micro-led is just going to improve black levels on LED tvs. Yes, you have just a tiny bit more blur on LED compare to OLED, but it is very small. Wish they would improve on this but will see. Less power usage than an OLED. (I bet you didn't know this, go to fucking yahoo.com you fucking goofy Clowns use yahoo.com).

    • Adam

      @Progz no let’s get back to this black levels thing lol. Tell me again how mini led can produce better blacks than the literally perfect oled blacks. Btw 3k for a TV is how you get a big tv :)

    • Progz

      @Adam 3k plus TVs? Now your just blowing your money for no reason. What TVs are you buying that are even worth the price? And I’m not a kid. Unless your like 80 I guess I understand the kid comment. Are you 80 years old?

  • EpicKramerVoyager

    We seriously need something this high quality in a 40-43inch size...

    • Warren G
      Warren G

      @Ayan Upadhyay as far as I'm aware 42" screen size LG OLED is confirmed, however if it will be part of the C-Series or not is not "confirmed".

    • Nathan Pickering
      Nathan Pickering

      @Blattsalat 50000 I'm not sure how far, but the bigger the screen, the further you're supposed to sit to get more perceived clarity and not see the pixelation of text and other things. Monitors you can usually sit closer since they're usually smaller which gives them more pixel density so you don't notice pixelation. Thx has a guide for how far to sit for the best visual clarity. I sit about 6 feet away from my 4k 55 inch tv and I never notice any bad text or pixelation.

    • Blattsalat 50000
      Blattsalat 50000

      @Nathan Pickering How close do you sit to a 88" TV? 4K is too dense for 1x scaling and not dense enough for 2x rendering on 27" or 32" everything between is a bad compromise, a 1px wide line can be represented by 1px on 1x or 2px on 2x it is either 1 or 2 if you use anything in between. This makes text look bad and is also not ideal for pixel based graphics. Modern phones have 1440p displays and everyone appreciates high DPI displays on those. They usually have true pixel doubling or tripling.

    • Nathan Pickering
      Nathan Pickering

      @Blattsalat 50000 How is 4k too low res for a 27 or 32" display? We got TVs up to 88" or even higher at 4k still, so I don't see your point. Pixel density is way more on a small monitor then a big tv, so it should look pretty sharp on a screen that small.

    • Blattsalat 50000
      Blattsalat 50000

      @Ayan Upadhyay The monitor market is saturated? maybe for high refresh rate gaming monitors. There is no good monitor currently available. All have the wrong resolution. 4K monitors are far too large for true pixel doubling and there are no 5k or 6k display available. Everyone stopped making 5k displays except for that one LG monitor and only apple makes a way too expensive 6k monitor. 4k is too low resolution for a 32” display and arguably for a 27” display. The computer monitor market is at a very sad stage at the beginning of 2021 High resolution OLED monitors with good colors cant come soon enough

  • Fatih Subaşılar
    Fatih Subaşılar

    Why can't they still produce oled tv without screen burn problem? That should be the real agenda. Unless this issue is resolved, product launches are just shows.

    • Nathan Pickering
      Nathan Pickering

      It's because of the tech itself. Only way rn is to use better cooling systems to reduce the chance.

    • bil vah
      bil vah

      @Sean Wilson it’s because of Panasonic’s (previously patented) cooling technology . The cooling system essentially allows the tv to get brighter and lower burn in (I could try to explain it in more depth but not sure if I’ll be accurate )

    • Sean Wilson
      Sean Wilson

      Panasonic 2000 OLED series that has the "brighter panel" is said to also have shown much less burn in. I am not sure why but you can go check it out. Hopefully these 2021 new LG Evo and Sony A90J MASTER, which will have similar brighter panel tech, will also have the same results

    • Andrew Berndt
      Andrew Berndt

      You keep commenting the same thing and everyone keeps telling you same thing, it's basically non existent if you're not a moron

    • Kind Old Raven
      Kind Old Raven

      That's kind of like asking someone to build a lightbulb (oldschool style) that never burns out. That's just not how it works. In a regulard FALD LCD TV it's either a chip fries *or* one of the backlights dims or dies out. That's literally the same as with OLEDS except with OLEDS, you're not dealing with 1-500 backlights, but 8 million at least. They wear out slightly faster and usually uneven. This uneven wear is what we so inaccurately (huge misnomer) call 'burn-in'. It's something totally different from burn-in we saw on CRT or Plasma TVs though. The effect it has is the same, but the cause is totally different. It's basically just uneven wear-and-tear. An OLED without 'burn-in' won't be OLED, it'll be a completely next-generation tech. All they can do is delay the inevitable as much as possible. To the point where you can (ab)use your TV for 5 years without it being visible to our eyes perhaps, but that's really all you can ask for with this tech. Even regular TV's dim as they age, sometimes unevenly. So there's basically no guarantee the next self-emitting TVs won't have burn-in. But if they find a way to delay it as much as possible and perhaps make all colors age equally (instead of red ageing quicker for instance) that's going to make quite a big difference. Besides you might be scared of burn-in (I know I was) and get an LCD, only to find out it has major dirty screen effect, with the manufacturer saying it's ''within spec'' (I'm looking at you Samsung...) like I have now. So now I basically have an LCD TV that can't have burn-in, but it still has a pattern overlaying everything with even-colors I watch (like sports). Thus basically having the appearance of burn-in whenever watching football, hockey or playing games and you're not watching a static image.

  • veteraan 1983
    veteraan 1983

    Great tv 🔥👌👌👌