got7 bringing chaos to weekly idol
hey guys!! breath is so good i’m so so excited for last piece and the whole album, i cried so much youngjae really did that. don’t forget to stream breath today!! and watch got7 on weekly idol on 12/2/2020 at 5pm kst :)

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  • peachsvn

    hi to everyone who’s early! :)))

    • felix navidad
      felix navidad

      @Mónica OG your welcome !! ♡

    • Mónica OG
      Mónica OG

      @felix navidad thank u...🗣️🙌

    • felix navidad
      felix navidad

      @Mónica OG The outro song is also know as Arcade by Lakey inspired

    • peachsvn

      @Mónica OG i made it a while ago, i can’t remember sorry!

    • Yashaswi

      Congratulation @peachsvn for 8k subs!!!

  • sweet dreams
    sweet dreams

    Well if they don't, then i won't be stanning them so hard

  • Azaria Chaney
    Azaria Chaney

    Jinyoung looks like somebody father 💀

  • Cristina S.
    Cristina S.

    Ando sad por las vistas en Breath y Last Piece : ( vamosss birdsss stream stream stream

  • Deanna R
    Deanna R

    The Keke Palmer clip thooo....🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • KelsiMarie

    "*escorts jb out*" hahaha I was laughing so hard

  • nadia duenas
    nadia duenas

    LMAOAOA got7 being chaotic asf will always be funny 😭✋ theres never been a time where these mfs could sit still 😩 we stan

  • Our sunshine Jhope
    Our sunshine Jhope

    Thank very much vidéo got7. Please continue vidéo bambam moments funny please

  • Our sunshine Jhope
    Our sunshine Jhope

    Please continue vidéo bambam moments funny

  • Pika Mariposa
    Pika Mariposa

    I'm laughing so hard when they put filter on jb's part🤣🤣

  • Kattleya Ygat
    Kattleya Ygat

    They are so messy I love it 😂😂

  • NekoGrace 79
    NekoGrace 79

    They are a hot mess

  • angel_ icaaa
    angel_ icaaa

    pls support their song BREATH and LAST PIECE.. lets support the boys until the end

  • angel_ icaaa
    angel_ icaaa

    pls support their song BREATH and LAST PIECE.. lets support the boys until the end

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung

    BamBam hair see veryold

  • Aysha Sumaiya
    Aysha Sumaiya

    They are such a mass 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tanya Krotowa
    Tanya Krotowa

    Those filters

  • Poransona Tongchangya
    Poransona Tongchangya

    I find them really noisy and cheerful , so I like them

  • Len

    the jjp is strong in this one

  • Okaydaaar Lynn
    Okaydaaar Lynn

    They are so chaotic i love it

  • Marriam Zafar
    Marriam Zafar

    Is JB okay 😂

  • mel

    does anyone know the outro music?

  • Yi Yan TSE
    Yi Yan TSE

    I mean.. I was focusing on the video... but the kahoot bgm was really distracting QAQ

  • stella yocente
    stella yocente

    Bambam is a mood 1:30

  • Yeon&Yeon

    2:39 WDYM

  • Pooja Ganguly
    Pooja Ganguly

    Got7...nay... Its RIOT7...bitches!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mariana Alvarez
    Mariana Alvarez

    When is this so going to be released?

  • Camelia Garcia
    Camelia Garcia

    When will it air ?

  • syarifah

    ok but jackson with headband >>>>>>>

  • Sky King
    Sky King

    Got7 x Suju interactions are always the best so I'm so excited for this episode and how absolutely insane its gonna be

  • Stoic Nick
    Stoic Nick

    Can I just say I miss them all but I just realize how much I missed JB being hyper for no reason lol

  • wei's lanzhan
    wei's lanzhan

    Jaebeom is gonna break his neck like that 1:47

  • Umu Salamah
    Umu Salamah

    got7 is funny boygroup😭😭💚

  • Lakura Art
    Lakura Art

    Mann Jinyoung's clothes are struggling dont u think?

  • Blessing Ajah
    Blessing Ajah

    Goshhhh😍see my ultimate bias groups their chemistry still on point

  • londraflex

    it wouldn't be got7 if they weren't chaotic

  • TheLazyEgg

    6 dislikes is GOT5 on 5 accounts and Yugbam on 1 acc

  • BeWithYou

    Super sexy aegyo is simply too much for me. 😂😂 The inside jokes are getting more chaotic every comeback

  • v

    I missed their crazy asses

  • Sahar Zubedat
    Sahar Zubedat

    Been awhile since i got to see them in program 🥰

  • Kailane Sampaio
    Kailane Sampaio


  • Baako Jernigan
    Baako Jernigan

    I love how chill Eunhyuk is bc Suju is just as messy and he's used to it 😂😂

  • Mariane Germann
    Mariane Germann

    The clownery season its open my friends

  • pavithra subramaniam
    pavithra subramaniam

    After come back, weekly idol without got7 is meaningless.

  • Momento Pictography
    Momento Pictography

    See the thumbnail, already laugh like a horse..hahaha

  • Dmi serv
    Dmi serv

    JY:plz don’t come here😂 Poor JB ☺️ GoT7 forever!!!

  • Mikka Ella Abias
    Mikka Ella Abias

    Bambam looks so disgusted and I am loving it🤣🤣🤣

  • Christian Rostata
    Christian Rostata


  • Goggle's Cache
    Goggle's Cache

    I live for Bammie's reaction while JB did the super aegyo. Lol

  • Sophie Yamamori
    Sophie Yamamori

    So happy that they are back again bringing some cute chaos to the kpop industry😂😂🥰🥰🥰

  • Martha Soho
    Martha Soho

    Kahoot’s song is a must-have

  • portolo

    4:15 got6 keeps interrupting JB, ofc he's gotta get his revenge

  • b

    They're so naturally funny I love them so much

  • kutesa prossy
    kutesa prossy

    The happiest grp

  • Nana Yoon
    Nana Yoon

    they just got back and they already have a new meme/inside joke. GOT7 only.

  • Kyla Jane Echaure
    Kyla Jane Echaure

    What Got7? We only know Chaos7! 😂 And ooh lala, look at those biceps Jinyoung so handsome!!!!! 🤩

  • Lu

    I swear to God BamBam is my wrecked bias 🤧🖤

  • talitha s n
    talitha s n

    what is that song in the last of the vid?

  • Mochi _7
    Mochi _7

    They really be chaos7 😂😂😂😂

  • nami

    bambam's ew 😭😂

  • ibangtanct

    it feels so refreshing to see them again 💃

  • Juee Katkar
    Juee Katkar

    BamBam grew up.....lmao

  • Mai Linh
    Mai Linh

    It just a preview, and it already this mess. I’m gonna need some pills for headache while watching this 🙃

  • eclipse

    The filters at the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they’re comedy geniuses 😂

  • Harkirpa Kaur
    Harkirpa Kaur

    The fact that this video is over 5 mins long and this was just like a premiere of the whole episode

  • Tahitian Flower
    Tahitian Flower

    They’re so funny! They can’t let each other Breath, neither let JB live without a ‘Super sexy aegyo pls!’ on the back, haha!

  • Aaliyah flores
    Aaliyah flores

    What will they do on weekly idol I’m so confused will they have like a lil serie or sum

  • YM 127
    YM 127

    JB’s the best leader while the one who leads GOT7 to be chaotic LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI

  • Ayesha Nasir
    Ayesha Nasir

    Lol... I can't when Jackson literally escorts JB out at 4:31 😂

  • sAyNdAyrA

    This is the era is literally just the SUPER SEXY AEGYO ERA

  • Teresa Tulafono
    Teresa Tulafono

    Is Jackson and Jinyoung not that close anymore? They seem awkward.

  • laide's GlamFactory
    laide's GlamFactory

    Okay...but.. uhmm..Why does their dressing and hairstyles make it look like this video was from 10 years ago. I don't understand. Theyve all looked better. Anyway I genuinely enjoy seeing anything they are in because frankly, they are always a joy to watch so whatever..gonna enjoy this anyway ❤💋

  • Aufa Maryam
    Aufa Maryam

    when will this episodereleased??

  • v lue
    v lue

    A whole video already and the episode is not out yet lol

  • Xylia

    I don't think there's enough of words to explain how much I missed them.

  • DeadPurpleStar

    3:38 주헌 다고?? O:)

  • DeadPurpleStar

    a bit before 3:40 did someone say Jooheon when BAMBAM was like omg this is my first time doing aegyo how do I DO IT ;o

  • Gina C
    Gina C

    I love my dorks so much😊😊💕

  • kruti jhala
    kruti jhala

    here while spinning breath. PLEASE SPIN BREATH

  • Jonariza Lyka DJ. Sanchez
    Jonariza Lyka DJ. Sanchez

    When is jinyoung become buff? Hell he's hot 🔥😍

  • sungchan sexual
    sungchan sexual

    who is cameraman?

    • sungchan sexual
      sungchan sexual

      other mc?

  • JoannaVlogs

    Why is it Jackson Wang is so silent here 🤗😆 I can't accept this. HAHAHA I spent my months by watching his craziness videos 😆

  • 52 Nambiar Tanvi
    52 Nambiar Tanvi

    JB : haircut gone wrong 😂 He's still so cute! 💛

  • V Ha
    V Ha

    Am I hearing it wrong or is that kahoot music to boost thess chaotic moments?

  • Gragala Kaisel
    Gragala Kaisel

    When JB get asked to do aegyo by the members Old JB: Gets mad and constantly refuse New JB: Obediently comply LOL

    • Jaeboem Memebum
      Jaeboem Memebum

      Bc he know that his members won't let him live 😂🤣


    Why is jackson so whipped for hyukjae :)

  • Haikal Ihsan
    Haikal Ihsan

    KAHOOT theme Song hahahaha

  • Amirthaa M
    Amirthaa M

    Your edit makes this 10x funnier

  • Jel

    Got7 and the hosts were having the time of their life while the staffs and the filming crew were all nervous wondering what mess and chaos are they bringing now. Hahaha GOT7 always sets the record hahaha first ever kpop group to use filters in weekly idol. Whatever i love them the most... GOT7 be like: perfect idol image what?! Their happiness matters most.

    • angel_ icaaa
      angel_ icaaa

      pls support their song BREATH and LAST PIECE.. lets support the boys until the end

  • Noha Ela
    Noha Ela

    When's the episode coming out??

    • peachsvn

      december 2nd at 5pm kst


    *Chaos who? I only know GOT7*

  • Esther Ricky
    Esther Ricky

    ive missed our chaotic boys 😭

  • Blorp


  • Roh vru
    Roh vru

    I wheezed at 1:42 😂 Why is he like this? *Unapologetically Dorky!*

  • sreyes

    i missed them too much😭

  • Eun Byeol Go
    Eun Byeol Go

    This is just the teaser but it's already super funny. Lollll

  • Everyday is cat
    Everyday is cat

    You can hear kwanghee and eunhyuk keeps laughing in the background bc of them lmaoo

  • E.D.R.ArendyaG7 Firnen
    E.D.R.ArendyaG7 Firnen

    I just hope that this time atleast JYP gives more attention to then and promotes them properly😑

  • Kapi Niutupea
    Kapi Niutupea

    Like usual, no? - no....

  • felix's freckles
    felix's freckles

    jaebeom always looks for jinyoung after he does something embarrassing just to go hug him and it's the softest thing ever

    • angel_ icaaa
      angel_ icaaa

      pls support their song BREATH and LAST PIECE.. lets support the boys until the end

    • Blessing Ajah
      Blessing Ajah

      I do love them