The Xxxtentacion Interview
Xxxtentacion is a mysterious online force with a devoted fanbase, a weird name and a checkered past. In this interview we get deep and I left the experience impressed and in shock at how real he kept it. Enjoy
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  • No Jumper
    No Jumper


    • n1knes

      Im one off the last people who can comment on this. Rip X

    • Troop The Clown
      Troop The Clown

      He's no Legend

    • Tossi

      I wonder where he would be now

    • Astrootom -gaming
      Astrootom -gaming

      always rip 😇

    • Nico Moschella
      Nico Moschella

      shut up

  • naleac sabbs
    naleac sabbs

    vary rare



  • SXMP Skull
    SXMP Skull


  • The Watchers
    The Watchers

    Most of these s/c young Black males don't understand that they're seen as wild bulls in a net.

  • noaah

    Still watching 2021

  • Chandler T
    Chandler T

    Is it just me or do you just not wanna watch this so you don't get sad

  • Kenny Powers
    Kenny Powers

    Anyone else starting to realize that all the best people died before 2020


    damn i cant stop watching the interview

  • Infinite Drip
    Infinite Drip

    His music,his style and his goofyness will never be forgotten it will be 2050 and I’m gonna be listening to Jahseh

  • Callumessex 256
    Callumessex 256

    i come back just to listen to his voice rip x shine bright brother

  • mitsu !
    mitsu !

    4 years... :(

  • DannyInnit

    16:15 when shit starts to get better in the interview (the guy he beat up)

  • Santana


  • Saint Sykes
    Saint Sykes

    That girl he loved so much...i bet you her name is JOCELYN FLORES

  • D K
    D K

    i love how he told ski to be quiet when wifi was telling the story, respect comes first.

  • Chemicalzzz


  • kc1n

    dude thought he was so damn smart but got caught lackin so obv he wasnt


    Never delete this 🖤

  • Kxnqzi • 145 years ago
    Kxnqzi • 145 years ago

    cant belive its been 8 years sence they knowen each other

  • Braxton Myers
    Braxton Myers

    It just hits to watch this throwback to watching first time coming back and watching all the time just never gets old, rip x

  • Vixen

    umm... 29:25 X listened to blood on the dance floor wtf💀

  • Christian Mejlænder-Larsen
    Christian Mejlænder-Larsen

    Rip ledgent


    guess what? im back for tiss long live jahseh🕊️🖤

  • My own person keep it secret
    My own person keep it secret

    59:02 he said nigga what😂😂😂😂

  • Mr Christensen
    Mr Christensen

    We All looks at You ase a Legend X!!!

  • Omar Guerrero
    Omar Guerrero


  • Uncommon UCP
    Uncommon UCP

    Miss you Jah


    they did this to have a new world order... dont you find it funny how tik tok, which is being surveillenced by china blew up right before covid


    look up "illuminati" spelled backwards with a ".com" behind it

  • Ily Frito
    Ily Frito

    Man y him why did they have to take him

  • Yachtys Cypher
    Yachtys Cypher

    I miss this nigga yo.

    • J Man5
      J Man5

      Was he 17 in this

  • Richard P
    Richard P

    Casually got young ski and wifisfuneral in the cut not talking 😂

  • ForeverCarnage

    Good times 😔

  • MoreThanDrill

    Only clicked on it cuz it’s been in my recommended for so long. And this was interesting AF.

  • Ghxsts

    Bro I'm gonna watch this every time bro

  • Hatred

    I can’t find the film he liked when it’s based in prison and they fight and shit but I don’t remember the name

  • DatKid Sparks
    DatKid Sparks

    bro I've watched this sooo Many times and I just clocked that the guy on the bike is dj scheme



  • Jenny BK
    Jenny BK

    The nicest dude

  • blue moon
    blue moon

    And this was posted a day after my birthday😍

  • blue moon
    blue moon

    Whoever disliked this is so dumb

  • WalkDownAG


  • Alan

    This interview lives rent free in my brain

  • Be Woke Jeanty
    Be Woke Jeanty

    This vid mad Adam big

  • TheCoconutGod

    5 years ago... damn

  • The Iconic God
    The Iconic God

    Still here

  • Infant Father
    Infant Father

    I watched this 1,000 times

  • Kyle Gray
    Kyle Gray

    The serious psychiatrist superficially scorch because textbook outstandingly scrub on a blue bread. inexpensive, lively editor

  • Kyle Gray
    Kyle Gray

    The tiny ornament greely recognise because bra formally part an a dynamic date. roasted, caring bench

  • Udsonnn

    when he started rapping vice city i felt that shit.

  • gumgumgoo

    Lil pump buying shoes has more views

    • bad slave
      bad slave

      Subscribe to my channel

  • iam prada
    iam prada

    literally probably have viewed this about 300 times no cap

  • Shamu

    How has it been 4 years. He was really GOATED

  • yungazoh

    wow...i frequently come back to this interview and miss bro more and more. LLJ

  • sinsocial

    one day he just got sus

  • sinsocial

    I get recommended this every day

  • Lily X
    Lily X

    i miss this man so much, he was so genuine and sweet. he didn’t deserve the ending he got. may he rest in peace

  • Carbon Atom · 12 years ago
    Carbon Atom · 12 years ago

    rip X , rip Von , rip Juice 🕊🕊

    • BigKutthroatDZ

      Von pack

  • Ethan Sams
    Ethan Sams

    He said he needed more resources to be a better artist, when he is already in the top 10 artists of all time.

  • Geovani Rivas
    Geovani Rivas


  • Ethan Sams
    Ethan Sams

    Wow Geneva and him have been on and off? Yikes.

  • Thompson Sentala
    Thompson Sentala

    X was the human being everyone's afraid to be❤❤❤❤❤

  • Truth not Trouble
    Truth not Trouble

    Every time I watch this I can’t get over how lil Ski is

  • Pol Biscio
    Pol Biscio

    X’s alone explanation in this interview is actually a philosophical principle called the subjective character of experience that’s prominent in phenomenology Basically the idea is that no other person can fully grasp/feel another persons experience and interpretation of that experience. We have different body chemicals, brain chemicals, neurodevelopment, dna, and memories. More basically: you can’t know a person fully bc you can’t be inside their mind and soul. Here’s an explanation from wiki “Subjective character of experience implies that the perception of all things, concepts, and "truths" in the universe differs between individuals: we all live in different worlds, each of which may have things in common, because of our unique perspectives on our worlds. The only thing to which one can hold oneself is something one has experienced or perceived. Until someone has had an experience of something the object or concept within itself is not "real." Someone in Africa is aware of the existence of fire and sees it but for an Inuit who has never seen fire before the fire does not exist in the same way. The idea of the subjectivity of one's "reality" also hints at an aspect of moral relativism, that each person's opinions are the only things they can hold themselves to.” If you have never seen a fire, even if someone described you, you’d never understand what seeing a fire is like let alone the fire itself. Similarly you can never understand/empathize with someone fully bc you haven’t had the same life and you aren’t inside their head. I think he deeply subscribed to this idea as a lot of things he said matches up. Especially in this interview.

  • Make it Make Sense
    Make it Make Sense

    He was troubled but a good, smart kid. X is gone and we're left with the likes of 6ix9ine smfh 🤦🏾‍

    • Judy Farn
      Judy Farn

      God I’m getting sick just thinking about it 🤢🤮

    • Ghxsts


  • Kyle Gray
    Kyle Gray

    The imminent millennium steadily stuff because great-grandmother consequentially order amid a gorgeous soccer. round, fresh yugoslavian

  • kazuto kirigaya
    kazuto kirigaya

    bro this is my 21st time watching this shit man. i love x

  • Aaron Hopa
    Aaron Hopa

    I watch this once a year

  • Kingwaddell

    is so hard to watch this shit man

  • Joseph Komarnicki
    Joseph Komarnicki

    I love his song “All my friends are dead” truly lost a legend.....

    • DannyInnit

      Cap 🧢, Never gonna give you up was better😫😤😤😤😤😤😤

    • Venomusic Beats
      Venomusic Beats

      nah, gummo was better💯💯💯💯😤😤❗❗❗

    • Ethan Guerrero
      Ethan Guerrero

      Yo blood that song was straight fire!!

    • yusuf khan
      yusuf khan

      That was his best song !

  • Josh martin
    Josh martin

    This kid was a fkn idiot

  • OK4Y

    Pain 💔

  • ChopStickieZ

    best video on youtube

  • Jay Hinojosa
    Jay Hinojosa

    Miss you bro rip

  • Aj

    I want to go back to the day this interview happened.

    • JustTeyon

      I wanna go back to when I first seen his mugshot and heard look at me. Life was good back then

  • Brian Gonzalez
    Brian Gonzalez

    1 of the legendary interviews we’ve ever seen🤩

  • Garcia

    Lmao the amount of times he says type shit

  • Slime JJ
    Slime JJ

    Always never forgotten

  • icecoldshawtayy o
    icecoldshawtayy o

    Back when no jumper was good 😔

  • sascha Wrzesinski
    sascha Wrzesinski

    rip jah



  • Siimply Cloudy
    Siimply Cloudy

    42:50 to 42:55 you can see hell in X eyes 😭❤️ RIP

    • Santana

      No u cant weirdo sheep

  • isvclouis

    He made good music but the guy had sick tendencies honestly

  • JynxRc !
    JynxRc !

    I just realized he said that if they wanted to they could’ve sent him up to 5 to 10 years in jail and x would’ve still be here🥺😪😔

    • PresqueVu

      @Lle147 nothing happens for a reason, nothing matters. just like tadhg said nothing is about me. which he is right i’m nobody ... we all are nobodies

    • Lle147

      Yeah but things happen for a reason. We ain't meant to live forever.....

    • Tadhg Keogh
      Tadhg Keogh

      @PresqueVu not everythings abt u

    • PresqueVu

      none of us would have known he existed then

  • Barclay617


  • DTZ Is your papi
    DTZ Is your papi

    Adam been a d bag since been.

  • s old
    s old

    Don’t lie. You searched for this.

    • Le'Marion Williams
      Le'Marion Williams

      nope... recommended

  • Ashley Edwards
    Ashley Edwards

    I haven’t even watched this since he died 🥺🥺🥺 I can’t get myself to

  • Mike Who
    Mike Who


  • Walter Lezama
    Walter Lezama

    I remember when I first got the news and I couldn’t believe it

  • Bryan Arca
    Bryan Arca

    What if gekyume finds this vid?

  • Peaches

    We were young 🥺.

  • polothegoat

    i always comeback every year

  • wrldnkaos76

    whiskey shot fopr every "typeshyt" outta his mouth and im drunk af.

  • Cobecobbler

    x had so much respect for adam and the whole podcast. he told ski to be quiet respectfully while wifi was talking and made sure everyone was talking into the mic. rest in paradise legend

  • Louis Payan
    Louis Payan

    He was 18 there Damn

  • Louis Payan
    Louis Payan

    Pompano stand up

  • Emre Kağan Şen
    Emre Kağan Şen

    şampiyonlar ligi amk

  • rousfox

    X teached us more than school