PS5: 3 Months Later Review
So it’s been 3 months since I picked up the PS5 at launch, and although it’s been a great next-gen console, it’s not been 100% perfect. This is my 3 months later, honest review of the PlayStation 5. What I like, dislike, what I’d change and what issues I’ve had.
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We’ll take a look at the PS5 DualSense controller, games, UI, speed, memory and loads more. So if you're thinking "should I buy a PS5?", let me try and answer that today with my experience so far. Also, ask me ANYTHING and I'll get back to you.
Ultimately, would I recommend getting a PS5 and is it worth upgrading from the PS4/PS4 Pro? #PlayStation5 #PS5 #Review
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00:00 Hello PS5!
00:33 DualSense Controller
02:52 PS5 Games and Gameplay
04:29 Stereo Shows
06:02 PS4 Games and PS+
07:55 Speed and Game Switcher
10:04 Available Memory and SSD options
10:50 Console Style and Looks
11:34 UI, Library and Settings
13:26 Improvements
15:08 Issues and Faults
16:58 Accessories
17:56 Should you buy a PS5?
18:57 Thanks for Watching!
Thanks for watching, Chris.
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  • SpawnPoiint

    Who's managed (or still trying) to get a PS5?

    • Matt Ball
      Matt Ball

      Managed to get one at the start of the week. Walked into my local Argos on the off chance and they had one console in stock 😂

    • Zander

      I'm just gonna wait a while until they stop doing ps4 games and the ps5's go down in price. Really can't see the point in spending so much time and energy in trying to get it.

    • Papa Rao Reyya
      Papa Rao Reyya

      I need it please

    • Papa Rao Reyya
      Papa Rao Reyya

      Bro could u sell me ur old PS4 please

    • Papa Rao Reyya
      Papa Rao Reyya


  • Albin

    I would like to get one but is still out of stock in my area and the other options are scalpers, I refuse to pay more to get the console.

  • The BREAKZ
    The BREAKZ

    Bro i cant stans ur tv being a few cm off

  • Giovanni Chavarin
    Giovanni Chavarin

    Hey I like your ps4 wallpaper, how can I get it, or what’s the name?

  • daniel urias
    daniel urias

    Ps5 sucks. I'm not happy with it. I got one of the newest tv by Samsung and it still sucks. The only thing that I do like is that it loads games faster..

  • Coeus

    I dont know a single person who has a ps5. All my friends have given up and I think we're all migrating to PC lol

  • Matthew Vaughn
    Matthew Vaughn

    satisfying vacuumed carpet lines

    • SpawnPoiint

      Haha thank you

  • LegitDaddy

    I forgot the ps5 was out LOL.

  • Dark Fang
    Dark Fang

    Ps5 is amazing man no doubt about it Sony really smashed in terms of next gen I've managed to find a ps5 and It should get here by tomorrow 😀 who's looking forward to battlefield 6 ? 😌

  • Richard L
    Richard L

    It's ok, I still play my switch more since I can play it anywhere, maybe the portability factor really takes it home

  • Juandre Davidtz
    Juandre Davidtz

    Just got my PS5 and it also crashes when playing Cold War. How did you fix yours ?

    • Juandre Davidtz
      Juandre Davidtz

      I updated the console and it is still freezing when i'm playing cold war

    • Juandre Davidtz
      Juandre Davidtz

      @SpawnPoiint Thanks man I hope it works ✌🏻

    • SpawnPoiint

      For me it was the PS5 updates at the time, so after a few weeks it sorted itself out. Make sure you're on the latest update (another update is coming today/tomorrow too).

  • luevas

    I'm not buying a PS5 until Sony launches an updated model with at least double the storage capacity. My 512gb PS4 is enough of a headache with it's last gen file sizes, so I can't imagine how quickly the launch model's tiny SSD will fill up.


    Still waiting...... dam Sony sucks ass

  • Amiee Ball
    Amiee Ball

    Still trying to get my hands on a ps5 since the release date i gave my ps4 to an 8year old that’s never had a Game console before thinking I would get a ps5 on its release oh well at least the kids having fun thats all that matters I have never seen something so impossible to get a hold of. Let’s hope we all manage to buy one by 2022 lol

  • Amiee Ball
    Amiee Ball

    Nice ps5 👍

  • wolves x
    wolves x

    The Ps5 is amazing. Only complaint is the limited storage but an external hard drive would easily fix that

  • Rikambura Mbarandonngo
    Rikambura Mbarandonngo

    Nice ps5

  • Junet Roberto
    Junet Roberto

    You warned me about the features the PlayStation 5 has. Now that I am playing it, I stopped playing just to watch this video. You got a new liker and subscriber!

    • Junet Roberto
      Junet Roberto

      @SpawnPoiint You're welcome.

    • SpawnPoiint

      Thanks for the support Junet.

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith

    Thanks for showing the trigger pull on the adaptive triggers - that looks amazing!

    • SpawnPoiint

      No worries mate, thanks for watching too.

  • Dr. Who
    Dr. Who

    The touchpad on the DualShock 4 and dual sense are just a gimmick. The only time I used it on the PS4 (bear in mind I havent played many games) was on infamous second son (great game and inexpensive), which was a PS exclusive.

  • screaming mo
    screaming mo

    Nice ps5

    • SpawnPoiint

      Thanks dude

  • Markel Morin
    Markel Morin

    What TV is that?

    • Markel Morin
      Markel Morin

      @SpawnPoiint thanks

    • SpawnPoiint

      This is the LG CX mate.

  • J BOMB
    J BOMB

    Nice ps5

    • SpawnPoiint

      Good luck mate. The PS5 is worth the wait.

    • J BOMB
      J BOMB

      @SpawnPoiint it annoying because on my UZload I uploaded two things and it wouldn’t let me upload anything else like when I got a x9 multi kill on call of duty Cold War

    • J BOMB
      J BOMB

      @SpawnPoiint I have subscribed out the notification bell on and obviously as you saw put the comment of nice ps5

    • J BOMB
      J BOMB

      @SpawnPoiint thanks I really want a ps5 because I see loads of other people have it and I don’t

    • J BOMB
      J BOMB

      I have a PS4 but I lag and glitch quit a lot

  • roblox oofingman
    roblox oofingman

    Nice ps5

  • slice of bass
    slice of bass

    Ps5 ? Lol im already in the cloud who needs a console when you can play all these games on your phone 🤣 Consoles are dead

  • Crafty Mango2
    Crafty Mango2

    Where did u get the logos from

  • sam dragon
    sam dragon

    Yo I got ps5 from a giveaway and disk one and 23 games no flex

  • cool Gamer190
    cool Gamer190

    NICE PS5

  • Kauko

    Drive space is pathetic... and especially in 2021 when its so cheap to get a SSD...

    • SpawnPoiint


  • Cool Dog Playzz
    Cool Dog Playzz

    xbox series x loads faster than PS5 but I want PS5 because it's not a big box like the Xbox Series X

  • ک Izafishy
    ک Izafishy


  • Iman Nazar
    Iman Nazar

    NICE PS5!!!!!!

  • Val A
    Val A

    Can you share your game tv settings? Is that HGIG or DTM? Medium or warm color tone? Thanks!

  • Taina Edwards
    Taina Edwards

    I wanna see jak n daxter remake when daxter actually turns back to normal

  • DudeOfTheWeek

    Hey Spawnpoint,I love your background/theme on your ps4! What is it? The one with the scenery and the sunlight breaking through? :)

  • TheFabbening

    idk why but i feel like i've heard this guy's voice in the form of other youtubers lol

    • SpawnPoiint

      Is someone stealing my voice haha

  • Jan Stepan
    Jan Stepan

    I've got PS5 because they have the games I am playing but I really like what microsoft did with xbox

  • ꧁ Chloe Afton꧂
    ꧁ Chloe Afton꧂

    My dad said if my brother gets good grades me and my brother would get ps5’s

  • Hamany World!
    Hamany World!


  • Tran Khoa
    Tran Khoa

    The name of game in 4:06???

  • Sir Potato
    Sir Potato

    Did anybody even manage to buy one at msrp?

  • abid nisar
    abid nisar

    Nice 5

    • SpawnPoiint

      Thanks for watching.

  • MCM

    Ps5 released ps4 price decreased so ps3 is now affordable

  • TØP Sean
    TØP Sean

    One word legends say because of yesterday "Say away"

  • muhd farid
    muhd farid

    3 months later there's still no stock for PS5

    • SpawnPoiint

      I cannot believe it's this bad either mate!

  • Rick Philipsen
    Rick Philipsen

    How did/do he/you get those old school playstation colors in your logo on the facelate (photo of the video)

    • SpawnPoiint

      Check my 'Best PS5 Accessories' video mate :)

  • Dan Thompson Bateria
    Dan Thompson Bateria

    Nice video. What speakers are those?

    • SpawnPoiint

      Thanks, these are the Monitor Audio Bronze.

  • George Templeton
    George Templeton

    nice ps5

  • stuart conway
    stuart conway

    Sounds like Michael Owen

  • Tom Cabler
    Tom Cabler

    I'm getting mine on the 13th can't wait so excited love everything about it as far looks go and accessories that go with the console they really did a beautiful job!

  • melbojudoka

    Nice PS5

    • SpawnPoiint

      Thanks for watching mate.

  • Lord Seth
    Lord Seth

    Only Sony still lacks is memory storage.

  • milo lomi
    milo lomi

    what gets me ... people selling it fpr double thebprice what they bougth for their own sake soem buy 3 or for of them then selling it on ebay or mercari... and how is that i get the fact they want to earn money but that greedy ohh well it is what it is... still looking for one but not the over price🤣

  • XXX

    It’s powerful, especially for people who never gamed on a PC but the UI absolutely sucks ass. Very unintuitive and complicated. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but PS3 had the best cleanest and quickest UI.

  • Luke Johnston
    Luke Johnston

    Nice ps4

    • SpawnPoiint

      Close enough haha

    • Luke Johnston
      Luke Johnston

      I ment 5 lol

  • mister Speed
    mister Speed

    nice ps5

  • Lewis A
    Lewis A

    The money ain'’t the problem it's finding one in stock that is lmao 💀

    • Black Lyfe
      Black Lyfe

      Its both cause some places sell it 1.5% or more than what is cost both the digital and physical version

    • Lewis A
      Lewis A

      @fatemeh bigdeli dang lucky for you though.

    • fatemeh bigdeli
      fatemeh bigdeli

      Its the money for me cause there is a store in where i live and it has it

  • Dukey H
    Dukey H

    recently realised that with screen share you can watch your friend playing and they can watch you at the same time with pip, if you both screen share. also you can also listen to spotify at the same time. unlike ps4 you can now stream while listening to spotify

  • Jawad Hamdan
    Jawad Hamdan

    My PS4 is a airplane as soon as I turn it on lmaoo

  • AvarionUK

    Gotta be honest, had a PS5 for about 3 weeks now. Not impressed. Its a great console in terms of power don't get me wrong. But there are hardly any games for it. The only game that can show off PS5's ability is Astrobot's Playroom. Demon Souls graphically. That's really it. There are hardly any PS4 upgrades and PS4 game's run as poor as they did on a PS4 pro or sometimes worse. Don't expect any Playstation Plus Collection games to play any better than its predecessor. The UI is okay but feels a bit clunky and sometimes have to really think about where I need to navigate to get to trophies or downloads for example. It does make sense ish but PS4's UI just makes so much sense I feel like they have broken something that didn't need to be fixed. The store is speedy but they have got rid of a demo section so the only way you're going to be able to download Demo's IE Resi Village, you just have to know its there and look for it. PS4 to PS5 upgrades are confusing, you either have to press options on the game you're playing and make sure the game version is set to PS5, some games are automatically patched as a PS4 game with 'PS5 enhancements' but still identifies as a PS4 title or you find it in the store as a free upgrade or purchase. Which brings me onto my next point, I downloaded Control on PSPlus a few months ago on PS4. But because I added Control via PS4 and not my phone or a PS5 at the time as I didn't own one. I am not eligible for the PS5 version and therethore have to pay full price just to show off what the PS5 can do. Its an absolute mess and the only thing this PS5 is good for is no fan noise.

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel

    Gonna get the ps5 when I get my check found few of them hopefully I can get lucky

  • David Petrillo
    David Petrillo

    Do you recommend any settings for the 77 lg cx with the ps5

  • Ras Nya
    Ras Nya

    I'm not gonna lie I took a portion of my stimulus and overpaid for a ps5. It's was the ONLY way to insure that I'd get one & actually be able to afford it on my income. I ended up blessing someone $900 🤦🏿‍♂️ for the system that came with extra controller, Spiderman & the wireless ps5 headset. Just got it 3 days ago. I'M HAPPY BUT NOW I NEED A BETTER TV THAT I CAN'T AFFORD 🥺

  • xHavoc2009

    So I take that the adaptive triggers with shooter games is not limited to COD, and is the same with Fortnite or Apex Legends? Btw that driving game he kept playing is that Dirt 5 or something it looks cool.

  • Mrhibyez

    Hey dude, nice video thanks for that. Question about the position, I’ve got the ps5 same position as yours however doesn’t have so much space between ps5 and top side of the furniture. Got more space from left and right side but not much on top it’s very tight. Reckon it will cause a problem in the near future ? Thanks would be cool if you could reply

  • Zaim Rana
    Zaim Rana

    Awesome video mate Mine’s coming in about 10 days, hyped

  • souljahrick

    Got a PS5 on Wednesday. Loving the console so far as well as PS Now.

  • Muhafiz Mubashir
    Muhafiz Mubashir

    I am getting a ps5 soon becos I got good grades but it sold out in my country so I gotta wait for a long time :(

  • Mark Norville
    Mark Norville

    I have achieved the Platinum trophy and also 100% gamer score. I now have both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which was sort of the plan but in the long run, I never thought that I would have brought both consoles within the space of a week. My first time buying a Sony console since the PS3, which I hated, in fact I have hated all of Sony's consoles. However, this one is pretty good, the controller is Nintendo awesome as it is usually Nintendo that produces ground breaking hardware and Sony and Xbox try to follow them eventually. Astro's Playground is a great platformer, but if your controller breaks then pretty much the game is useless and it has been reported that a lot of controllers have been broken with about 200 hours worth of game play. I am looking at buying a wrap for the Xbox, as I really did not want to buy a black console, I was going to wait until they released a white version, however with a wrap that is going to save me having to upgrade in the future. Hard drive space on the PS5 is a MASSIVE issues, especially coming from the Xbox, where you can fit one or two more games on that hard drive. I would sooner have more storage than slightly faster load times. If you are new to PS Plus, then I was disappointed to start with, I thought that was where the games were, but you have to pay for PS now as well, so around £100 a year, the same roughly as Xbox. My Xbox and PS5 are both turned off, and I am bored now. The fun was not being able to buy them, and not taking no for an answer and stalking websites for weeks on end, refreshing the page every minute. However, once I finish this game on my PC, then I shall be doing more console gaming. If anyone wants to add me, my gamer tags are original - PS5 MarkNorville - Xbox Mark Norville. My OCD cannot handle that with Playstation you cannot have spaces :(

  • Ebbin Jones
    Ebbin Jones

    I have never filled up storage on a video game console Faster than this thing only 600 some gigabytes is a little absurd they need to come out with this SSD upgrade ASAP. Also the user interface is pretty horrible. But it’s a pretty dope machine minus those two issues

    • Jo Bloggs
      Jo Bloggs

      Just waiting for a 1tb ps5 model now

    • SpawnPoiint

      Totally agree mate. I’ve maxed the console and the external drive I have in it already haha

  • tzilla

    all ps5 owners, realize theres no difference from the ps4, other than faster load times...We expected more sony

    • TheOnlyHumanBeing

      Nope it has 60fps and 4k and demons souls which is ps5 exclusive

  • S.A plays
    S.A plays

    nice ps5

  • megacodex

    Did the sleepmode issue got fixed ?

  • call me sabrina
    call me sabrina

    damn why are you so rich

    • SpawnPoiint

      I’m not.

  • Michael kaufman
    Michael kaufman

    Nice PS five

  • Michael kaufman
    Michael kaufman

    Nice PS five

  • Usman Tariq
    Usman Tariq

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  • Tebo Freestyles
    Tebo Freestyles

    My ps5 just came in today and i gotta say, im satisfied with the features. Ps4; goodbye my old friend🥲🤪

  • J Dez
    J Dez


  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

    I bought a brand new and still sealed PS5 off a scalper last week for £570 only because i managed to sell my PS4 pro for £150 and because the scalper had amazing feedback on ebay. It also arrived next day by UPS. I gave in i just could not get a hold of one any other way.

  • Silv3rKill

    Can you join a PS4 Party on the ps5?

    • SpawnPoiint

      Yes you can.

  • William DiStasio
    William DiStasio

    What about the 130 games I've bought digitally for the PS4? Also, how many games can I have installed at the same time? Like on my PS4 slim, I can have like 5 or 6 before having to add storage.... Despite your answers, I'm STILL trying to buy a PS5. Trying to get a standard (disc)version for 3 months now and just cannot get my hands on one. I REFUSE to give anyone more than the MSRP which as you all know is $499 but I see them online for upwards of $1,050!! That's gross. Dirty fuckin scalping bastards! Anyway, great video mate. Cheers from Connecticut, U.S.A .

    • William DiStasio
      William DiStasio

      @SpawnPoiint thanks for the quick reply. Guess I'm sitting on my money til I can get one. Cheers.

    • SpawnPoiint

      I know, those prices are insane, and I hope no one pays over MSRP. But answering your questions, any digital games (well 99% of them) can be re-downloaded to the PS5. I've done this with loads of games already. I have about 9 games on the internal SSD drive, and then maybe 10-12 on the external SSD (1 TB). So I guess it depends on the game size.

  • Mogale Peta
    Mogale Peta

    Nice ps5

  • Mogale Peta
    Mogale Peta

    Nice ps4

  • TheOneAndOnlyNo1

    He forgot about smart delivery on xbox

  • EAC

    are you the guy who film all your videos on your phone

  • Half_Bloodx3

    7:15 I’ve actually had trouble with the saved data when you transfer all your ps4 games to the ps5 via Hard Drive. I’d say at least 20% of my games were able to download and I had like 50 games on there. Once you transfer the hard drive MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD SAVED DATA THROUGH ICLOUD!! I made a mistake and tried playing God of War without downloading my data and after I did that my data wouldn’t appear. Need to start all over now. Learn from my mistakes lol

  • Ethan LeChevalier
    Ethan LeChevalier

    nice ps5 hehehehehehe plz like

  • Kaz CR7
    Kaz CR7

    I’m acually really lucky cuz where I live ps5 is pretty Expensive and new so no one buys it except me .

  • C.S. Bailey
    C.S. Bailey

    Got mine today.... Haven't done much more than transfer files and start some downloads, so I can't say too much other than the internet on this thing SUCKS!!! I can put my Series S in sleep mode while downloading 100GB+ worth of games and go about business as regular when it comes to online. On my laptop I was having issues on a streaming site earlier, but thought it was just them. I come here, and I can't stream this video without buffering in 1440p. The way things are looking now, there's no way I can download games during the day with a kid doing school online and a wife working from home. Will do more tests on my day off.

  • ً

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  • ً

    Still not available 😂😂😂

  • red_egale_29 bro
    red_egale_29 bro

    I have the ps5 its good

  • R D
    R D

    I'll wait until the ps5 actually has ps5 games! I don't see the point on paying 400 quid to play ps4 games slightly upgraded

  • Stephanie Carlos
    Stephanie Carlos

    When it comes to online store hacks #AMAZON_HAC is the best,cause he got me a brand new PS5 which was delivered to my address, text him now on Instagram you might be next

  • Stephanie Carlos
    Stephanie Carlos

    A friend recommended me to Amazon_hac on Instagram and he got me a new PS5,text him on Instagram you could be next

  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle Iroh

    Nice PS5

    • SpawnPoiint

      Thanks for watching

  • Glenn Sullivan
    Glenn Sullivan

    I was more in Awe over your TV! I'm just about 2 months from getting the exact TV LGCX77" I'm so excited, I just have to pay off my LGCX 65" first and then I'm Off! Thanks for the review, love the setup!

    • SpawnPoiint

      Thank you mate. The C1 drops next month too.

  • MPR Ramage
    MPR Ramage

    Nice ps5! Mine’s coming tomorrow😁😁

    • SpawnPoiint

      Awesome. Enjoy mate.

  • Hadouken Hadouken
    Hadouken Hadouken

    Ps5 is the entry level to PC gaming. The PS6 will retail $899.99+

    • Stephanie Carlos
      Stephanie Carlos

      When it comes to online store hacks #AMAZON_HAC is the best,cause he got me a brand new PS5 which was delivered to my address, text him now on Instagram you might be