Destroying my Cameraman's Camera, Then Surprising Him With a NEW ONE!
I distracted my cameraman Noah and thought of the best way to prank him by destroying his camera.. But then I surprised him with a BRAND NEW ONE!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    if u dont subscribe ill destroy your most valuable item... jk but still subscribe ;)

    • Jazzy Vlogs
      Jazzy Vlogs

      Ugh ok 😳

    • UNBEAT3N

      Destroy my favorite item! PLEASE ITS MY Headphones

    • Jonathan Labib
      Jonathan Labib

      @Chef Pee Pee ikr

    • Brandon Correa
      Brandon Correa

      Lol my dad just beatme

    • Erick Moreno
      Erick Moreno

      I’m done

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton

    Ha ha ha 😂😂😂 this was hilarious

  • jose romocruz
    jose romocruz

    Hey faze I’m want to make it as a UZloadr and I really like the things Noah got at Best Buy also I have 175 dollars is that a great start also how much does cost for I can set my goal a that much money

  • Mireya montoya
    Mireya montoya


  • Maximilian Gogo
    Maximilian Gogo

    I actually feel bad for the Brocken camera 📸

  • Lui5_like _weasel
    Lui5_like _weasel

    done with ur Instagram and twitter

  • Catherine Ortiz
    Catherine Ortiz

    I loved the prank but it would be a bit better if you placed the sd card on the ground when you went down the escalator He would freak out No hate!! Ily rug

  • Buug2

    It really doesn’t matter if the camera costs 10 dollars. As long as Noah’s filming its amazing 💯

  • Thunderous RSN
    Thunderous RSN

    Noah is the best cameraman😇😇

  • jennee patin
    jennee patin

    Kaitlyn is a Golddigger

  • bannana man
    bannana man

    Faze rug: I’m not ganna rush it though Also Faze rug: 2:50 Btw I am not hating just pointing it out I thought it was funny

  • Probaconhairlolman1 and Luczmc In minecraft java
    Probaconhairlolman1 and Luczmc In minecraft java

    Joo u copied mrbeast

  • NL KIM
    NL KIM

    Movie quality🥰

  • Mclaren Bernales
    Mclaren Bernales

    I thought FaZe Rug nose is edit it's just to big 😂

  • Jacqueline Garcia
    Jacqueline Garcia

    I love Noah Sm🥺🥺🥺🥺 he’s so nice🥺🥺🥺

  • Gopy Tara
    Gopy Tara

    Is that a camera in the bathroom?🤔

  • celebvs mok
    celebvs mok

    Plot twist : Noah wasn't mad bc he will ask Brian for a new one and if he didn't buy him one he will not flim again Just kidding


    yo when Noah pooped his pants that happened to me but it was for the whole day and my name is Noah!

  • Jean Dulcio
    Jean Dulcio

    Done From dhar mann to win a ps5

  • Omar Radillo
    Omar Radillo

    Rug investing in himself by making the quality of his videos better

  • Flames Ftw
    Flames Ftw


  • SimplyD

    In that case I would have wish to get prank too 😂🤍👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Snow

    Rug is it true every youtuber clickbaits

  • Konstantis PRO
    Konstantis PRO

    Wait Noah have his own channel?

  • NSD Gamez
    NSD Gamez

    9:10 did I made your day better?

  • hope ashley
    hope ashley

    You and Kaelyn are for each other. She's so supportive of you and nice.

  • marivi benasa
    marivi benasa

    Noah ❤️😍🥰

  • Yeseniacarolina

    I saw ur dar man vid I loved it can u react to it plz pls

  • vincent mlungisi
    vincent mlungisi

    Faze Rug is girlfriend is really an Angel

  • Ross Reynolds
    Ross Reynolds

    Love ure vlogs from scotland

  • J1nXs

    Noah is the best

  • Cxshout Kash
    Cxshout Kash

    Done @4real_kash

  • joshua sanchez
    joshua sanchez

    The responsible clef only scream because bandana ultrastructurally pick worth a magnificent united kingdom. obscene, earthy tuna

  • Connor Saxton
    Connor Saxton

    Noah's mask be inside out

  • Panathas Gr
    Panathas Gr

    Next title: I broke my cameraman's leg and I surprised him with a wheelchair

    • melek & yasin fun
      melek & yasin fun


  • conner anderson
    conner anderson

    Noah is such a great person

  • Reza Vergara
    Reza Vergara

    i just wanna kick it with Faze he seems like a cool genuine dude with a good heart

  • Mia

    I had to see it all over again because I loved it

  • ABoogie_YT Backup
    ABoogie_YT Backup

    Done, insta a._.boog God blessed.

  • Kishy Campbell
    Kishy Campbell

    Done and it is okay if I don't win I will move forward.

  • Pedrito Lata
    Pedrito Lata

    * gets a new camera* Then he breaks it by accident

  • Kareem 95 Musaitef
    Kareem 95 Musaitef


  • Ahammed Samir
    Ahammed Samir

    Best pranks of all.

  • احمد٣٣٣٦owayed 58969833362211
    احمد٣٣٣٦owayed 58969833362211


  • Dragonball Reacts
    Dragonball Reacts

    Can you guys please sub to my channel

  • Miao Wong
    Miao Wong

    Done ,"we weren't just telling stories , we're changing lives" - Dhar Mann

  • Aditya Boxer
    Aditya Boxer

    You really give a way lot of things ??? I need iphone any because i never use it but butt but I'll pay for that after 7 years because my financial condition is not good wright now 😅😅😅💰😥

  • Redha


  • gtx rudraksh
    gtx rudraksh

    Fazerug is like mrbeast lite 😂

  • Lavin Aafar
    Lavin Aafar

    Everyone say hi to my commet so i can say hi!

  • Mohammed KQ
    Mohammed KQ


  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez

    y’all remember faze rain saying the first time he smoked was bc a “homie” guessed the same number as him😂 js

  • Stepan Rak
    Stepan Rak

    Noah is great he didn't even started shouting just said accidents happen

  • alt Mohammed Talal
    alt Mohammed Talal

    You are so kind and generous

  • James Chadwick
    James Chadwick

    (= so scripted

  • Suhail Nayyer
    Suhail Nayyer


  • Lenis-welp-picker

    Killing his mom and surprising him with a new one

  • Daniel Andrade
    Daniel Andrade

    Your nice 👍

  • Andrew Zumout
    Andrew Zumout

    6 Fuking Ads bro like

    • Lenis-welp-picker

      @Andrew Zumout true

    • Andrew Zumout
      Andrew Zumout

      @Lenis-welp-picker Yeah i know but wwe i long this was a short video

    • Lenis-welp-picker

      Wwe is worse with ads I got 7 before they even got in the ring

  • Joshua Gorden
    Joshua Gorden

    I love how Noah reacts all good. The best friend n way he could react to his friend accidentally breaking something. That was awesome. Shout out to Noah

  • Johnny

    You can see Noah look at rugs gf before he even tells him

  • Daniel Katisya
    Daniel Katisya

    have a boxing match with anyone in the faze clan house or do sport i want to see who is the best in the faze clan i think it is faze rug plz pin my commet

  • Graciela Ostiguin
    Graciela Ostiguin


  • Luke Winton
    Luke Winton

    I am a big fan I subscribed to you

  • Minu Ghimiray
    Minu Ghimiray

    Done subscribing u and dhar

  • Benny Roake
    Benny Roake

    What you came for is at 9:16 You can thank me later 😉

    • Lenis-welp-picker

      I thank you

  • Marilu Villa
    Marilu Villa

    I subscribed

  • Adam Burnes
    Adam Burnes

    Noah looks cooked lmao

  • a.

    I love how he just says its fine bro i love him

  • TCViBeZ

    Noah should get that strap for the cameras

  • Bindu K
    Bindu K

    Imagin if kaelyn drop her phone while filming😂

  • That Hockey Fan
    That Hockey Fan

  • Adrian Salas
    Adrian Salas

    this vid was a good one but i want yall to do a vid like....STAYING 24 HOURS IN A TRAMPOLIEN PLACE

  • vedu.06

    Noah screaming YES made me die on the floor laughing.


    Aww Noah is so nice

  • Totally not dabi King dabi
    Totally not dabi King dabi


  • Aiden Vo
    Aiden Vo


  • Aiden Vo
    Aiden Vo


  • Jones Smith
    Jones Smith

    you do nice things in crazy lol

  • Jones Smith
    Jones Smith

    im subscribed btw you are the best i love this vid

  • Cristina Cruz
    Cristina Cruz

    Hi faz rug

  • Nooh Nagi
    Nooh Nagi

    is it just me or did i see a wakitaki at the top right at 0.06

  • Gabby Martinez
    Gabby Martinez

    What camera was that lol ? Just subscribed 😂

  • Linos RBLX
    Linos RBLX

    The prank is infinite

  • Vortec Fabian
    Vortec Fabian

    Bro that new camera looks really good

  • Ruby Marsh
    Ruby Marsh

    Noah is such a nice guy the way he didn’t get angry when rug dropped the camera and offered to share The new camera in the vids

  • Dennis Yash
    Dennis Yash

    Daze rug is the best UZload I channel I ever saw, !

  • Giacomo Loffsner
    Giacomo Loffsner

    You sound like a lil bitch when you say “iM nOt EvEn sUpPoSEd tO bE fiLmiNg iTs aN oFf dAy” like shut up we literally bought you that house 😭 all u have to do is stand there with a camera

  • No Name
    No Name

    Throws new camera off escalator

  • No Name
    No Name

    On the way up he drops *his* camera...

  • Luis Andres Martinez
    Luis Andres Martinez

    I was there lol but I didn’t want to bother no cap

  • carlos cuasmayan
    carlos cuasmayan

    The reminiscent feeling optically guide because hub formally curl afore a rampant cancer. fast, boring freon

  • Wtf3mily

    Lmao your mall is so dry💀😭

  • Dennis

    Faze rug: I am not going to rush him Also faze rug: should we go to the mall

  • calzoni

    This isn’t a prank cuz he actually dropped it

  • John Letandre
    John Letandre


  • Ernesto Nas
    Ernesto Nas

    Done for the ps5 on dhar mann

  • Jennifer Ayers
    Jennifer Ayers

    What’s up guys FaZe Rug here and today. Man that never gets old

  • Angel Andrade
    Angel Andrade

    Bro I read both of their minds I said five before they said it. Weird flex but ok 👌

  • Andrey Austin
    Andrey Austin