Fans React to The Mandalorian Chapter 16: "The Rescue"
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  • Christian Peterson
    Christian Peterson

    Fans? crap....

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson

    Everyone: R2 and Grogu are gonna be such good friends! Me: That kid is gonna learn how to cuss *soooooo hard*...

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga

    Hey guys, gals...ITS OKAY. I am tough man,...AND I, TOO, WEPT. yep, I had emotions too. to me, this IS A BIG deal. what I pay money for to enjoy HOPE and true HEROES and the joy of the "old" Star Wars phenomena. I AM WITH YOU my brothers and sisters. I wept, too. This was inspirational. WE HAVE MISSED THE REAL luke skywalker and the REAL STAR WARS for quite some time. Mandalorian is the start of something beautiful at Disney Plus star wars....or is it? they just fired Gina Carrano.

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga

    AND SCIENCE FICTION GENRE JUST MADE HISTORY, FOLKS!! You can see the power and the zeal of a previously STARVED FANDOM and their reactions, HERE!! If Disney wants the way. Look, look at the joy of these people AND ME, of seeing the way STAR WARS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. Luke is back. He trashed those robots. And he has entered the building like Elvis! This MOMENT will be remembered by fandom THROUGHOUT HISTORY.

  • Digital Adloniant
    Digital Adloniant

    Came here to say nobody gives a shit about your reaction.. really.. jesus christ.. A bunch of attention wh-.. 'Hey watch me react to something..' How narcissistic can people become.

  • Bendytinix2010

    Theory: Season 3 will take place after the rise of skywalker and season 2 took place before the force awakens because luke was young so kylo ren did not kill grogu since grogu has the force to controll the fire

  • Reddog

    I was more emotional watching this than the actual series.

  • BIG REV 1
    BIG REV 1

    Fantastic! Almost Van like watching with friends, if I had any.

  • Ghostedwolf

    The tears and excitement felt all too real. Like reliving the moment once more. But that hallway scene, fucking beautiful man.

  • James Morris
    James Morris

    Remember all those fan videos reacting like this to all the moments in the sequel trilogy? Yeah, me neither.

  • Allison Huddleston
    Allison Huddleston

    Probably the second best movie moment in all history. The first I suppose would be the Avengers Endgame portals, but that's just me.

  • L C
    L C

    And they roast sw theory foe crying man every single person including me cried when Luke showd up

  • Credo

    This episode is the definition of fan service

  • Georox

    The whole series was the best thing to happen to SW since the Clone Wars. They did everything right, from the trivia to the shots and the music and it all peaked in this absolutely epic ending. THIS is how to use the nostalgia factor! It could not have been better. Thank you for this galactic milestone

  • Alice James
    Alice James

    I hope Rian Johnsson, JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy all watch this. I hope they watch it and see how much people love these characters, and realise how badly they messed up.

  • EmperorJ123

    Luke took him for the right reasons which is thr Return of the Jedi

  • Dan Lomax
    Dan Lomax

    I have chronic sinusitis since 5 months. I come here to clear them every few weeks. It works!

  • David Mozingo
    David Mozingo

    I liked the sequels, but the Luke we got didn't satisfy me one bit... This scene made me emotional and knowing what we DID NOT get in the sequels, this was the best thing

  • nathan walters
    nathan walters


  • guyfroml

    Who knew Mulan was such a bad ass!

  • Dominic Madrigal
    Dominic Madrigal

    Can we pls appreciate the AMAZING MUSIC through the whole scene when Grogu and mando say goodbye to each other 😭😭😭

  • pat allen
    pat allen

    luke's entrance but with the force theme needs a reaction

  • kitty snake
    kitty snake

    Is it just me or when luke Skywalker was just picking Yoda up Yoda was like a toy because his legs did not move

  • CanisDeus

    Is just wonderful, may the force be with you my any friends!!

  • ascend2me

    wait...there's no passenger seat in an X-wing

    • Misho Bankata
      Misho Bankata

      Grogu probably just sat in Luke's lap.

  • Tucker 21
    Tucker 21

    Now timeskip to after luke’s jedi temple falls and mando has to go and rescue grogu again from the first order and kylo

  • santiageaux

    SW fans: Bring it! Favreau: IT WAS BROUGHT!

  • Skiboot Dier
    Skiboot Dier

    Thank-You John F.. 😂

  • TNT Vr
    TNT Vr

    12:06 i died🤣🤣🤣

  • The Chesh
    The Chesh

    Can we get a petition for her SHIELD nickname The Calvary for this character too??

  • PaytheMeatman

    That's a weird looking frog

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark

    Satan has deceived yall so much yall are crying about fake tv show, Jesus died for yall you should be crying about that

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark

    Yall need to grow up it's a show

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark

    Funny how when women do violent things in show yall cheer but when a male character does anything you say that's vicious yall are so ignorant

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark

    Feminist crap

    • Misho Bankata
      Misho Bankata

      Mate, what are you on about?

  • Farid Hadj
    Farid Hadj

    good editing bro

  • James Valentine
    James Valentine

    That's allot of fake overreacting right there...

  • S

    Every one of these people should be tossed into a volcano. Holy shit.

  • Chaotic Toaster
    Chaotic Toaster

    I like tossing around the idea of Mando going “See you around, kid...” before the doors close on Luke and Grogu. Not sure if it would ruin the moment or not. But it’s a neat little idea I had.

  • D0va

    Why is everyone crying? I was surprised and happy but why tf are they crying

  • yusuf alman
    yusuf alman

    Bro KK only HOPED get this kind of reaction


    ITS FUCKŞNG LUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Larry Stehle
    Larry Stehle

    It seems the reviewers were being Verklempt!

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens

    I do believe that Din Djarin is the son of Satine and Obi Wan Kenobi. Makes perfect sense.

    • Ben Prickett
      Ben Prickett

      That doesnt work at all, Din is a foundling. If he had been Satines son he would not have been a child on some random planet. If anyone would be Obi Wan and Satines son it would be her nephew shown in the clone wars show.

  • Michael St
    Michael St

    Thats so fuckin silly. Since I was little I reallyy didnt like Luke at alllll!!!! Most Whack Jedi ever! Btw the cgi was trash. Das ist der Weg! Mandalor Mandalore above all

  • Dale D.
    Dale D.

    You're officially a SUPER-nerd (that's awesome) when you know a character simply by the color of his/her light saber. Congratulations.

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47

    All I could think of is Kylo Killing him 😬

    • Misho Bankata
      Misho Bankata

      There might be an alternate timeline where this doesn't happen.

  • Robert Holt
    Robert Holt

    *Clear shot of Luke's lightsaber and outfit and X-Wing minutes before face reveal. "OH MY FUCKING GOD, IT'S LUKE I LITERALLY CANNOT BELIEVE IT I'M SHAKING."

  • Danielroberts 668
    Danielroberts 668

    I for one abhor the movies 7-9, they were an absolute stain on this FANTASTIC franchise and I love that this series actually made a come back for a lot of die hard fans of starwars. As much as I don't want to tie in the 3 recent movies to the Canon lore of the starwars universe, I can't help but fear that Grogu isn't going to be back like we hope I hope Lucasfilm does something to recant the last 3 movies so that the movies can ACTUALLY continue in a BETTER more WELL WRITTEN way, I especially hope that it'll include Grogu and make him some badass Jedi Knight that fights alongside Luke like Anikin did with Obi-Wan... except without the whole turning to the darkside bit, don't want to recreate movies 1-3 (real order 4-6) like a certain saga 🙄

  • FPPxMusic

    this is making my eyes fall jesus this is cringe ahahahhah

  • Adman781

    And Lucasfilm is doing everything it can to make sure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

  • CS SR
    CS SR

    14:10 "is a force choke isn't it?!" ME: 👁️👄👁️

  • Ernesto Garcia
    Ernesto Garcia

    something that most keeps on forgetting, is another detail that makes SW so special is.... it's soundtrack. All the way back to the original trilogy, John Williams contributed greatly in making SW so complete and unique, even though the sequel trilogy almost ruined it all...

  • Boye The Wise
    Boye The Wise

    too bad he wont rescue the sequels

  • Crimson Shingami
    Crimson Shingami

    The mandalorian was one of the only things Disney did right for Star Wars

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy

    It's nice to see all of these young people having these reactions to Luke. Now imagine how that felt for us 45 year old guys who were watching Luke as small children in the 70s and 80s? If you were sad about Grogu leaving just know he left in the best hands possible.

    • Vorlon Angel 1811
      Vorlon Angel 1811

      Now imagine those of us who were in the 9th grade when it all started. Those of us who became enveloped in Star Wars all through high school and college and not shedding a tear, until now, as we are in our late 50's. All it took was was two men who actually cared about what the fans wanted.

  • Rome


  • big baby josh
    big baby josh

    Mace or R2 must of saved Grogu from Order 66. We gotta get that scene in season 3 . Who's with me ?!

  • MrStropparo

    16:40 I’m such a fucking nerd.

  • Huong Nguyen
    Huong Nguyen

    I knew the Jedi was Luke all along.

  • Static Frequency
    Static Frequency

    I love this entire collection of reactions. . . . . .EXCEPT. . . when the one ditz says with big eyes, "that's ah force choke, isn't it?" Why does that bother me so much?!?! 😂🤣😂

  • Huong Nguyen
    Huong Nguyen

    Only I wasn’t surprised that the Jedi was Luke.

  • TrinityZaku

    I like my mans Vader shirt

  • ObzTicle

    This show literally resparked my love for star wars. It was perfect.

  • n.1chol4s

    15:03 literally me the first time

  • Otter TheWise
    Otter TheWise

    this is one of the most special videos i’ve seen in a while, star wars changed forever with this episode

  • Esteban Tovar Contreras
    Esteban Tovar Contreras

    17:33 Bullshit

  • Baronstone

    What happens now?: Well from that point they went on to absolutely destroy every ounce of fan support they had gained by firing Gina for political reasons!

    • Sutter Cane
      Sutter Cane

      You'll get over it.

  • Álvaro Henrique
    Álvaro Henrique

    Best Fans reaction video of all.

  • Agent GuL
    Agent GuL

    Why does black people need to use the N word all the fucking time!. Just staph doing it or staph getting offended when others use it. Dosent matter if u black and use it, its still a bad word.


    Very good Movie ! Nice greetings from Germany....

  • Brendan Haran
    Brendan Haran

    Not going to lie though, I wish they had gotten Sebastian Stan

  • NotDonaldTrump

    Too bad they fired Gina Carano

    • NotDonaldTrump

      @Sutter CaneCara Dune actress

    • Sutter Cane
      Sutter Cane

      Gina who?

  • willj78

    Watching this episode made my fucking year

  • Joshua Ezer
    Joshua Ezer

    We thought star wars was dead from the sequels. Boy were we wrong.

  • Luciferdesrea

    These reactions were mine. I burst into tears, did a dance, all of it. I was so up in my feels about "The Rescue". It was everything I needed and more.

  • Twenty 209
    Twenty 209

    I freaked when boba got his armour and beat up those stormtroopers on and by dad said this is what we wanted to see him do make in the 70s

  • MH Hawali
    MH Hawali

    11:30 adults starting to act like their 5th grader old self. I'm crying too

  • Liam Kennedy
    Liam Kennedy

    Mark Hamill should be the only one to play Luke, he's the only one worthy of it

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor

    I hope Mr Hamill has watched this to see how many fans are still in touch with him as Luke Skywalker

  • steve

    I want to be put in hypersleep then after another 10 series wake me up and i will binge watch the shit out of them.

  • Voodoo

    Luke: *smashes darktrooper with the force* some random women: "iS tHaT a FoRcE cHoKe?!"

  • Killian Asheart
    Killian Asheart

    Everyone is crying and in sad/happy tears, then you just here, “YO! I’m in fckin Tears here!” That was funnier than it deserved to be.

  • ZetsubouZolo

    I love how Ljaphra is a constant emotional wreck during the entire final scene, i love this woman

  • Ed Stockton
    Ed Stockton

    "(Sniff) Such a fuckin nerd." Hahahaha

  • Jordan Donnelly
    Jordan Donnelly

    Gideon was super smart by fighting mando, just knowing bo katan wanted wanted the saber

  • Rebel T
    Rebel T

    I loved this scene

  • Ivor Whitehead
    Ivor Whitehead

    Prime Luke scene!!!!!!!

  • Dj. Rhemyxx
    Dj. Rhemyxx

    This STILL gets me EVERYTIME I see it.... I still haven’t recovered from this episode...uuugggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  • Drifta2K9

    I don't get it...why is everyone crying?

  • Ji-Uk Choi
    Ji-Uk Choi


  • Wizard In Black
    Wizard In Black

    come on, all these nerds knew it was luke. it was all over reddit and youtube before the show aired. lol

  • pat mcintyre
    pat mcintyre

    Peace is a lie. The sith will rule.

  • Rebel Without Applause
    Rebel Without Applause

    You underestimate the power of the franchise ..

  • Rebel Without Applause
    Rebel Without Applause

    I now need councilling..

  • I’m Negan
    I’m Negan

    I only hear Gus Fring

  • Rob Mitchell
    Rob Mitchell

    Probably the best 20 mins i've spent on UZload in fucking years

  • Edmonchuck

    Princess Vespa shit...awesome!!!!

  • malteseheart

    R2 saved Baby Yoda from the slaughter at the Jedi Temple. R2 was there, but we never saw him during the siege. I am calling it now. That is why he recognized him.

  • Irish Psycho
    Irish Psycho

    Some shows can restore your faith....all hail Jon Favreau